Is there a way to limit the volume and not only for music?


I have a child who loves the max volume. However, it is not only bad for his ears, he pushes the rest of the family crazy.

As much as I saw him, he has no control master volume where you can limit the volume - that it JUST for music, leaving the rest of us stranded.

I tried mental health of volume app, but since it's an app, it can be disabled without a password and so my child understood how close. So that one does not work.

Anyone know of another way to limit the amount of EVERYTHING?

Hi Makkapakka777,

I understand that you like to limit the volume on your iPad so that it cannot be increased beyond a certain point. Fortunately Restrictions allows you to set a volume limit that requires an access code to remove. The article below the link provides more information about the configuration and use of the Restrictions.

Restrictions of use on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Kind regards!

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    You cannot copy the drivers installed anyway.

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    You can remove the hard drive and put it in a hard drive USB enclosure > plug it into another computer > and try to read and copy your data in this way.

    See you soon.

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    Open tools and go to Audio Mixer Panel.

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    Check the BIOS to see if you have an option to disable. I know at least that HP has this option.

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    Thank you!

    Which does not limit the amount.

    As I said, you would need a digital rights for this management solution.

  • Is there a way to limit the feature browse Datastore ESX/ESXi 3.5?

    Hi all, new poster here.

    We have an environment VMware ESX for QA and Production which is doing slowly on the ground.  All the big teams in our company have embraced ESX except one - the Active Directory team.  Currently they virtualize production DCs on VMware Server 2.0.  Their reasoning for ESX or ESXi moves do not, is that in VMware Server that they can control access to the host OS (Windows Server 2003) using their established and quite restrictive of ad groups and policies.  What they want to avoid at all costs is a person to connect to the host OS and copy hard files for use offline, and restore elsewhere for purposes of nefariosu.  They manage their own VMware Server environment, so that they control access to the virtual machines via the VI Client as well.

    More in the Infrastructure team, we designed a robust ESX environment with good change control and patch management.  We also organize our VMware on shiny new hardware connected to a San.  Some members of the AD team would like to take our material and the patching process, but they are concerned about people (we) copy their hard through the VI client.  They prefer also ESXi for ESX because they love congestion reduced, reduced the risk of vulnerability, to assume that without a security environment local to manage access to the hosts on the host, ESXi can be managed by AD.

    My suggestion to them is going to be to set up their own ESXi host and manage and patch it themselves, unless there is a way of:

    (a) manage somehow permissions with this granularity that my team can patch the OS ESXi (VMware Update Manager) but not browse the data store and copy hard files


    (b) restrict the ability to browse files hard storage of data/copy via the VI Client at all.

    Backups/restorations would be done through VCB and be the LUN for virtualized domain controllers I masked the rest of the environment.

    Any thoughts?

    First of all, there is a question of trust, which I think can be solved through technology.  Member of your team will need to have rights for the uber (administrator or Datacenter administrator) in order to obtain concrete results.  In addition, if your team can give THEM rights, so you can give yourself rights just as easily.

    That said, there may be some things you can do.  If you configure a permission class that doesn't have a store of data/files access management, give permission to your group on a specific host, then who should be close to what you are looking for.  You could probably even use vmotion and DRS for maintenance.

  • Is there a way to adjust the volume of the sounds without change the volume of the other person?

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    The volume of the other person is perfectly fine, but the volume of the sounds for calls is simply too high. As hurt my ears too high.

    Is it possible to adjust these sounds without change the volume of the other person?

    Not as far as I know. I, for the same reason, about 40% the value of the Volume of Skype and I see no effect on the volume of calls. Only the ringtone and notification sounds are affected.

  • is there a way to limit the cursor at the end of a line in the source code editor?

    In the source editor, the cursor will always follow where to click. But I want to restrict it at the end of a line, just like the other text editors don't. Y at - it an option or sth? I can't put up with it any longer.

    Hello morph!

    The source in the LabWindows/CVI environment Editor is built according to the concept of the virtual space.

    For the moment, in the current version of LabWindows/CVI, this is the default behavior, which cannot be changed in the Preferences Editor dialog boxes.

    Best regards


  • Is there a way to disable the melody and the optimization of the variables?

    There are moments where you want to disable all the variables TUNE because when all are active, it is quite difficult to find the desired height variable and it may be lag sometimes.

    If I want to disable all the TUNE and or optimization of the variables at once, is there a way?

    A quick way to access to * all * the Tune and the optimization variables is through the DISPLAY VARIABLE BROWSER or SHIFT + F7 menu item.

    The first picture shows the sample LPF_lumped project variables unsorted.

    Left-click on the column header will sort and pull all verified variables to the top where they can be easily selected.  A second click will reverse the sort.

    The second photo shows the columns sorted and ready for clearing.

    Please try this and see if it works for you.

    Best regards


  • Is there a way to set the header and footer of page up/down banners?

    We use the Apex 4.2, recently a new requirement came for our standard header and footer banners to be attached to the page.  Does anyone know how to do this?  I searched the forum and have not found something that works so far.

    We use the 24 theme, currently our header and footers are defined on each page using the page "header text" level and

    fields 'footer text.  We use "a level tabs - no sidebar" page template.

    Currently our header and footer banners are scroll with the content of the page and now it is no longer acceptable.  Somehow need to fix these so there always visible at the top and bottom (similar to the toolbar) developer on wallpaper.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you



    You can create the header/footer within a region of html with a div. something like this:

    This is the footer text

    Where at the bottom: 0; It fixed to the bottom of the screen, as the developer tool bar Apex and top: 0; It fixes to the top of the screen.

    I would create this html area on page 0 so that you can display on all pages.

    If you want to get real fancy, create the region html page 0 with a div with a class name of "footer":

    (Once again, for the header to create a similar class with top: 0 ;))

    Then, create a dynamic action on the zero page that fires on the action "Resize" and runs the following javascript code:

    $(«__div.footer").css ({}

    left: ($(window) () .width / 2)-($("div.footer").width () / 2)


    In this way the header/footer will be always centered.

    Let me know if it helps


  • Is there a way to upgrade reduces volume of CS6 CC for teams licensing?

    Over the past year, there was an option for 2 years of CC (all applications) at a reduced rate. It seems that it ended. We have licenses in volume for CS6 and finally pass to CC for the new year. It is no longer a discount? And as there is some confusion on the Plans page, is regular price now US$ 69.99/mo?


    You will need to speak with sales of Adobe for the same thing.

    Contact us | Adobe

    Kind regards


  • Is there a way to hide the warning and error messages?


    In the context of a client project, we will convert PDF old forms of IFD (JetForms, designer of output).

    AS the IFD files are old technology, there are a lot of problems when I import them into LC Designer and a lot, a lot of warning and error messages come on the form, makes it difficult to edit and correct the fields and other objects, such as messages keep clutter it.

    Now, is it possible to delete these messages temporarily to make my life easier?

    Thanks for the tips!


    In the designer in the menu Tools/Options/wizards and advice, uncheck checkboxes settings in this menu.


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    how I wish that they. Anyway to fix this?

    Reshoot cos it's hard impossible.

  • Is there a way to block the spread of navigation bar for a specific page/section?


    I would like to know if it is possible to hide the navigation bar for a specific post/page?

    In our society, we have built a presentation guide to our sales representative. We have recently added a html content embedded in the presentation.

    The question we have is that the html page contains drop-down lists boxes. Each time we press the drop down menus, navigation bar will appear. It really is intrusion with the user experience.

    I know it is possible to turn it off for the application, but is it possible to simply to block for the page that contains the embedded HTML code?

    Thank you!


    If you make your HTML consume all the gestures of contact on the page I think it's going to keep the top navigation bar to appear. However this does not mean your readers will not be able to slide off the page, and you can use hyperlinks to take them to other content within the application.

    If you use DPS 2015 instead of that we have API, you can call since in the code HTML to have the finer level control over how the gestures are handled in HTML.


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    I recently installed an ssd and wanted only to have my operating system installed on it and any other installed on another hard drive, but it does not give me an option on where to install flash player. Is it possible to install it on a secondary hard drive?

    Because it is a "plug-in" for your browser, it cannot reside on a different drive. It won't work. Since it is a plugin, it is part of your operating system, essentially, especially if you are using IE. The plugin is only 17.6 MB, so it does NOT take a lot of space on the drive in what's your concern.

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