Invisible files visible in the Finder

Apple Genius Bar helped me get my files migrated from my Time Machine backup to this iMac.

The Mac seems to work OK, but I noticed that two files that begin with a point. DS_Store and .localized, who are supposed to be invisible, appear on the desktop and in every Finder window.

When I booted the Mac after having back to the Genius Bar, I have noticed that auto Terminal launched. If someone at the Genius Bar must have used Terminal to temporarily activate the invisible files for troubleshooting purposes.

These files in all windows are very distracting, so I want to disable them (make them invisible again). Advice appreciated.

Open Terminal (Finder > Applications > utilities > Terminal)

Copy the line below

write QLEnableXRayFolders AppleShowAllFiles No.

Coller, paste in the terminal window, and then press return.

Hold down the "Option/alt" key, then right click on the Finder icon in the dock

Click recovery.

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  • Win7 files visible in the finder, but unable to start until win7

    Hello guys!

    This morning, I decided to resize my partition for Windows 7 bootcamp. Then I discovered that I could not initialize to Win7.

    I tried reading Boot Camp after you have created the new partition repair with no luck

    Any help would be appreciated!

    (Solitaire T, thanks for posting helpful and friendly advice on this thread!)

    Ockerts-MacBook-Pro: ~ list of the Ockert$ diskutil

    / dev/disk0 (internal, physical):


    0: GUID_partition_scheme * GB 500,1 disk0

    1:                                             EFI EFI                         209.7 MB        disk0s1

    2: Apple_CoreStorage Macintosh HD 160,6 GB disk0s2

    3: disk0s3 Apple_Boot Recovery 650.0 MB HD

    4: Apple_HFS 69.5 Untitled GB disk0s4

    5: Microsoft database BOOTCAMP 269.0 GB disk0s5

    / dev/disk1 (internal, virtual):


    0: Apple_HFS Macintosh HD GB + 160,2 disk1

    Logical volume on disk0s2



    Ockerts-MacBook-Pro: ~ Ockert$ sudo fdisk/dev/disk0

    Disk: geometry / dev/disk0: 60801/255/63 [976773168 sectors]

    Signature: 0xAA55

    From end

    #: cyl hd s - cyl hd s id [Start - size]


    1: EA 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 [1-976773167] < unknown ID >

    02:00 0 0 0-0 0 0 [0-0] unused

    03:00 0 0 0-0 0 0 [0-0] unused

    04:00 0 0 0-0 0 0 [0-0] unused

    The previous step, that's also what joaomalveiro found in this other thread, but I couldn't get mine works even more

    Ockerts-MacBook-Pro: ~ Ockert$ sudo TPG - v - r show/dev/disk0

    See the TPG: / dev/disk0: mediasize = 500107862016; SectorSize = 512; blocks = 976773168

    start index size summary

    0 1 PMBR

    1 1 Pri GPT header

    2 32 table GPT Pri

    34 6

    40 409600 1 part TPG - C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B

    409640 313621240 2 part TPG - 53746F72-6167-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC

    314030880 1269544 3 part TPG - 426F6F74-0000-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC

    315300424 135820728 4 part TPG - 48465300-0000-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC

    451121152 262144

    451383296 525389824 5 part TPG - EBD0A0A2-B9E5-4433-87C0-68B6B72699C7

    976773120 15

    976773135 32 table dry GPT

    976773167 1 dry GPT header

    Ockerts-MacBook-Pro: ~ Ockert$

    You have 5 entries of TPG, while 4 are standard. A new hybrid MBR can be created to account for this, but will result in the loss of visibility to the OS X partition of the side Windows.

    Please after the release of

    sudo dd if = / dev/rdisk0s5 account = 1 2 >/dev/null | hexdump - C

    Let us check the header of BC score.

  • Generate a PDF file with sections invisible made visible through the code

    I have a poll with several which are either visible or hidden based on the selection of the user to a yes / no radio no button group.  The user can then present the investigation by e-mail or print the survey.  If the user prints the investigation before being submitted, all invisible made visible that user input are included in the printed copy; However, when the pdf file is generated to be attached to the presentation of the e-mail or saved using Save as, items that have been made visible by the code do not appear in the pdf file.  Here's the code used in the Yes option button:

    Comp4WhenImplementText.presence = "invisible";

    Comp4WhenImplement.presence = "invisible";

    Comp4MajorFactorText.presence = "invisible";

    Comp4WhenImplement.Comp4When03 = 0;

    Comp4WhenImplement.Comp4WhenNever = 0;

    If (Comp4No.selectedIndex! = - 1 |)

    Page3.COMP1.Comp1No.SelectedIndex! = -1 ||

    Page4.Comp2.Comp2No.SelectedIndex! = -1)


    CorrectiveAction.presence = "visible";


    on the other


    CorrectiveAction.presence = "invisible";


    The code in the box is as follows:

    Comp4WhenImplementText.presence = "visible".

    Comp4When.presence = "visible".

    CorrectiveAction.presence = "visible".

    The code in the button to send E-mail:

    Form1. #subform [12]. Button2::click - (JavaScript, client)

    If (CorrectiveAction.presence == 'visible')


    If ((CorrectiveAction.rawValue == null) |) (CorrectiveAction.rawValue == ""))


    on the other


    Button1.execEvent ("Click");



    on the other


    Button1.execEvent ("Click");


    Button1 is invisible and laminates under visible e-mail submit button.  It actually supports the PDF by email.  The visible button performs a test and displays a message to the user if the user survey responses fail.  I also tried 'hidden' in all areas that are listed as 'invisible '.

    That should be added or changed so that the invisible elements of the survey that are made visible by the code can be seen in the pdf of the survey.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    There is a parameter that indicates it takes to save the changes via the code to the form upon registration. In the goto file/properties/Defaults form designer and make sure that the Radiobutton control that is named automatically under the Scripting to preserve changes to the form upon registration is set to.


  • My profile files are not visible in the Finder (OS x 10.10 &amp; previous). Can I fix?

    Mozilla help site instructions often start by locating the Thunderbird profile files. I see these from within Tbird and with a Terminal command, but not with the Finder. Why not? I think I have the message index corruption, but I can't delete the file index as directed.

    When you select help/troubleshooting information and click on "View file", doesn't the profile folder open in the Finder?

    Rather than delete the msf to index, you can rebuild them by right-clicking on a folder in the folder Repair, TB, properties.

  • How do TRC files visible in the media browser once again?

    Since the last update in Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit, first Pro CC, .prtl files are no longer visible in the media browser.

    I used to import all the assets required in a project by using the media browser, and this usually includes one or more files .prtl in addition to video files and other types of files. This worked fine until the last update, and now .prtl files are invisible in the media browser.

    I can still import files .prtl using the file | Import menu, but it's embarrassing. Is it possible to return to its previous behavior in which .prtl files were visible in Media Browser?

    It is a problem under investigation. The workaround is to set 'types of files displayed' on Adobe title Designer (as titles are not seen with the default setting of all supported files)

  • Invisible to Visible to the Invisible - boxes filled to the turn invisible back after save/close


    I spent the greater part of these hours couple is trying to develop a work around to my current dilemma.

    I have a dynamic PDF that has a bunch of invisible fields in it.

    The user, by the entrance of a drop down menu, triggers a javascript switch that sets the visibility for text fields in the form accordingly.

    The form itself works very well at the start. But when one of my users save the PDF with informed information (using the player with extended rights)... when the file is reopened all visible fields redefine their presences on default (which is invisible). No data is lost, it looks like the flip flops back to the invisible presence.

    My workaround solution provided has been to build an event Doc: ready that will be used to check each field invisible when the file opens, then set it to visible in the non-empty fields. However, I had difficulties with the text fields, properly assess.


    (DocumentAffected1.length > 0) { }


    = 'visible' ;}

    I tried length RawValue... used '0' and ' "... and nothing seems to work."»

    Is there a better way to check if my text fields are given? And if so, could you give some examples of code?

    I'm not a coder strong. All my Javascript was pinched from examples elsewhere in this forum. But it's nothing more simple if and switches.

    Looks like you need save the State of your form as well. You can do this through code, or you can leave the product to do so. As file/properties, click the default tab and choose the button radio on the preserve of script changes automatically option.


  • Airport Express - USB drive not visible in the finder

    I have a brand new Airport Express that I currently use as an Extender for our old time Capsule. I would like to share a USB between computers. The Aiport utility see the drive.

    However, the Finder does not show the drive.

    In the future this extreme with a USB (mini 4 TB drobo) will be in our caravan to help us to do video editing and blogging with 2 computers on the road.

    Finder are not displayed at the start of the drive, but it should display the AirPort Extreme under the Shared heading in the left side of the Finder window.

    In the example below, my AirPort Extreme (called AEBS) has a drive named 500 GB drive connected to the USB port at the back of the unit.

    By clicking on the AEBS, another window displays the name of the player on the right side of the window.

    Double-click to mount the drive on the desktop.

    Now you can drag and drop files on the disc icon, or open the drive and drag the files into the opened window, which represents the drive.

  • 'Show the files referenced in the Finder' grayed out in the menu file Photos

    The title says it all. I rebooted - several times. I selects an image, go to the drop down below and cannot access the file in the Finder. It's used to work.

    The title says it all. I rebooted - several times. I selects an image, go to the drop down below and cannot access the file in the Finder. It's used to work.

    On Photos for Mac application, you can only reveal files of origin in the Finder, if the photos has been imported as a referenced photo, not when it is stored in the library.  It was different in iPhoto, but never possible in Photos to reveal the files managed by pictures.

    A photo will be imported as a reference, if you turn off the preference ' Photos > preferences > General: import: Cop of elements to the photo library.

    See this help page: where are my imported files?

    But it is not recommended to use this option.

  • PNG file visible Outside the Boundaries of my banner

    I exported my animated Flash banner swf file, and my one of my images (PNF file I imported in my library and medicines for my internship) is bigger than the stage space.  When I develop the Flash Player in my swf file window, I can't see the border of my banner, but the rest of my image is visible outside the banner area.

    Imagine that only the tip of the iceberg, that's what I want in my banner, but the WHOLE iceberg is visale beyond the size of my scene... it's the best way I can explain it.

    Is this something to do with PNG files in Flash?  I am new to the design of banners in this way.  How can I fix around this image, so that everything is within the limits of my banner?

    Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!

    If you embed the file in an html page, whatever it is out of the scene does not appear.  Otherwise, it is normal for these content off limits to display if your area of the window is larger than the swf file.

  • My white disc light WD external network is no longer visible in the Finder since the upgrade to El Capitan, drive always is accessible from the Windows PC network.

    Problem is roughly according to the title. I had a white WD external light of diving for quite awhile now and I currently plugged it on the same network switch as my iMac, and the printer. Since the upgrade to the latest version (pretty sure it's) El Capitan I see is no longer the drive in Finder. There is an old Windows PC that is connected to another network down switch and who can access the drive of property. I have reset the drive and the iMac and replaced the local network cable.

    I have some technical knowledge, but I'm not a COMPUTER guru.


    Can connect you via CMD-K (to connect to the server) and type the IP address / name of the network-share?

  • files, .xmp appearing in my SD card to access RAW files in the Finder... Very weird!


    I'm having a very strange problem...  I use a 4 GB Scandisk SD and turn my RAW on a Canon Rebel 2ti photos.  I use a Macbook Pro, 2011 2.3 Ghz i5, 4 GB Ram, with Lion c. 10.7.2 and to access the RAW files of the SD through Finder.  I am side by clicking on the image file or by double clicking on them, as the PS is my default opening program for RAW files.  When I hit the 'Done' button on any of the Photoshop files, a new .xmp file appears in the Finder.  When I open it, it's a Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 license agreement...

    I installed Microsoft Office 11 and have never used Messenger.  It's not a huge deal, but it drives me crazy and it's totally weird!

    Thank you


    There are a lot of separate, unrelated to what is happening to you in a long chain, but each step is normal and understandable.

    You open the raw directly from card files in Photoshop. Photoshop will open in Camera Raw. Camera Raw preferences are set to save the changes to the XMP sidecar files. You're clicking on done, that applies by default Camera Raw processing, and that change generates an XMP file to store the new settings. That's why a XMP file appears in the same folder. On a computer, that's fine. But write back to a camera with one another camera card that the camera is not recommended. This more that is recommended is to use another, fast way to preview the raw map files without modifying (Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, Apple Aperture, Photo Mechanic, etc.), so that the left of the map intact as it should be.

    If you don't want the XMP file to build, you have to do one of the following:

    • In Camera Raw preferences, change the option "save image settings in ' to 'Camera Raw database', not 'Sidecar XMP of files.
    • Instead of clicking every time, which applies to any changes, click Cancel instead, if you were to research and not editing.
    • Something other than Photoshop can preview raw files. Most of the other ways are faster than their opening in Photoshop. The recommended workflow is to use a camera download utility to browse all images on the card at a time (rather than one by one as you do), then select only the ones you want to make to your computer. Bridge (via file > get Photos from camera, not navigation), Lightroom, iPhoto and Aperture all have this ability.

    License as to why double-clicking on an XMP file opens a Messenger: as you probably know, the system must understand which program should open a file with a given file name extension. Looks maybe like Adobe and Microsoft have used the XMP extension, and the installer probably associated with certain file type MS Messenger Office. So when you double-click an XMP file, Mac OS X Open Messenger. Since you have not used before Messenger, is show you "first-run" screen for Messenger, and Microsoft has put in place so that you have to click on I accept on the license agreement before using it. If you never click OK, it will always be the "first run" next time you open Messenger, if you like it or not. You can use Get Info in the Mac Finder to reassign XMP to open in another program.

    You were probably expecting many things just happen to open raw on a map, but this is how it worked.

  • I have accidentally moved my images directory in the Finder. He disappeared, but when I run iPhoto - pictures are there. How to restore the directory?

    In the Finder, I tried to copy my photos on a USB directory. I dragged rather than copy it. Now this isn't on my USB but it is not visible in the Finder. When I run iPhoto I can see the pictures, but I can't access it now as single files. How to restore the directory of pictures or find all my photo files.

    IM El Capitan 10.11.6 running.

    Thank you


    Move it to where it belongs - in your folder. If you don't know where it is so, look for using Spotlight.

  • How to remove FCP7 rendering files, using FCPX or Finder


    I am trying to eliminate unnecessary files.  For any project FCPX, I see that there is a process to remove the render files.  But what I do with projects created in FCP7?  These are projects which have had their XML files imported for use in FCPX, or I want to only keep the original media, even if they were previously published.

    Can make deleted files just in the Finder under one or the other scenario or both?

    Thank you


    Yyes, simply delete them in the Finder.

  • Open a folder in the Finder?


    I had the script below in a .jsx file, it was located in the "Adobe Photoshop CC 2015/settings presets/Scripts" and it worked perfectly.

    Now for some unknown reason - it won't open the file hardcoded in the finder

    If something has changed in a previous update, which makes this useless script?

    Any ideas how I now just open a folder in the finder, directly from a script?

    Thank you in advance.

    var f = file ("Applications/files/Photoshop\ Tuts\ and\ Plugins Plugins/Photoshop\ /'");

    f.Execute ();

    If this is what has been returned then it should work.

    var f = Folder("/Applications/Files/Photoshop_Tuts_and_Plugins/Photoshop_Plugins");

    {if (f.Exists)}

    f.Execute ();

    } else {}

    Alert ("file has not exist\nPlease check your way!");


  • How do I edit the original file in photoshop the muse?

    On my mac, it always opens the jpg preview. Guess I could always open previously the jpg and save it as a psd... it is a workaround that requires more time however. In this case I might just open it in ps and work on it, then update to muse.

    To the present Muse relies on the operating system to decide which application opens for a given file format. So a .jpg file to be opened in Photoshop, you will need to change the file association in the Finder. Click a .jpg file, select File: Get Info and choose Photoshop in the section 'Open with' and hit everything change. Note that this has the disadvantage that double click on a jpg file in the FInder now open it in Photoshop, which may not be what you want always.

    Having specific features 'change using Photoshop... '. «and «Change using Fireworks...» "is something that we would like to add, but have not yet obtained.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Series a Apple Watch does not always display

    I was the first of the Apple Watch in October 2015.  Sport model. Just in the last month when I flip my wrist the display lights not sometimes making me turn my wrist a second or rarely a third time so that it lights up. Is this a known problem or a

  • How can I manage the feature new tab?

    When I select to open a new tab with the button it does not to my home page. I would like to change so that it does. Can you help me?Thank youKen Carl

  • Add contact based on the username: too many results!

    Someone gave me their exact Skype username. Now, I want to add this contact. When I go to add contact and enter the user name, I get a long list of search results. The results do not show user names, but rather their real names. How can I know who is

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