Magic keyboard replacement touch MLA22RU/A


Where I can get spare for my magical keyboard keys?

Russian service Ccenter told me, "we cannot help you, we have no replacement for the keyboard keys.

And what should I do? buy a new keyboard?

SRY for my eng, but Russian apple support can help me


Wow, wrong forum

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  • Why the green light on my magic keyboard and mouse flashes green when I turn on after replacing the batteries?

    Why the green light on my magic keyboard and mouse flashes green when I turn on after replacing batteries (and not connect to the computer; battery tested good tester)?

    Simply indicates that the devices are on.


  • How can I repair my broken Magic Keyboard and Mouse?

    My niece who is 23 years younger than broken me my Apple Magic keyboard and mouse Magic Mouse from Apple for my iMac, and all of them are not in stock because they are used on Mac computers, and I don't want to lose a keyboard and a mouse, another Mac as on my Mac Pro. She said I was due, but I SLEEP, then all of a sudden, I heard the noise. Is there warranty for the keyboard and mouse? How can I replace it with Apple because she says it's worth $ 5, and piano of plastic doll is worth $ 500 and the cheap plastic. Should I go to the Genius Bar because the keys are gone, and the mouse is broken.

    Apple does not cover such damages, regardless of warranty.

    You can buy new online through a variety of websites looking for them online, that they do not have to come from Stores of brick and mortar like best buy or Wal-Mart can take so if an Apple Store is not an option. There are also alternatives and sometimes a lot less expensive replacements through various vendors such as Microsoft and Targus just to name a few.

  • Apple Magic Mouse question and Magic Keyboard 2 battery

    I have an iMac end of 2015 for Christmas and it came with the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard 2 I was wondering why I can see the State of my mouse, but I do not see the status of the battery on my keyboard?  Also, as of today, I had the computer for more than a month and have never had to recharge the keyboard or the mouse.  Now, my mouse is 17% but I did see battery messages and since I can't seem to get the status of the keyboard I think that I shall never see he or she only turns on when low.  The computer came preloaded with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and I have the latest update.  I've seen another post here batteries but they were old of machines to replace the batteries.  Anyone with any help is greatly appreciated.

    I hope that your username is not your real email address.

  • How to associate Magic keyboard IPAD Pro with iOS10?

    I can't get my Magic Keyboard for pairing with iPad Pro. Could before iOS10. Any change?

    You may need to forget firstly, in settings > Bluetooth. Then try to pair it again.

  • iPad Pro / Magic Keyboard | Change the language

    Hi all

    I recently bought the Magic Keyboard (presentation in French) and I want to type on my IPad Pro. And here is my problem: when I need to type in a different language (e.g. English instead of French), I change the language of the dictionary and it automatically changes the physical keyboard! So, it makes the keyboard "French" of magic almost unusable for any other language (I have to "guess" where are the letters). The "Hardware keyboard" menu (general / keyboard) does not allow me to set a default physical keyboard that remains the same when I change language...

    Thanks in advance!

    AC1979 wrote:

    The "Hardware keyboard" menu (general / keyboard) does not allow me to set a default physical keyboard that remains the same when I change language...

    You gave just the physical keyboard to the French for each software keyboard separately.  There should be no problem it.   Let me know if you can't see how that works...

  • Magic keyboard - where is delete


    Im just getting used to the new keyboard for my new iMac.  I need to delete key - not backward - for an application that I use.  How do you do that on the new keyboard?

    Thank you very much

    Use the command + delete to delete given Magic keyboard

  • Keys special Audio Magic keyboard

    I have a relatively new MacBook Pro retina 15 running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5.  I also have a Magic keyboard paired with the MacBook I use then in office.  For some reason I can't understand until now, special keys printed on the function keys (F1 to F12) not all work.  In fact, the only ones that work are the F3 key to show all open applications and press F4 to show Launchpad.  Keys (play/pause) F8 or F10 - F12 (volume mute/up/down) all do not work and I got a single each tone, but nothing happens.  I also tried to hold down the Fn key with no luck.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Is your new version of Magic Keyboard keyboard 2.   If this is the case, it may not fully work with Yosemite and you must upgrade to El Capitan 10.11.6.    If it is an old type keyboard bought before October of last year, while the problem might defile, a liquid damage or local interference.

  • Apple Magic Keyboard 2 (2016) detects only no more than 3 keys at the same time!

    Hello. So I don't know if there is a solution to this, but I played on my macbook pro 15 inch 2015 model very well and I was pressing 'x', 'w' + 'shift' + 'space' at the same time and four keys were detected by the game, and it worked. After I while I bought the new magical keyboard 2 (2016) and connected to my laptop. I played the same game and based on the same key combination ('x', 'w' + 'shift' + 'space'), but only 'w' + 'x' + 'space' got detected and played. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks for the future replies!

    If you still use Yosemite, as shown in your profile, you can find (if you look at the box) that the keyboard of Magic 2 is planned for El Capitan.   You should go if you want to get the best out of it.   I can't speak for specific failures, but there have been similar problems with the Magic Mouse 2 where the upgrade it is resolved.

  • New Magic Keyboard will not work with Bluetooth

    On the page of the Bluetooth system preferences, my magical keyboard reads: "connected, charged.  I plugged it in to charge, because the new iMac does not recognize the keyboard, although I'm sure it was already fully charged.  I had already checked this system preference in the last hour.  If I disconnect the charge lead, the Bluetooth preference then bed: "not connected".  It serves more as a wireless keyboard.

    Hello there Bronco 01,

    Information and troubleshooting in the article tips below should help you to solve the issue with your Magic Keyboard not recognized by iMac.

    If your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard or trackpad doesn't work as expected - Apple Support


  • What encryption (if any) is used by Apple bluetooth Magic keyboard (MLA22LL/A) when communicating with MacBook Pro?

    I am considering buying magical Keyboard wireless Apple (MLA22LL/A). What (if any) encryption is used by this keyboard blue-tooth when it communicates with the Mac Book Pro?

    I have a Mac Book Pro running OS X El Capitan.

    The only real encryption it offers is the fact that it pairs with your computer based on a code that you see only on your computer.     There are some wireless keyboards with much more sophisticated cipher such as AES.   Interestingly enough Apple uses AES encryption for its images of which are encrypted disk utility.

    When you use a Windows keyboard, you won't get the same start strokes keyboard sequence, and the implementation of the Alt key and the windows are in reverse order of the Mac keyboard functionality.  Many start sequence shortcuts only work on the wired Apple compatible keyboards.   Logitech and compatible third-party Apple MacAlly keyboards.  Microsoft for its own keyboards makes a pilot who will the placement of the button Alt and Windows in the right order.

    ALT = key Option from Apple.

    Windows = control of Apple key.

  • How long does take to recharge magic keyboard and mouse 2

    How long does take to recharge magic keyboard and mouse 2

    I read somewhere 2 minutes to load the Magic Mouse 2 for 9 hours of use.

    If you have them already, their time and their connection.

  • Magic keyboard caps lock key; not always answer

    Hi, I bought a magic keyboard for 1 month ago and I noticed that my shift key doesn't always when I press not so hard on the key. Is it meant to be like that or is it just for me? From elsewhere can I solve this problem in a few settings in the software?

    Don't see how it would be a software problem.   There any kind of exposure to the liquid.  I do not have the new keyboard but I can quite easily remove the letter tiles.     I do once when some dust got in; Maybe it happened to yours.

  • My magical keyboard does not work

    My magical keyboard does not work for the keys "QWERTYUIO", but any other work and for this reason I can't connect to my desktop and I am unable to reset it using Apple ID as my user contains letters of these keys... What can I do?

    Borrow a USB keyboard and that connect you to your Mac. Take the wireless keyboard Apple store to get it looked at by a technician. Make an appointment at an Apple store to have a technician look at your device. Or contact the Apple Support.

  • HP ProBook s 4540: HP ProBook s 4540 - keyboard replacement - advise

    Have a 4540 s HP from my neighbor who dumped some broth on the keyboard.  The P and O do not work, the K - L -:- and space sometimes work, are sometimes stuck in down position.  At this stage, it is virtually unusable.

    The serial number is 2CE338382Z and the Code of Prod C9K7OUT #ABA.  The insignia claims that it sports an Intel's I3.

    So, I see videos here describing how to remove and replace the keyboard.  It does not seem too complicated for me - I'm ready to take the plunge.  If someone has done this before, you have some tips on where are the land mines?  Or is it pretty much direct?

    And where exactly I think the correct keyboard replacement part?  What I have to disassemble the unit first and look at a part No. on the entire keyboard?  Can't seem to locate the function parts here.  Can someone link me please?

    Thank you all.



    HP part store - please input here part number with your country:
    Product number: C9K70UT
    Description: HP ProBook 4540 s Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

    -> [here the keyboard part number is available]

    Find it in retailers online through Amazon or eBay.

    Page 70-72 in the manual States the replacement procedure:



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