Intel delayed Launcher

What is Launcher delayed Intel and it must be enabled at startup?    Thanks in advance


The 'iastoriconlaunch.exe' or 'delay Launcher' Intel is a startup application, which is part of the Intel quick resume technology. It is recommended to keep this process enabled at startup.

Learn more about this executable below...

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  • Unexplained delay launch Applications (two issues)

    I apologize for the length of this message.  I added the information accumulated after trying several forums of Window XP.

    (1) I get a delay of 30-60 s run almost any program (command-line, Notepad, through any Office 2007 application), but only the FIRST time that this particular program is launched during a given "session".  (Here 'session' seems to mean a prolonged period of inactivity, usually not a reboot or an opening of session and closing session.)  Windows Task Manager shows CPU usage is 99% of idle process of the system during this period (but I can't do anything else while I wait for), so I have no idea of what is behind the heist.  Once the machine gets 'heated', however, there is no delay whatsoever.  Any suggestions to track down the problem?

    The information that may be relevant: Lenovo T61 (Core 2 Duo), vintage June 2008, running Windows XP Professional SP2 - supplied by the downgrade option from Vista factory, (it is a problem that I noticed shortly after the downgrade, not a 'new' problem on an old facility).  Security prices Windows updates (Windows Search 4.0 but less SP3, which warns of the Lenovo, and less IE 8, which is too recent for my taste) have been applied.  A bouquet (but much less than half) of the Lenovo has been uninstalled the pre-loaded software.  The only security software is ZoneAlarm Security Suite  (Yes, I did a clean uninstall of Norton before any other thing.  I use ZASS 'Internet Lock' a lot, and one of the many manifestations of this problem is a long-delayed response to a right-click on the icon ZASS locked in the system tray.  However, I tried a clean uninstall/reinstall of ZASS with only a temporary improvement.  In addition, the problem does not arise every time I use Internet Lock.)  Various other "tweaks" that don't seem to not immediately relevant have been applied, of course.

    I have another very similar installation of XP (SP3 this time), and ZIAD on an old Dell laptop - all of the same settings have been applied, as near as I can tell (but) - that shows no this problem.  This is why I suspect an interaction with the Lenovo software (besides the fact that there is so much of it).

    The precise phenomenology of the problem is difficult to determine, but it seems to occur mainly after power Options is off the screen for an extended period of time.  (He was not allowed to go to sleep or hibernation automatically so that plugged).  In all cases, it occurs only after a reboot.  What continues to surprise me the most, is that there is no indication in the current anything Task Manager.

    A seemingly reasonable suggested that I saw unusually long virus scan first launch programs, but this does not explain the delays: they are not usually immediately after a reboot, and there is no pork CPU appears in the Task Manager when this happens.

    (2) I would be very grateful for any information ThinkVantage applications is really essential for this machine (or is potentially problematic), because I really want to get rid of several of them, thus (hopefully) solve my problem.  For example, I assume that I want to keep "Active Protection System", but I use a system image backup so I really need "Rescue and Recovery".  Nor do I need the multimedia suite preinstalled - apparently by Sonic, who also installs a "InstallShield" very annoying Update Manager that I can't figure out how to turn off - as much as I like CDBurnerXP and Windows Media Player.  It seems that a lot of this stuff from Lenovo is loaded on startup, so that consumes resources and a potential source of the problem.  Before I ship an uninstall of the ThinkVantage software together to the sale, however, I would like to learn more about what is relevant, and how to restore individual packages if I find that I need them.

    For example, the superposition of Lenovo's Windows Power Manager seems to have important additional characteristics (e.g., control of CPU speed and intelligent ways of recharging of the batteries), but I can't tell if they really do anything with the material given or if their benefits may be useful to have the software running continuously.

    Here is a list of things that are configured to run at startup - the major part of the original installation of Lenovo Thinkpad - I dared not uninstalls without more knowledge.  (I checked all sources possible start-up I know, and the rest are empty, including win.ini/load =.  Windows Search says it has finished indexing).  I could also send a picture of the performance of services (long!) if someone really wants to see it...

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Menu Menu\Programs\Startup directory
    2009-04-09 13:03

    2009-04-09 13:03 ...
    2009-03-09 19:41 1 753 adobe Reader Speed Launch.lnk
    2009-03-09 19:41 1 795 adobe Reader Synchronizer.lnk
    2009-03-10 01:10 643 Bluetooth.lnk
    2009-03-10 01:09 1 625 digital Line Detect.lnk
    2009-04-09 13:03 1 794 Windows Search.lnk
    5 file (s) on 7 610 bytes
    2 dir 30,908,010,496 bytes free

    "SynTPLpr"="C:\\Program Files\\Synaptics\\SynTP\\SynTPLpr.exe".
    "SynTPEnh"="C:\\Program Files\\Synaptics\\SynTP\\SynTPEnh.exe".
    "PWRMGRTR" = "rundll32 C:\\PROGRA~1\\ThinkPad\\UTILIT~1\\PWRMGRTR. DLL, PwrMgrBkGndMonitor.
    'BLOG' = "rundll32 C:\\PROGRA~1\\ThinkPad\\UTILIT~1\\BatLogEx.DLL,StartBattLog".
    'TPFNF7"="C:\\PROGRA~1\\Lenovo\\NPDIRECT\\TPFNF7SP.exe/r '.
    "TPHOTKEY"="C:\\Program Files\\Lenovo\\HOTKEY\\TPOSDSVC.exe".
    "" ="TpShocks.exe TpShocks.
    "SoundMAX"="C:\\Program Files\\Analog Devices\\SoundMAX\\Smax4.exe/plateau"
    "NvCplDaemon 'is' RUNDLL32. EXE C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\NvCpl.dll,NvStartup.
    «nwiz "=" installquiet /keeploaded nodetect nwiz.exe»
    "TVT Scheduler Proxy"="C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Lenovo\\Scheduler\\scheduler_proxy.exe"
    "SunJavaUpdateSched"="C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre1.5.0_06\\bin\\jusched.exe".
    «DLA '=' "C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\DLA\\DLACTRLW."» EXE ".
    "ISUSPM startup"="c:\\progra~1\\common~1\\instal~1\\update~1\\isuspm.exe-demarrage.
    "ISUSScheduler"="------"C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\InstallShield\\UpdateService\\issch.exe\"- start".
    "AwaySch"="C:\\Program Files\\Lenovo\\AwayTask\\AwaySch.EXE".
    "NvMediaCenter 'is' RUNDLL32. EXE C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\NvMcTray.dll,NvTaskbarInit.
    "TPKMAPHELPER"="C:\\Program Files\\ThinkPad\\Utilities\\TpKmapAp.exe-helper".
    "SoundMAXPnP"="C:\\Program Files\\Analog Devices\\Core\\smax4pnp.exe"
    "ZoneAlarm Client"="------"C:\\Program Files\\Zone Labs\\ZoneAlarm\\zlclient.exe\""

    'ctfmon.exe"="C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\ctfmon.exe '.

    Once again, thanks in advance for any help (if indeed anyone reading that day). -JCW

    jcw2, nothing to worry about

    Most of them are listed in the process, because they are in the system startup (you mentioned it yourself). You explained in your post that you were ready to replace sonic record now.removing of the average of donnot of start that they are 'not installed' system. It will only help you increase your time to start on your desktop. I have recommended only to remove those of only startup items!

    Remove all thinkvantage utility program is at your own discretion, it depends on what you want to use and what you don't have. If you look at my post properly I have not mentioned anywhere on the removal of public services thinkvantage start, I'm not aware of thinkvantage utility on a thinkpad.

    now, let me explain why I suggest you to remove them from Startup

    1. Synchronizer from adobe

    The Adobe Synchronizer is a network agent which is used to build disconnection tolerant applications. The Synchronizer provides a local copy of data on a server so that applications can use it regardless of network connectivity. As the data changes on the server, Synchronizer updates the local copy and the user publishes changes made locally, Synchronizer makes the changes to the server

    2 adobe speed Launcher

    The speed Launcher runs automatically when your computer starts. The speed Launcher is not required to use Acrobat or Adobe Reader. However, if you disable the speed Launcher you may notice an increase in startup time when you run 3D Acrobat Acrobat or Adobe Reader

    3 Soundmax

    Removes only the analogdevices system tray icon (soundmax digital audio)

    4 jusched.exe:

    A sun microsystems background process, that checks the updates of java. It uses an active internet connection as well as in the not require this program unless you are using applications based on java or java runtime environment (if you want to update java, you can go to the Control Panel options there an update from there)


    That means DLACTRLW. EXE not?

    The Drive Letter Access component allows you to drag and drop files directly to the drive of CD - R or DVD - R on your computer, just as you would any other folder. He writes the files on the CD that you copy them, taking a lot of the complication of burn CDs or DVDs with Windows discs.

    Is this necessary?

    Only if you are actively using the feature. If you burn CDs and DVDs in the traditional way, as the application of burner starts and choose files from there, you can safely disable this program to run at startup.

    I don't know what that commercial you tend to use in the menu of thinkvantage cannot answer about these processes.

    Hope my info helps you

  • Good question about windows 8 dell inspiron 3521 with graphics card intel delay right click.


    I have an operating system running windows 8 pro on dell inspiron 3521. When I bought the camera, the problem was not visible up to 1 year, and then I installed "Tuneup utilities" for a scan and then uninstalled. Since then, I found annoying problem on my pc.

    Relatek HD audio was working fine but then it started showing good results, but the sound from the speaker is not and or if plugged headphones as well. PC not dettect not any problem on the sound while troubleshooting. The sign of the speaker on the status bar when clicked and increases the volume of it increases the volume, but the sound and color do not here as well.
    It does a strange thing when I trouble shoot using the sound properties and click 'TEST' test is fine, but I can't hear any sound good! and again when I click TEST on speaker, it says "this device is used by another application. Please close... "
    However, the sound works fine without any problems for a while when I trouble shoot with 'Find and fix with device' or I restart the pc. But after a while this problem automatically. with this desktop right click question also annoyed me for the compliment can be! :( Help

    TuneUp utilities and similar programs usually don't serve to ruin a Windows Installer do it do more damage than good. Stories like yours are not uncommon with these programs. Back up all your data on an external hard drive. If you did a restore USB with your system can boot from to restore factory settings. If you have not done one, try using backup and restore Dell to make one. TuneUp utilities may have ruined the Dell backup feature and the recovery and partition recovery so I advise to call Dell technical support and request a DVD of resettlement or recovery USB just in case. I prefer the DVD because it can be copied to a USB key and has no preloaded software, allowing a cleaner installation. You can then try to restore the factory settings and if something goes wrong with the restoration use Dell support to clean install.

  • HP continues to ship the defective 6 Intel chipsets to customers after the recall.

    Something people should be aware of is that HP has set up a 'solution' that isn't really a solution.  I had a QE DV7T (number of product XN093AV) who ordered in January.  The laptop has been affected by the issue of chipset and after one month of checking back with service customer HP I have finally told me they had a resolution and I could trade my machine for one with the newly revised chipset.  The replacement machine was delivered to me in mid-March, it was the number of identical product (XN093AV) and contained the same faulty chipset.

    Some experience for those who do not know the chipset issue.  Intel has launched a recall of their 6 series (cougar point) southbridge chipset designed for use with the second generation core i-series "sandybridge" CPU.  Among the functions of the chipset is the interface for SATA controller for storage devices.  The chipset handles 6 SATA ports, 2 to 6 Gbps and 4 to 3 Gbps.  It's the 3 Gbps ports that are affected by the design flaw which can lead to errors of data to an attached storage device.  Mobile version of this chipset Intel is called HM65 and progression (version) of the chipset with the problem is "B2".  Intel has implemented a solution of silicon and released a new "B3" progression that is not the problem.  However, Intel has continued to ship the affected "B2" step by step to the manufacturers for applications where 6 Gbps ports would be used as they are not affected by the design flaw.

    Back to "Fix" of HP - my original machine had the wrong "B2" stepping chipset HM65 with a hard drive connected to a 6 GB/s and an optical drive connected to one of the 3 defective Gbps ports.  The replacement machine, I received also had the same "B2" stepping HM65 chipset with both drives now connected to 6 Gb/s ports.  Unfortunately, this is not an acceptable solution on at least two fronts.  First of all, in addition to the disk hard main bay and the optical drive Bay, this particular 17.3 inch laptop has a secondary hard drive Bay.  Regardless, I bought an SSD that I intend to install plus readers installed at the factory.  This requires the use of a third port that should have been one of the 3 defective Gbps ports.  In addition, the laptop also has an e-SATA connector to connect external drives that I intend to use for backups.  I didn't check this, but as the main hard drive and the optical drive consume only two working ports it goes without saying that the e-SATA connector is connected to one of the faulty ports.

    After about 5 hours of being tossed around in the customer service Sub HP and said there is nothing wrong with my machine, they agreed to Exchange once again for one of the DV7T QE newly released (number of product XW899AV) models, which I hope will have the 'B3' stepping chipset HM65.  I have not yet received, so I can't verify whether or not the new product has the same problem.  I'll post when I get it.

    This affect you?  You can determine what capacity the chipset you have by running CPU - Z, a utility system free and widely approved, available at  Select the mainboard tab and watch your chipset revision.  If you have the "B2" step by step and you plan to use more than two SATA devices at the same time you might have a problem.  The following link gives an overview your hp options.

    I want to clarify that the answer to FAQ # 2 is definitely false.

    HP continues to make products with the affected Intel chipset?

    Lol HP stopped manufacturing products with Intel technology and queued expedition on products in stock HP and channel.

    Good luck.

    There are motherboards with the update 'B3' stepping chipset appearing as "B2" in CPU - Z.  Given that I don't have the laptop in question, I can't physically inspect the chipset.  I withdraw my statement because there is no way to prove whether what version of the chipset has been deployed to this machine.

    The following link provides another method of identification stepping chipset:

    If anyone has a replacement XN093AV machine, perhaps they can post their findings.

    If for no other reason than not having to bear the XN093AV trackpad buttons (or lack thereof), I am always happy, they have accepted the return and will replace the machine with a XW899AV.  Not to mention the free graphics HD 6770 m, webcam HD and USB 3.0 card upgrade.

  • can I delay programs at first upward instead of remove them to speed up the process?

    can I delay programs at first upward instead of remove them to speed up the process?

    You can with services:

    But what about the programs themselves, it may require a third-party program.
  • My lap top is a little slow to start (Windows 7)

    I wonder if I can reduce the number of boot process to speed things up a bit. My machine boots OK and I get my desktop fairly quickly, but I have the little blue circle for a minute or two (I've not timed exactly).

    In my Startup tab, I have the following processes running at startup...

    Delay Launcher (Intel)

    3 x commands UI Intel Comm

    IDT Audio of PC

    Alps Pointing Device Driver

    Logitech setpoint

    Intel USB Monitor

    All this can I? Anywhere else I should look for process past at Start Up? Thank you.

    Most, but not all tasks run at startup can be disabled without ill effects.  However, moving forward with caution because some are certainly needed for Windows 7 to run. Autoruns is the place to do it.

  • 10GBase-T or SFP +?

    Hello, we want to migrate our Data Center to 10G, and I'm dealing with the first problem: 10GBASE-T and SFP +. I understand that this decision will affect to the switches, servers and SAN (iscsi) and their interoperability. Right?

    My first step is to allow 10 G switch, done it must support SFP + and 10GBASE-T?

    Thank you

    See the Intel Romley launch, Dell has launched 3 10GBase-T cards intel, it includes X 540 NIC, LOM and NAC.

    These should be available soon through Dell and all other providers.


  • New Alienware 17 very long production time (plus shown on website)


    I ordered an alienware 17 only the SSD updated 09/12/2015 and it sees EDD 10/14/2015.

    Real status is always pre production. I know that Intel has launched a new i7 chip but I want it to be as soon as possible, at least within 15-20 days the site says (if purchased).

    Can someone take a look and give me more information about the condition of the parts and so forth?

    Thank you!


    I recommend that you only contact Dell sales support service in your region for more information on this. We are with the Alienware technical assistance service, that's all the information I have.

  • Bad Performance InDesignCS3 OS10.5.6

    Tour G - 5 Mac OS 10.5.6 In Design CS3

    I've known a continued degradation of performance with InDesignCS3. Since I started using it in CS1 he delayed launch. Now, it takes about 1.5 minutes at the start and it takes about 2 minutes to stop. It takes about a minute to print the first print job after opening InDesign. After this printing fine.

    As of today, I noticed that brought PhotoshopCS3 photos for printing (150 dpi) newspaper are wrong pixelated(sp?). The original photos were 300 DPI and many more large physical dimensions. I went to the display-> display performance-> high quality with no result display. I restarted the CPU and it worked fine for about 10 minutes then the problem comes back. I even "uninstalled" and reinstalled InDesign without success. The quality of the resolution's going again between bad and good. When the photos appear good, they print well and vice versa. I also changed in overlay mode to remove the lines around text boxes, etc. The catalogue, dialog, I made sure that in the data graphics-> Send > all is selected.

    Someone at - it answers?

    Yankee Rebel wrote:

    How many fonts that you would recommend be active?

    Only the ones you use.

  • delay in the launch of exe

    I created exe and installer in labview 11. I installed it in pc win 7, and the software works very well... But in the beginning when I run the program, exe takes some delay to launch... It takes around 90 seconds...

    Sounds like a firewall problem, unplug the time network and compare.


  • Is there a button to push that initiates the screen saver without delay to launch?

    Is there a button to push that initiates the screen saver without delay to launch? I want to apply the screasaver with out having to wait the time it takes so that it starts on its own. Looking to see if there is a way to do this?

    Is there a button to push that initiates the screen saver without delay to launch? I want to apply the screasaver with out having to wait the time it takes so that it starts on its own. Looking to see if there is a way to do this?

    see if you can use this tutorial...
    To create an icon to launch the screensaver.

    PS adding...

    An easy way, scroll down for:

    Download of shortcut icons (Vista only). The author has created a "ready-made shortcuts.

    I have not tried. I can't guarantee it.* *.

  • When I launch Chrome or IE9, there is a significant delay

    When I launch Chrome or IE9, there is a long delay (up to 2 minutes), the first site of opening. After the loading of this first site, everything works as usual. What can I do this initial expectation?

    I am running Win7, Microsoft Security, Malwarebytes.

    I tried to disable plugins and extensions.

    Restart Windows makes no difference.

    I ran ipconfig/registerdns, and it made no difference.


    There was any hardware or software changes made on the computer before this problem?
    Follow the steps and check if it brings changes in Internet Explorer.

    Method 1
    This problem can be because the software in conflict on the computer. Perform the check and the boot if it helps.
    To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows Vista by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.
    Note: Follow step 7 to reset the computer to start as usual after the boot process.
    Method 2
    Tips for solving problems when Internet Explorer hangs or stops working
    Warning: him reset Internet Explorer settings feature might reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings.
    Malware scan WARNING: when running Scan disk hard if bad sectors are found on the hard drive when parsing tent repair this sector if all available on which data may be lost.
    Also check out the link:

    You experience slow performance in Internet Explorer 9

    To troubleshoot chrome issue check out the link.
    Webpages load slowly or don't load at all.

    Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.
    If the problem persists, I suggest you to contact Google for more assistance.
    It will be useful.
  • Why Windows 8 have a long delay before the launch of startup programs

    In Windows 8 there is a long enough period for the launch of the programs in the startup folder or in the register as startup items. Why is this? And how can I remove or reduce the delay? Please note that this is not a problem with too many programs trying to launch. There is that one program listed on startup with a new installation of Windows 8 and the system is running on an SSD. It's so clear and deliberate, time not only a slow system.

    Reading this thread, I just want to point that Microsoft quality replies here, it's horrible, beyond and Microsoft should be embarrassed to make them like that in public. I recommend delete them all and by publishing an adequate solution.

    Reminder: The OP says that he is a clean install. They moved just a program in the startup folder and they're asking why - this delay, indicating precisely is not a slow computer. The advice they get is:

    -Run the diagnostic system

    -Start in Safe Mode

    Hello? This is a clean install! Of course, none of this assistance.

    What actually happened is that there is, as the OP stated, before advisement in Windows 8 delay as all the start-up programs are executed.

    It can be flown in the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Serialize\Startupdelayinmsec in the registry (including the set to 0, then the programs are executed immediately).

    It is the response that should come from Microsoft. Everything else is a rubbish - model answers that everyone make Microsoft look green, as if they a) don't know their own product and b) don't care even clients who need assistance.

    The Bing team should also be ashamed of this site as their best result. Google does not work.

  • Mac Pro end of 2013 will not launch apps. most mouse clicks are delayed to the point of making it unusable.

    Hello community,

    I have a problem with my Mac Pro end 2013. I bought it in August of 2014. It has always seemed to be a little weird, but I attributed this to the usual first generation bugs and not-so-stellar OSXs from the end. When it was available, I installed the latest update of El Capitan, 10.11.5,, and it seemed that Apple had finally deceived. Since the update, I enjoyed the use of my MP as much as other Macs I've owned over the years (a Performa, G3, G4, G5, several iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini - 14 in all).

    Yes, computer on my MP was nearlly nirvana, that is, until a few days ago. It started when my mouse became very unresponsive and I just thought he needed a couple of new batteries. I put fresh packaging as engergizers in, but it did not help. The slider was slow and jerky, and sometimes it is completely frozen. I paired a new mouse, also with new batteries, the Member and experienced the same thing. Basically, the mouse was unusable. The slider control would come and go at random. I do not think that to restart faster, (which surprises me, because, in the past, I had to do quite often to operate properly). But I restart, and it seemed to clear up the problem at the moment. This strange mouse behavior happened at least a dozen times since the beginning, but generally, it did not last long and lightens without rebooting. I noticed that often happens during Time Machine backups are in progress, or when another CPU-intense activity is happening.

    Unfortunately, it seems that this problem of mouse was a harbinger of things to come. Today, I started the MP of his sleep and clicked on Mail. Nothing happened. It confused me and left me puzzled for a while. I clicked on my browser, Google Chrome, and even once, nothing happened. I thought I should go in my applications folder and try to launch Mail from there to see if that would work. All the time that I did, I got a message window that says: "Cannot open the application""because it may be damaged or incomplete." Immediately after you read this, another window message, just like this one open and said the same thing for Google Chrome - "Unable to open," etc. Icons for Mail and Google Chrome in the doc are now passed to the application icon generic Apple, (the white sheet with the 'A' in the lower corner). Each application I click on since waking from sleep today gives me the same result. Nothing opens the application icon in the dock or the original file in the applications folder. Another very strange thing, it's clicking on a file opens the file in the application it is native. Strange, Yes, but I was able to open Google Chrome, clicking on a saved URL, and I open TextEdit by clicking on a saved TextEdit document. But the application does not open by clicking on its icon. I thought it was very unusual.

    With this weird behavior also come a slowdown in response time of the mouse and keyboard. It is so slow that it makes the work on the machine, for all practical purposes, impossible. It takes 20 or 30 seconds to register a click. But, adding to the quirkiness of everything that happens, once an application is open, like TextEdit, the mouse and the app seem to work almost as if nothing was when working within the App on the other hand, the responses to the mouse by trying to use the finder or open a file from the desktop are very slow. A note on this: when I first the computer woke up today and ran into problems, I tried to open the applications folder and when it finally opened, there is no list of applications. In near-panic mode, I immediately tried the folder my documents to see if my personal files were intact, but no they had also disappeared, or so it appeared. I discovered later, having left the files open on my desk for an hour or two, that files showed later upward. It was a great relief. But the icons on several applications from the applications folder had changed to the generic Apple icon, for some reason any. I rebooted into Recovery Mode, but he wasn't able to do anything there except performing first aid on the hard drive, which showed everything be ok. I didn't restore from a backup at this stage. I had another option to try everything first. Re-boot after that nothing changed.

    The option I mentioned was to try Disk Warrior on it. I ran the latest version and rebuilt on the hard drive, checked the material, and all that makes the software, I forgot. It took about 45 minutes to run. The result was that it showed some things which have been corrected, probably 8 or 10 items, any rang critics. I said a short prayer and restarted. Nothing has changed. Everything that I described before was exactly the same.

    Exasperated, I came here to see if it was what I could glean conversations that could help me. I have not found something really substantial to help me solve the problem, unfortunately. What I found was that I'm certainly not the only person who has experienced problems of 2013 end MP of catastrophic proportions. It is obvious that there is a serious problem with this Mac.

    For those who have had smooth sailing with them, be very happy. If I was. The question came out of the blue. Yesterday, I would have been there with you praise. I hope your luck tends and you never have to experience this level of frustration with a product. I mention this because some seem to dismiss the issue as flukey. But I must say, in all honesty, anyone denying the MP has a problem either whistling through the graveyard or they are so pro-Mac that they are not prepared to allow even a small flaw in the Apple armor. They are good people, but they are in denial. I know how easy it is to refuse to acknowledge the existence of even a slight stain on the first brand hand. I have fought wars of Mac - PC at the time where we didn't know what a Mac - but almost every designer in the country. We labeled Mac users quietly the balls also odd, unconventional and offbeat. But we knew we had the best product. We knew that when the rubber meets the road, in particular regarding graphics, we would spank a PC each time. The years 90, and even the first part of the century was a time when serious computer users aligned on one side of the road or the other, Mac or PC. A lot of animosity arose between the two camps, especially on the side of the Mac, because we were the underdogs, rather despised by the majority. We felt the need constantly to get our message to the number overwhelming dominate the PC users. It follows a sort of tacit animosity. And it became a proposal for a war similar to many Mac users, myself included. For people who lived in that time and have subsequently become more and more immersed in all things Mac, the war is raging on. This is the meaning behind my description of those who are "so pro-Mac". Again, it is easy to understand why this mentality still exists. It was not easy for us guys good back in the day. But it is now time for rational people watch mentality 'til-death-us-part and face the facts, which also means recognition of all prejudice deeply seated, illogical. This member is not good. There is a real possibility that it could be much worse than not well. Time will tell.

    On the side of those who are unwilling to admit there are problems, of course, the argument will be, given all the members sold, he's going to be a dud or two, it's just human nature to be less - than perfect. I accept that. For my money, however, after having lived what I have with my Congressman and to hear the facts given on this site by several owners of the MP - and the absurdity of the incredible problems they have known - that any rational thinker must know at least the idea that means that we deal with a lot more here than the occasional, inevitable dud.

    The bottom line is, my problems are not isolated. It is clear that Apple has a product that fails to a very rare rhythm of the brand. Once again, I have owned for a decade of Mac, all shapes and sizes, but I've never had anything that happens to one of them that comes close to this type of failure. How disappointing it is to me, who has worn the coat for Apple products for nearly 30 years.

    I doubt if there is something that everyone in the team of technical advisors here at the Community Board of Apple can do to help me with this problem. I'm not somehow devaluing at your service for Mac users. I certainly welcome any help you can offer. I know you have helped countless others to find solutions to the problems. But it's a little different for you now with this model of MP. Your best efforts seem to be a bit anemic on this topic. And it's not your fault. Apple isn't talking, then you are here on an island of yours, grasp at straws to try to help. I congratulate you on that, but nothing I've read has shed significant light on this which seems to be a mess of real, first Apple class - currently without a viable solution.

    Yet once again, I welcome any suggestions and thank you in advance to address even. I will definitely check here in the coming days to see if he has the answers.

    In my view, the prudent thing for me to do now is to make an appointment at my nearest store from Apple, an hour and a half and let them begin to set. I'm not too optimistic about a full success to resolve the issue during the first visit, based on the experiences of other contributors. And I rejoice in water and the lift back repeatedly to do things, as seems to be the rule rather than the exception. But in this regard, fortunately, I'm retired and now do occasional projects at low pressure. It's great to not have the MP to put food on the table like I did for many years using my trusty ol ' G5. I don't know what I would if I still ran my business full-time and depends on this MP. Small businesses rely on their equipment to work. The major failures, such as this MP seems to display with regularity can quickly put a small company out of business. This failure is not a walk in the park for me, but I really feel for those who invested heavily and who depend on every day, only to have this mucking things up, i.e., when it is not in the repair shop.

    Finally, I write my thoughts here to express my disappointment in commiseration with other owners of MP end 2013. These are users who were as delighted as I when Apple eventually replaced the G5 with this elegant, state-of-the-art piece of equipment. Like many others, I jumped directly into the train without reservation, and I paid their price without any reluctance. Plunking down to $4 k for it, adding on 27 "display Apple and then having to buy an external drive now makes me a feel a bit embarrassed, at best and, at worst, as an easy mark. The result is, I wasn't expecting this new MP to throw myself into a sort of computer euphoria, I expected just to work as it was announced. The only thing I added on and I thank God, I did it, was AppleCare. Before this saga is over, Apple will probably want that I had refused it.

    I have not read all what you posted but I think a clean installation, even to an external and test simply install would probably tell a different story. I think you did an installation "backup" probably from a backup of TC. I also think that Legacy Applications from a backup OS x and third-party would be not beneficial. Try it, see what improves.

  • How to choose the processor (Intel / nVidia) will launch a program?

    Hello dear friends,

    I would like to know if there is a way to choose in what processor (Intel CPU or GPU nVidia), a specific program will be started.

    In Windows computers, control panel see the nVidia drivers will be an option to set in which processor each program uses to start.

    I saw in Mac Java starts automatically using the nVidia GPU.

    Then, someone knows something?

    Thank you very much!!!

    Leonardo (Brazil).

    Set the graphics performance on MacBook Pro


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