Is there a way to take something, I received in an email and publish it on Facebook?

CCan I post something that I received in an e-mail to Facebook and how would I do?


Copy the contents of the email and paste it into the FB app.

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  • Is there a way to avoid printing the body of the email and print just the attachments?

    I want to set the printer to only print attachments instead of print also the body of the email.

    Hi MJuds,

    The answer to your question is unfortunately not.  ePrint by default displays the content of the body of the email, and then it tries to open and print all attachments supported, as appropriate.

  • Is there a way to give a user access to the users and computers active directory, without being an administrator

    I want to be able to allow user group to be able to reset passwords and create accounts in an organizational unit.  I delegate control of the organizational unit for the group, but if I connect to the domain controller and try opening users and computers active directory, we wonder an administrator password.  I have a mix of two domain controllers Server 2003 and a Server 2008 DC.  Is there a way to give a group access to the users and computers active directory without being administrator?

    For assistance, please ask for help in the appropriate Microsoft TechNet Windows Server Forum.

    Thank you.

  • Is there a way to take a high resolution image and trace it in a lower resolution?

    Layers appear to be all in the same resolution, so I think that the layers are out. Are there other ways to do this?

    Image-A is the source image.

    Reduce the number of pixels for example by factor 10 in each direction.

    The interpolation mode does not matter here. Save as Image-B.

    Expand the number of pixel by factor of 10, but now thanks to interpolation

    the closest neighbouring mode. This preserves the polyhedral structure.

    Save as Image-C.

    A - image and Image-C have the same pixel dimensions. That's why

    they can be used in the form of combined layers.

    Cordially - Gernot Hoffmann

  • is there a way I can disable meesenger without affecting my email?

    is there a way to disable messenger, I get messages from people I don't know probably try to load viruses or snooping


    We would need to know which e-mail system you use, but if you use Hotmail, or you can get your mail by using your browser and logging on

    You can remove messenger through Control Panel (Add/Remove).  You may nee to uninstall windows live essentials. (do an uninstall custom if you have installed other critical applications)

  • Adobe Send fewer features than Adobe SendNow. Is there a way to activate the e-mail notification of sent and downloaded files?

    I recently spent (force) of Adobe SendNow send. Using the service to send records to the customers and receipts to send and download revenues have proved to-vaulable later down the line. Is there a way to activate this feature in the new Adobe product send?

    Hi cmagroup,

    Please see this Faq: Adobe send | Getting started

    I hope this would help you. Let us know for help.

    Kind regards


  • Is there a way to make the preview audio whenyou hold Control and then drag the handle to default time?


    Is there a way to make sure that the audio preview what happens when you place the control as you drag the handle of the current-time indicator is the default, so that you don't have to hold control whenever you drag it? He came to where I cling control whenever I drag this handle, so it would be actually very convenient to be able to do the audio preview by default instead of requiring the holding down of the control. I looked in the options, but if it's there I must have missed it.

    Thank you

    N °

    You can submit requests for features here:

  • If both operating systems are on onc computer is there a way to take off without hurting the other?

    several GB are taken to the top and not sure and believe that a precedent never deleted

    Go to start/run type msconfig. Go to the Startup tab highlight the one you don't want to, then click on remove. Then restart. See if it boots into windows. If so, you should be able to format the other partition

  • Is there a way took care in the reorg table sys.job$ (and its indexes)?  (Oracle 9)

    I have an old database that has a table of great sys.job$ and the large index on it. (indices are just standard installed indexes nothing we did)    However the table has very little data in it now, only 22 rows.   Yet between the table and index is > 1 GB in size.

    The enforcement team asked me to reorg or shrink the table sys.job$ and explained its large size is probably due to the fact that they believe some process went wrong turned for years resulting in job creation, but his long since been cleaned.

    What motivates is to save space in the SYSTEM tablespace and possibly help some query performance.

    I know that in general its forbidden to directly manipulate the sys objects (such as truncation, insert, etc. with the exception of sys.aud$).

    Y at - it a taken way supported to reduce the size of this table.  Any document referencing.

    Yes, there is a way taken in charge.

    It's called "Recreate the database"


    Sybrand Bakker

    Senior Oracle DBA

  • Is there a way to create a plan of action in vCAC and allow a user to select a network?


    We have 30 different VLAN used for various tasks within our Organization. I was wondering if there is a way to create a unique model vCAC and alow the user to choose which virtual machine network join to (at the time)?

    It's not like I can use a vCenter customization specification and just set up 'network-> Custom Settings-> interrogate the user'

    Or I have to create 30 Blue each connected to a different network?

    vCAC Build 6.0 - 1720522

    Thank you


    This will show you how do

    []: vCAC dictionary of properties: customize applications for Service with dynamic Menus

    You use custom properties to achieve this. You won't need 30 blue, build a logic and apply it on a plan of action.

  • Is there a way to force Firefox 4 to offer to remember and to remember usernames and passwords for sites that use the AutoComplete mechanism to block these offers and memories?

    locked by a moderator, 07/02/2012 - has survived its usefulness

    In Firefox 3.6.16 (and probably other earlier versions) could force FF to offer to remember usernames and passwords for many sites by editing the file ...\Mozilla Firefox\components \nsLoginManager.js to ignore site - asked deactivate autocomplete (_isAutocompleteDisabled returns false).

    FireFox 4 does not use this file, or a similar one that I could find.

    The result (FF ignores site trying to disable AutoComplete) is possible in another way or by editing another file?

    This bookmarklet makes the browser ignore autocomplete = "off" temporarily, allows to save passwords even on sites that use autocomplete = "off".

    Don't forget to bookmark password:

  • Is there no way to just select text in DW CC 2015 and put it in capital letters without the help of CSS?

    A simple question. I'm just trying to select specific text and put it in capital letters without having to use CSS and without having to retype. I don't see an option for this in 2015 CC DW anywhere. Either I'm blind or there is simply no. I swear that this is in the older versions however.

    I have a list with the addresses and has been invited to be the first lines in capital letters. There isn't a ton of work to just retype, but it seems that it could be simplified. I guess I could just use CSS, but it seems unnecessary to me. Anyway, any help is appreciated.

    It does not exist as an option, as the ability of InDesign to highlight the text, then click on the button in the toolbar.

    However, the use of css to do is quite simple...

    Your text here

    Depending on how your addresses are arranged, you may be able to do much easier using the: first-line pseudo selector in your .css file.

  • Is there a way or a widget in Muse, allowing the objects and images to react with each other?

    Hello. I would make both objects or images imported into Muse react with each other. When I say react, think of a ball bouncing off a wall or a pool ball hitting a bunch of other billiard balls. I searched for a widget that might allow cela and couldn't find one. Is this something that can do Muse, or should I look for something else... edge or the interaction of coding? Thank you.

    You can do using the edge, then publish it in the "animated dashboard deployment package", ".oam".

  • Is there a way to make the addresses in a blind email recipient list?

    I make a list in my address book and I wish that the emails out to everyone on the list without all the other names showing. Is this possible?

    Answer brief No..

    BCC is a feature of the email address, not the address book. Thus, you can BCC list, but you cannot specify the list as long as it is only available for the email BCC field.

  • Is there a way to save my Office XP so that shortcuts and icons can be automatically set-up/downloaded on a new computer rather than recreate?

    My computer is part of a network of more than 10 computers.

    Hi Toby,

    I suggest you to ask your question on the TechNet Windows XP IT Pro:

    Thank you.

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