My Acer Aspire R14 does not start with the cord of the charger plugged in with the battery connected to

A few weeks ago, my laptop Acer Aspire R14 went totally blank. When I unplugged the power cord, it started right to the top, but at the moment where I plugged the power cord back inside would be closed. The battery dies quickly in this way, because it would not charge. I removed the battery then it started upward with the power cord. I thought it must be the battery, so I installed a new battery. which is not to change the problem.

So, I ordered a new motherboard and after a few weeks, I received it today, installed, and I have always the same thing. It works well with the power cord plugged in until the battery is disconnected. But at the time wherever I connect the battery, everything stops, not to be revived unless I disconnect the battery.

I need help! What could be the problem?

Glad I could help.

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    My acer aspire one does not start. the scrolling windows screen, then screen turns off. but after a long time (45mins) the login screen appears and d sysytem restarts. I have a multi boot with 2 installations of xp, and this happens with both bones. not able to access my sys to bak - up also. all f8 options were considered, but no use.

    I have some bad sectors on d: (have total 3 drive partitions c:, d:, e: with xp on c: and e :))
    the sys wud show a blue screen and reboot when certain file wud b accessible on d:... now the sys cannot start all... pls help...

    Hi Srimotu,

    ·         You get an error message or an error code?

    ·         Have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Try starting it in last known good configuration.

    Method 2: Try to start in safe mode.

    If you are able to boot into safe mode, try a clean boot.

    Note: After the clean boot for troubleshooting, return the computer to a Normal startupmode.

    Method 3: Disconnect external devices such as printer, scanner, etc. and try to start.

    Also disable automatic restart in the event of system failure

  • Acer aspire 5742 does not start

    Hi all hope you can help - I have an acer aspire 5742 running windows 7. the problem is that it doesn't start not until after bios acer launched toward the top of page and just continuously loop around. F2 and F12 keys available no. function F8 or F10. tried to re-don't boot from the recovery disk no joy. Startup disk in the bios change still no joy. Cannot make a secure boot or system reset as unavailable F8 and F10 keys.

    fan does not (not over heating)

    HD is running

    can you please help

    Hi - I've worked with thanks to you all, I'll wish to explain how to fix at the base.

    1 - Download partition manager free 2014.

    2. run the partition manager and select go delet.

    3 - Select the partition that has 100 MB space and delete

    4. then select the larger partition and delete.

    5 - turn off the power to the laptop

    6 - Turn on the laptop

    7. when the acer page appears, press ALT + F10 ONLY once.

    8. then I chose to install full. higher setting.

    Bingo it completed the complete installation without blocking upward on the desktop.

    This has been mentioned somewhere else where but should be simplified.

    hope that it all works for you.

  • Acer Aspire 5515 does not start

    Well, I have a 5515 Acer Aspire running Windows Vista Home Basic Edition. It hasent been working lately (VISTA USUALLY START!). I have no idea what my BIOS password. In any case, I have a never used Windows Vista Ultimate not copy to level. Can I pop in my computer and without starting Vista, (re) install vista? PLEASE HELP ME! I'VE BEEN WITHOUT A COMPUTER FOR A MONTH! I HAD TO WRITE THIS ON MY IPHONE!

    If you have problems with BIOS password, you will need to contact Acer at the link above.


    You can't get in your version of Vista has to do an upgrade, you need a license Ultimate FULL Vista to do a clean install, not an ultimate upgrade license.

    BUT you cannot change boot order if you have BIOS password problems.
    Contact Acer is the solution.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Satellite M50D-A-10W does not start after the battery is completely empty

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite laptop Satellite M50d-A-10W AMD A, 15.6.

    I have problem when the battery is completely empty I have to use the needle achieve hard reset the switch behind the laptop... so I can't enter in bootmode with f2

    How can I solve the problem?

    Thank you

    I guess you are talking about the shutdown procedure force as described in this document:

    This problem can appear in case the PC freezes, do not start or has a power failure.

    I think that the laptop turns off in case the battery is completely empty. In this case the system does not close properly.
    As the default state, the system keeps laptop but usually the unit carries out a stop of the hybrid. This procedure allows the laptop to start much more quickly, but it could affect the system startup in case something goes wrong during the process of closing.
    You can disable this hybrid mode and in my opinion, it is also recommended.


    However, to avoid these problems, it of very important to correctly perform the closing procedure.

  • Satellite L10-104 does not start after the battery totally empty


    After leaving the laptop the weekend without the charger, the battery was totally empty. So I plugged back it it to charge the battery for a day.

    Now, when I press the power button the Green LED at the front lights up for about 3 seconds - nothing else is happening. No HARD disk does appear, no noise from fan coooling, nothing on the screen.

    Does anyone have ideas, what I could do to make it work again?

    Thank you



    Remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter from the laptop.
    Wait a little (1 hour) and then reconnect the two parts.
    Then try turning on the laptop computer. Maybe it helps

    If this will not help, then a hardware problem might be possible
    In this case the RAM modules must be verified in the first step.

    See you soon

  • Y580 does not start after the battery indicator reset

    Hi fans of Lenovo! 3 months now since I bought a Lenovo y580. A notebook of beast when it comes to games. Recently, I tried to use a preinstalled software from Lenovo to reset my battery indicator because it showed an erroneous accusation. The software did his thing - he charged the battery to 100%, then acquitted at 0 and off my laptop. Now, it does not - turn the button market / stop just makes battery LED flash 3 times and that's it! I tried to disconnect the battery and turn on - but nothing happens. What should I do?

    Remove the battery and plug in the computer if the computer turns on then it might be the battery.

    If this is not the computer may have messed up and bit.

    and to be sure to keep it plugged in for a while.

    the recalebrater of entirely fresh battery then fully discharge

  • VMWare Player 5.0.2 does not start with Bluetooth keyboard connected


    I use VMware Player 5.0.2 on a host Windows 8.

    If I have a Bluetooth keyboard connected to the host, no virtual machine will start. I get the same error every time:

    "cannot find a valid peers to connect to.

    But if I take the keyboard away, then Bluetooth starts just fine.

    Guest operating systems are Vista and Windows 2003. They are all the same in this regard - the same error.

    The error occurs really fast - to the extent that the log files are not updated.

    Latest version of VMware tools is on the guest.

    Any help appreciated gratefully. I can't use the machines without a keyboard, and it's on my tablet computer that I need to be portable. Please note that the issue here is with the keyboard, if there is no Bluetooth keyboard machines act as they should.

    TIA, Pete

    This problem is now resolved.

    My initial assessment was wrong. The problem was to be able to. If I was running the computer on battery, all clients VMware crashed with various strange errors at startup. If the host is plugged into the power outlet, everything works as it should.

    Obviously, on battery, my computer shuts down some capabilities of the processor. Only at full power is everything what it.

    For others who might have the same problem:

    Acer Iconia W700 Core i5, 4 GB RAM, 128SSD. Power to factory settings.

  • New Acer desktop PC does not start

    Original title: Please help! New Acer desktop PC does not start and the Acer Support is useless! 

    Have desktop Acer running Vista.  When turning the power on, screen stops at a black screen with "American Megatrends" and "press Delete to enter Setup or F12 for BBS Popup.  Bed features but cold stops at Auto detecting USB storage devices.  Have you tried typing Delete on startup and F12 also.  Also tried F8 and F10 control.  Nothing seems to work.  Sometimes when I hit Delete or F12 at the power, subsequently will pass on their corresponding monitors but it takes literally hours sometimes.  I downloaded a Vista Recovery of Neotech and tried to have the start of the DVD system, but obviously, it didn't work.  Had the same problems when I had to restart.  Please help had only 1 month, is going to launch windows soon!


    You have serious hardware problems and need to file a complaint with Acer.

    Good luck.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Tecra A6 does not start with battery only

    Hi all
    I'm having a strange problem with a Tecra A6 I picked up recently at the refurb because it does not start with a battery only: it starts only when / sector is also connected, but eventually DΘmarrer on battery alone (and works fine) with the power cord removed shortly after pressing the power button. It's just on battery alone, I get no answer by pressing the power on button (so the power outlet must be set at this first stage or I don't get anything).

    Now I'm wondering if maybe it's the battery voltage? It seems that there are 2 options for this model, a 10.8 v and the other at 11.1V. With loaded Windows and Hardware Monitor reports running the battery is at 0% wear level and cool until completely (so I don't think that the battery is faulty), but it indicates that the battery is running at * 11, 1V, * but the battery installed is actually the * model 10.8v*. Could that prevent any power on only to batteries?

    More information on the model I have:
    Tecra A6-PTA60E-0EJ013EN
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 2.0 Ghz
    2 GB of Ram.

    Thanks in advance for any help on this one. Essential, I would like to know is if I have a 11.1V battery to run this model correctly (and get it) on battery alone. If the voltage makes no difference so I guess it must be a weird motherboard problem and I need bother not buy a new battery.

    > Will have to buy another battery and see if the same thing happens (I'll know then if it is the motherboard), but in the meantime if anyone can let me know if the voltage is serious I would appreciate it.

    To my knowledge, the batteries for Tecra A6 should take in charge 10.8V
    There's piles more strong for example 5200mAh but the voltage must be the same 10.8

  • Satellite Pro L50 does not start with 8 GB

    I have a brand new L50 Pro of Satellite (PSKK3A-001001)

    Config of RAM is default of 1 x 4 GB memory DDR3 12800 1 use slot 1 slot free
    I removed 4GB and install 1 DDR3L 12800 8 GB but it does not start.
    The form of State capacity 16 GB so with 2 slots logically, that means 2 x 8 GB cards.
    He also said DDRL, which I assume is the correct type.

    The 4 GB mark was Hynix and the 8 GB is Apacer.
    Anyone have a resolution on this or know what the problem is?

    On this forum you can find many threads where people describe similar problems. In most cases the problem is compatibility modules, especially if Ram needs to be upgraded with modules produced by different manufacturers.

    According to the specifications of the laptop you need DDR3L memory (1600 Mhz).
    Talk with your dealer and ask if there's Kingston compatibility module. Kingston offers high quality and 100% compatible memory modules.

  • Satellite A200 PSAF3A does not start with 4 GB


    I have a model A200 PSAF3A-0QH01N.
    I've been led to believe that it supports 4 GB of RAM but does not start with 4 GB, freezes at the toshiba logo.
    Also have A100 running new 4 GB RAM works very well in this machine. Have updated BIOS did not help.

    Any advice?

    According to THIS specification that your laptop can be upgraded up to 4 GB of RAM.

    Downstairs you can also find the part number of the compatible RAM. List of the memory modules are tested and working with your laptop.

    Where have you bought?

  • HP 250 g3: hp 250 g3 does not start with windows 8 ir says the GPT partition style

    HP 250 g3 does not start with windows 8, it is said GPT partition style and custom boot that I have fomarted the hard drive... Please help

    Thnx man always the same thing, but I deleted all partitions and then I was able to start...

  • Problems with my installation of Windows XP and my computer does not start on the CD.

    Hi, I need BIG help here please!... I wanted to do a fresh install of Win XP Pro, but my PC didn't boot from the XP CD... I changed the BIOS settings, the sequence start on CD, restart my PC and he kept boot from the HARD drive and the PC does not recognize that there is a CD-ROM drive. Once the start-up of the PC from the CD, I wanted to delete the partition and format the HARD drive, but it says "Setup could not format the partition...". "something like that... so what I did I have the PC from the boot CD, click in the command line and 'R' for repair, I wrote"format c:"and after that, I wrote" diskpart remove C:' so I deleted the old partition, create a new and when I wanted to install XP on it, I could not because the PC does not start from the CD... how can solve this? "

    Thank you!

    original title: HELP for the installation of Win XP.

    Hi Jorge,.

    So the only thing I can think is that it is a sort of master/slave thing.

    Your IDE HDD will be a Knight, probably alongside where the power cable is inserted, to dictate whether the player will be considered to be a master, slave, or cable select. Assuming that it is the only HARD drive in the PC, make sure it is designated "master". Then, in the BIOS, make sure that the boot order is specified as HDD0 first (as opposed to HDDx where x is greater than zero).

    In addition, assuming that the data cable is the new type of Ribbon with strands of 80, make sure that the blue connector of the IDE data cable is in the motherboard and that the end of the black connector is in the HARD disk and, if it is a two-disc data cable, do not use the gray connector.


  • HPE-510 t does not start with AMD over-pants W5000 (Windows 8.1)

    I just bought an AMD over-pants W5000 (TDP = 75 W) to replace my nVidia Quadro 600 (= 40 W TDP) in my 2011 HPE-510 t (i7-2600, 12 GB of RAM). Dell U2913WM monitor.

    My machine does not start with the new inserted card. I upgraded a 450 W Antec VP450F 300W stock power, but that has not changed the start situation. I tried DisplayPort and Dual-Link DVI - D.

    Someone at - he was able to get the AMD over-pants working in an office of this generation HP?

    Thank you



    Open RUN (win + x key) and enter: MSINFO32

    What level of your PC BIOS runs?

    If you can not enter the BIOS at startup so be sure that your keyboard is plugged into a USB 2 port.  Otherwise some time in Windows 8 go to Advanced Options.  See the image below.

Maybe you are looking for