Make a backup of ASR, saved, but at the end of the record, I got this message: discovery of the ASR diskette has not been created.

at the end of the recording, I got this message: discovery of the ASR diskette has not been created. You will not be able to restore an ASR backup without the system information stored on this disk. What does that mean? Should I save my data otherwise? I don't have a floppy drive (I'm surprised if someone does) but I have a dvd read/write cd drive... One last thing. When I looked at the content on the flash drive with program de-Frag it was lit, which means completely fragmented, the program recommended it de-fragment it... is this safe with a file of this size on a flash drive?

Original title: Saving went well, but

Windows XP is too old to do something other than a floppy drive.  If the automated system recovery disk is important to your backup and restore needs (HINT: YES it IS!) then get a USB floppy drive to create the ASR disk.  Or get a copy of most modern backup and restore program that works under XP and use modern media (USB, CD/DVD, keys etc.) to create a startup/recovery media.

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