m276n: print from a mobile device using a wired connection on the printer


I am considering buying the printer m276n for use in the home. I have a small Home Office on the top floor of my house which is out of range of my wifi signal but has a wired connection to the same router that broadcasts the wifi signal. I want to put the printer and connect it via a wired connection to the network. I know that it works perfectly for all windows home computers that are attached to the same network (wired and wireless), as long as I give you a fixed IP address to the printer.

But since we use mobile devices more and more (apple and android) it will be a nice to have to print those as well. I watched Eprint Airprint movies, but all tell me that the printer must be connected wireless. Is it a necessity or my proposed wired installation will work just as well?


Hi @MartijnS ,

I see by your post that you would like to know if you can use the ePrint Airprint functionality with the printer and when it is configured on the network via an Ethernet connection. I can certainly help you.

The ePrint and Airprint feature work when a printer is connected to a network. It can be wired or wireless to the router.

Here is the document with a little information for print from an Apple Mobile Device.

The documentation shows also wireless, but again, it works through a wired too.

I hope this helps.

Have a great day!
Thank you.

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    Thank you for your message.  You can plug your printer on another computer, in order to exclude the possibility that the problem lies in the printer?  You can try using a different cable, for this rule as well.  Since it is a question of recognition, we remove the external devices before software troubleshooting.  Do you get anything when you plug the printer (ie. a tinkle of connection)?  Please let us know, we are looking forward to hear back on your part.
    See you soon

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  • Whenever I have shut down my computer, I am disconnected from Windows Live Messanger and must manually connect at the beginning of my next session.

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    Thank you

    K Ann C.


    Thursday, August 26, 2010 09:27
    Response from Neil Clark

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    Thank you for the above information.

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    Impossible to import C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\My Documents\My Backup\Backup260910.reg of register: not all data was successfully written to the registry.  Some keys are open by the system or my other processes.

    So I closed my computer and restarted. I then followed your instructions again (this time save the backup of the registry to a member in the same library, called "Backup260910bkup"

    Yet once, when I followed the number of the step 7. Navigate to the location and look for the name of the file with the .reg extension and click Open, the message of answers that I received from the registry editor has been as follows: -.

    Impossible to import C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\My Documents\My Backup\Backup260910bkup.reg of register: not all data was successfully written to the registry.  Some keys are open by the system or my other processes.

    Can you tell me what I need to do to work around this problem of backup of the registry?

    I look forward to receiving your response.

    Thank you

    Neil Clark.

    Monday, August 30, 2010 22:19
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    Impossible to import C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\My Documents\My Backup\Backup260910bkup.reg of register: not all data was successfully written to the registry.  Some keys are open by the system or my other processes.

    For this error, you must contact the Support Windows via Microsoft answers Forum link below:

    Thank you
    Mechell P.

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    I just sent a few music files a slate 7 to an another slate 7 via Bluetooth, using ES Explorer of files on the transmitter unit.

    First, turn on and discoverable Bluetooth in the settings.  I don't know what your device, but make it discoverable.  Then on the slate, in the right corner of the Bluetooth ecreen topn, tap Search For Devices.  When it detects your device, tap to start the synchronization.  You will need to confirm the code on each device.

    Once connected, use ES File Explorer to navigate to the folder where your music is on the slate of 7.  Press and hold a song.  A small box will appear in the lower right of each song in that folder.  Tap the box of each song you want to send to a control masrk.  Then, tap the 'more' on the right at the bottom of the screen.  Then select share > Bluetooth.

    We should ask on the receivingdevice if you want to accept the files.  Swipe down from the top left corner to view the approval box.

    Hope that helps.

  • Can I print from a wireless and wired connection at the same time?

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    I have an old computer which is not wireless which contains files and programs I want to print from. Continuing to use wireless for my laptop, can all I connect the printer wire (provided) to the old computer and use the printer at the same time at the same time?

    USB and wireless can work at the same time. However, if your computer is connected to your wireless router, even by the router, it can connect to a wireless printer.

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    1. What is the model and brand of the device?
    2. do you see any red or yellow bangs in Device Manager?
    a. in device, right-click on the Device Manager and select Properties.
    b. now in the Properties window, click on the tab General Post back the message found underdevice status.

    Thanks and greetings
    Umesh P - Microsoft technical support.

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    All this is to work as part of a larger VI, but I extracted just this feature on its own sequence and vi, so there should not be other interfering factors I can think. If it makes a difference, the VI is called asynchonourly during the cleanup of the MainSequence group. I have to do this by calling a sous-suite as a new thread.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

    You must use Engine.NewPropertyObject () to create the variable you pass to the dataPropObj parameter. For example, if you want to pass a string, you must do the equivalent of:

    PropertyObject myPropObj = Engine.NewPropertyObject (PropValType_String, false, "", 0);

    myPropObj.SetValString ("", 0, MyStringValue);

    Hope this helps,


  • bt7722 mobile Samsung could not be connected to the pc

    microSD-B7722QKUINU MOBILEcould are not connected to the pc why?


    ·         What happens when you try to connect to the device?

    ·         You get the error message?

    ·         You try to connect via a wired or wireless?

    ·         Have you tried to install the Samsung Kies software before you connect the mobile?

    ·         Did you try to connect to other USB port and check if it works?

    You must install the Kies software before you connect the mobile to the computer for more information, see Samsung support:


    Also, check if the device is detected in Device Manager.

    How to configure devices by using Device Manager in Windows XP


  • How to remove the file 'ArcadeWeb' from my computer? It tries to connect to the internet whenever I connect.

    When I tried to remove this file from my computer, I get an "access denied" message, make sure that the disk is not full or write protected and the file is not currently in use.  Also, I tried the shift + del combination and that has not worked as well.


    ·          What version of the operating system is installed on the computer?

    To uninstall Arcade Web, follow the steps from the following link:


  • Use of material connected to the remote computer during remote desktop connection session?

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    Thanks :)

    (Moved to programs)

    Hi Chris,

    I suggest you to ask your question in the TechNet Forums, where we are the support technicians who are well equipped with the knowledge on issues of remote desktop.  Please visit the link.


    Answer please if you have any questions.

  • Extension mobility / CAD issue: "You cannot connect because the phone is compatible IPV6"... help please.

    Hi all

    I'm having a problem with the mobility of the extension and CAD.

    UCCX - 41 - 1 CUCM

    CAD 8.0 (2)

    Phone: 7945G (configured according to other phones no 'contact center' of society, but not 'line' unaffected - want them purely for Contact Center users to connect to their posts)

    When the user logs in the phone itself, there is no question at this point.

    When the user goes to sign in CAD, they are presented with the following error:

    "You cannot connect because the phone is IPV6. IPv6 compatible phones are not compatible with CAD. »

    Workaround is to unlock (settings > * #) Network Configuration on the config of IPV6 phone and physical removal.

    Settings > * # > 2 (Network Configuration) > 2 (Configuration IPv6) > button 'more' > 'Clear' button > it presents 'clear IPv6 network settings '.

    The user can then successfully connect to the CSA.

    The problem is that, after his shift, the user logs on to the phone, then when they log in again, the question is again presented and the 'workaround' to manually remove the IPv6 configuration out of the phone must be done all over again (and each time after that too). Arrrrg.

    I also noticed that in CUCM > devices > Device Settings > Commond Device Configuration > find > my CDC > the IP address Mode IS set to "IPV4 and IPV6.

    A test, I've changed that to "IPV4" only

    User logged off phone, phone rebooted, logged in user, has attempted to connect to CAD, same problem. No change! Ahh some more!

    Finally, I discovered an alternative (to avoid the issue and the previous workaround)... CUCM, I put devices > phone > find > select > sub-heading ("phone Configuration') 'Extension Information' >"Logout profile"profile of mobility of users and then we do NOT have the issue. Phone restarted, connected, do not connect you, tried all the different States - everything works fine now.

    I also found that by setting up a 'line' on the device - the problem is also solved.

    HOWEVER, I don't really want to specify a line configured to the individual if possible phones or mobility of the specific user profile.

    Is it possible to avoid this? What Miss me to avoid specifying a line or a profile on your phone?

    See you soon,.


    Post edited by: Brett Hanson (in the message original, I've specified only the version 8.0.2 as version - to make this discussion more relevant, I just put in the details of the full versions we ran when the issue was present.) CAD, except that I don't remember what version it was then).

    Hi Brett,

    I saw something similar once I installed UCCX 8.x to a customer.

    Workaround there had to be a SU installed on the UCCX.

    If it helps,

    Kind regards


  • Re: Satellite P50-A14G - unable to connect to the internet using a wired connection

    On my laptop, Satellite P50-A14-G, I can't connect to internet via wired connections.

    WiFi does not work properly, but not the Ethernet card. It has not any light when I connect the wire, and I realized that on the Panel of the map icon does not appear.
    My OS is Windows 8.1 update 1.


    Have you checked status LAN card in Device Manager?
    Please make sure you that network card installed, listed and active properly.

  • How to use a switch connected to the DAQ card as a source of events in a Structure of the event

    Is easy using a switch on the front panel as a source of events. However, I like to use an external switch electrician on my card for the acquisition of data (NI PCI-6229) as the event source in the Structure of the event. Can anyone help?

    Happy New year to you too!

    Attached is an example in BT 8.5

    • It uses the time-out loop (running every 100ms) to simulate your reading of the data acquisition card.
    • A shift register is used to keep track of the previous value of the switch.
    • When a change of the switch is detected, the user event is raised and the display will show the new State.

    Running the vi with activated highlight performance can be useful.


Maybe you are looking for