IPad Pro 1st gen is no longer charging via rMBP end 2013.

IPad Pro 1st gen is no longer the load via rMBP end of 2013 after the Ipad pro iOS 10.0.1 update

can someone enlighten me on this issue? Apart from the iPad pro requires a larger draw of power than an iPhone.

Thank you.

I ask as its just designed by using redundant DuetDisplay and I need a complete battery to use the ipad as a second display now...

Try alternative ways to charge your iPad here > If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch won't charge - Apple Support

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    Thank you

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    My iPad Pro (10.0.2) says not charging when connected to the nearest 4th USB port of lightning on my iMac OSX end 2015 10.11.6. Another thing that I connect it works so there is nothing wrong with this port.

    However, my iPad charges when it is connected to the other 3 USB ports. Tried other Apple cables, restarted my iMac and reset my iPad.

    Basically, it's not the iPad, and it's not USB port cuz that they both work when plugged in with something else. It's just the 2 at the same time with the other who do not work.

    I'm so confused. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Hello. It seems that the charge voltage/current monitoring software has been changed in iOS 10. It is much more sensitive. Your device's charge when says "do not load", but he is in charge, probably faster when it shows the Flash. See the iPad is cool the computer after an upgrade to iOS 10 batches of a discussion of this issue.

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    Hi all - looking for Apple's brain trust land on this one.

    I recently bought the new Pro peripheral 9.7 "iPad (wifi and cellular) and have noticed a lot of slow performance when you use it on a wifi network.

    I also have an iPhone 6s so decided to compare the two head to head, both on the same wifi network. Going to the same sites, YouTube, download my diary, it's okay - 6 bulbs just with speed so that the iPad Pro chugs and takes significantly longer to download exactly the same content. The old iPad Air that I used to use never had this problem. The problem doesn't seem to be the same thing with WiFi cell, just the one. It connects to the wifi network is fast blisteringply so I exclude the network being the issue. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem.

    I must say im very disappointed iPad pro account $ 1300 or so I paid for it. I am strongly considering to return.

    Details: iPad Pro 9.7 "128 gb Wifi + 4 G Gold

    running iOS 9.3.1

    All advice appreciated.


    Have you tried a hard reset of your iPad by pressing the sleep/wake and Home buttons simultaneously until your iPad goes to black and restarts with the Apple logo and then release the buttons?

    Good luck

  • Work on photoshop touch for iPad Pro?

    I would appreciate it if you port photshot touch iPad Pro.

    PS Touch has been abandoned, but should still work for the iPad Pro (on condition, of course, you bought before the end of treatment).

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    It does not matter. Load it as as much as you wish... you do not need to load immediately to 100%.


  • iPad Pro bettery and charger voltage

    HI, I have an iPad Pro 12 "and on the charger its written 5.2V and 2. 4A. I would like to ask - is it ok to charge my iPad with a 5V 2. 4A charger?

    It is harmful to the battery in the long term?

    Appreciate your help.

    It's ok as long as certified MFi - not harmful to the battery or the charger is Apple

  • Charger iPad Pro


    I asked this Question some time ago, and it bothered me so far.

    Question: Could charge you your iPad Pro ore same iPhon with the Macbook Charger 12 "?

    Basically I tested it. First with an older iPhone 4S - no problem

    Then with a 6Plus iPhon - no problem

    Then with the 6s iPhone-no problem

    Then with the iPad Pro - no problem

    Is anyone out there who is able to confirm that there is no "damage"? long

    Thank you

    All devices of Apple lithium batteries self-regulate their State of charge.  They will not charge to exceed the limits in their firmware. So even if a power supply exceeds the necessary current to the load, they no longer use that they are programmed to use.  So as long as a power supply is the supply voltage and at least the minimum required current, the device will be fine.  That's why you can recharge an iPhone with a charger for the iPad, but not the reverse, or why an iPad charged that very slowly on the USB port of the computer because the current is much lower than what it can use (and is ideally designed to use).

    So make sure that the charger is off + 5 volts (the charger Pro for the iPad itself is estimated at 5.2V) and 2.4 + amps your iPad Pro will load very although she will not accept up to 2.4amps little important how much more your power goes out.  If you use a 5v supply that puts less than 2.4amps, the iPad can still collect but more slowly (or it on at the same time, maybe not at all as it may need draw battery power just to keep the screen).

  • iPad Pro takes so long to load! Any tips?

    Compared to my iPad 2 Air, which would take between 2 to 3 hours to recharge of 10-15% to 100%, my newish Pro iPad seems to take a long time to recharge using the same percentages. I started to charge about 4 and a half hours ago and went from 13% to 42%.

    I'm user of the actual adapter that came with the Air 2 and USB cable to Lightening it is certified Apple made by iORANGE for-E, with its nylon sheathed cable, as each Apple cable to twist and become useless. I have been using the same charger and cord for months with my Air 2 with no problems. Is there a difference between adapter load for the Pro and Air 2? Has anyone else noticed a difference? It drives me crazy! I SLEEP not long enough at night to fully charge the iPad!

    Any help or solution?

    On a positive note: I watched my first movie on this monster last week and was digging in my purse to find my beats headphones but on accidentally film and I got my first taste of four speakers. No need, unless you are in public, for other speakers, earphones, headphones, etc.. The film had every flavor of sound recording and massage available. And he looked fantastic, as well.

    Someone wrote that he should have been a "ProOS" written for this device. There is clearly more power under the hood for some more exotic features.

    Sigh. 43% done. This is not acceptable. I hope that you guys or girls can achieve a simple solution for this... Because that sending the machine to Apple is not the solution you are looking for!

    Thank you


    Make sure that you do not use the iPad Pro while it loads and make sure that the iPad is going to sleep and the screen will Dim.

    The iPad Pro should charge from zero to full load in 4-1/2 to 5 hours.

  • I bought the IPad Pro 128 GB on 3.29.2016. I used it for less than a week. It charged when I first opened it from 67% to 100%. 9.3.1 update.  After about 5-6 days, the battery is down to 1%, and now it will not load. I have reset on AEC

    I bought the IPad Pro 128 GB on 3.29.2016. I used it for less than a week. It charged when I first opened it from 67% to 100%. 9.3.1 update.  After about 5-6 days, the battery is down to 1%, and now it will not load. I have reset to factory settings and it still doesn't load. There's just 1%. Help, please.

    Thank you


    It is under warranty. Suggests taking it for an Exchange.

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    My new iPad Pro takes a long time to load - even in airplane mode. Is there another method to speed things up?

    How long?

  • Mini iPad 1st gen replacement

    Hey everybody!

    I'm new here, so if this was already asked, wanting to send me the link instead. In any case, I had a Mini iPad 1st Gen of my mobile operator last October 2015. However, there was a problem with it's touchscree. It was so touching. I went to the Apple Store here in the Philippines and said they will be resets my device to see if the problem will disappear. He did... for a while. Now, he's back, so I want a replacement. However, Apple did extract iPad Mini 1st generation, right? So, I always will get a replacement knowing that my device is not sold in stores over? DRM for the answers.

    They still have units of replacement available services.

  • charging ipad pro with usb direct for power strip

    Is it allowed to charge an iPad pro using the provided cable connected directly to a usb hub (total 2 ports labeled amp 2.1) on a generic power strip? Does make a difference if another device (iPhone 6) load at the same time? This may damage the iPad pro?

    If the ipad pro does not get a higher voltage then 5volts then nothing is capable of ruining in terms of workload

  • Logic remotely (on iPad Pro) is no longer connected to the iMac GarageBand

    Is no longer able to connect to my iMac using distance, just put logic to update on my iPad Pro. It worked before the update only a few days ago... Not excited about it, however, I find the GarageBand update for iOS very useful.

    Someone else has problems of connection on their Mac or iMac using logical iOS remote?

    A little more info... Looks like my iPad 2 Air is able to connect to the iMac, but not the iPad Pro, even if two iPads running the same version of iOS and have the same version of the logic of distance!

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