My Windows (except Mail) applications will not work.

My Music Microsoft won't play music (continues to show 0:00 when I try to play), the store does not, and that these two are my main issues. I need a safe way to solve this problem without deleting too.

Thank you, baduday711

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  • Windows 8 mail application will not synchronize all messages

    I have this problem since I installed windows 8 on free night. In the mail application, when I access the settings and select "anytime" option for which of my posts to show (it is a story of it won't. He said that all the sync messages, this can take a while, but then it appears almost instantly and said could not synchronize messages. It's very frustrating because I would like to have all my messages. Can someone please advise if there is something I am doing wrong? Most of the time he struggles to synchronize messages from both of the past month. Usually I get to spend 2 weeks very well, it takes a few tries to synchronize from last month, and it won't work never at any moment. Help, please!

    I just fixed problem mail app sync. Click mail application should be open, and then open charms, go to settings, open accounts, to check the passwords for each e-mail account, mine was different an old password, so changed, works fine now.

  • Mail application will not work

    the email app doesn't work, so I couldn't open it. I saw this site on uninstall app and get a new one. So I uninstalled, then went to look for the new application. I clicked on install and it said could not complete the purchase because too slow internet connection. So, how can I get a new application? Thank you

    Hi Helen,

    Thank you for your update on the issue.

    I suggest you to reset Windows Store Cache and check.

    a. press on the key Windows + Q.

    (b) in the search box, type WSReset.exe and press ENTER.

    This should reset your cache to the store.

    In addition to this, I suggest you try the steps posted by Roman sirot replied on 12 December 2013 in the following thread and check if they are useful.

    Check if the problem persists. After return your results for assistance.

  • What application will not work if I switch to El Capitan?

    I need to update my (OSX10.8) Mac Book pro to use Turbo tax. What applications will not work with El Capitan? Mircosoft Word 2008 will work?

    1. click here and check.

    2. Yes.


  • Message "this application will not work in this operating system" at the start.

    Original title: this application will not work in this operating system

    After starting, I get this error message:

    Stop: this application will not work in this operating system

    What application is this? How can I fix? I am running XP SP3

    CZFMDXPK c:\program files\fdd + fever disease combo reader\czfmdxpk.exe a the culpit. The problem is resolved and no Malware found. eventvwr helped me identify other problems, and now I'm curious on how to disable the stubborn programs in msconfig. I'll get.

    You did a great job and thank you very much. Have a beautiful weekend. Rainer

  • Microsoft windows live mail 2011 does not work properly

    Original title: "I'm on windows7 and my windows live mail 2011 does not work correctly." I think that the best way to get there is to uninstall and reinstall... Please provide clear instructions on how to proceed. Any better ideas? »

    I'm on windows7 and my windows live mail 2011 does not work properly. I think that the best way to get there is to uninstall and reinstall... Please provide clear instructions on how to proceed. All the best ideas?

    Ask in the Windows Live Solution Center Mail Portal. Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]
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  • Windows Media Center visualizations will not work

    My Windows Media Center visualizations will not work for some reason any. its been like that for a while.
    When I listen to music and want to see my office shows that the program is still underway
    I thought it has something to do with the visualizations I instaled on Windows Media player
    (like ribbons and Upcube)
    I tried to remove them, they either come back or he will constantly ask me to go to it

    my system is portable

    • Windows Vista Edition home premium

      • Intel core 2 DUO

      32-bit operating system
      2.00 GB

    I missed a CD command before the directory (since corrected) so orders would be as follows:

    CD C:\program files\windows media player\visualizations\


    You'll see the DLLs listed here, they are visualizations that have been installed (if the author decided to use directory default visualizations) NOTE: there may also be cases where the author badly spelled directory visualizations and used something like "visualizations".

    regsvr32.exe - u nom_fichier.dll  (use only the indicated file name that you want to remove)

    repeat if necessary.

  • Windows Live Mail 2011 will NOT include message in his response, when well same "Include message in reply" IS checked!

    Windows Live Mail 2011 will NOT include message in his response, when well same "Include message in reply" IS checked!  Why?

    I use OUtlook email, Outlook Express, and Ow live for years... I know what to try to refine and set up by e-mail according to the user... But it baffles me... Please help!


    Unfortunately the answers is a site of support of peers supported and has no real influence
    with Windows Live.

    Check with Windows Live Support and Forums

    Windows Live Mail Forums

    Windows Live Solutions

    Windows Live Solution Center

    I hope this helps and happy holidays!

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • After that the upgrade of os josemite cs4 applications will not work. Message that I need to install the legacy java SE 6 runtime. Is it necessary to set the loading application?

    After that the upgrade of os josemite cs4 applications will not work. Message that I need to install the legacy java SE 6 runtime. Is it necessary to set the loading application?

    Found the answer:

    Java for OS X 2014-001 includes improvements to the installation and replaces all previous versions of Java for OS X. This package installs the same version of Java 6 included in Java for OS X 2013-005.

    installed above and it works now


  • 8 window mail application will not sync error mail is not available.

    Original title: window 8 mail app does not synchronize.

    My window 8 Mail app wii not synchronize my e-mail. It is said that my mail is not available.  I looked at all the possible answers from the community.

    and add a new messaging app. There are therefore two hotmail account on the application of mail window. The newly added account synchronizes mail (receive my email) for a few hours.  After a few hours, now both my e-mail account is saying that my mail is unavailable.any you know why?

    Update does nothing.  I completely deleted the MAIL app and reinstall it. Now, it seems ok.

    I received all mails. Thanks for your suggestions
  • Mail application will not keep email deleted out of my Inbox

    The Mail app will not keep email deleted out of my Inbox. I remove a bunch of old email, and then it reappears in my Inbox, next time I open the Mail application.  This happens in the Mail application on all my devices: mobile phone of Nokia Surface, computer,.  The web version ( works correctly.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the Mail app Ant it does not solve the problem.


    This could be a problem with the e-mail application on the computer that could request an update.

    You permanently delete emails or they are stored in the folder to be deleted?

    If the mails that remove you are not important, I suggest trying to permanently delete and check if you still find in the Inbox when you start Mail app next time.

    In mail application Windows 8 to remove the mass once emails at a time, you must hold down the ctrl key and right click on the email you want to delete. Move delete the folder and delete the emails from here too. Close the application and restart it to see if it returns back. If so, you can proceed with the following methods:

    Method 1:

    Download and run the troubleshooter modern UI App and check. Check out the link:

    Method 2:

    See the help article and check that it helps.

    What to do if you have problems with a soft

    Please let us know about the status of this issue.

  • My entertainment sainburys application will not work in AirPlay on iOS 9.3

    Entertainment sainburys app will not work in AirPlay I can watch a movie on my iPad, but can't listen to my TV through the air Apple TV device, I can see my iPad on screen and YouTube plays just this app is not working I am using iOS 9.3

    Some applications do not broadcast their content you are sure that your application won't, a lot of apps that provide movies or TV series you block using AirPlay.

  • I am trying to run windows update, but it will not work.

    I tried everything but windows update will not work. I used scanner security microsoft onecenter and you run virus and spyware scans and defragged my computer and fixed it all. However when I try to run windows update I have a problem that says: Windows Installer of Module: WindowsWcpOtherFailure3. I tried everything and I'm running out of ideas!

    See if the following can help:

    1. how to reset Windows Update Componeants

    2. system analysis tool:

    3. how to solve problems


    Support for Microsoft Update technical problems - troubleshooting

    For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • Windows 7 start menu will not work, no posted solution does seem to work

    Hello colleagues

    I am running Windows 7 on a Toshiba laptop.  The question is a common one in the net but I tried all the solutions I can and nothing seems to work.

    It happened once before and I rebooted and no problem then - restart now does nothing.

    The only way I can get the menu up is to simultaneously press Ctrl and Alt and while that hurry, click on the start - menu this opens it - but release Ctrl and Alt and it disappears.  Release one or the other button Ctrl or Alt and it sparkles.  It is also the same if I try and access the hidden icons on the right side of the toolbar.

    However it don't type anything in the function "search".

    I can access 'Accessories' in 'Programs', but do a right click on "Command prompt" does nothing.

    I restored the system twice.  This has been done in safe mode.  The problem continued.

    Off fragging is not a problem, as I did, and it did nothing.

    I did the process NVIDIA and the machine told me that the driver is working correctly.

    I did all the difficulties I can running messages from the center of the action.  What I can't do, however, is check for BIOS update from Toshiba or by a new NVIDIA driver because by clicking on the options either does not a screen (except if this is done also pressing Ctrl and Alt together), or when he does typing anything in the info boxes does not work : nothing comes.

    This is also a feature to try anything in the space of fields such as deposit details to get an upgrade on my antivirus (AVG running) of type - information software simply not clap.

    Extra when I'm looking to solve problems with the updates by clicking on the links produces no results unless I press Ctrl and Alt together - but release the buttons and the process stops.

    Do not type like I said I have been in the nets and tried all the solutions - those that I can complete, such as restoration and so on does not solve the problem - and those who require the information in the boxes do not work as the letters etc in.

    The new ideas/solutions gratefully received.

    See you soon


    Hi John,.

    Appreciate you efforts to resolve the question and your suggestion will be beneficial to all members of the community who are facing similar problems.

    In case you experience other problems with Windows in the future, feel free to post your request here on Windows Community Forums, we will be more than happy to help you.

  • Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Thunderbird will not work. SOLVED was not logged as an administrator

    On my laptop, conversion of Windows 8 to 10 was fine and Thunderbird has worked without any problems. On the computer of my wife who was on Windows 7, Thunderbird does not work. Thanks to this forum I could check that all emails and addresses etc. have been copied across, but Thunderbird asks me to put in place the new account because it does not acknowledge my previous POP and other parameters. Bloody Microsoft. Can anyone help?

    I have found the answer - default (why?) I was connected as administrator and therefore was not seeking the e-mail account of my wife in the same way as it would. The search in all the files and directories of profile TB, I found a test directory, where TB was given to me. Do not know what other tricks that I solved the problem, but it is all working now. And people spend their entire lives on such things?

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