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I recently bought a new Xbox One and I intend to get Minecraft for the Xbox One. I got Minecraft on Xbox 360 which I traded in for One Xbox and now I forgot to transfer my worlds of the Xbox one. The second thing I forgot to do it, is that the account I used for Minecraft on Xbox 360 wasn't a Xbox Live account, so I can't transfer the worlds. I have my Xbox 360 more so I can't transfer my saved data, but I have the disc for Minecraft on Xbox 360. What should I do?


There is nothing you can do.  The drive for Minecraft on Xbox 360 will do you no good, it does not work on any other Xbox and it does not contain data in any case.

So basically, the only thing you need to do is go ahead and enjoy your Xbox One.  If you log on using your Microsoft Account your stuff could be transferred with you but because you are using an Xbox Live account, which may not happen.

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