Lightroom 5.7.1 does not open.  There is an error message that there is an error while reading from the cache of the preview.  How can I fix this error?

Lightroom 5.7.1 does not open.  There is a message that there is an "error reading from the preview cache".  How can I fix this error?  I can not find the folder cache of Lightroom preview either in the "Programs folder or the programs (X 86) folder."



You must remove the preview for your Lightroom Catalog Cache.

It is located in the same folder as the catalog in Lightroom. The name of the cache an extract ends with Previews.LRDATA and should be deleted. Not to be confused with *. LRCAT, which should not be deleted. Here is a picture of what it is named as default Lightroom5catalogPreviews.Lrdata.

Location /Pictures/Lightroom on Mac and my Pictures\Lightroom on Windows Pictures/Lightroom on MAC

Delete this folder and restart Lightroom

Let us know if this helps

~ Assani

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