must be an easier way...

Here's a screenshot of my block diagram. I keep thinking that there must be an easier way to fill values other than cluster using these two nested for loops, but I can't think one. I am taking 4 rows of an array of bytes and fill of the items in cluster 0-5 to 6 bits of rank 0, cluster items 6-12 with six bits of rank 1, elements of cluster 13-18 with 6 bits of rank 2, then the remaining elements of the 3 cluster with 3 bits of tier 3. Any suggestions or is this the best way? I seem to think there must be something more simple. I have to see this end up in the rube goldberg section easily

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  • There must be an easier way!

    Maybe it's the lack of good sleep in recent weeks, or simply to watch the long code, but it seems that there should be an easier way to do it, but it escapes me. Here is the code example. I have 48 initial statements of the YEW, with nested IF statements. The first outter, IF the declaration has 47 IF statements nested, the second statement IF outter has 46 IF statements nested, etc.. I have shortened the code for readability.

    If (thisItem.p0 == true) {}
    P00. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 1) {}
    thisItem.p1 = true;
    P01. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 2) {}
    thisItem.p2 = true;
    P02. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 3) {}
    thisItem.p3 = true;
    P03. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 4) {}
    thisItem.p4 = true;
    P04. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 5) {}
    thisItem.p5 = true;
    P05. AddItem (thisItem);
    If (thisItem.p1 == true) {}
    P01. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 1) {}
    thisItem.p2 = true;
    P02. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 2) {}
    thisItem.p3 = true;
    P03. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 3) {}
    thisItem.p4 = true;
    P04. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 4) {}
    thisItem.p5 = true;
    P05. AddItem (thisItem);


    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 1) {}
    thisItem.p1 = true;
    P01. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 2) {}
    thisItem.p2 = true;
    P02. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 3) {}
    thisItem.p3 = true;
    P03. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 4) {}
    thisItem.p4 = true;
    P04. AddItem (thisItem);

    If (thisItem.ItemSlots > = 5) {}
    thisItem.p5 = true;
    P05. AddItem (thisItem);


    and this--->

    for (var i: int = 0; i<>
    thisItem [("p" + i)] = true;
    This [("P0" + i)]. AddItem (thisItem);

    must be the same, (I have not tested the syntaxt throughoutly, but it should work)

  • There must be an easier way to get these to plug and play

    I have attempted to put in place all the computers in my work so that they can take advantage of Microsoft Voice Recogbition and I use the Andrea Electronics USB USB sound card - MY and had recently several computers in my issues of experience at work with the USB - MY does not automatically installed on Windows 7 machines. When they connect, they get an error message saying: it has not been installed successfully, and it is not visible in the menu of recording devices. I have also a computer tries to use the USB adapter - MY with a motherboard ASUS Sabretooth X 79, and not only would not recognize it correctly the system, but would not start with the card installed in one of the USB ports. I know that these situations are very difficult to resolve because of the number of variables involved.

    I tried a number of things, such as uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, force to install the driver from different USB ports, hubs, etc., MS update catalog, but the only thing that seems to work is to uninstall the Generic USB hub and the hub root USB, and then restart the system.

    I might add that this issue was raised with other products as well USB, like a Bluetooth adapter and a wireless mouse. Is this something new? Everyone is having similar problems? Is there a simpler solution? Is this something that Microsoft should continue the investigation?

    No indication as to how or why this happens, or an easier way to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hey Joe,

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  • Numbering... must be an easier way?

    I am currently a little project for a farming business producing cards numbered from potatoes that are used to differentiate the stocks of pallets.

    These maps are very basic black text with a number (previously identified using a rotary machine to number morgana, post press) the problem is with these rotary dialers numbers are small and faded, so I would like to print these numbers numerically, to keep their big and clear to read. The rest of the text on sheets is printed digitally so I was hoping just to add each card number and print in a single pass.

    So... my question... is there at - it an easier way in indesign manually type each number in the required box, I have 4500 card number, so I'm looking for the most effective way to do it.

    I'm using Adobe CS4 on an imac G5 10.6.4.

    Using the data merge you implemented page tempalte with independent text blocks, not threaded and put all the labels on the page (it will be a single record by merger of the page). Each record contains the same quantity of numbers as there are labels on the sheet. It's up to you how arrange you these numbers.

    I like to set up a spreadsheet for the numbering. For example, if you need 240 labels 8 poses, this equals 30 sheets. This means that you need a matrix on the spreadsheet of 30 rows and 8 columns. INTHE first column number down from 1 to 30, in the second of 31 to 60. and so on. Excel can autofill times columns and lines, so if you type 1, 2, 3 in the fisrt one column, Excel can fill the rest of the way to 30 just by dragging them. Do the same thing for the second column, select the two columns and drag to the right to fill the rest of the table (Excel needs of sufficient data to establish the pattern, but can then do all of the table at the same time). Add a new line at the top after filling to contain the field names for the data fusion and export to .csv. Use the file .csv as source for the merge, drag a field label in each image numbers and perform the merge. Your labels will be stacked in the order after the cut.

    The key to this method is the calculation to get the correct number of lines to manage the total number.

  • (3) all my computers have the same problem with installing KB953297. Microsoft must provide an easier way to solve this problem. Obviously a lot of people is affected.

    End users should not have to be remove and reinstall anything. Get it together!

    Can you guys try the following steps:

    1 uninstall .net Framework 1.1 from Add/Remove programs
    2 run the .net Framework Cleanup Utility and remove all .net Framework 1.1 related Articles (located here:
    3 Windows Update to download updates.
    4 reboot and redo the update of Windows

    Can you let me know if you find any success?

    Thank you! If you find my answer was what you're looking for, remember to click on the box "mark as answer" below!

  • Is there an easy way to update from CC to CC 2015 2014 without having to delete each of the elements of the CC 2014 before putting in?

    Have currently CC 2014 company loaded on University PCs. users are requesting the update to 2015 CC. We have currently remove components CC 2014 before the PC can be updated until 2015 for CC. There must be an easier way.

    Packages that are installed in the subdirectory 'Build' must be uninstalled using the same package, namely by running the msiexec command with the / uninstall switch, for example

    start/wait msiexec / uninstall/SB NomPackage.msi

    To uninstall a package CCP on OS X from the command line or a script, use the uninstaller PKG file, for example:

    sudo Installer - pkg Muse_Uninstall.pkg - target /.

  • Ahhhh! There must be a better way to change fonts/colors in 'States '. Photo below. Does anyone have the magic answer?

    Hello world

    I spend (and lose) so much time trying to make fundamental changes in the States. There must be an easier way in the future in Muse with the States. But for now, here's my challenge:

    For this example, the title of the person has been in light blue.  Statement of assets was white. I want to change the type of white in the statement of assets.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 13.38.34.png

    Yellow is for example purposes.

    In the NORMAL State , I change the title to yellow color. As you can see, the first 3 States change to yellow. The State of the asset remains white. Understood.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 13.43.02.png

    So I then click on the status of the assets button, and we see the white. I used Pink for this example.

    Just after I enter rose in the statement of assets, and if I click back or escape, I get this message. No matter if I edit together checked or not.

    If this warning message doesn't make sense, how the hell do I change things in the statement of assets?

    Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 13.53.50.png

    If the result of the evolution of the Active state to rose, all changes except the active state. There must be an answer. Thank you!

    Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 13.54.09.png

    Select the Group of free text and a text block, select the State and change the color of the image itself.

    Thank you


  • Someone at - it an easy way to hide an image when you click on it?


    I have an image where I need each arrow/box text to remove once clicked. There must be an easier way to create millions of images? Is it possible to do it with a button? The person using the animation should click on vouchers that would lead to their dissappearing.

    It was fun place in photoshop. That the picture will be brought in the library of hot flashes.

    Thanks in advance.


    F8 to convert the image into a symbol

    give a name to the new video clip (perhaps image1)

    then add the code in the framework (F9)

    Image1. addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, hideImages)

    function hideImages(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    e.Target.Visible = false;


    for other images just add a line of image

    Image2. addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, hideImages)

    image3. addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, hideImages)

    image4. addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, hideImages)

  • transfer bookmarks of a 8 year old PowerBook G4 for a MacBook Pro - is - it an easy way?

    You just bought a MacBook Pro - used an old PowerBook G4 for 8 years. I'm setting up of my MacBook and would like to transfer my favorites in an easier way than going to each site Web and bookmarks. Can I use the article on synchronization between computers, firefox settings? If so, part 1 talks about game upward on my main computer - consider my MacBook Pro is NOW my main computer... or there at - it an easier way to do it?

    Hi milkbone,

    If you have decided to move to the new computer and don't use the old one, I'd take a glance article back up and restore the information contained in the Firefox profiles and restore bookmarks from a backup or move them to another computer .

    If you are still using the old one or if you using sync would be easier to transfer your data, you must enable Firefox Sync on your OLD computer first. Then you could sync all bookmarks to your new computer. After that, you can remove your old computer from synchronization if you do not use it.

    Hope this helps!

  • decorations such as easier way of indicators?

    OK, I am tempted to this post on the thread of Rube Goldberg

    Yes, they have to be round - and they must be in that order. It is well to be an easier way!  Frankly, it's the code more villain that I've written over the years.

    Just use a custom control.  Here is a round box of color.

  • What is the easy way to audit SELECT?

    Hi all

    I want a SPECIFIC table which SELECT on the audit table. What is the easy way to do this?

    Thank you

    use following command

    Select audit on schema.table by access;

    DB audit_trail parameter must be set to db_extended

  • Easy way to convert a Flash AS3 for Flash Canvas HTML5/JS quiz game

    Can someone tell me the best and easily (or tool) to convert a quiz game made in Flash with AS3 CC on a Flash Canvas file for export to HTML5/Javascript? This game loads the questions and answers from an external XML file. Thank you.

    There is no easy way. Canvas mode uses a slightly different scripting language (JavaScript) and completely different graphics API (CreateJS). Canvas mode also lacks all integrated in the GUI widgets. The quiz must be reprogrammed from scratch, except perhaps for sections of pure logic.

  • Easy way to export and restore the virtual network editor in 10 workstation

    I'm looking for an easy way back up and restore my settings of the virtual network Editor. I use Workstation 10.0.3 on Windows 7 64 bit and have several networks configured on different host machines. After Googling for the problem, I found the following:

    -on a Linux host, the settings are stored in/etc/vmware/networking. However, I am not able to find the file in Windows. Source:

    -on a Windows host, all parameters could be saved through export of certain keys in the registry. But these keys are at least partially unique on each host, and it would be a real pain to get the keys on each host individually. Source: Re: VMware WS configuration backup

    -vnetlib control should support a statement "-export" which creates a text file containing the necessary information. However if I try to run the command, as described in the link, no file is created on my machine. The command must be ' start/wait vnetlib.exe - export path_to_file' (I am running this command of in the workplace, of course installation directory). I also tried "vnetlib" - path_to_file to export, but that did not help either. I know that vnetlib works because I reinstalled successfully the vmx86 with vnetlib service - install. If also tried the vnetlib64.exe, but no luck. Source: Re: virtual network editor

    So is - someone of you knows how to solve my problem? I'm looking for a way to write a simple batch script that exports the settings without having to deal with the registry. My virtual network Editor loses its configuration from time to time and I don't want to set up everything by hand again.

    Thanks in advance.

    The instructions on my site still fit for WS 11 ~ Index

    on a 64-bit host export settings like this
    "C:\Program Files (x 86) \VMware\VMware" _-_ export f:\ws-networkbackup.txt
    Note the syntax:
    _ should be a space
    -is not a unique dashboard but 2 x less

    You can import this backup again if you replace import export.
    Use a commandprompt with high fees - (run as admin)

    The settings for the vmnetbridge service are stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\VMnetBridge

    The VMware DHCP written in

    The NAT service written in
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\VMware NAT Service

    The vmnetuserif service is required, but there is nothing to configure

    There are also the vmnetadapterservice but there is nothing to configure


    Less important entries go to
    \VMnetLib HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\VMware, Inc.

    Also note for DHCP and NAT conf files:



    vmnetdhcp. Leases

    vmnetdhcp. Leases ~

    vmnetnat - mac.txt

    They can be found in C:\ProgramData\VMware

    For your reference, I have attached a dump of vnetlib64.exe and the registry for the service vmnetbridge


  • Y at - it an easy way to remove the green reflection off the coast of the chrominance, or a CC photoshop tutorial

    Y at - it an easy way to remove the green reflection off the coast of the chrominance, or a CC photoshop tutorial.

    I use the key chroma green for the photo. The photos are for example a table with high gloss, in the high gloss, you see the reflection of the green screen.

    Maybe there's a special tutorial to make disappear?

    It is purely for stills?  If so, why are you using a green screen?  It is asking for trouble and is not suitable for still images when you need to cut the subject from the background.  What makes a bad situation is even worse that the box seems to be dark green color.

    But since that's what you have done with, we must target the color of green screen with a Hue/Saturation layer.  Click on the little hand icon, then on the green screen and drag all the way to the left.  You can also lighten the tones by dragging the brightness slider to the right.  The two bars of color at the bottom of the properties panel show what colors are targeted, and you can refine that by dragging the in or out indicator bars.  ID would be still inclined to use the quick selection on the box and fill the selection with black in the hue/Sat layer mask.

    But next time use a white background for still images.

  • Easy way to synchronize the audio left and right, from different sources?

    I mainly filmed concerts of a single camera using a Sony Z1 - when they are available, I'll take a sound card feeds channel 1, and a live auditorium feed a microphone mono channel 2. Because of the distance of the scene (and light is faster than sound, etc.), the power of the sound card is synchronized with the video and power of the auditorium is between 1 and 3 frames behind. Is there an easy way for me to take the tray clips together and just move this auditorium feed back in sync with the video and sound card feed, raw clips?

    Previously, I did this by dropping the clips to the timeline, done to separate tracks, sliding manually sync on the auditorium that feed by the required number of frames and link everything back up again. Synchronize audio visually using the waveform display (before first CC).

    I have two problems with this in Adobe first CC. First, the audio waveforms are not like waveforms more (and it doesn't seem to be possible to change the display to the old way?). So now that I am syncing the auditorium that feed in sound only, because I don't see anything on the screen to sync any more - both channels just look like random noise (or almost).

    Secondly, I film some events of multi camera, and of course, I'd like to be able to use the new functionality of synchronization for the multicam. But I know in advance that the audio channels on all the clips are not synchronized with the video (the camera powered by the sound card will be synchronized, the camera takes live food out as indicated above). Surely, there must be a way where I can fix the sync audio to video on raw clips first, before you say Adobe to synchronize based on the audio clips? Otherwise it will all be misaligned and require adjustment of the manual sync anyway? Again, what I've done previously is set of benchmarks on the identical frames, multi camera sync (so the video is now just good) and then manually set the audio synchronization before editing.

    In the context menu for the timeline, you can uncheck rectified of Audio waveforms for their return to normal.  (I wish that Adobe does not have this as default.  It's just weird.)

    But to synchronize, you can only do in the order.

Maybe you are looking for