My iPod classic is synced to my old pc windows how can I send it to my new apple mac - all my music on iPod is uploaded to this topic via ads and bought on iTunes?

My iPod classic is currently synced on my old windows pc - how can I send it to my new Apple Mac without losing any of my music.  All my music is downloaded from the ads?

If you still have your old PC in working condition, with its iTunes library intact, not to use your iPod to transfer the library to your new Mac.  You transfer your data from user (not just your iTunes data) directly from the old PC to the new Mac.

There is an automated system called Migration Wizard, if your system meets the requirements.  Be sure to have a backup of the data.

Migration of Windows v1.0.5.7 Assistant

Alternatively, for the part of iTunes, this paper outlines how do it manually, using an external drive.

Manage and backup your iTunes media library - Apple Support

To summarize, the first step is to make sure that all your iTunes data is stored in the iTunes folder ("consolidate"), which is located in your folder music user account.  The second step is to copy this folder iTunes on an external drive, to create a backup.  The third step is to restore that backup the iTunes on your new Mac folder.  Launch iTunes to use data from the old PC iTunes; It looks like iTunes running on your old PC, complete with all the songs (and other types of media) and data, such as reading lists, notes, play count, etc.

Your iPod continues to synchronize with it, because for the iPod, it's the same iTunes library (on another computer).  If you using your iPod as a data source, you add your old data to an iTunes library on Mac.  It is NOT complete.  The iPod sees it as a different iTunes library.  iPods are not designed to be your data from iTunes backup.

However, IF the iPod is now the only place where your songs are stored (and you have no other backup), thanks for posting back.

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