M91p 32-bit Ram question

Hi all

I've recently updated my i7 m91p of ram from 4 to 16 gigs, the max allowed on my machine. However only 2.8 are usable, I said that it is because I am on 32-bit os and need to clean install a 64-bit. How would I know if I can install 64, technically if 32-bit does support 4 gigs and this machine is able to 16 gigs ram upgrade is not means that it will run 64-bit... If not, how he would see the ram in 32-bit. Thank you very much


Yes, the processor can run either 32-bit or 64-bit. 64-bit is necessary for more than 4 GB of memory.

No changes to the BIOS settings, but better to be on the most recent, it is working fine for me. Use the method ISO from CD (burn a CD), as Windows 10 not supported for this system, and the Windows flash may not work properly.

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    We have BSO app on 933 on Win2003 32 bit server version. We currently have 8 GB of ram
    as the application of essbase (app 3) got very big, we need at least 20 GB of ram,
    later, I want to change the cache setting to use this memory
    It will be a problem to increase the cache (data/index) up to 20 GB?
    Thanks guys,.

    32-bit, I think that you can not use more than 2 GB of memory per process, i.e. application. Therefore, to increase your RAM may not get you as much as you'd like to if you only three applications.

    I have not used 32-bit in some time, but John Booth comments in this thread suggest me that your close to the limit of resizing caches may create instability: performance for the Essbase server problem

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    Windows Server 2008 network.  Printers have ip addresses. Install the drivers from the Print Manager.  /Terminal Server Workgroup installation.

    It's the same situation with XP.  The print driver names must match.  If you notice the name of the printer driver that uses XP is a name different from the one that is installed when you plug in the device on the Windows 7 computer.  This is just my assumption, please correct me if this isn't the case.

    The real solution is to install a 32-bit driver on the XP machine that uses the same name that the 64-bit driver and share a printer using this driver or find a 64-bit driver that uses the same name as the 32-bit driver installed on XP and install the driver on XP.

    Alan Morris Windows printing team; Here Microsoft Knowledge Base search: http://support.microsoft.com/search/Default.aspx?adv=1

  • SOS - NVidia Chipset, Vista 64-bit, Intel Quad core CPU & > 4 GB RAM questions

    One cannot explain the question about more than 4 GB of RAM, 64-bit Vista Ultimate, NVidia Chipset and Intel Core 2 Quad CPU.
    I have a MSI P6N SLI Motherboard (NVidia Nforce 650i SLI Chipset) with 6 GB of RAM DDR2 800, Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU, 2 x GeForce 8600GT in SLI Mode.
    32 bit Vista ultimate works fine with my PC, but whenever I try to install a 64-bit windows vista Ultimate Edition, a BSOD with the STOP error message is displayed. Not much happens if the RAM is reduced to 3 GB. The most strange, when I tried to install Windows 7 in this same configuration, there was no this problem.

    Kind regards...


    There is an error in timing known when installing Vista 64 bit on a system with all the ram slots 4 full on a card mother dual channel. It has nothing to do with the size of the total ram. The simple solution is to install x 64 with only the two bench 0 Visa slots filled, and then add the other two sticks back when the installation is complete. Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP http://mvp.support.microsoft.com Windows help - www.rickrogers.org

  • For the Satellite P100 PSPAGA RAM question

    Hey guys

    This is my first post and I couldn't find any help anywhere else about this and so I have a few questions to ask.

    First of all how to find the type of ram I was wheather it's 533 mhz or 667?
    As I was looking to buy 667 sticks, that would happen if I put 667 in 533 locations or vice-versar

    Secondly, I rang a place asking a price on RAM and they said if I put more then 2 gigabytes on my laptop it would be and I quote "BLOW UP".
    I was a bit confused when this chick said that as it says in the online manual I can have up to 4 GB in my laptop.

    It would be actually the case or this chick has no idea?

    As shown in the topic I have a Satellite P100 PSPAGA 014001 or p100-400 that I thought it was called: D and I currently have 2 sticks of 1gig ATM and I have only 2 memory slots

    Would appreciate any help or advice that I am looking to buy and update in the coming days to 4 GB


    Check your chipset that was installed in your laptop. Then check the properties and specifications of the chipset, and you will know how much it takes care of the RAM.

    With regard to the 533 Mhz or 667 Mhz;
    As Akuma already said you need to use the 533 or the 667, but I wouldn't mix the RAM modules. This could cause some compatibility problems.

    Welcome them

  • Windows 2003/2008 server Enterprise Edition 32-bit RAM OS compatibility issue.

    We just bought 2 servers architecture 64-bit with 16 GB RAM on each server blades. seller want to install windows server 2003/2008 Enterprise Edition 32 bit OS on these because of the compatibility of the applications server computers. I heard that windows 2003 32-bit server supported only 4 GB of RAM. So, in this scenario, another 12 GB of RAM will be unusable or full 16 GB of RAM will rely on this machine so install us windows 2003/2008 server enterprise R2 32 OSi. Also say us no other solution.


    Your question of Windows 2003/2008 Server suitable for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the Technet Forum. You can follow the link to your question:

  • upgrade to 64-bit RAM of 2 GB installed (1.74 GB usable) to 4 GB installed (always 1.74 GB usable)

    I recently replaced 2 sticks of 1 GB RAM in both slots of my HP G56-127NR Notebook PC with two new sticks of 2 GB of RAM in a system Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit, which was initially sold as expandable to 16 GB of RAM.  Each test diagnosis, I was able to find and run indicated that all 4 GB are good.  Information system on the computer indicates 4 GB has been installed, but on system properties, it displays "4.00 GB installed (1.74 GB usable).  I checked the BIOS and have no doubt that the latest available version is installed.  Everything seems to work fine except that he has not taken any speed and when you monitor the memory usage with Task Manager or resource monitor it shows quite clearly that the new memory is not used even if it is seen.  Resource monitor seems to indicate that he was caught for the material.  I have not changed any hardware (with the exception of the memory sticks) associated with this computer.  HP dodge the whole issue because they say it is beyond their life expectancy of support for this device?


    First of all, thank you for your response to my problem.  It (your answer) is very comprehensive and indicates you have given serious thought to my problem and did considerable work on my behalf.  I am deeply grateful.

    Then, I'm happy to announce that I came across a solution and my problem is now solved.  Here's what I did for the real "fix". (I tried and did a lot of other things too numerous to list here and in fact worthless because they did not work)-

    1. I removed a barrette 2 GB two sticks that I bought to replace the two sticks of 1 GB supplied with the machine.  I was curious about whether it should start and he did it without any problem.  Once it has started, I checked the page system properties of the icon of the computer on the desk.  He then read 2,00 GB (1.74 GB usable), reading same exact I received on the two sticks of 1 GB before I replaced the and the same reading, also usable as, I received when I installed two sticks of 2 GB (what brought the question initially posed here).

    2. then, I inserted one of the old 1 GB sticks into the empty space next to the slot which is today one of the two new 2 GB sticks. When I started, the 3.00 GB (2, 74 GB usable) read system properties page.  AHA, installed now was correct and the usable increased accordingly.

    3. Finally, I pulled the one 1 GB stand out and replaced with the new second key of 2 GB.  When I started SHAZZAM, 4,00 (3.74 GB usable) GB read system properties page.

    Resource Watch monitor now reserved for hardware dropped now 2.00 GB of memory (or else, is much, much lower than he was while the problem exists).

    It's almost as if I launched or something in a pot and got to work.  Go figure?

    As for some of your specific points-

    4. I had satisfactory experience with Crucial memory so this is where I went in the beginning and I found their analysis tool are excellent and they virtually guaranteed that what they sent me could / should be correct (they are DDR3).

    5. I ran each diagnostic test, that I could find on my machine starting with diagnostic tools in the BIOS.  Everything always showed equally good 4GBs.

    Again, it is really cool to have experts like you PML, to monitor the forums/boards/community/whatever, to come to the rescue of those of us who do not have the necessary expertise.  As part of my little research on this problem, I came across a ton of entries, over several years and in many places of tech under headings of RAM can be used being significantly less than the RAM that is installed.  People came to the top with all kinds of things to look at and try, but I can never remember seen a suggestion to try something like what I did fix successfully what I was able to fix.  I hope that it might work for someone else too.


  • Many addons crashes and high utilization of the processor/RAM (/ questions/976131)

    I have a question which has been which is rampant in me up to now for a month in Firefox; Once Firefox has been used for quite some time (open for several days with hundreds of pages throughout these days are opened and closed) it never frees the RAM he used, I've seen it go from being initially about 400 MB initially in the first 30 minutes of opening and then, after an hour, it goes to about 600 to 900 MB , the number is somewhat normal for me, I guess that (in the days of use of Firefox 4 id get that using a lot on my old netbook) and then he goes to the point of madness at random and uses a set of 2 GB and once the fact that its almost unusably slow and sometimes must be killed with the system task manager.

    This is not normal. Especially because it happens when I have nothing but the home page of Firefox open and everything remains closed. Its as if all of the content of the pages ive visited gets hoarded by Firefox to over the years and it never came out, its almost as if Firefox is like how Windows 98 was if you kept running for days without arresting him.

    Ive had virtually quite an effort to remedy this situation suggested by the kind of useful people in the linked thread.

    • Ive disabled all addons that I don't need
    • Ive got rid of addons I need not
    • Ive started a new Firefox profile and use nothing else than the addons that I need for my navigation from day to day (so nothing else beyond what I need is active or in Firefox in the first place)
    • Ive updated flash player and most other firefox plugins lists
    • Ive updated all the drivers for my computer and Windows Update updates
    • Ive deleted the cache and cookies and persistent data several times to try and empty used Firefox RAM
    • Ive used about: memory option "reduce the memory usage" to clear the RAM of Firefox but it did nothing, if anything sometimes he did go up a few megabytes or two
    • As suggested, I disabled 3 addons 'jetpack' I needed because they were supposed to be the cause of this
    • Ive enabled addons one by one to see which is the problem, whenever I did that when I found the culprit and disabled the addon that I thought was the fault of the problem does not return that in a matter of time taking all this effort go down the drain
    • Doing a crapton of virus analyses
    • Ive read most of the articles of Firefox Help on fixing it, ive done all
    • A portable installation of Firefox runs just perfect, and even a new fresh profile without a single addon is perfect, its when I need addons, problems arise.
    • I ran show memtest, memtest86 and even the memtest that comes with Windows, that nothing is wrong with my machine

    Since I created a new profile my previous problem in the context menu of Firefox as slow as molasses is gone, but the rest focuses on yet (although less I admit).

    IM left so far with two apparently related in forefox problems, in short: use the Firefox RAM random remains very high even if there is nothing else that a tab open, heck he couldn't be that the homepage of Firefox open and itd still make even if I leave it like that for hours without touching it. Here is an example of earlier today https://app.box.com/s/sc7xpmsjnmf18q3rx12t

    And this is after I've used about: memory reduce memory usage command https://app.box.com/s/whbay8b4l2z89grdphzd

    And if Firefox is no not that I get from time to time the other problem with the CPU usage with a tip that freezes Firefox for a while, when it does the Task Manager window lists Firefox to use about 10% CPU usage, which is a lot considering the use of Firefox I've ever seen by more than 5% at worst before. It sometimes even simply stays like this during his inactivity by using this number of CPU. I don't have a screenshot right now Firefox home since its not to do, but here's a screenshot of another process, do http://vvcap.net/db/aSXmdVEsoZ-9tQj4TnH6.htp

    At this point, I don't know what to do anymore to be honest, I love Firefox and its addons, its what makes it unique, without them I can not navigate, I might as well use IE (ew). Part of the reason why I got a beefy computer was so that I could use Firefox instead of the opera without having to worry about its use of infamous memory (at the time I remember it being a memory hog it was at the time of Firefox 4-14, after I used Firefox 21 things improved considerably since) Ive come down to using anything else than what I need ONLY for daily browsing in the new profile and kept all other addons of Firefox usage only use inside a virtual machine (VMWare to be preice). But the problem still persists. I'm sorry it's long, but I want to just be detailed as possible so that this problem can be solved

    Finally, my profile; as I have no idea if the troubleshooting attached or not contains.

    Intel Core i7 2630QM @ 2.00GHz (with Turbo Boost 2.9 GHz) Sandy Bridge 32nm technology
    8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665 MHz
    Radeon HD 6770 M (HP) (integrated graphics theres too I guess)
    112 GB ATA KINGSTON SH103S3 SCSI Disk Device (SSD, I have Firefox installed on)

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    RE: upgrade to Elite book 6930p RAM.  64 bit OS - running Windows 7 Pro SP1. 2.4 GH Intel Core 2 CPU P8600 and 160 HD currently has 2G of RAM. Can he take charge upgrade to 8G RAM? Problems with this upgrade?

    Thank you



    Supports the following configurations

    all countries and regions, except the Brazil:

    Total system memory of 8192 MB ●

    (4096 × 2, both channels)

    Total system memory of 4096 MB ●

    (2048 × 2, both channels)

    Total system memory of 4096 MB ●

    (4096 × 1).

    Total system memory of 3072 MB ●

    (2048 + 1024, dual channel)

    Memory 2048 MB total system ●

    (1024 × 2)

    Memory 2048 MB total system ●

    (2048 × 1).

    1024Mo ● total system memory

    (512 × 2, both channels)

    1024Mo ● total system memory

    (1024 × 1).

    Your manual here.

    https://h20566.www2.HP.com/portal/site/hpsc/template.page/public/PSI/manualsResults/?sp4ts.Oid=3688868 & spf_p.tpst = psiContentResults & spf_p.prp_psiContentResults=wsrp-navigationalState%3Daction%253Dmanualslist%257Cviewall%253Dtrue%257Clang%253Den & javax.portlet.begCacheTok = com.vignette.cachetoken & javax.portlet.endCacheTok = com.vignette.cachetoken


  • Satellite C660 - RAM Question

    Hi all

    I have a question for the Satellite C660 I bought a week ago. Now, I noticed that it uses DDR3 1066 Mhz RAM and with the updated technology on a monthly basis, I wonder if I could upgrade to DDR3 1333 Mhz?

    I read this model is expandable to 8 GB of RAM, but could not find a speed upgrade post anywhere.

    At first, I have to confirm that your Satellite can be improved up to 8 GB of RAM and it is good decision to upgrade RAM to improve performance.
    Upgrading Toshiba offers 4 GB of RAM with PA3677U-1M4G part number, then you can use two of them. This module is 1 066 MHz.

    In General, you can use modules faster but that doesn t mean your laptop will be faster than 1066 MHz modules. If the motherboard FSB is faster at 1066 MHz modules need to slow down and will work at the set speed.

    If your car can ride with 250 km/h, but the speed is limited to 120 km/h there is no many advantages for you, except maybe high gasoline use. Do you understand what I mean?

  • Satellite A200-1VL upgraded to 3 GB of Ram - Question

    Hello world

    When I bought my Satellite A200 1 VL, I got 2 GB of ram (1 + 1). Then I bought a 2 GB of ram and now I have 3 GB (1 + 2). And my Vista runs without problem.

    My problem is (not sure if it is a problem or not) I see that my computer is using minimum 33% (~ 1 GB) memory instantly. I did not understand the principle of operation.
    I think that 1 GB of memory allocated for video RAM because there is a graphical improvement while playing games (like Crysis).

    Can someone explain how it works and if my computer needs more than 2 GB of memory so it uses remaining 1 GB for this purpose?

    And what I need to adjust the score for RAM?

    Thank you..

    > so means my 32-bit vista will never use 1 GB of ram as a ram memory or will it be a kind of shared memory?
    This is right. Vista or any OS that supports 32-bit will be able to handle only 3.2 GB

  • HP Pavilion G6-2229tu: 932 usable with Win 8 32-bit RAM problem


    I had a gain of 8 32 bit OS on my laptop and I saw 4 GB Ram and usable 932, I tried with two options to change the usable RAM but no luck , now, I have updated to OS to win 10, can someone help me solve the problem of RAM.

    Thank you


    NO ONE HERE TO HELP, CLOSE THE TOPIC... disappointed

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)

  • PC (Win7 64 bit) freezes completely after some time due to the CVI 9.0.1 32-bit application: question in cvirte.dll

    I have a strange problem with my app CVI. After a while, no constant time (especially on a day or two), the PC freezes completely when running my application. Examine the system event logs, I see a lot of entries from the CVI, sometimes 8fois per second!

    Above all, it looks like the following:

    The description for event ID 0 in source CVI could not be found. Either the component that triggers this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

    If the event is on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

    The following information has been included in the event:

    [14:18:42.389] [GetLWMessage] [FATAL] [.. \jsource\jn_msgs.c:672 assertion failure]: WRONG (error in the message handler: code #12689 unknown message received)

    Although the system event log is set to a size of 20 MB only and the fact that it is automatically overwrite (FIFO) itself, the PC won't be able to do in the face of this large amount of entries in line waiting.

    I searched the internet but found absolutely no clue. I searched then through my code using find in files and finally only found the following within the cvirte.dll sequence when you use "*." "*" as file extension filter:

    .. \jsource\jn_msgs.c ConvertMsgText error in the message Manager: unknown message code #% ld received GetLWMessage

    Why exactly what the system event log tells me. I wonder that there are some things Java in a related CVI runtime dll

    Know someone, any idea how I can fix this problem?

    I tried to run my application using WinXP SP3 compatibility mode, but this did not help.

    I'll try to refine the question. I will also try to recompile my application using CVI2015

    The application does not generally crushed. There are different configurations of my tool where he works a lot of days. So, I have to determine the exact circumstances. Also there is no memory leak, so does not unnecessarily increase consumption of RAM during execution.

    Any help much appreciated

    Thanks and greetings

    Hi Kyle,.

    Thanks for your response!

    In the meantime, I managed to solve the problem. Checked the date and version of the DLL runtime on the target PC, I found that they differ runtime DLLS that have been installed with my application using the distribution kit. After the reinstallation of the application, there was more no new error event log entries, so this solves the problem :-)

    Only, I wonder where these DLLs from...

    Thanks and greetings


  • W530 RAM questions

    Just got my W530. I ordered with 4 GB RAM installed factory and bought 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance separately. I installed the extra RAM in the slots for easy access on the bottom. The computer recognizes all 20 GB.

    I hesitate to pull on the keyboard to remove the RAM installed in the factory, if I do not. So, question #1, I pay a performance penalty in the current configuration? Memory access would be faster if I shot the 4 GB?

    Question #2, most everything I read online leads me to believe, there are two SO-DIMM slots under the keyboard, but the designs in the maintenance manual do appear there is only one slot there. Are there four SO-DIMM total locations in the W530? I ask because if I go to the trouble of pulling the keyboard to switch to the RAM, I'd be inclined to mix in an another 2x8GB, while I have it apart. I currently have no use for a lot of RAM, but it is so cheap right now, there is little reason don't not install it if I took the trouble to remove the keyboard.

    Carcozep wrote:

    One thing. You should be aware. Never put 1 or 3 bars of memory RAM. Yes, it's a good topic and a guide as to where to mount the RAM SO-DIMM so that you have two-channel should as lack of Dual Channel will be more successful than the frequency of the memory

    New Intel processors have a work around for this type of childcare channel in operation with 3 branches. It is not quite true dual-channel mode however because it uses a hack to achieve this. In any case, you only want to use the modules that are of the same brand/model of your machine. This ensures that they all the same exact specification. Running modules in a system often leads to blue screens that cannot be solved without removing some of the RAM.

  • Windows 7 Professional 32 bit RAM performance

    Salvation of the peoples,

    I use Windows 7 Professional 32-bit o/s to my laptop with 4 GB RAM(in 2 sockets 2GB-2GB respectively), and I recently added more 2 GB of ram (4 GB + 2 GB of RAM). It was up to the perfect and accepted and shows overall 6 GB RAM.

    But when it comes to ease of use, I see only 2.92 GB is usable and the rest is (well, can not understand).

    Now, how can I make my Lappy use global GB of RAM available. I tried to google'ing for possible solutions and he couldn't understand.

    Could someone of you encountered this scenario and found! If so,! This would be a great help if you post your answer.

    Thanks in advance,

    Nice day.


    Tuesday, March 24, 2015 12:04:02 + 0000, sricharansana wrote:

    Salvation of the peoples,

    I use Windows 7 Professional 32-bit o/s to my laptop with 4 GB RAM(in 2 sockets 2GB-2GB respectively), and I recently added more 2 GB of ram (4 GB + 2 GB of RAM). It was up to the perfect and accepted and shows overall 6 GB RAM.

    But when it comes to ease of use, I see only 2.92 GB is usable and the rest is (well, can not understand).

    All versions of Windows 32-bit client (not just XP/Vista/7/8) have a
    Address 4 GB of space (64-bit versions can use much more). It's the
    theoretical upper limit beyond which you cannot go.

    But you can't use the whole address space. Even if you have a
    Address space of 4 GB, you can only use around 3. 1 GB of RAM. It's
    because some of the space is used by the hardware and is not available for
    operating system and applications. The amount you can
    use varies, depending on what hardware you have installed, but can
    range from as little as 2 GB to 3.5 GB. It's usually around
    3. 1 GB.

    Note that the hardware is using the space, not the real address
    The RAM itself. If you have a larger amount of RAM, the rest of the RAM
    goes unused because there is no address to map space to.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have a problem with existing XP OS installed on my machine. I installed Windows XP newly.installation in the success.but screen resolution is low, I'm not able to change the screen resolution.please help me in increases the resolution of the screen

  • AVG has caused my computer to freeze

    The other side of the slow computer and had not been virus protedction run so I ran AVG and now it freezes completely up I notice3d before that sometimes he would do this when I started to play a game. any suggestions?


    I use desktop remotely about 2 times a month. The last time I used it, about 3 weeks it worked fine. When I tried this morning, it worked, but my drive of the local computer shares were NOT appearing in the desktop connection remote. So I thought I h