Messages from blackBerry Smartphones not always display in the Inbox on the Torch 9800

Hey there. I apologize if this has already been answered, but I search through the forums and have not yet found an answer.

I have a Torch 9800. Since I got it, I noticed that, sometimes, the messages will appear in my Inbox. My phone will ring when I received it, and I'll have the 'new messages' icon on the home screen, but clicking on the messages icon that leads me to an empty Inbox.

I noticed this behavior affecting the e-mail (my gmail account is the only one that I have will the blackberry), messages text and two customers different third-party chat.

I have no message filtered to different folders, or something like that.

By clicking on "View file" check my Inbox is selected.

But that's where it gets weird: if I compose a new message and send it, when I go back to the Inbox, all messages are displayed.

It's almost as if the Inbox is having a problem displaying the list of messages, but as soon as I push a new element to display (message sent recently), shocked it back to life.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


246 has been shipped orig OS

use a PC to day so you'll have a good backup.

Manual device OS upgrade instructions:

1. start by searching for your operator and the system operating file that you want to use.

2. make a backup of your device first, using Desktop Manager > backup. Close at the end Office Manager and disconnect it from BlackBerry. Get DM here

3. download the OS files to the PC then install on the PC by running (double click) the downloaded file.

4. go into c:\program files Research in motion\apploader and delete the file named "vendor.xml."

5. This step is not necessary unless there is a problem on the next steps. Use BBSAK from and wipe the device (after doing a full backup), then after you get the 507 error (no OS installed) then proceed to step 6

6 remove the internet connection for PC and reboot the PC.

7. plug the BlackBerry and double-click on "Loader.exe." It is located in the same place as the above vendor.xml file was in.

8. If you did step 5, restoration of the back upward. Follow this KB if necessary

Take advantage of the new operating system.

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    Since you get only 1 X, I suggest contact you VZW support... something is wrong. 1 X means that everything happens through the network of the voice... which may include internet access, but it will be slow and flaky. EV will give you the power of the information network... but VZW needs to help you understand why you're not getting that.

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    a friend recently gave me her old flame and I wiped it created a new BBID and deleted reinstalled BBM and it still does not work, I don't have a data plan but bbm should work on my home network. Another thing when adding an email, how do you find the "password for activation" this is my email password... any help would be appreciated

    Hi James Gover.

    I was a fanatic user of Torch 9800, 9810 (very similar), so I hope to be useful.

    • to open your mailbox, of course you need his password. Otherwise, someone could connect to it, which would be absurd.
    • If I were you, I wouldn't delete BBM: it's an integrated application. But normally, it is possible to re - download from BB world. I understand that you have done this. I tried to configure BBM with a friend who was a BB user, but we have no success. I admit that it is a relatively complicated application.


    1. First, do a format of all the data on the BlackBerry. Before that, make sure that you have made a backup; You can do this with BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac or Windows 7.1, which you can find on the BB site (Software section of the home screen). So yes, format. In: Options/Security/safety cleaning (if I translate well to the french).
    2. Ask your provider or operator. In my case, I had a basic membership for this BlackBerry and an additional option (and even today still with a better subscription) "Option BlackBerry" for anything over the phone and SMS, so exactly BlackBerry Messenger and e-mail, at a cost of CHF 10. -

    After having done these two things, I think you'll be ready!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones four main buttons on the torch 9800 do not work

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    Welcome, Alexia!

    First of all, we will try to battery pull good adic.  With your device powered on, remove the battery for a few minutes, then replace.  If that does not receive your buttons work again, I suggest you take the device to where you bought it and exchange it for another, because it is defective.

    See you soon!

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    Is someone can you please tell me what is the new update OS of the Torch 9800? I use 9800/ bundle 695. I want to upgrade my OS to (my first upgrade - if ever), but first of all, I want to know what has been added to the old operating system. Thank you!

    An upgrade of this nature is generally bug fixes. If your device works well for you, there is no need to upgrade. You won't get all the new features.

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    Are you able to create folders in the SIM card of the torch for ringtones and images that you install for use as wallpapers?  I could on the Curve 8330.

    Thank you.

    I didn't look in 'My Computer' on the computer to my phone.

    I tried to add the music through the desktop software; but I could only do so by using my iTunes.  I could not go into specific folders on the computer and add music manually.  I have my ringtones on the computer and I want that they the torch.

    Thanks, Krypto, I'll give it a try after work.

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    He spends a lot of time

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    Can someone please help me understand this.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I suggest a search of message:

    • KB21879 How to search messages unread on the BlackBerry smartphone

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Message from blackBerry Smartphones that will not disappear every 20 minutes

    Hi I get of "[email protected]" he says don't not to open the attachment and it wil be processed by the server. This changes every 20 to 30 minutes and lasts for weeks. My e-mail works fine, but it's very annoying. Any help!

    Hello AlanW,

    While, I stumbled on this thread today that describes the same problem as you:

    try to follow that proposed contributors to do this, it might be useful

  • Messages from blackBerry Smartphones do not delete on blackberry703e

    When I delete a message on the blackberry 8703e will not delete the actual message on blackberry.  The message is still there.  I have, click on the email and delete it on the menu and the message is still there.  Is there a setting that is turned on or something.  Your help is much appreicated.

    I think it's a software problem.

    So, follow these steps.

    Backup your sensitive data via Blackberry Desktop Manager.

    And clear the memory of your device.

    Go to Options - Security Options - General settings

    Open the menu and select 'clear the cell '.

    After that, restore your data on the device.

    Please note - do not backup TOTAL and COMPLETE, because you can save and restore the wrong data that caused the problem.

    Use the 'Advanced' in backup option and backup only that information which is necessary.

  • Text messages from blackBerry Smartphones to display

    I can't understand how to have my text messages to display on the screen at the reception just like how I get an incoming call. Someone please advise.

    Then just reverse what I said. Once you set the case in each category to vibrate settings / Tone, etc., you're all set

  • Display of text messages from blackBerry Smartphones

    Is it possible to set up the storm so that text messages are displayed on the home screen? Most of the other phones allow you to see the message of the text immediately on the screen as they come against having to go in an Inbox. In this case, it takes 3 or 4 clicks to find it and read it.

    You will find some apps in AppWorld than that. They are called something with preview sms or email. Or you can look at the store, there is an application called PeeKaWho.

  • Message from blackBerry Smartphones stuck

    I can't delete a message from my home screen.  When I opened the message and remove, confirm delete, it's always on the home screen.  How can I it down?

    Okay, the problem message has been solved, thank you for that.  In regards to the PC, it's Windows.  I don't know what version of the original software was because I can not find it.  It was about 3 years ago.  I was about to uninstall and reinstall a new, but I think I have a bad disk because my computer won't even read.  And my hard drive is fine, it can read other CDs.

  • Message from blackBerry Smartphones: MTP Device Mode is enabled on

    I just did a hard reset (remove battery) on my Storm2 9550.  When it finished start, I started the Desktop software and connected the phone via the USB port.  I received the following message:

    This Blackberry device using a connection of the PSG.  Some features of media for your device mass storage mode, which interrupts all active media transfer protocol (MTP) connections.  You want to mass storage mode?

    I don't know exactly what that means or if I should answer 'Yes' or 'no '.  (I had a bit of luck you are looking for this particular online message).

    The BlackBerry Storm smartphone can connect to a computer in one of the following ways:

    • USB mass storage mode
    • Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)

    MTP allows a BlackBerry smartphone user transfer media files between a computer and a BlackBerry smartphone and provides support for multimedia files that have specific requirements, such as restrictions associated with the management of digital rights (DRM) technologies.

    A BlackBerry smartphone appears as a Portable device in my computer when connected to the computer using the PSG. It does not appear in the devices with removable storage section and has not assigned a drive letter.

  • Missing messages from blackBerry Smartphones

    I've been texting back last night and when I went to look at messages this morning, none of the messages are on my phone.  It shows here and there a few emails but none of my text messages.  I know that I don't remove any of them, so what could happen to them?  This happened to someone else?

    It is a common problem with this phone.  On the forums I've read, the main question is related to memory.  On the phone memory is limited.  The more programs you have installed (especially if being run), then the most often, you will have this problem.

    A few things that I found to help (other forums) with this problem on my phone:

    1. Go into "Options: Status" it will show you "Free File" and "File Total" If you have less 12 000 000 bytes of free space, and then your phone isn't really enough memory to function optimally.  This means that you have too many programs, or too much memory is used on your device.
    2. Go to: "Internet browser: press blackberry: options: cache operations ' then 'Clear history' and cache then erase content, clear pushed content, disable the cookie cache.  This will free up a lot of space.
    3. Go to "Options::Advanced Options::Applications" and delete the apps that you don't use. for example I do not brickbreaker or Notes or Sprintstore, etc.  In addition, delete the various language modules that you do not use.
    4. Go to: "camera: Hit Blackberry button: access options: click on the images to store"-change this in "On Media Card" so that the photos are saved on your memory card (providing you have a).  This will free up memory resources on your device.
    5. Come on in "Media::Hit Blackberry button::scroll up to options: devide all limit memory 12 MB: value reserved pictures memory 0 MB" this will ensure that your device does not use memory by recording media on the device itself, rather it will store it on the map.
    6. Remove all old text messages that you don't want.  However, if there are messages you want, SAVE THEM! (must be done individually)  To remove all previous messages you can scroll to the date and the hit blackerry button, then 'delete forward' - it will delete all messages in this folder before that date (do the same for sent messages).
    7. Finally, do a hard reset from time to time. (once a week)  This means removing the battery for 10 seconds and put it back in and wait for only 3 minutes it takes to begin the terrible backup of.
    8. Repeat step 1 and see how much you free memory!

    General "maintenance of memory."

    1. Do a hard reset often, especially if you think you have been browsing many Web sites or send/receive a lot of texts.
    2. Clear your internet cache often.
    3. Delete text messages you do not want to register, often.
    4. Instead of hitting the button 'back' (the button next to the red end call button) to leave applications... click on the blackberry button (button next to the talk button) and scroll down to "close" or "exit".  This will STOP the application, freeing the memory.  If you only use the arrow to the left, these programs will continue to run in the background, so using your memory.

    Finally, make sure your BlackBerry software is on the most up-to-date OS (operating system) as possible.  Connect it to your blackberry desktop and see if there are updates...

  • Message from blackBerry Smartphones received claiming to be BlackBerry

    I got following message: this is the real broadcast MOFSE blackberry c all rights reserved. spread this message to every single contact on you c BBm to reset your display picture, sory for the inconvenience. This message is to inform all our users that our serviers have recently been really full, so we ask for your help to solve this problem. We need our active users who use blackberry messenger, if you do not send this message to all your blackberry messenger contacts then your account will remain inactive with consequence of losing all your contacts .safety will auto update in your; whenyou disseminate this message.your blackberry will be updated within 24 hours, there will be a new lay out and a new color for the cat. SORRY

    This is false. Ignore it.

    And if it were me, I would say to the sender you abandon all future silly broadcast messages.

    Or delete this contact.

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