My backspace key does not work!

My backspace key does not work and sound really make my crazy! I wrote a story the other day and I made a mistake and I couldn't use the return back cuz' it wouldn't work! can you tell me how I can fix my backspace key?

~ Maya H.


Try the keyboard on another computer to see all the works.

If a laptop, try a USB keyboard to see if it is a hardware problem or software.

See you soon.

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  • The internal keyboard BACKSPACE key does not work

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite and the BACKSPACE key does not work.

    He will start work the rare opportunity, but then it just stops working again.
    This happens on everything, including word and internet ect.

    It has been like that for a few weeks now and I turned the laptop and turn off many times.
    Is there a way to fix it myself or I send for repair?

    Please, * don't * tell me:
    Get an external keyboard
    Try it turn on and off
    Just highlight the words and use the delete key - it's annoying to have to do this all the time
    Type carefully and do not make so many mistakes

    Thank you!

    > Please, don't tell me not to:
    > Get an external keyboard

    And why shouldn't t someone recommends you to check the functionality using the external keyboard?

    It s recommended to connect an external keyboard to verify how the BACKSPACE key would work using 2nd external keyboard. In case the back might work properly using USB keyboard, the question is very clear; in such cases its main shortcomings. The key cannot be replaced or changed or fixed. In this case, need to replace the entire keyboard!

    In case the BACKSPACE key does not even using the external keyboard, then this would mean that the internal keyboard controller is faulty and in this case only the replacement motherboard would be useful.

    But to be honest, I think that its simple keyboard failure and a replacement would solve this.

  • the BACKSPACE key does not work properly and if I want to enter the same letter twice it takes time between them

    the BACKSPACE key does not work properly and when I want to type a leter twice I have white some time between them


    In what program?


  • navigation BACKSPACE key does not work is not in the web browser using linux, but not on windoze

    using ubuntu 10.04 (lucid). When you browse a web forum, the BACKSPACE (previous page) does not work. the scroll keys are also a bit jerky. I have two "navigation buttons" and "smooth scrolling" enabled in the options.


  • BACKSPACE key does not work in DW (OSX)

    In Dreamweaver, when you select a local file and press the DELETE key (delete back located between the slash and the end key), nothing happens. In the context menu, there is a clear symbol of key but nothing happens.

    Someone at - it why the Clear button does not work?
    I use OS X 10.6. But I could remember what happens in older operating system.

    Thank you

    After the restoration of the preference of keyboard shortcuts, press command-delete seems to work.

    I went to another framework and devulcanization back to the game from Macromedia. This seems to have reset the setting.

    Everything seems to work so far. Thanks for your willingness to intervene.

  • BACKSPACE key does not work when installing

    I want to install Oracle 10.2.0 under Solaris 10 05/08 I use Cygwin and PuTTY 0.6.0 than my X server. In the Oracle installation window, my backspace and del keys do not work. They work fine everywhere else.

    Don't know if it is the cause of your particular environment, but I've seen this problem before and it is thanks to the NumLock key on.

  • Qosmio F60 - Fn key does not work

    Hi all

    My FN key does not work.
    reinstalling the driver as PVAT have no effect...

    Thanks for your help.


    Hey Buddy,

    Have you reinstalled as Flash Cards Support utility? The FN keys to both tool and value added package.

    Again, you should check the site Web of Toshiba Flash Cards Support utility: > support & downloads

    So uninstall old utility Support Flash Cards and then install the latest version of it.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite P50-A-144 - FN + z key does not work after update Win8.1

    a couple of months ago with windows 8, which became 8.1 with w. update, I bought PC toshiba laptop SATELLITE P50-A-144.
    Since then, fn + z key does not work, it says that light keyboard turns off whenver I press it.

    How could I solve this problem? It's my OCD tingle.

    Thanks for all the replies :D

    Strange. Something like that shouldn't happen. I updated my machine, but everything works fine.

    I don't know if this will help, but try to reinstall the driver of Toshiba system and function key utility Toshiba.

    You should find it on the download page of Toshiba -
    Check it out.

  • FN key does not work on the satellite L745

    yesterday, I uninstall almost all toshiba prog and then my FN key does not work!
    Please help me this laptop is only a week


    Install the VAP (value added package) and reboot the laptop.

    Then install the Support Flash Card utility and reboot once more.
    Then test the Fn keys.

    The buttons are controlled by Flash cards, so you should be able to use the buttons after a new installation of this app.

  • FN key does not work on my Satellite L505D-S6965


    FN key does not work on my Satellite L505D-S6965. I have Windows 7. What should I do?

    Try please reinstall extra package from Toshiba.

  • Portege 3500: FN key does not work

    the FN key is not working and when you start get the recovery of the thotkey failed

    What function of the FN key doesn't work?
    If the switch show FN + F5 n t work buttons you need to install utility for display devices access keys. If the wireless shortcut key does not work, you need to install Wireless hotkey.
    As you can see, different applications and drivers are required to use different Fn keys.

    But common modules must be installed always, because this driver is important for every application from Toshiba. Also, be sure to reinstall the utilities.
    Visit the Toshiba for the necessary drivers.

  • When I enter a Web site in the url of the Enter key does not work. I have to click on the arrow at the end of the line. Is this a configuration problem?

    The Enter key does not work in the line of the URL. If I go says:
    and then press the Enter key, nothing happens.
    I have to click the arrow at the end of the field in order to activate the link.
    If I am anywhere else on any page the Enter key works as it should.

    Please click the button of resolved next to the answer that solved your problem of Firefox support, when you are connected.

  • The new tab key does not work.

    The new tab key does not work when I click it. I reinstalled FF but with no luck - any suggestions would be appreciated.

    What can a problem with the toolbar (Tools > Modules > Extensions)


  • Satellite C660 - the SHIFT key does not work


    I have a problem with a Satellite C660.
    The keyboard, I cannot use the SHIFT key. After you have installed windows everything worked properly, the problem recurs after a few days. Practically the SHIFT key does not work.
    On the one hand I'm the A and the other side works like ESC.

    Help me I'm crazy.
    Thank you.


    To me that sounds more like a keyboard failure, I can't imagine that it could be linked to the question of the windows operating system do you have tested an external USB keyboard.

    Please test this. In this case, you can check if it s really a software problem.
    If the USB keyboard works correctly, it means that your internal keyboard is malfunctioning.

  • The function in my Satellite C660 key does not work

    The function in my Toshiba Satellite C660 key does not work except volume.
    This problem appeared after I changed something in startup and programs uninstall that I can remember pvat and no support of the button appears in my programs startup :(

    Please visit Toshiba on download page and download the latest package added Toshiba economical for your laptop model.

    Remove the preinstalled version, restart your computer and install the latest version.
    After doing this it works again.

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