Mail application will not work

the email app doesn't work, so I couldn't open it. I saw this site on uninstall app and get a new one. So I uninstalled, then went to look for the new application. I clicked on install and it said could not complete the purchase because too slow internet connection. So, how can I get a new application? Thank you

Hi Helen,

Thank you for your update on the issue.

I suggest you to reset Windows Store Cache and check.

a. press on the key Windows + Q.

(b) in the search box, type WSReset.exe and press ENTER.

This should reset your cache to the store.

In addition to this, I suggest you try the steps posted by Roman sirot replied on 12 December 2013 in the following thread and check if they are useful.

Check if the problem persists. After return your results for assistance.

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    CZFMDXPK c:\program files\fdd + fever disease combo reader\czfmdxpk.exe a the culpit. The problem is resolved and no Malware found. eventvwr helped me identify other problems, and now I'm curious on how to disable the stubborn programs in msconfig. I'll get.

    You did a great job and thank you very much. Have a beautiful weekend. Rainer

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    Java for OS X 2014-001 includes improvements to the installation and replaces all previous versions of Java for OS X. This package installs the same version of Java 6 included in Java for OS X 2013-005.

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  • Mail application will not keep email deleted out of my Inbox

    The Mail app will not keep email deleted out of my Inbox. I remove a bunch of old email, and then it reappears in my Inbox, next time I open the Mail application.  This happens in the Mail application on all my devices: mobile phone of Nokia Surface, computer,.  The web version ( works correctly.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the Mail app Ant it does not solve the problem.


    This could be a problem with the e-mail application on the computer that could request an update.

    You permanently delete emails or they are stored in the folder to be deleted?

    If the mails that remove you are not important, I suggest trying to permanently delete and check if you still find in the Inbox when you start Mail app next time.

    In mail application Windows 8 to remove the mass once emails at a time, you must hold down the ctrl key and right click on the email you want to delete. Move delete the folder and delete the emails from here too. Close the application and restart it to see if it returns back. If so, you can proceed with the following methods:

    Method 1:

    Download and run the troubleshooter modern UI App and check. Check out the link:

    Method 2:

    See the help article and check that it helps.

    What to do if you have problems with a soft

    Please let us know about the status of this issue.

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    Some applications do not broadcast their content you are sure that your application won't, a lot of apps that provide movies or TV series you block using AirPlay.

  • mail application does not work correctly


    I have a ZTE Open C, Firefox OS

    with an Orange SIM card that works well in the phone call and SMS

    I've added an account in the Mail application

    the list of received mail looks OK

    When I want to load a mail something from 10 minutes to over an hour

    a shipment, it took 12 hours without night lat success

    I guess that this bhahvior is not normal, what can be done

    This is the case with Wifi

    using data with the cellular network is simply impossible, the words as
    HTTP port for agent, host agent HTTP and authentication (in french MISTLETOE)
    seems to be almost unknown on the web

    Thank you

    Jean pierre aubry


    careful Andrew

    I removed the battery as you suggest, after

    automatic configuration is rejected

    manual configuration is successful in a few seconds

    I am trying to load your own e-mail, about an hour ago?

    What does all this mean?

    Jean pierre aubry

  • Windows 8 mail application will not synchronize all messages

    I have this problem since I installed windows 8 on free night. In the mail application, when I access the settings and select "anytime" option for which of my posts to show (it is a story of it won't. He said that all the sync messages, this can take a while, but then it appears almost instantly and said could not synchronize messages. It's very frustrating because I would like to have all my messages. Can someone please advise if there is something I am doing wrong? Most of the time he struggles to synchronize messages from both of the past month. Usually I get to spend 2 weeks very well, it takes a few tries to synchronize from last month, and it won't work never at any moment. Help, please!

    I just fixed problem mail app sync. Click mail application should be open, and then open charms, go to settings, open accounts, to check the passwords for each e-mail account, mine was different an old password, so changed, works fine now.

  • There is a file or a folder called "c:\Program" which could cause some applications will not work correctly. Rename it to "c:\Program1" would solve this problem

    Original title: message 'warning of file name '.

    In the last week or so, I get a warning box appears on my desktop (from Windows 8) whenever I start.  He said "there is a file or a folder called"c:\Program"that could cause some applications don't work does not correctly."  Rename it to "c:\Program1" would solve this problem.  You want to rename now? "and there are 2 options:"Rename"or"ignore ".  I have "Binged", and there are a few very old discussions about it (like 5 + years ago) and the consensus seems to be that it is a matter of Windows.  What should I do to get rid of him?

    OK, so here is how I SOLVED this problem.

    In my case while studying this on a device of clients, I found that a VOIP program caused this problem and the error message popped up, and rename the folder won't work because the program is running.

    Then I found the voip program (in the taskbar in this case) and closed. I then found the file that needed change of name, "c:\program" and renamed to 'c:\program1 '.

    Then restarted the computer and... Don't pop up.

    I hope this helps.

  • 8 window mail application will not sync error mail is not available.

    Original title: window 8 mail app does not synchronize.

    My window 8 Mail app wii not synchronize my e-mail. It is said that my mail is not available.  I looked at all the possible answers from the community.

    and add a new messaging app. There are therefore two hotmail account on the application of mail window. The newly added account synchronizes mail (receive my email) for a few hours.  After a few hours, now both my e-mail account is saying that my mail is unavailable.any you know why?

    Update does nothing.  I completely deleted the MAIL app and reinstall it. Now, it seems ok.

    I received all mails. Thanks for your suggestions
  • After an update mac; Flash player asked to be installed.  Install successfully but the application will not work.


    After a Mac update, flash player (with silverlight) asked to be installed when I tried to watch the video content or play games.  I installed flash player, and it indicates success and appears in my apps.  However, I can't watch videos or play games, whenever I ask me to install flash player again and again and again.  I suspect it has something to do with the plugins, but I'm not sure.  I uninstalled the program and reinstalled but it still does not work.  I check my security settings and it does not allow plugins.  I deleted my temporary internet files.  I don't know what else to do.  Any help would be appreciated!  It's incredibly frustrating.  Thank you

    In Safari, go to Preferences > Security

    Make sure to allow JavaScript and Plugins allow are checked

    Click on manage Web sites

    On the left, choose Adobe Flash Player, and then ensure that always allow is selected.

    I hope this helps.  While you're there, you see something like AdBlock Pro Ghostery, Badger to private ScriptBlock, NoScript, etc in the list on the left?

  • mail application will not sync!

    The standard email application that comes to the surface has stopped working properly, when I press the sync button, it says that my email account is unavailable and that it does not display new emails I have received. I had this problem since the middle of January. Anyone have any ideas?

    You may need to change your e-mail account settings? Drag from the edge of the screen and open the charm of settings in Mail. Choose your email account and see if the settings are correct - as the password. You can also try to delete the account and adding it back.

    FYI - The Mail app goes tomorrow with a few improvements. Not sure if the update will solve your problem though.


    PS What e-mail account are you help with mail?

  • My firefox put updated recently. Now my pop mail server will not work. I did a "restore" to last week, and it was beautiful. He has now automatically updated. No mail server.

    I read through several answers to other people who have problems after an update. I'm not computer savvy enough to understand half of the recommended "solutions". I need the clear and final instructions about what to do. (Statement for "Dummies", is what I need.) I can't "restore" my computer continuously, that to have auto updates cause the mail server pop to stop working each time. If there is anything that I can do, I guess I'll have to stop using Mozilla Firefox. Can you help me?

    There is no solution for Firefox and Firefox pop does not have email and didn't need a POP mail server

    If you use Firefox to view and 'send', you will access a webmail provider.

  • Older applications will not work on my unit

    I recently did a scan of my entire PC malware, and I say any antivirus to remove logs and registry. I disabled systemrestore so I can't go back to a previous state. (Oh and to everyone that keeps on playing.) Please DO NOT post a response telling me to format my PC or turn off System Restore isn't smart, I know this isn't)

    Now I can't get larger applications installed after the scan to run. All small work very well and installed everything before sweeping work very well, also the largest, which is quite strange. It seems that some chains of command was cut somewhere. I don't get any error messages at all. It seems that the start-up programs and then stop, because after pressing the exe file, I see the hourglass, which means that the CPU is working (or research). If I look at the Task Manager, so do I not appear at all. One of the programs that don't work is Pro Evolution Soccer 5, if this helps to find the answer. Installs fine, just won't run. That's it I think. Any help would be appreciated by greatky.

    Once again incase you forgot. Nothing about layout form or stupidity ;)
    Any help would be great

    Hello Pauli

    Your ad is very interesting, but just a thing I did not understand at all. I guess every answer that you n similar t may be stupidity for you. For me the silly thing is if someone doesn t care about the execution of the operating system and don t do anything to ensure that everything is working properly.

    It can happen at any time that something goes wrong and there is no solution for a strange problem like yours. Believe me, that's not easy to tell exactly what is happening with your device. Who knows their configuration and what is happening there.
    Is just problem with games or even typical applications? Give us more information please.

    I will say that the formatting is the best solution, but you'll be very happy if someone already has a similar problem.

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