My computer is wide open for a "problem user" in my house to display *, etc., because I am an administrator and I FORGOT MY PASSWORD!

I am "Administer" and have set up my 'users' with profiles protected with the McAffee Parental control, which is a free service for me on Comcast. I a user of 'problem', who will be going to * sites, etc. My problem is that I FORGOT MY PASSWORD! Now I'm locked and the 'user' has free rein, as well as my children. If anyone can help with this question? "The user of this problem" can avoid the protections on his profile together by connecting simply as 'User' or, as I did tonight by typing in 'Administrator' in the paper on the can just access WITHOUT word of A PAST! I tried to remove "user", but the computer doesn't let me, even when I'm IN administrative actions. All that being said... my MAIN PROBLEM is not able to access my own computer. I have no idea what I used a password and we have tried everything! I managed to change my password of E-MAIL with a 'secret question', but I can't connect with my profile that allows me to implement user controls, etc. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED! Xqwizet * address email is removed from the privacy *.

Hi XqwizetOne.

I think you mentioned that you have access to the 'Administrator' account in the computer. If Yes, try this,

Go to start > run > type control userpasswords2 > press enter

There's a space between 'control' and 'userpasswords2 ".

This will open the advanced for XP user control panel. You can select your usual username and reset your password using this and you can also change the password of the user "" who visits the * sites!

I hope this helps you!

See you soon ~

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    If you can properly connect mode without failure, you can use "msconfig" to toggle various programs that load at startup.  Finally, find the one that is causing your program to crash.

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    A Windows 7 reset disk does not work with Vista.

    What to do if you forget your Windows password:

    Microsoft's strategy concerning lost or forgotten passwords:

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    You have to ask Apple to reset your security questions. To do this, click here and choose a method; If this page does not list one for your country or if you are unable to call, complete and submit this form.


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    Unfortunately, it's in the code of conduct for these forums to help users to circumvent passwords and security settings. You will need to remember the password or reinstall.

    Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP Windows help -

  • My husband there a problem trying to connect to his computer that he wants his accout of windows and he forgot the password

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    A password reset disk must be made before a password is lost or forgotten, not after it has happened.


    "What to do if you forget your Windows password"

    "If you forget the administrator password, and you do not have a password reset disk or another administrator account, you will not be able to reset the password. If there is no other user account on the computer, you will not be able to log on Windows and you need to reinstall Windows. »


    Tools third password

    Some third-party companies claim to be able to bypass the password that have been applied to files and features that use Microsoft programs. For legal reasons, we cannot recommend or endorse any of these companies. If you want to help to break or reset a password, you can locate and contact a third party company for this help. You use these third-party products and services at your own risk.


    Microsoft prohibits any help given in these Forums for you help bypass or "crack" passwords lost or forgotten.

    Here's information from Microsoft, explaining that the policy:


    To reinstall the operating system:

    You can contact your computer manufacturer and ask them to send you a set of recovery disks.

    They should do this for a small fee.

    And if you have never received a recovery disk when you bought your computer, there should be a recovery on the drive Partition hard reinstall Windows how much you bought your computer.

    The recovery process can be started by pressing a particular combination of the key or keys at startup. (Power on / start)

    Maybe it's F10, F11, Alt + F10, etc., depending on the manufacturer.

    Ask them to the proper key sequence.

    See you soon.

  • I have a problem when going into Firefox, it is password protected and I forgot the password I can't get anywhere.

    When I click on my Firefox I immediately get this message, (image). The problem is that I forgot my password and I can't even click on settings to disable this option, I can't get anywhere.

    You have never installed this extension:
    or is this one:
    or this one:

    In order to bypass the extensions, you can start Firefox in Safe Mode. First of all, make sure that Firefox is completely closed and does not appear in the Manager of tasks (Ctrl + Shift + Esc). In particular, make sure that firefox.exe is no longer running on the processes tab. Or you could do that after restarting Windows.

    Hold down the SHIFT key when you start Firefox.

    A small dialog box should appear. Click on 'Start mode safe' (not update).

    Then you can go to the Add-ons page and remove this extension. Either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click Extensions. Find it on the right side, then click on remove. This should take effect when you exit Firefox then start it again normally.


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    1. remove the preference files (and caches files)

    2 remove files SING

    3. make my accout main the "owner" of the programs and their records.

    4. run the July Adobe fix mini updated icon (did not work), tried to do the same "manually" (where I replaced three previous files that Adobe updater inserted).

    Nothing has worked.

    Photoshop also works very well on my admin account and the 'standard' test account, but it says that I have insufficient permissions on my main account of Rebecca (although Rebecca is the "owner"). It closes after gives me about three boxes of monologue of information.

    I feel as if I've cleaned well internet and have not found a solution. All the ideas!

    I just spent 3 full days for the new computer at speed with the former (which I have to turn in), so 'mobile' for the test account is not a pleasant thought. I also really don't want to have to log in to another account just to use InDesign!

    Thank you very much


    For anyone with similar problems, here's what solved the problem (it was clearly a permissions problem):

    Type in the Terminal:


    sudo rm - rf *.

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    I'm making reference to a column in a different grid with a different database connection. I did some searching in the forums, and it seems that it is a known problem with EN Studio. The problem is that if 2 different database connections have different number of dimensions, then the reference will throw an error.

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    The ultimate goal is to have a base of variance formula in the grid between grid1 and grid2, who have connections to different database with a different number of dimensions. Is there a solution to this bug? The example of the basic formula is less to:

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    Any help is very appreciated!

    Thank you


    Have you tried to change the database connection in a row instead of create a new grid?

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    How can I reset my email and password for iCloud?

    They are generally the same.

  • I just made 3 updates and restarted now I can't connect to my computer at all. It does not recognise my fingerprint and I forgot my password.

    I have a HP laptop which is now a paperweight $ 900.   Last week I lost all of my contacts in my address book.

    Hi IndyFly,

    ·         Have you tried restoring the system of my previous post windows recovery mode?

    I suggest you perform a system restore, the windows recovery mode. Reply back with the results.

  • Please I need help I have already rendem the program but I used the wrong email and I forgot the password for this I need help please for many

    Help, please

    You must contact the vendor who sold you the software to see if they can provide a redemption code.  If you bought through Adobe then you will probably have to wait until their chat service is available to see Getting help.

    Get help from cat with orders, refunds and exchanges (non - CC) ( )

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    Hi everyone, my problem is not the compatibility of disks currently on the market. I just bought a beautiful M100 P 1.3 GHz IR/BT/LAN/WFb/g but without a drive. As I looked for a problem including the addition of accessories has occurred. A kind of grid and a reduction is necessary, but I can't find one of these things on the pages of toshiba. In fact the new readers are not compatible with my NB . Can someone tell me what to do about it? I'm waiting for my OS to crush and what then? No cd no OS not working, NO WAY! Thanks for your help.

    According to me, it will be much easier if you buy an external pcmicia card driver that is compatible with the computer and allows you to restore the system in the future.

    Here is one _ATTRIBUTES & SelCategorie = 2319 & oldCategory = 2319 oldF family = 2329 & selFamily = 2329 & selSeries = 66765 & ct = 94872 selProdu OPTION_ID = 5468 & toshibaShop = reseller

    And another _ATTRIBUTES & SelCategorie = 2319 & oldCategory = 2319 oldF family = 2329 & selFamily = 2329 OPTION_ID = 15525 & toshibaShop = true & selSeries = 66765 & selProdu ct = 94872

    and another _ATTRIBUTES & SelCategorie = 2319 & oldCategory = 2319 oldF family = 2329 & selFamily = 2329 OPTION_ID = 15525 & toshibaShop = true & selSeries = 66765 & selProdu ct = 94872

    See you soon

  • I forgot the password to my old computer admin, and he has 1 account to it. What can I do to cross it and unlock my computer without drop kick to it through my 3rd floor balcony window lmao.

    Although even I have now a new computer, still I'd like having my old 1 as a back-up if this 1 crashes ever, there is only 1 account on it and I forgot the password of admin for it. I tried to restart it in safe mode if all goes well to bypass the password admin start-up section, but surprise! always had a password and when I type the password reset link under the password box that he told me that I need a password reset disk where can I get 1 of them and I can get very cheap 1 because I am disabled and cannot work more:(si im limité sur combien dépenser chaque mois.) It also requires a USB and not a disc, the brand and the model is an Acer Aspire 5610 with windows vista home premium.

    Hello DOWG pepper,.

    Unfortunately Microsoft forbids us to give instructions on how to work around/hack admin password. There are ways, but we are not allowed to disclose. As this is an old PC, maybe the best thing for you to do is re - install windows on this computer.

    On the reset disk, you will need to create one of these yourself by opening the control panel and clcikcing on user account icon. In user accounts, look to the left of the window and you will see a list of tasks. The first is create a reset disk.

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Expert - consumer: | | |

  • Forgot my password for my Dell Inspiron 14r with Windows 8 OS

    I can not connect on my computer of subject.  It's been a while since I've used and you forgot my password.

    It is not connected to the internet and I only have wireless capability.

    When I try to log in, it says that my password is incorrect for my ID and use the last password entered on this PC.

    I don't have administrative authority and one administrator password.

    I just need to go beyond the requirement of password, connect starter.  The PC starts, brings me to a page of beginning where I drag the screen (it's a type of touch screen PC) or just click on the mouse and it brings me to my ID and asks for my password.

    Hope that there is a work around from there.  I haven't used this computer but maybe 3-4 hours in total and it's almost a year.  Guess I was just hesitant about learning a new operating system and stuck with my old PC.

    Can someone walk me out there in the way to solve this problem?  Do not hesitate to contact me at my email of husbands, * address email is removed from the privacy * or phone 615-430-5030.  It is the computer savy who try to help me with my mistake - forget my password.

    Thank you

    Shirley, with assistance from the Ed.

    Hello Shirley,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you have problems with the password requirement. We will certainly help you with the same.

    If you have access to any other user on the computer account, try to change the password of the account to this account.

    You can try to follow the suggestions mentioned in the link below to reset the password and see if that helps.

    What to do if you forget your Windows password

    Also check out the link below to change or reset your password:

    Please do not hesitate to write us again for assistance and we will be happy to help you come.

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