IOS 9.3.2 Messenger notifications

I have updated to ios 9.3.2 last week and since then my email notifications don't work which is really annoying because I use messenger every day to stay in touch with overdeas of people based on a daily basis.

is this a problem for other users, is an update to fix this bug under development?

Not heard talk about this particular issue-

Settings - Notifications - Messages - OFF

Disconnect from the iMessage iMessage - settings - Turn Off

Sign up for iPhone

Disconnect from the iCloud

Do a forced reboot - after all open applications using the app Chooser - invoked by fast double pressing the home button and drag upwards on each app until it disappears from the screen.

Meet the sleep/wake and home buttons down until you see the logo  - then release and allow normal start upward

Sign in everything and will light up message notifications

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  • FB Messenger notifications

    OK, my notifications for this show on my lockscreen app I like only they but last night I put them do not disturb in the app, but then I decided to turn to not not disturb off the coast and my notifications stopped then appear on my lock screen, how can I solve this?

    Hello, mandy546,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that your Facebook Notifications ceased to display on your lock screen. I know how it is important that you get all your Notifications on your iPhone. I'll be more than happy to help you with this.

    Use article use Notifications on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, specifically, this section:

    If you do not see the notifications for a specific application

    To get notifications, you must be connected to a Wi - Fi or cellular network. If you do not get notifications for a specific application, try the following steps:

    1. Make sure that the application supports notifications. Go to settings > Notifications, select the application and make sure that Notifications are turned on.
    2. Make sure that you are connected to your Apple ID on your iOS device. Go to settings > iTunes & App Stores and enter your Apple ID and password.
    3. Make sure you do not disturb is turned off. Go to settings > do not disturb and tap manual if it is enabled.
    4. If you have recently installed an app or restored from a backup, open the app to start to get notifications.

    Also, please make sure that display on the lock screen is enabled in settings > Notifications > Facebook Messenger.

    Have a great day!

  • iOS 10 birthdays in the notification center/today ' hui discovers

    In iOS 9 there was a line under the date of the notice of Notification Center/today ' hui which displays something like "today is the 37th anniversary of John."

    This seems to have disappeared in the iOS 10 or I'm the only one who has this?

    The widget "to the top next" can't handle this because birthdays are recorded as events all day and this widget does not show the events all day...

    Hey Kevin,

    No, I checked that the behavior. A friends birthday is today and he is not visible in the widget "what is next and 'calendar'.» Added a 'all day' - events to see if it is a bug in the Birthday tag in contacts, but apparently not as well. So I think this is a bug in all the events of the day. Have you reported it to apple?

    BTW: I had a hard time trying to add a date of birth for a person, ios was the entry of the year. After trying several times, it worked.

  • questions about iOS 10 SMS and iMessage notification

    Hi all

    Having some problems with the SMS and iMessage notification since the upgrade to iOS 10. The problem is that sometimes there is no noise or vibration or anything like that when I get a message. I will just have to pick up the phone and there is a banner on the lock screen. And until someone asks, it isn't that I was away from the phone, or I didn't hear it go off... there was just no notification. It's as if the phone was in DND (which it was not).

    The other thing is, I NEVER receive a notification when I am sent an iMessage from a sender that is the only email address (like an iPad wifi only). In this situation, my phone never plays a sound never vibrates... you open the lock screen, but there's a new banner of message sitting there... as I said before - just as the phone is in DND... which is not.

    This problem happens on mine and my wife's phone. For any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is an update. I think I can find a solution to the problem. I used to have my "send and receive" in the messages app implemented with my phone number and checked e-mail address. I have deselected the e-mail address and have now received a notifcation for every message I've received so far. The sample size is a bit small at the moment but before this change, it is 50-50 at best.

  • Problem with the Facebook Messenger notifications

    I have an iPhone with iOS 9.3.2 5. Recently, I noticed that when my phone is locked, Facebook messaging notifications are appearing for a few seconds and then disappeared very quickly. Everyone is also dealing with the same issue? Can someone help me solve this problem?

    I know that now, if you have facebook messages open and active on another device, that is exactly what will happen.  Make sure you have not a Facebook window open up somewhere with your account, open on another device, etc..

    In addition, try to restart the phone, close the application off switcher app and finally if all this fails, deletion and redownloading the app.

  • AIR on iOS 15 8 - unwanted Push Notification

    Since the upgrade of my devices for iOS 8, I continue to have an Alert for Push Notification window even on applications which do not have this notification: 'MyApp would like to send you Notifications.

    I have seen that it can be caused by an older version of AIR. Problem is that I already tested in the latest version of the AIR SDK ( and the Dungeon of push notification appears.

    Otherwise, the real problem seems to be that in my other requests that already have the push, it seems to conflict when you refuse to push first opened. It cause the application freeze and the strength to kill him.

    Do you know why it happens?

    Thank you very much

    It is not normal if you have no notifications at all, but with iOS 8 I think you get now requested permission for local communications, even if you do not push notifications. I see that the dialogue on applications that use local notifications.

  • Deleting Email in the Notification Center - iOS 10

    Hello world

    I've recently upgraded to ios 10 and it is fine on a few things, I think it's not so great for my email and the notification Center.

    Using the earlier version of iOS, I would view my notification Center and he would show me all the most recent e-mails that came in.  No matter what email I want to mark as read, I would slide right and mark as read or any email that I wanted to delete, I had to slide to the left and remove.  I was send by the breeze and clear through several emails using this method.

    Now, when I see the email in the notification Center, I slide from left and I SAW and CLEAR.  I know that clear, delete this notification far and the view opens a small secondary window where I have the ability to then 'TRASH' the message if I can't.  Although this feature is fine, it's a bit annoying to go through this process 100 times where as the previous method was bam bam bam.

    Is it possible to get that old way back once again!

    Thank you, Dov

    I have the same question. Changes in the user interface on the notification Center are maddening. In fact, I've downgraded to iOS 9.3.5 because of them. 9.3.5 emails had three actions (X = clear, mark as read, trash) and now in iOS 10 there are two (display or erase) and if you click view, you can navigate to mark as read or Trash. What was a simple click is now two. Doesn't really look like a problem until you are dealing with hundreds of emails a day. In addition, it is not at all clear why Apple would do this. My best guess is that they wanted to jam more stuff into force Touch. But even in this case, it is quite functional and usable. Instead, it is just slower and more boring. In this case, he is Force to touch like a runnning around looking for a problem solution.

    The difficulty of this Apple. I can't, for the life of me understand how everything UI/UX expert think it was a good idea. It's not like you to be as this disconnected from the experience of your customers.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook Notifications in Facebook Messenger problem

    Hi, is there a way how to disable Facebook Messenger notifications? Because in the parameters are only 3 options: On, Off for 1 hour, until 8:00 a. To be clear, I want to disable it forever, because it bothers me that I must daily open that app just to always turn off until 8:00 a. I don't understand this is a problem for developers add another option simply "Off"? I really regret that I never installed it.  Please help me, she eats my time.

    Thank you in advance.

    Hello bcurve8900

    After logging out have done a battery pull reboot! If you don't do it by removing the battery while your unit is powered, wait at least a minimum then reinsert back. It may solve your problem then please try it.

    Or let us know.

  • Date page does not appear first drop the bar down

    Just downloaded the new ios and found that the Notification Center page appears first when you use the new bar drop down. I have to keep pulling down then drag to the right to display date apps, weather, news, etc.

    How can I configure it so that I can view the main page widget first, when you pull down the drop to the low bar and not the notification page?

    Thank you!

    Just drag to the right at the beginning.  No need to blow first.

  • 2 apps running text messaging I want only one

    Hi, I recently got an iPhone SE. I got a droid. I installed the Verizon messaging app so I could keep my old text messages. However, imessage will not shut. It is off but is text, so I'm getting texts for both applications and it drives me crazy! I don't like that is the app that I use, so I have to uninstall imessaging or import messages from Verizon in imessaging. Help? Thanks, Fatna

    The app is Messages. iMessages is the Apple version of free text messaging that works over the Internet, rather than on cellular networks.

    When you have turned off iMessages, you only disabled this feature. The ordinary texts are always enabled.

    Messages is deeply integrated iOS and other applications, including Notifications. My advice would be to keep the Messages and stop using the exclusive application of Verizon.

  • IPad has not been saved in 4 weeks

    IPad has not been saved in 4 weeks. Backups happen when the iPad is connected, locked, and connected to the Wi - Fi. "This message appeared a week ago, (he says 3 weeks then) and I made that I plugged it in and it was connected to WiFi. He also as update to the latest version of iOS, but even after the connection to Wi - Fi and wired, and even after the update of the iOS, today I received this notification.

    I tried the soft reset. I guess I'll try to get back to this post to let know you if I get another message 09/02/2016.

    Have you tried to force a backup via the settings > iCloud > backup > Back Up Now?

  • Icon for blackBerry Smartphones Strange ianccessible

    On my smartphone 8900 about an hour there is a blue message icon appeared next to the new message on the front screen icon.  It has a 1 in a red circle next to it, which makes me assume that it is a message from somewhere, but I can'r, select it and have no idea of how to access it or really what it is?

    The blue icon looks a bit like the blackberry logo so maybe it's a message of Balckberry, but if so I have no idea where to go within the unit to opne it?  Doesn't anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you.

    This looks like a BlackBerry Messenger notification. You have a message or a contact to add to BlackBerry Messenger.

    Find your BlackBerry Messenger application, instant messaging, or the Applications folder is sometimes found in the folder.

    You see one that looks like yours, below?

  • That means OpenGL 3.0, 2.0 and metallic graphics interface average?

    This option is located in the iOS settings panel where the notifications and the background refresh toggles are.

    Hey there Jonathan!

    Would you be able to post a screenshot where you see this? I'm having a hard time finding within the parameters of the iOS.

    To take a screenshot, press home + lock keys simultaneously. This will save an image of your camera. In this message, tap the camera icon and you can download your saved image (you may need to email it to yourself first if you need to download the image to your computer).

    Thank you!


  • Messed up after updating ios 10 notification sounds

    I have updated to ios 10. Incredible update and im love it. But the notification in application as whatsapp Messenger is messed up. Whatsapp defining its 'Note' but when I get the notification I get "Tritone". Although even i change the default setting for different sounds in the same "Tritone" comes when I get something...

    I've heard that some people are experiencing the same thing. Help, please

    Try the hard reset by the press, the power and the home buttons and keep them pressed until the Apple logo appears on the screen and release your fingers.

    I hope this will help

  • iPad iOS 10 - no time in the notification Center

    Hi I have a Pro 12.9 iPad running iOS 10.0.2. I tried to check the weather in the center of notification yesterday and the weather wasn't there. I have no idea how long the time is missing. Honestly, I don't remember if I never checked the weather on my iPad before. In any case, I made the location services has been enabled for the weather (it was) and rebooted the iPad. But even today, still getting no time, just the date today. Works fine on my iPhone iOS 10 running. Any ideas?

    I noticed that options for "summary today ' today/tomorrow" went from the edit page of Notification Center as well. Funny I've never seen an iOS 10 review mentioning that.

    On a related note, can anyone recommend a free accurate weather widget that displays just the basic information (not in a paragraph I read as in the case of the Weather Channel widget) or a paid (but preferably free) app that does the same thing but displays also a weather for 3-5 days? Forecast + seems ideal, but I heard that it is not true. Also, I can't find it in the app store.

    Drag the home screen to the right and bring it to the top of the screen today. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and if you do not see a time, then press the button change. From there, you will have the choice to add or remove it from the home screen. They are in alphabetical order so weather appears near the bottom of the screen. Tap to the left of the weather and that adds to the page. They will be in the order which shows at the top of the page, so you can arrange them in the desired order.

Maybe you are looking for