Is FlashFirebug a useful learning tool?

I'm just starting to learn Flash and Actionscript. I noticed there is a browser Firefox Add-on called FlashFirebug ( which is described as having analyses and diagnostic functions similar to CSS and HTML Add-ons, I use now. However, I am not sure it is interesting to play with. The specs say it takes I have download and import the O-Minds FlashFirebug package in the FLA file. The package is a compressed file that decompresses in several files. Impossible to find instructions on where to place these files on my PC and could not find details on where within Flash I should enter their recommended configuration controls.


Sorry - my bad. I re-read your original post (correctly this time!) and would like to change my advice...

If you are a beginner in flash then I don't think you need to worry about having additional modules - they become handy once you start to do more complex things.

FYI: the flash debugger player is used for flex development (you don't need it for pure flash tips), the player activeX for IE and the player plugin is for mozilla browsers (firefox, chrome, etc.)

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    Notes, getting highlights and other learning tools... Here come by chance (hope)?


    Currently, these features are not on the roadmap for this year.

    However, in the meantime, you can develop your own features of annotation using HTML and local storage.

    There is an article that explains the basics, how it works and can help you start to develop your own annotation:

    A Flexible note-taking system for use in the Folios DPS | Adobe Developer Connection

    Note that article above was designed for DPS classic, it has not been tested for 2015 of DPS, but the consultation of the article itself, you can get valuable information that can help you get started.

    Thank you


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    This type of integration is done through overlays of web, html and custom showcases written articles in html/js.  It is not no matter what support explicit DPS also, but some integrators (Casa / Mirim) were able to create integrations with Moodle using these web containers.

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    When I open the 2 or 3 action script in CS5 and draw a rectangle or any form, I see only outlines? The problem IS NOT the outlines button which is in the palette layers, because I changed several times and he has mad no difference and it'S NOT because I've selected no fill, or color of the shape.

    If you want to see a screenshot of my computer follow this link that I have exactly the same problem

    BUT Interestingly, when I opened someone elses .fla working paper, I can draw and fill out forms without problem, which makes me wonder if I am missing some basic settings when I start with my new document?

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm quite familiar with Photoshop but a beginner in Flash

    I learned something new, given the display you point on that might help - it has the same effect as using the tool outline on the layer, but throughout the world.  In the main menu, select view-> Preview Mode-> and nothing, except the contours.

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    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    NO you must do them sequentially, even if you don't have to wait for it to finish before you can start the next. Stack them just to export in a sequential manner.

  • PDF file designed using IREPORT tool. When I saw in the fonts "BOLD" of adobe reader displays properly, but displays of the same file in mozilla plugin from adobe fonts unbold

    I designed a report using IReport tool with a text like "BOLD", that generates the report in PDF format. When I open the file with Adobe Reader IX it opens perfectly.

    but the problem when I open the same file in mozilla Add on "Adobe Reader" and in previous versions, is not displayed the "BOLD" font.

    I solved it... the problem is not with mozilla add on... the problem is in jaspersoft...

    in any case thanks for the reply...

  • How to recover a selection of the screen using the tool of cross hatching? S worked on the old pc to control...

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    Please help - lost without this feature!

    Maybe your version of Vista has the Snipping Tool...

    Windows Vista - activate the Vista Snipping Tool

    Use capture tool to capture screenshots

    Vista tutorial - How to use the tool captures of Vista

  • Problems playing Flash on Firefox after using PC Tools

    Original title: Flash playback after using PC Tools issues

    Yesterday, I launched a free version of Symantec ""PC Tools Registry Mechanic " and click an option that was supposed to clean the registry and speed up my PC." But then, while opening up Mozilla Firefox 15.0.1 I noticed that a lot of things like Youtube, gmail, and other video sites would not load their video player and more most sites still appear for the first time in plaintext and normally appear when I press Ctrl + F5. After doing the system restore and uninstall and install Adobe flash player and firefox, Youtube has been now, loading, but without quality controls and the playback volume. Other video sites gmail etc still load the players. However, when I opened all of these places on Google Chrome, they were all loading normally so I wonder what happens is - this problem with Firefox or with the registry?

    I appreciate your help :)


    It seems that there is a problem with Firefox, because if it's a registry problem you would not be able to play videos using Google chrome. The registry cleaner would have probably changed some parameters related to Firefox.

    You can visit this link and check if it helps.

    I also suggest checking with the help of Firefox using this link.

  • Is it safe to use Microsoft Tools and firewalls, and how to start.

    Hi, my question is what is it safe to use Microsoft Tools to the Microsoft Web site to improve the performance of the pc and can you name some of them which are the best?

    Second part:-what is the firewall and how to turn it on? Its not turns not on my Pc please be brief and guide me step by step!
    Windows 8

    Hi Muhammad,

    When a third party firewall, such as the Norton firewall is installed, WIndows will renounce its control over operations of the third-party firewall.  Until you actually uninstall your Norton product, the Windows Firewall is not available - you can not it activate or deactivate it, regardless of whether or not the Norton firewall is disabled.  This is done to prevent conflicts that might arise from having accidentally two firewalls running at the same time.  As long as you have installed Norton, this will be the only firewall on the system - disable so won't you firewall and no way to replace the Windows Firewall.

    Note: your system will be vulnerable to attacks from the internet and studies have shown that your computer may be infected within minutes.  Should never online without some kind of firewall to protect you.

    Hope this information helps

  • Im trying to open the tutorial of 23 minutes on how to use different tools in photoshop and it continues to come with unable to resolve the DNS servers worked fine yesterday? Ive had creative cloud on my laptop for a week and still have not been able t

    Im trying to open the tutorial of 23 minutes on how to use different tools in photoshop and it continues to come with unable to resolve the DNS servers worked fine yesterday? Ive had creative cloud on my laptop for a week and not yet able to get past the basics make me very frustrated.

    I guess you meant the links when you open photoshop CC. I tested all four videos of the 23 min tutorial and they all played fine. If something between you and adobe does not work correctly.

    • Check that your firewall is blocking the net. Try to access youtube videos and see if they play very well
    • Go to the adobe tv site and try to play one of the videos here. Adobe TV
    • If youtube plays very well and adobe tv does not work, next is to check if you have flash installed. Some videos require flash, others are html 5. Sorry that I could not confirm what player has been used for this tutorial. I think that html 5 but not sure.
    • Next is to look at the properties of your browser and check multimedia settings are not disabled if it y in a. (this is totally dependent on the browser)

    If none of this helps, let us know.

  • Cannot use highlight tool

    Using Acrobat XI, was able to use the highlight tool.  If it's a scanned document, he would ask to convert the text.  But now, he asks that more and I can't highlight.  I could have changed something, but I can't understand that.  How can I get this tool back function?

    [Moved from the endorsement, general, all Adobe forums Lounge for a specific support forum (and shorten the title) - Mod]

    Hi AliT055 ,

    Could you please let us know the version XI Acrobat installed on your computer?

    You are able to highlight normal (not scanned) pdfs?

    What happens when you use highlight tool, you see no error message?

    Check if there is an update available for Acrobat, launch Acrobat > go to the Help menu > then click Find updates. If there is an available update, download and install the update, then check if Acrobat works as expected.

    Also, visit this link that addresses the same issue: highlight the tool does not not (PDF Edit)

    Thank you


  • Location of Dreamweaver using CAT tools


    Does anyone have experience in localizing site Dreamweaver using CAT tools (translation tools)? is there a way to import\export text in a certain file format instead of manually copy?

    Thank you.

    I have also no experience with CAT tool.

    Of when I can infer from your question is that you want to export only the part of text in an HTML document in order to translate the document and return to the version translated into the HTML document.

    If this assumption is correct, then there no way that this can be done in Dreamweaver

    However, you can work on the HTML out of Dreamweaver document. By importing the document into the translation tool, you can work on it directly. Such a tool is OmegaT - multiplatform CAT tool.

  • We are in the streams we want to use the tools of replication of database of 3rd party for Oracle freeware. Pls suggest

    We are in the streams we want to use the tools of replication of database of 3rd party for Oracle freeware. Pls suggest


    GoldenGate and shareplex are large databases for heteregenous platforms oracle replication tools.

    Shareplex replicates data between heteregenous platforms for example source on Linux and Windows.Shareplex target come from queues so that when we define it a few tables in the configuration of the source files, it will get automatically reproduced in the target database.

    SharePlex 8.6.2 technical documentation



  • Is there a way to know how many users have loggedin (user id and time of connection) to HFR and using the tool?

    All of hell

    I'm looking for a method to find out,

    How many users have logged in (user id and time of connection) to HFR and using the tool?

    I tried to explore the tables in database (HFR tools internal tables), but to no avail

    Any idea on this?

    Best regards,

    Amit Porwal

    I know that John Booth is a tool that loads the information into a relational table and produce a report.

    I know that Mike Henderson recently shared his macro to analyze this information and it is here Essbase users: did someone properly analyze newspapers EN?


    Celvin Kattookaran

  • Prevent the owner of the schema using development tools

    Hello world

    We are doing some tasks to meet the PCI DSS requirements. One of them is preventing the schema owner to log in using development tools (TOAD, sqlplus, plsqldev, SQL Developer...). I found a solution here:

    But as comment said, if we change the name of the .exe file, we can easily connect. I thought to do info = module, no program info. I tried with no success. I read somewhere that in after logon, the client info trigger is not set completely. So that we can't get info module exactly after logon trigger (I tried and I have seen this module was same as program interviewed since the session$ v).

    Another comment suggested that we allow some programs to connect instead of refuse many unauthorized tools. I think it is a good idea. But I wonder if some guys know rename tool dev as our authorized tools and it can connect.

    If anyone has any ideas or solutions, please help me. Thank you.

    One solution is to use two schemas - detail a. has no privs assigned to it (not even CREATE SESSION), but contains all of the objects (tables, indexes, views, code, etc.). Diagram B does not all objects, but given privileges to operate on the objects belongs to priv a. withdrawal CREATE SESSION from scheme a scheme b (in for example Prod) will achieve your requirement.

Maybe you are looking for