Mini-PCI I have a Satellite A60-302 - myth or reality?


I have a Satellite A60-302 (PSA60E-00J030HU) and theoretically there is no MiniPCI slot in the computer (at least it does not mention the Hungarian manual), but the online manual (preinstalled on your laptop) refers to a cover on the bottom as "Cover WLAN", that material incidentally doesn't not part of this model. (And the part of the motherboard under this coverage is not something that resembles a slot MiniPCI, well that according to the English manual and specifications online to some Toshiba Page, I found in the Linux knowledge base, it must be part of this config.)
Allright, there is no MiniPCI, I said, I should buy a PCMCIA CardBus WiFi adapter. I thought I'll check on the toshiba online store, to be sure, I'm buying quality products. But when I choose 'Specific product Options' and choose my config, the Bank's research concludes _only_ MiniPCI solutions for my laptop, which theoretically (and physically) does not support.
Is it not a bit strange? :)


beginning of the "742" series machine was delivered with Wifi (Build-in).

But even if a Mini PCI card would fit in your Machine, the problem is that you have no generation of antenna in.

These are normally inside the display cover.

So the best way is to buy a Wifi USB key. His fabulous work but not manufactured by Toshiba.

Running perfectly with my A60-102...

Good bye

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  • Satellite A60-302: black and white photo on TV


    I have connected my Satellite A60-302 to my TV using brand also SCART S-VIDEO AND TWIN PHONO LICENSE that I bought from maplins. Transfers of image and sound on TV when I press Fn + F5 buttons but the image is in black and white, the sound is ok.

    I tried the color on the tv settings but it makes no difference, any help would be appreciated


    The color on the TV settings won't help. Check please the port on your TV settings. As far as I know by the use of the pot from S-video to TV, it must be enabled properly to get the color. I put t know exactly how it works with cable SCART, but check out several channels if you should enable the option of scanning on your TV.

    I also hope that you bought the product of high quality.

  • How to format Satellite A60 302 without using the CD/DVD drive


    I have a laptop SATELLITE A60-302, and I had a problem with cd player. I want to format the computer (WIN XP) and I wanned to ask if I can format the computer not by the cd player but another way as disk on key or something...

    Thanks :)

    Your best bet might be trying to use an external CD/DVD drive to install Windows XP (must confirm that your laptop can boot from USB CD/DVD). I would not recommend it otherwise because they are pretty complicated and you will encounter other issues.


  • Upgrade to 1 gig Ram on a Satellite A60 302

    Hi there, 1st time user here
    I bought a Sodimm DDR 333 mhz 1gig of ram card for my Satellite A60-302 and installed today - but without success
    The laptop turns on but the screen remains black and then the laptop turns off, it also emitted a continuous beep. I thought it was because the RAM was too, but he can handle 1280MB of RAM and 256 enjoys so it should be able to handle
    RAM has not been affected by the static-hands then someone can help?
    Thank you very much

    You re right. The unit should be able to handle the module memory 1024Mo in one location.
    I have only one explanation why the laptop will not work after the upgrade.
    Either the module is not compatible and not right or it s simply corrupt.
    I recommend using the modules recommended by Toshiba.
    These are:
    PC2700 256 MB (PA3311U - 1 M 25)
    PC2700 512 MB (PA3312U - 1 M 51)
    1024MO PC2700 (PA3313U-1M1G)

    PA3313U-1M1G is a module of memory-SO DIMM 200-pin DDR 333 MHz PC2700.

  • Satellite A60-302: CD Player read DVDs and CDs but not burned discs

    I have a Toshiba laptop: Satellite A60-302 and I have a problem with the cd player. It can read DVDs and records I buy but it will not read burned discs (even the ones I burned with the portable computers own burner). Only from time to time, he will read a burned disc.
    I tried to clean the eye of laser of cd players, but it did not help.

    Anyone know what could be the problem?


    This sounds like the CD burner doesn't burn CD correctly.
    You suggested that you used different types of CD.
    In the user manual, you will find a list of compatible media.
    These media has been tested and it works correctly.

    But if this happens with all CD, so possibly the drive cannot work properly and only a replacement would solve that problem.

  • Satellite A60-302: built in DVD - RW?

    Dear Toshiba

    I'm Maria of the Hungary. I brought a computer Toshiba laptop Satellite A60-302, because I wanted something to burn and read CD and DVD. In my view, that can read DVDs and CDs and burn CDs. I wish that mobile knowledge really cannot burn DVDs, or I couldn't do. Please help me and write me as soon as possible by e-mail.

    Thank you.



    I search in the internet and found that the Satellite A60 302 only supports playback of CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW/RAM and for CD-ROM and CD - RW writing because it is a COMBO drive!

    The drive is set up and could not be changed by a technician!
    Here is some additional information:

    CD-ROM, CD - R 24xMax
    CD - RW 12xMax
    DVD-ROM 8xMax
    DVD - R, DVD - RW 4xMax
    DVD-RAM 2xMax

    To write:
    CD - R 24xMax
    CD - RW 4xMax

    Bye and Merry Christmas


  • Need advice on the new hard disk for Satellite A60 302

    I want a new hard drive in my laptop (Satellite A60-302) t. This is -, 1596,736,00.html drive, to adapt to the laptop?

    Answer to this question can give just anyone who has the same unit and tested it with the same HARD drive. Problem is that there is no exact specification on the latest BIOS updates and no one can say with certainty whether or not he will support.

  • Advice of A20 103D Mini PCI Wireless Installation of satellite map

    Some basic tips on installing a Toshiba PA3300U-1MPC card can be appreciated. The manual States that the card must be installed by a qualified engineer. The main request is where can I connect the wires black and white to. will I need to download a driver or will the device automatically recognized? Are there other issues to be aware of?

    Thank you

    Hello Wally

    As far as I know there are two connectors that are marked with the HAND and to THE.
    In this case, please connect the white cable to the HAND and the black cable to the auxiliary voltage
    Additionally, you have the drivers and Utilities CD Utility & Tools, or you can download it on the Toshiba site. To my knowledge, the PA3300U-1MPC is an Atheros WiFi card.
    Therefore, you need Atheros AR5001X Mini PCI Wireless Network Adapter V2.1.2.16 and Atheros Client Utility V2.1.2.16

    Good bye

  • Toshiba Satellite A60 302 begin, please help!

    First of all, Hello! :-) I'm new to this forum, so welcome to everyone.

    I have some problems with my A60-302, when I try to turn it on, nothing happens, only black screen and "Toshiba - contact tomorrow" is not shown. The leds seems to be normal, no sign of beep or smth like that. I tried to remove the battery for a while, also tried to turn it on without the battery, but it did' work. I would be grateful for any help.


    I ve got some bad news for you. If you can´t see Toshiba Logo in the boot process, it must be a hardware failure. You must take your distributor to service.

    You can find a partner of Toshiba Service under:
    Support & downloads

  • Satellite A60-302 keeps closing


    Recently, I noticed that our a60 started running slower and slower. It has been upgraded to 1.25 GB of memory without a lot of speed increase. I checked for viruses and malware and it's clean, I tried to clean the fan aswell (it is not so easy to get in) without much success. It seems very quickly throw the hot air and the fan is constantly ramp up full in an attempt to cool. In the last two weeks, it turns itself just to the, which I guess means now that it is overheating.

    No idea what to try next? It executes the BIOS 1.9, but I also noticed that things like Firefox or IE can sometimes take 90% of the time CPU for some time, which I guess also puts strain on the CPU. I would go to the bottom of why it is overheating so fast today, and if that's the cause of it works more slowly and more slowly, or if the idle is causes the load on the CPU and it overheats.


    a reason may be that the cooling system of your machine is clobbed with dust. I suggest you to buy compressed air in a box (available in the electronic markets (is)
    and clean your cooling system (fans, etc...). If the problem persists, it would be preferable for you to contact a technician for laptop computers and let them clean out
    the cooling system.

    Should help, I got the same thing with the mother Satellite 2430, so after cleaning, the technician has applied new cooling grease for the CPU.
    After that the machine runs smoothly and well.

    Try it :)

    Welcome them

  • Wire antennas check on Satellite A60 - 302

    I want to buy this product on e - Bay:

    "Installation of this card is easy, you simply remove a lock from the bottom of your laptop (some are under the keyboard) with a screwdriver." Insert the card and fix the two wire antennas, which should already be inside the compartment (you can check these now to make sure that you have an internal antenna). »

    How I check it? (two wire antennas)

    Thank you

    [Edited by: admin on August 28, 2006 10:35]


    I found the info that your Satellite is not ready WLAN and because of this, you will not be able to use this wireless network card. I'm not 100% sure but I think the WLAN card slot is located under the keyboard. It will be interesting to check if there are two available cables (black and white cables from antenna).

    Alternatively, you can contact Toshiba partner in your country, and they can give you info on compatibility with the WLAN card and upgrade possibility. Otherwise you can use the little USB WLAN stick.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A60 - 302 slow hard disk?

    Hello world!

    I bought my laptop for two weeks, I have a little problem with it. When I try to watch movies or listen to MEPs on my laptop files is sometimes the sound is echoing or stop for a second. I thought that it causes the slow hard disk. Anyone have the same problem with this laptop?

    I have try the last its alc-250 card driver, but it has not helped. Any idea?

  • Question about power lamp on my Satellite A60 - 302

    I know that this problem is not very important but I love my computer and I would like to ask...
    Sometimes my computer seen orange power light. I know what is the meaining of it... when the computer load this lamp is seen like this... but sometimes is orange will suddenly not needed... and it never turn off unless I have pull corks... After doing this operations is charing again, but a few minutes later lamb out...
    What is this prob. and what we do

    Hi Levent,

    Regarding your power supply problem, I would recommend re-installing the utility of power management Toshiba since the Toshiba utility CD, (unless you use Microsoft Power settings of course. I then go into the utility of Toshiba power from the control panel and check that the power is as you want them to be.

    Your ventilation issue is quite common (you can search this forum for similar positions), but in short, the cooling fans are blocked with dust and other debris over a period of time. You should clean this accumulation of CPU radiator by carefully removing the radiator under the laptop or by sucking debris with a household vacuum. Where the CPU is too hot the notebook our instantly down to avoid damage even if you notice a rapid increase in the speed of the fan before that happens.


  • Satellite A60 - 302 frezes when the DVD or CD has been put in place

    Load music CDs, but if I put it in a data CD or DVD laptop freezes even with the recovery disk it freezes the laptop. I have to manually turn off and start again always tried to load the software just freezes.


    Maybe you have a problem with a Virus, please start with the last Configuration function or do a restart with the OS CD and do a repair of the system files, do a Virus scan.


  • I'm looking for recovery disc for a Satellite A60 - 302

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so please be patient.
    I am looking for a set of recovery disks (all 2 in.) for this laptop no are T #-R-02163001 # 02163000 R and T
    PMR40170EN1 PMR400170EN1 2/1 2/2

    Welcome to our small community ;)

    Because you are new here you don t know a few useful options in this forum.
    If you look above you will find the advanced search.
    You can search for each theme. I think you will find many interesting comments.

    Yes, but know back to your question, you can control all devices of the ASP (provider) in your country.
    Also the recovery Cd s

Maybe you are looking for

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