Installed OR-DAQmx Base 15.0 for Device Manager (PCI-MIO-16-4 & PCI 6713) Watch always point of exclamation on both cards.

There are two cards I have installed on this computer. The two cards are PCI-MIO-16-4 & PCI-6713. They all have two cable connecting to each other on top. The current operating system is Windows 7 64-bit with 4 GB of memory.  I went to the drivers OR support and typed in the serial number for these two cards. The two cards came back with the same drivers. That is NEITHER-DAQmx Base 15.0. Installed the driver NOR-DAQmx Base 15.0, but shows Device Manager always the exclamation point on those two cards. So, I tried to search for new hardware and get a message saying cannot install driver. I also tried to restart. Help, please.

Thank you



Drivers install successfully. Thank you!

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  • DV6409ca No. Wireless and three device Base system in the Device Manager

    I have a DV6409ca SNcnf73202t7 and ran Windows XP on it flawlessly for about a year.

    Last night I asked my laptop and this morning I woke up to the orange light of death on the front of the computer for the wireless and three newspapers of device Base system in the Device Manager. They run:

    Bus PCI 7, device 5, function 3

    Bus PCI 7, device 5, function 2

    Bus PCI 7, device 5, function 4

    I tried making restoration of the system, the removal of the chipset drivers / wireless/network and reinstall in safe mode and the search for solutions to many other people tried to make their wireless work.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


    You must download and install the Ricoh 5-in-1 card reader driver support for your laptop and driver page.

    Go to Device Manager and expand network adapters.

    Is the model of your wireless poster card he or she has completely disappeared from the Device Manager, does not come under the section of the network cards, or in the General list of devices such as a network controller?

    If she disappeared from the view, 99% chance the connection from the motherboard to the card slot plugs into is fried.

    This is a very common problem with the dv6000/dv9000 models.

  • Unknown device and device Base system shown in Device Manager

    Original title: VAIO VPCF24C5E

    Hi all

    I've updated Windows 7 Pro for Windows 8 pro on my Sony VAIO (model VPCF24C5E).
    Instead of using the kit to upgrade from Sony - which would be put to day/install the necessary drivers that are compatible with Windows 8, I decided to perform a clean installation and leave with the generic drivers.
    Everything works fine, except there is a device in the device manager that are displayed as "Unknown device" and another showing as 'System device Base' which has installed a driver, no one can be found.
    Also the only FN keys that work are the volume and mute keys. So I guess that one of these devices is something to do with those non-functional.
    I wonder if anyone can shed light on what are "Unknown" devices and "Base System" and what they are for and the drivers, I need to get them to function.
    It is not a major issue to be honest, as there is nothing that the FN keys do I can't access/adjust through the windows. But I would fix still rather the question anyway!
    Here is the link to the Support page for my laptop:
    Thanks for reading, any info on this will be appreciated.

    Hi James,

    This problem occurs when the drivers for the laptop card reader or your computer is not properly installed.

    I suggest you to download and install the latest drivers for the card from the website of Sony Reader and check if that helps.

    Take a look at

    Hope this information is useful. If you have any questions, please let us know.

  • Looking for Device Id PCI\VEN_10 & DEV_OBEE & SUBSYS_089C196E & REV_A1\E & 243D7BDO & O & 0170

    Using Windows XP 3 with an Athlon 64 processor. In Device Manager, I have a YELLOW QUESTION, which indicates the PCI DEVICE. Click on them for further investigation, and I have no indication as to which is the device, I can locate the driver for the device.

    Device Id PCI\VEN_10 & DEV_OBEE & SUBSYS_089C196E & REV_A1\E & 243D7BDO & O & 0170


    I could be that...    Device Id PCI\VEN_10 & DEV_QBEE & SUBSYS_089C196E & REV_A1\E & 243D7BD0 & 0 & 0170

    I contacted MSI because I have a MSI motherboard - 7185 K8N SLI 1.8 Version and they told me that windows will assign these numbers, and the only one who is in contact with Microsoft.

    All my drivers have been installed, but he left this yellow question mark and I don't know why.

    Please send me an email with your answer to

    If you know exaclty what is the device then please send me an email with details on the unit and the location as to where I can find the driver for the device.

    If possible, please send me links to the location and the pilot of the aircraft.

    Hi MichaelV26,

    1. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    All by searching for the device using the device id it seems to be related to the Nvidia card.

    If you have the graphics card from Nvidia that are installed on the computer so you can check in Windows update or the Nvidia site for the latest driver for the card and check if that helps.

    Refer to the article below and check if it helps.

    How to troubleshoot unknown devices listed in Device Manager in Windows XP

  • No Audio output device is installed and no "Sounds" not listed in Device Manager.

    I turned on the computer yesterday and immediately noticed the Red "x" of white/circle on the "speaker" icon. Roll the cursor over the icon gives me the message "no Audio output device installed. I have already read through the forums and tried some of the suggestions offered without result. Here's a quick deterioration of the situation. I am running Windows Vista Edition Home Premium service pack 2 on a Dell Dimension DM061 (32 bit). No updates have been downloaded and the system was not put into hibernation. I tried restoring the system without result. The Device Manager shows not yet "Sound, video and game controllers" to watch the drivers or disable them. He has not disabled or disconnected devices to display. To the best of my knowledge the soundcard is part of the motherboard with this system, so I've no idea what driver I could find. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


    I was hoping that the main issue was in the BIOS but it is also why I posted links to Dell
    Support and their forums because he may be known issues with your model.

    Check this click - Device Manager - anywhere in the area in white/white - and then VIEW - chech to see the
    Hidden - devices you can locate the audio device it?


    If necessary:

    Try an InPlace upgrade or repair Installation to see if your audio device can be reset.
    If so it would probably be a good idea to update or re - install the latest drivers.

    You can use another DVD that aren't copy protected but you you need to own
    Product key. It must be the same version 32 or 64 BIT Vista OEM. Also the system
    machine to usually sell the cheap disk since you already own Windows. Don't forget to make a good
    backup or 3 (security in redundancy).

    On-site upgrade

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or a Vista DVD

    How to perform a repair for Vista Installation


    If those don't help you probably need a real computer store (leeks and pics
    at a Best Buy or other department stores) or Support of Dell.


    Another possibility if there is a problem with the hardware with the audio device:

    Car sound can be turned off in the BIOS and card USB sound a speedboat can be used
    that is not expensive.

    Use your favorite search engine search - sound card USB or USB its adapter.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager asking for Device Manager

    When I try to boot my desktop manager, I get the following message:

    "The Application Loader Wizard requires BlackBerry device manager must be installed.  Please contact customer support. »

    But it seems that Device Manager is installed and running correctly.  It is also strange that the Office Manager window title says "connected - BlackBerry Desktop Manager»

    Then another box opens with the title, "Current task" and it displays the message:

    "Verification of updates of device applications.  Please wait... »

    I can't do anything while it checks updates and pressing the button cancel has no effect.  I end up having to close the Manager program office via the windows Task Manager.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the supplied CD and downloading the latest version of the desktop on the web Manager software.  I am running Vista Home Premium 64.  Anyone who can point me in the right direction to get my BB works fine on this computer?  (It works fine on my XP computer)

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Since it seems to be so many things, I suggest the following steps (reboots insert a lot of restarting your PC... not only restarts, but at full power down). In addition, it is recommended that you are connected to the PC on an account with full administrator rights. In addition, Vista, use the option "Run As Administrator" for everything.

    (1) remove the package to update your device OS of your PC (Add/Remove Programs)

    (2) properly uninstall the RIM DTM software:

    • KB02206 How to perform a clean uninstall of BlackBerry Desktop Software

    (3) get a new RIM DTM software download:

    • Choose the version which is more recent and (if any) compatible with your PIM (if you are synchornizing via USB):
    • KB12268 Applications supported by BlackBerry Desktop Manager to synchronize

    (4) to download a new copy of your package to your carrier OS device (on your PC):

    (5) install DTM on your PC

    Installation of 6) (also on your PC), device OS package

    (7) start whatever you were trying again.

    If all goes well, who's going to make things again.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Using AD credentials for device management.


    I try to put the source of the identity to use Active Directory are credentials as an authentication method.

    Connection between AD and ACS has set up and connected.

    Statement of the problem: -.

    The moment I try to telnet from a remote location, I was able to move forward on the first authentication of username-password of state name, but once come to activate password, it ask me a failure of authentication even with the correct password.

    Log errors for this case is "too high privilege level required 13029.

    If I change the source of local identity it will not have this problem.

    Platform for these cases is

    -C6500 with IOS 12.2 (33) SXJ1


    Thus, GBA, I updated the identity store access policies > access_name > identity

    For the peripheral administration > bomb the profile in use affecting the privilege of privilege and default maximum value 15. Sthe shell profile name is "full_privilege".

    Here is my little piece of config switch:-

    AAA server Ganymede group + TAC_PLUS

    the AUTH server name

    RADIUS server AUTH

    ipv4 address

    key xxxxxxxx

    AAA TAC_PLUS authentication connection group Ganymede + local

    Group AAA authentication enable default TAC_PLUS no

    TAC_PLUS AAA authorization exec group Ganymede + authenticated if

    AAA authorization commands 15 TAC_PLUS group Ganymede + local

    AAA authorization network TAC_PLUS group Ganymede + local

    accounting AAA periodic update 1

    exec accounting AAA TAC_PLUS start-stop group Ganymede +.

    network accounting AAA TAC_PLUS start-stop group Ganymede +.

    connect accounting AAA TAC_PLUS start-stop group Ganymede +.

    Please advice, thank you



    As you mentioned it works very well for internal users of ACS, can you check the Condition of permission you have to return the Privilege Level 15 for users?

    For example, if the internal ID users store works fine then the Condition of authorization points to an internal attribute ACS State as identity groups.

    During the change of AD then the identity rule group could not be mapped, therefore, to go to the default rule denied access.

    Please check for appropriate access authorization rules and confirm that a rule is valid is created for users of the AD as well in order to return the lever appropriate privilege.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards.

  • Code 39 for Device Manager Microsoft kernal wave table audio mixer

    need help. Have a problem with the sound, will not play the music (earlier in the day was able to play music) made sure speakers are connected and work have located the problem in sound, video and game Sub-controleur titile Microsoft Kernal wave audio mixer with a code 39.
    Can everyone please help.
    Thank you

    Don't worry, I solved my problem myself Yes

  • Problem when you try to use the trigger for a NI PCI 6713 card

  • DAQmx Base 3.2 on Ubuntu for PCIe 6259

    I'm trying to install the package DAQmx Base 3.2 for card PCIe-6259 on Ubuntu with kernel 2.6.27 - 14-generic. I followed the suggestions of other messages to convert the *.deb packages software packages, install these and rpm install the original rpm on top packages. All this worked fine, and I can update the driver with updateNIDrivers, which prints the message as shown below. But when I try lsdaq, I get the error (as also reported by many others):


    Detect of National Instruments DAQ devices

    Find the following materials:, failed to initialize

    Maybe you need to run updateNIDrivers

    / usr/local/bin/lsdaq: line 7: 25859 Aborted/etc/natinst/nidaqmxbase/bin/daqmxbase_listdevices


    As a note, I have NOT more than 4 GB of memory installed, and I use the mem = 4096M option at boot of the kernel.

    The logs show:

    Apr 24 00:25:43 xenomai daqmxbase_listdevices: [] WARNING: source/lib/linux/linLoadKern.cpp:168 - libKernelDriverLoad: cannot open nipalk, errno: 2

    Apr 24 00:25:43 xenomai daqmxbase_listdevices: [] WARNING: source/initcln/initcln.cpp:147 - Posix: Init kInitClnPackage: kernel: failure! status =-50204

    Apr 24 00:25:43 xenomai daqmxbase_listdevices: [] WARNING: source/package/posix/ulibEntry.cpp:199 - initialize: unable to load OR-PAL. status =-50204

    For example, does not load because of problems with nipalk. I added the niSystemReport output in this file.

    How could I continue debugging this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Print updateNIDrivers:


    Configuration for linux kernel version 2.6.27 - 14-generic.

    ********************************* NOTE *********************************

    With the help of the kernel headers found in lib/modules/2.6.27-14-generic/build.

    If this does not match the location of the headers-2.6.27 - 14-generic,.

    Then set KERNELHEADERS in your environment to point to the location

    headers for the kernel to set KERNELTARGET as the version of the

    kernel for which compile and run him again. / configure.

    ********************************* NOTE *********************************

    A-team reparent_to_init(): no

    Number of arguments for do_munmap(): 3

    pte_offset function: pte_offset_kernel()

    Levels in the table on page: 4

    A-team remap_pfn_range: Yes

    Name altsetting USB: cur_altsetting

    A-team usb_get_intf(): Yes

    A-team intf_cache usb_host_config Member: Yes

    A-team members in usb_device ep: Yes

    Export kernel usb_set_configuration(): no

    USB_CTRL_GET_TIMEOUT units: msec

    A-team member owner in usb_driver: no

    A-team put_page_testzero(): Yes

    Kernel mutex method: Yes

    A-team kthread: Yes

    A-team config.h: no

    A-team ioctl32.h: no

    IRQ managers pt_regs: no

    A-team work_struct and delayed_work: Yes

    Core supports the fault method in vm_operations_struct: Yes

    Save the configuration to

    If the recorded values are incorrect, they can be changed before running make.

    Uninstalling OR KAL (nation): fact

    / bin/rm - rf Insertion objects

    Update OR-KAL:

    KAL-NOR up-to-date.

    Update of client modules:

    / usr/local/natinst/nation/SRC

    Updated NiViPciK.ko to date.

    / usr/local/natinst/nation/SRC

    Updated NiViPxiK.ko to date.

    Restart is necessary to ensure that National Instruments drivers

    have been updated.

    After a while of research and trying, I finally found a solution:

    (1) install Ubuntu 9.04

    (2) downgrade to kernel source at

    3.2 Basic 3) get NIDAQMX and NIVISA 4.5, convert RPM to deb with alien package, install the deb package, install RPMS on top (make sure that Ubuntu does not use the shell of dashboard (dpkg - reconfigure dash))

    (4) missing patch of symbolic links for additional modules such as in/usr/local/natinst/nation/etc/clientkdb, you will find:

    NICORE/nidimk - unversioned.o-> /usr/local/natinst/.nicore/src/objects/nidimk-unversioned.o

    NICORE/niorbk - unversioned.o-> /usr/local/natinst/.nicore/src/objects/niorbk-unversioned.o

    nipple/nipalk - unversioned.o-> /usr/local/natinst/nipal/src/objects/nipalk-unversioned.o

    nipxi/nipxirmk - unversioned.o-> /usr/local/natinst/nipxi/src/objects/nipxirmk-unversioned.o

    vxipnp/NiViPciK - unversioned.o-> /usr/local/vxipnp/src/objects/NiViPciK-unversioned.o

    (5) then the updateNIDrivers should compile fine and lsdaq works

    (6) as an aside, I could even patching this kernel with xenomai , and the driver OR still works.

    A few minor corrections may be needed in this procedure to solve the problems of compiling because of the gcc - 4.3.3, but all errors may be google and trivially fixed by minimal changes in the makefiles or C-files.

  • Switch firmware DAQmx/DAQmx Base 6009

    I installed the driver NOR-DAQmx base v3.2 on Ubuntu 8.10.  Thanks to all the previous posters for the detailed instructions!

    lsdaq is not the 6009, lsusb shows that it is connected.

    I understand that I have to re - join the 6009 'DAQmx base' by updating the firmware.  I ran the FWUpdate provided with 3.2, but like the lsdaq, he does not see my 6009.

    I installed DAQmx v8.8 on my windows xp machine and is seeking to swap the firmware by following the instructions in the KB 3NE7GJMY as shown below:

    NOR-DAQmx 7, 5-8, 5 (recommended method)

    Switching of NOR-DAQmx Base

    1. Open the Windows Device Manager:

      • Right-click on desktop and select Properties.
      • Select the hardware tab and click Device Manager.
    2. Find the USB-6008 box under data acquisition devices.
    3. Right click on the USB-6008 box and choose Update driver...
    4. In the context menu which appears, select install from a list or specific location and click Next. (Note: this isn't the default selection)
    5. In the next window, choose do not search. I will choose the driver to install and click Next. (Note: this isn't the default selection)
    6. Select IO multifunction NI USB-6008 and click Next.
    7. This will put the USB-6008 housing in a mode of reception of the NOR-DAQmx Base firmware. The device should now appear in the device under Device USB of NI-VISAManager. If he does not appear or appears with a yellow exclamation mark, please disconnect the USB cable from the device and plug it in again. This should make the device list again properly.

    Steps 1-5 works well, but my options for the selection in step 6 is "USB-6009' not ' NI USB-6008 multifunction IO.

    I select "USB-6009" but when I hit "Next", it updates the driver immediately and said the "end of the upgrade wizard to update material.  Then, it tells me that "the wizard has finished installing the software for USB-6009" when I click on 'Finish', the wizard closes and I'm right back where I started.  I never have a chance to go to the step 7 above.

    The Alternative in KB 3NE7GJMY method suggests using MAX and do the following:

    "" Select Tools > Configuration of NOR-DAQmx > Driver NOR-DAQmx USB selector ".

    When I do a popup appears that reminds me of 491FPHB9 KB that points then back to KB 3NE7GJMY and again, I am right where I started.

    It was supposed to be the easy part.  The KBs reference DAQmx v8.5 and low.  I have 8.8.  If something has changed?

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi Mike,.

    I just want to confirm that with Windows Xp
    SP3 DAQmx 8.9 (latest version installed) and DAQmx Base 3.2 I could
    to get a USB-6009 to a DAQmxBase device.  I was able to
    re - associate the driver so that the device show in Device Manager
    as IO NI USB-6009 multifunction.  I just followed the directions in
    3NE7GJMY KO OF #.  My only recommendation at this point would be to check your version numbers on DAQmx and DAQmx Base.  It doesn't sound like DAQmx base was not installed correctly, because we do not see the second driver in Device Manager.  I suggest you to re-setup DAQmx Base (note there is no need to uninstall DAQmx for this).   Let's try and see if we can get the second driver is displayed

  • NOR-DAQmx Base on 18 Fedora i386

    I try to install NOR-DAQmx Base 3.6.0 - f0 on 18 Fedora i386.

    (I used so far with success OR-DAQmx Base on a Fedora 14 i386 3.6.5)

    When I run the installation of NI-VISA program in the nivisa subdirectory, I get this message:

    Pre Installation.
    After the Installation.
    Pre Installation...
    Préparation...                       ################################# [100%]
    the file/usr/local/natinst comes into conflict with the installation of nipxipfki attempts - 1.5.1 - f0.i386 and nimxdfi - 1.12.0 - f0.i386
    the file/usr/local/natinst comes into conflict with the installation of nispyi attempts - 2.8.0 - f0.i386 and nipxipfki - 1.5.1 - f0.i386
    the file/usr/local/natinst comes into conflict with the installation of nipxipfi attempts - 1.5.1 - f0.i386 and niapalerri - 2.1.1 - f0.i386
    the file/usr/local/natinst comes into conflict with the installation of niiotracei attempts - 3.0.1 - f0.i386 and nipxirmi - 2.7.3 - f0.i386
    Error when installing NI-VISA for Linux 5.2.0f0.

    So something was wrong with RPM in the next line of the SETUP file:

    $RPM - Uvh $RPMOpts $installPackageList

    It seems that there is conflict bewteen packages...

    Any idea?

    I have to install all of those packages to run the NI USB-6008 case?

    Yes, someone in this group could have fallen on the same issue.

    Hope this helps,

  • Satellite L300 - ODD has exclamation mark in Device Manager

    Please could someone help me with my Satellite L300 laptop?
    It has a pre-installed Pioneer DVD - RW drive, but in Device Manager it has exclamation mark and not show as a CD player and DVD player.

    I tried for days to find the right drivers but no success, it displays as: PIONEER DVD - RW DVRKD08A ATA Device in Device Manager, I am unable to watch DVD s, thank you.

    Remove the device from the list and restart your laptop.
    The problem again?

    What operating system do you use?
    You use your laptop to factory settings?

  • Satellite A500-17 x - wifi does not work - not found in Device Manager

    Hi people,

    I need help please.

    My wireless adapter does not work.
    It worked perfectly until I connected to a wired connection in a hotel I was staying in and since then I can not connect to my wireless router.

    I tried restoring the tosystem several times to old dates, but it has not solved the problem. When I restart the computer laptop and go into devices and printers, I thought that the computer needs to be troubleshooted.

    The program runs and try to install the driver for the Wlan but returns with errors. Namely, windows could not load the driver or can verify the digital signature.

    There is also no icon in the network for lan wlan connections only. When I use the radar in connectivity doctor tells me that the WiFi network is disabled but I can't understand how to activate it.

    When I start in safe mode and go to Device Manager I see the wireless network adapter, but when I try to install the driver I leave safe mode and restart. I did and then the WiFi network is displayed in the Device Manager but when I try to load the driver, I thought that the driver is updated and then the adapter disappears from the Device Manager.

    I'm so frustrated at this point and I'm very close to a full erase and start over.

    I also tried to reload and load the default configuration settings in the installation program, but didn't make any difference.

    My laptop is a Satellite A500-17 x with windows 7 64 bit.
    The WiFi network is Realtek RTL8192E Wireless Lan 802.11 PCI - ENIC


    Go to BIOS (press F2) and set it to default settings.
    Save the changes and restart the device.
    Then try to reinstall the WLan driver again.

    If that does not help, download the most recent and updated BIOS to BIOS first day.
    Then, restart the device and try reinstalling the Wlan driver.

    Last but not least you could test the WLan feature on laptop running with factory settings current (after using the Toshiba Recovery)

    PS: in order to use the WiFi network you must use the FN + F8 key combination and must turn on the WLan (in front of the laptop) switch to position.

  • Re: Unable to use webcam - not found in the Satellite L670 Device Manager

    Hi, I'm french, sorry for my English.

    I can't use my webcam. not cam in Device Manager.
    I have download the latest drivers and it installed.
    I looked in the bios, cam is on, I am trying to turn off / restart / turn on. Updated BIOS updated.
    facial recognition work to, say "use by another program or not found" something like that.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you


    It s not recognized in Device Manager?
    You have a few unknown devices in Device Manager?

    The webcam should be included under point: imaging devices
    You should see peripheral USB video.

    You see that?

Maybe you are looking for