Installation for the new video card will not work. Message "Hardware not detected" what's the problem?

Windows XP Home Edition. Motherboard ASUS P4PE. (Old) NVIDIA geforce4 TI 4400 failed - video card replaced by Prowler Radeon 7000 64 MB agp (Mad Dog). The black screen with the old card and bought a new one. At out the old card and installed a new.  Start the computer and graphics were. With Nvidia drivers installed, display settings could be changed. Device, 'Monitor' Manager showed now default monitor instead of good Sony monitor. Remove all drivers video and rebooted.  Screen "new hardware found" appeared, but I couldn't get the new drivers loaded. I inserted the disc by the manufacturer, but the pilots has not can be detected. Has attempted to launch "Setup" on the disc, but received a material not found error message. Yellow mark points to "Other devices" and the hyphen "VGA Display adapters". No 'monitor' in Device Manager. Tried to turn off the windows firewall and Virus software. I tried windows update. Still have a problem. What's wrong?


The old drivers must remove the first test pilot seeper guru3d.

The nvidia Setup program should find the material but otherwise download the latest version of the software from their Web site.  They must be the pilot, right down to the revision number, not only the model number.

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  • Video card will not be installed properly

    Hi, I have a HP Pavilion a6120n. I am installing a Radion HD 5450 video card (see links below for pc and a video card). I improved my diet to a LSP Ultra 750w and disabled the on-board graphics. However, regardless of the manner in which I try to install the Videocard (when running the pc or not), and reboot, my monitor says 'No Signal detected'. When I try to install the software for the video card from the CD, it goes through the complete installation process and says it's full, however, the file never appears in the folder it is supposed to. Basically, whenever the new video card is attached to the motherboard, the PC doesn't like it and I have no display.

    My BIOS version is 20/04/07. Can I change the video setting [PCI] or [on board] but nothing more than that, such as PCIE. Y at - it a new version of BIOS that I have not found?

    Should I look at a different video card?  It's a not compatible for some reason any?

    Any ideas here? I'm puzzled.

    Thanks a lot for your help.  Happy HP for this.


    Video card:

    Well... Good and bad news.

    First of all, the bad news: after much searching through these forums I found a post of 2007, States that there are problems with the Radeion HD series graphics cards the user had the same problems I have and he wasn't able to use the card.  So although the specifications look like they work, the motherboard just don't like this series.

    The good news: I picked up a Nvidia GeForce GT 610 with essentially the same characteristics and plugged in today and I'm happy to say that it installed without any problems.  Apparantely, my motherboard is biased!

    Thus, everything works now and I'm happy with the Setup program.  I can't wait to test it more, but I wanted to make sure I sent my thanks for your support and the support of the other person as well.  I appreciate that you took the time to help me.  Bravo!


  • Im trying to install the Nvidia drivers for my new video card and its saying that my operating system (windows vista 64-bit) is not compatible, which means they are 32-bit drivers, it's fake.

    Im trying to install drivers for a Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 on my windows vista 64 bit computer. Every time I have try and start the download, it is said that my driver is not a 64-bit driver, which is false, and that my system is 64 bit, which is true. SO... after I click 'OK', it begins to download only to have another pop-up saying "Setup has detected that the system in use is not windows vista 64 bit" which it is. Basically its contradiction with himself. im confused.

    Im running windows vista 64-bit.

    I just upgraded to a Nvidia 9800GT, to a Nvidia GTX 260.

    In frustration, I deleted all the old drivers, but the new will not download.

    The first error says that the drivers are not 64-bit.

    The second error indicates the operating system is not 64-bit.

    Let the site nVidia Driver detect your video card. If it still does not work, contact nVidia for a solution... Mike Hall MVP - Windows Experience

  • HP Elite 1090-T H8: seeking your suggestions for upgrading the power supply for a new video card

    I have a HP EliteH8-1090 t who is about a year, but with an AMD Radeon HD 6570 low power graphics card and a 450W power supply. I want to upgrade the 650W power to support the installation of a replacement graphics card.

    I tried to replace the HP 450W with Corsair TX650 and Corsair TX850 food. The system appears to power (DVD drawer opens and closes, the hard disks spin, fans run) with either a Corsair, he's stuck at this point. My system is unable to enter start mode when either power supply is installed - it seems stuck in a mode of seed, and the monitor still asleep.

    Can someone please advise on a compatible power supply for HP system? I'm puzzled by why a simple exchange of a power supply does not work. Just like a record, the system has a card mother Pegatron IPMTB-K (Truckee).

    Thank you!

    No problem. I wish you good luck with it. On a positive note the HX650 is a much better than the TX650 ILA unit internal quality and what I like is the best it's quite fan fan much quieter than the TX650 while helping your organization of cable being modular and help keep temperatures cooler in your computer case.

  • Drivers for my new mp3 player will not install. I tried everything I can think of without success. The wizard's message is "a facility of service in this INF is invalid.

    I suspect that the drivers on my pc of 8 years are not up-to-date.  Is all the same to unravel without purchase of this internet software?

    Thanks for the replies, I managed to solve this problem by uninstalling the Philips Songbird software provided with the unit and using XP and WMP Device Manager.  Of course, a conflict between the supplied software and my pc system.

  • My ATI x 800 XT video card will not work with Windows 7.

    I have a pretty old AGP ATI x 800 XT card and it just doesn't work. I installed the last 9.5 drivers for 32-bit vista, and every time I launch the game it says that my drivers are up to date. I have windows 7 build 7100. Is there a way to make the update work? Is my card dead? What other ways can I measure the problem?

    Hello Karizzma,

    Thank you for posting.  You can use the default Windows 7 video card drivers, because ATI has more new drivers that support your card.  Catalyst 9.4 and 9.5 drivers do not support your card.  They can't stand not mine and I have the Radeon x 1950 pro.  You might be able to try the old Vista drivers that Windows 7 will also use most of the Vista drivers as well.

    Please let me know if this helps you. Zack
    Engineer Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows, 3 beeps and new graphics card will not start


    has obtained a HP p6-2105eo, windows 7. At a radeon HD 5670 graphics card that works very well. Bought a Gigabyte GeForce GTX650 2 GB. Can see screen start and seems it does not respond by clicking the Esc key. I hear 3 beeps with a delay of 20 to 30 seconds after each beep. After several minutes (2-3 minutes), the screen goes black with a command prompt flashes at the top of the screen on the left and nothing more.

    Think it might be damaged the card, so went to the store and got me a Gigabyte GeForce GTX660 OC 2 GB instead. The same problem.

    Also updated to the latest version of the available for my motherboard BIOS to: 2012-08-14, Version7.16 Rev A, 2.87 M

    Also already replaced at a 700W PSU, so that it can handle the best graphics cards.

    So, what could the problem with the recent graphics cards in this office?

    After numerous tests, such as reset cmos, bios reset, outside and inside with battery and so on... Nothing solved.

    Re-tested with the old graphics card and started immediately.

    After intensive research on Google, the BIOS is probably still too old to the new graphics card.

    Yesterday, I replaced the motherboard and the problem disappeared. Works fine now with the new card.

    Will use the older motherboard in an old computer instead, it isn't a total waste to replace.

  • Radeon HD5450 video card will not work in Pavilion p7 - 1226 s

    I have a Pavilion p7 - 1226 s running Windows 7 Home Premium. I bought a video card that is too powerful for her, a Sapphire Radeon HD 5450. Is this what can I do to use anyway? Its specifications require a 400 Watt power supply; mine is 300. There is also a PCI-E 2.1, and the Pavilion is set up for PCI-E x 16, so I think it's a lost for me cause. Well, any suggestions on the kind of maximum card I could get? These things are hard to understand! -Thank you, bayedo


    Radeon hd 6570, I installed and it works without problems. I noticed one thing, it was that energy savings has been activated for (available on the advanced power settings) PCI slot. Could check you this? I turned options for saving PCI slot.

  • Want to improve my diet for a new video card; have any questions.

    Wishes of the members of the Forum;

    I have a PC HP Pavilion Elite HPE - 190t CTO Office purchased in March 2010.  Very good product, but food is not fit to what I run.

    I have purchase a Corsair 650TX so I can run an EVGA GTX 680.  This requires a minimum of 550W and dedicated a 35Amp 12V line.  All this has the Corsair.

    I started with the information on the site of HP support on how to install a new power supply.  Followed the instructions.  Replaced my PSU 460W.  Tried to turn on my computer.  Power through the system, but it seems the cord for the APX CPU is slightly different or does not work.  Can not tell what is happening. The device seems to be functional, but it is possible that the CPU 12V cord is bad.  I'm not sure.  If this is compatible with my computer, I'm missing something.  I've updated the BIOS, also upgraded to professional Windows.  It feels like it could work almost, that somehow I'm missing just something.


    Thank you


    Try to clear the CMOS memory.  He worked for a person at the time when changing the PSU.

    If the above does not work then check your connections and watch to see if the fans are running and you don't not knocking something loose.  The FAQ above have a test procedure for power supply, you might want to try.

    Finally, try the old power supply.  If it works then you probably have a bad power supply.  It is rare, but it happens to all manufacturers of power supply.

  • 310 - 1125y in expansion with the new video card?

    I have a HP all-in-one TouchSmart 310-1125y and would like to know if this PC support the installation of a new video card.  It comes with an integrated ATI Radeon HD 4270 support.  I did some research and have the impression that this PC is not particularly expansive.  Thanks in advance for your help.

    Here are the specifications of your desktop HP TouchSmart 310-1125y and its custom Quanta DA0NZ2MB6A0 (HP Aronia) motherboard. According to the specifications, there is no provision for the installation of a new video graphics card.


  • New video card and memory for my laptop (1410-604)


    I think of a new video card and an extra memory...
    What possibilities I have to upgrade my laptop (Satellite 1410-604).

    I checked my computer technical description:
    I think I can add an extra 256 MB SDRAM. But what video card?


    Hello guys

    It s not possible to update the graphics card. You can't compare the desktop with a laptop PC. The graphics card on the laptop is a small chip that attaches to the motherboard.

    On the upgrade memory: you can upgrade the memory maximum. 512 MB (2x256MB). There are 2 slots available and these modules of memory are supported:
    PC2100 128 MB (PA3126U - 1 M 12)
    PC2100 256 MB (PA3127U - 1 M 25)

  • Satellite Pro 6100 video card does not work!

    I have a Satellite pro 6100, but the video card will not work!

    Toshiba sells parts of the satellite pro 6100?

    Greetz, jeroen


    As far as I know that Toshiba doesn't sells the parts directly and you can order it by the service partner authorized in your country.

  • You are looking for a new graphics card with 1 GB of memory for Satellite Pro A10

    I am looking for a new video card with 1 GB of memory, preference but is RIMM memory ram in my office, but has a different type of memory in the description of the video cards.

    Is it important at all, the video card would work always?
    Thanks 1million

    I put t know exactly what you want to do, but I assume that you need this card for an upgrade.
    New bad guy! Laptop graphics cards are often fixed on the motherboard and cannot be deleted!
    In addition, you must know that the mobile graphics cards are simply different and you can't compare these chips with adapters for desktop PCs.

    Best regards

  • Pavilion Slimline s3120N will not recognize the new video card

    I can't get my computer to recognize and use a new video card. I tried 3 cards (GeForce 8400GS... cards 2different and Radeon HD 4550). The computer continues using the onboard video. For each card, I did the following:

    Go to configuration, advanced and changed the main graphics card 'on board' to 'PCI-E '.

    Saved and let the computer start.

    Stop and insert the new video card into the PCI-E slot

    Start the computer and installed the latest driver

    Computer restarts

    No matter what I do, it always uses the embedded video. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. How can I use the PCI-E slot/video card? Any suggestions?

    I think that your problem may be the power supply unit (PSU).  The video card that you have installed require a minimum of 300W/350W.  The power supply of your computer is perhaps only 180W; 220W at the most.  You can check by opening the case and by reading the label on.  It's just too much difference for the card to function properly.

  • When the latest EVGA video card will be approved for Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration?

    I built my system of video editing, Windows 7 Ultimate, EVGA GeForce GTX 570 graphics card and motherboard ASUS Rampage III Extreme i7 920 Mhz, 24 GB of RAM. I decided to update my video card for EVGA 660Ti with many more CUDA processors and 3 GB of memory, but when I made the video I got this message "the project last used with Mercury Playback Engine acceleration GPU, which is not available on this system." Software playback engine Mercury only will be used. "and it seemed that the rendering is slower. Even if the newer video cards EVGA have more memory and processor and power more CUDA cores and best score on Intex experience Windows, Adobe does not approve them and say that they use the GPU Merecury Playback Engine acceleration. Why? Quadro cards are much more expensive have less memory, less CUDA cores but are rated higher by Adobe for creating and rendering, why is - this? What gives? Why EVGA which seem more powerful and cheaper cards rated lower than cards Quadro? This will never change?

    These cards just have not been tested yet, is all.  But if you go in the program of the PP folder and just delete the cuda_supported_cards.txt file, you should be good.

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