menu bar missing address bar missing, all the toolbars missing

When I bring the firefox browser there is no address bar, no menu bar, no toolbar, no command bar. There is only a web page. Out I have to end task with my computer.

Frequently asked questions after update to Firefox 3.6

You can be full screen display mode, in the case of using keyboard key F11 supporting this point of view full screen switches on and outside.

If you are able to see the tab bar, then maybe it's that you're not used to the new versions that tend to use the FirefoxButton (usually) Orange at the top left. You will find methods to access the missing information by clicking the firefox button.

We have no idea what version of firefox you are using, but I'm guesing it's on a
PC computer.

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    I've upgraded to Firefox 5 and couldn't get the Roboform toolbar. Then the menu bar went away. I tried to restore it with the Alt key, as has been suggested, that did not work. How can I go back to the previous version of Firefox? I desperately need the Roboform and navigate. Thank you

    I had trouble with this too, but I found the answer.
    Download the addon from Lite RoboForm Password Manager. I thought that it worked only for the RoboForm everywhere, but it works for the ordinary too.


    I loaded a new mozilla firefox after problems with the old, after that I loaded a new menu bar is all black and none of my old favourites are there? It of like the bottom of the screen is black and the options (file editing history bookmarks tools and support) are also black.


    Thanks for the reply, Yes when I disable hardware acceleration, the problem goes away.

    If I think that I put the finger on the problem of new video drivers, probably the intel hd 3000 or ATI's new drivers.

    There is this problem when I have the BIOS for the graphics card the 'dynamic' value, same problem with the latest Kazaa Codecs Pack. with this on the dynamics, there is a strange green frame at the beginning of the .mkv (DXVA) movies, if I have the value fixed, it seems normal.

    and what about the FF issue, IE9 is also same behavior with black, in this case, black menus on the home page of search engines...

    Thanks anyway

  • I lost my menu, bars etc at the top of the page.

    Original title : I lost my menu, bars etc at the top of the page. How can I restore them? statusWe'll get answers

    Without the bars above, I can't do anything, like printing a document, set one upward, etc..  I must have pushed a wrong button that sent these bars in hiding or deleted.

    1, if you meant the menu bar in Internet Explorer

    Right click on the space where the menu bar is supposed to be > check the menu bar.

    That's all.

    2. If you hear the menu bar on any Windows Explorer such as Documents, pictures, music etc.

    Open one of those top-level > click on organize > click on layout > check the menu bar.

  • my Start menu bar is on the right side of my screen and not to the bottom... How can I get that back down?

    I closed a program and my Start menu bar went on the right side of my screen. I need to know how to get it back down.

    Do you mean the Windows taskbar? Right-click on it and unlock it. Left click on an empty space and just drag it down. Re-lock. Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

  • How to get back my menu bar, command buttons, the button refresh and option buttons

    Original title: help

    How can I get my menu bar, command buttons, the button refresh and boxes option on my computer at the top screen


    In Internet Explorer?

    1st try F11 - toggle mode full screen in the case where is defined.

    Hold the ALT key and the V key - Bar Menu DISPLAY - toolbars-.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • all the toolbars disappeared except bookmarks even the view menu

    I accidentally turned off all the toolbars and Ive looked through google for an hour now and what I stumbled on was not working to get back them.

    ALT dusnt work
    ALT + V dusnt work
    ALT + V, T, M, or wateva it's does not work

    Ive tried the SafeMode ive tried right click in the world ive tried ctrl + each key on the keyboard lol and now im just really bored

    This has happened

    Just once or twice

    == I unchecked all and right click the toolbard except Favorites

    Had been clearer and more complete on what you've already tried, I him have not posted.

    You never know the level of knowledge of the users posting questions here, man. because we cannot read your mind.

  • We just do the last update on Photoshop - that's why whenever we now open photoshop you have to select all the toolbars we want.  They used to be there for example, layers, tools, colors, etc., but now, we have to select each time

    We just do the last update on Photoshop - that's why whenever we now open photoshop you have to select all the toolbars we want.  They used to be there for example, layers, tools, colors, etc., but now, we have to select each time

    You look at the new start screen and files recent screen.  Press ESC to return to your usual workspace.

  • my search bar, address bar, and all the other menus option from the top of the menu bar disappeared. Please help me!

    I've been adding some handy add-ons and tweaks when everything all suddenly but my favorites are gone. All menu options drop-down (for example, file, tools, and help) dissipated as well, so I couldn't find an easy way to change the settings back.

    Please help me, any suggestions would be wonderful.

    Press F10, or press the Alt key to bring up the 'Menu Bar' temporarily.

    Make sure the toolbars like the toolbar 'Navigation' and the 'personal bar' are visible: "view > toolbars".

  • I did the screen too small (using about: config) and lost the address bar and all the menus. How to restore the display on a screen size can be used?

    I changed the size of display screen using about: config, as stated in the other answers help. After you use a value of 1.0, such as recommended, I've experimented with other sizes, because it seems small. I have entered a large number by chance (a typing error) and made the display so small that only a bug could read. And I lost all the features: bar address, menus, home, Favorites, settings icons.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, thinking that this would fix it. But the new facility displays the same way: unreadable and no functionality.

    I found instructions on resetting to the factory settings, but cannot perform this task because I have to be able to access the menus to do so.

    Hello PaulaBob, have you changed the value of layout.css.devPixelsPerPx? -You can perform the following steps to change the still 'blind ': value

    1. Open firefox, and then press ctrl + L (this will focus in the address bar)
    2. type of topic: config
    3. Press ENTER twice
    4. type devpix
    5. Press the tab key
    6. Press enter
    7. type 1.0
    8. Press ENTER again and I hope you should be normal visibility now
  • How can I get rid of the list of URLS, I have typed in the address bar to all the recently visited pages never appear?

    I don't want all the pages (sites) to stay in the URL address bar when I close.


  • iWeb published page not correctly reformatted the menu bar. All others fine.

    Always using iWeb and 10.6.8 Snow Leopard for my Web design. Thought I was driving the program well, but when I publish my new site, will a page do not show the bar menu (top and bottom) correctly even if it is directly copy / paste the same as all other menu bars. I'm running out of ideas for the difficulty. Verified page settings, revamped the page, re cut and pasted to the menu bar, grrr. You'll be thanked a lot if you can help to solve this one. Thank you in advance.

    Think you might have things overlapping in iWeb itself - this is what it looks like on the Web page.

    Back to iWeb and turn the settings, where you can view the areas and check that things are not overlap and give them more space.

    Things have only a little overlap so that they work properly.

  • "firefox" link in menu bar leads to the blank page

    When I click on 'help' and scroll down to "firefox help", the link leads only to blank page!
    In the address bar, he said:
    My version is 38.0.5
    Using Windows XP.
    Never used to have this problem.
    AY idea why?

    Also, I wanted to ask this question, the aid of ff: (which explains why I cam here to begin with):
    Why can't I drag my favorites around folder to another in Mac OS X?
    I can do very well with Windows, and I use this feature all the time!
    I get bored really won't be able to in Mac!
    Anyone know how I can easily do this? (IE, WITHOUT having to open the library and all that...)

    Thank you!

    Have you tried to drag autour bookmarks in the sidebar?

    He's probably working on a Mac.
    It won't work in the bookmarks menu because the menus are under the control of the Mac OS and not Firefox.
    I don't know on the bookmarks toolbar and button "display bookmarks you" (next to the star) on the Navigation toolbar.

  • Unable to access the menu bar to restore the default setting.

    Firefox hung up. I received a message that the script is running then stop script or continue. I have been unable to click either. Now, all I have is a black screen with a white rectangle at the top. I can't see my menu bar or address bar to reset the default value. I am at a loss to know what to do.
    Thank you.

    A right click (or Ctrl + click) on the dock, the Firefox icon and select Exit. If Firefox is stuck running, you have to force it quit.

    Before you restart Firefox, you can get rid of all tabs and windows that were previously open:

    1. Open your profile folder in the Finder.

    2. Rename sessionstore.js, sessionstore.bak , and sessionstore.bak-(numbers) to something else, for example sessionstore.js - disabled and so on.
    3. If Firefox does not work properly when restarted normally, start in Mode safe mode instead. The line in sans-echec Mode also allows you to reset Firefox, if that's what you want.
  • Is it possible to display an image full screen; in other words, how to switch all the toolbars - including the status bar and the task bar?

    I found a few larger images (986 x 1024 and 2420 x 2514) I'd like to see on the entire screen. Is there a way to do this by enabling / disabling (then restore it later) of all toolbars - including the status bar and the task bar? Or is there an FF extension that will make perhaps even easier?

    Press F11 or select "full screen" in the menu. (If there is still floating toolbars around after that, do a right-click on the toolbar and remove the checkbox.)

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