my macbook pro does not

my macbook pro doesn't turn on. It makes a noise and the light turns on but then turns off. Nothing on the screen. Can anyone help?


Is the noise, a chime or something else?  You can try. A landau SMC redefined and. there are also R command to get to recovery where you can run the utilities disk to check/repair the disk or reinstall it.  Do you know what year the MBP? Is the screen black or white?

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    My MacBook Pro does not recognize my SD card, even with an external card reader. However, this same SD card can be read through my iMac. Don't know what I'm doing wrong here, but I'm going abroad and would like to be able to download my pictures I'll.

    You didn't say what model / year is your MacBook Pro.

    I found this video, don't know if it applies to you.


  • My macbook pro does not detect my s6 (connected via USB). How can I solve this problem

    I tired to connect my phone using the usb cable, macbook pro does not detect my phone as a media device, but the phone is charged. Y at - it a patch or an app, I need for macbook pro to detect my phone.

    Thank you

    If you expect to be recognized in the Finder, note that it is not designed for it. Admittedly, in the Capture of images, Photos or iPhoto if there is no picture on the device.

  • ITunes on my old MacBook Pro does not recognize my new Iphone

    ITunes on my old MacBook Pro does not recognize my new Iphone... but apparently I can't download the new version of Itunes to this model of MacBook Pro? (according to the message that I get)... So I can't transfer my photos / apps / data, etc., for my new phone... Does anyone have advice?

    Thank you

    It is not so much the Macbook Pro model as what operating system your help, for example, if you're running Lion and trying to download Itunes for El Captian. Impossible to run your operating system which. Updates for your system come from apple. Ether through a software update or the Apple app store. Generally, you will receive a notification if an update is available. What operating system you're running and what Iphone model? IPhone 6plus has for example need OS 10.7.5 or newer.

  • My macbook pro does not connect to Time Capsule

    My Macbook Pro has not saved for a few weeks and does not connect to the time Machine.

    Whenever I try to connect, I get a message saying check the IP address. Everything else works - i.e. wifi is working, etc. But for some reason any time Capsule of the functions are lost.

    Please can someone help.

    My operating system is OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

  • MacBook Pro does not charge

    I feel that this question is asked a million times, but I'd like to walk you guys through my situation.

    Retina Macbook Pro 2013 (out of warranty of course) in excellent condition. Fully updated software.

    A year ago, I had a problem with intermittent loading. Of course, I went online and followed the instructions on resetting the SMC. Sometimes it would work, other times not. Sometimes the software updates would trigger the loader to activate when the system is restarted. I would like to try various outlets around the House with none of them work. Is my next laptop Apple certified tech and is it charged out of their fine magsafe charger. I thought, cool, I'll buy a new charger. I understand House and it does not load. This process is repeated for a year. I could get the new charger or one laptop comes with to work. After a time I kind of nailed what I could warm up the bricks of charger with the warmth of the body and get them to come. Kind of weird but it worked... sometimes. If fast-forward a couple of weeks. I could not the computer to load at all. I took a day and I have tried everything in the book:

    • Resetting the SMC
    • Try the different points of sale
    • Warming of the charger
    • Update the system software
    • Leaving the charger unplugged for hours and try again (it of in case of dirty power coming out walls and locks the charger?)

    So I took it to my local tech again and it started to load automatically off not only their Chargers, but both of my friends... He performs a reset SMC, talking about me on the House of tension circuits and sends me on my way, pretty confusing. I get it home and charge the battery to 100%, but two weeks later here I am again with a Macbook Pro which does not load... This time I even tried to load out of a UPS System.

    I consider myself very savvy computer, especially with the Mac. I have a decent background in electrical systems of the classes I took in high school and college. I read the manuals, I do my homework, I take excellent care of my devices. But honestly, *...

    Any ideas would be appreciated. I'll take in addition to anyway. My local tech makes an appointment and I can't get an appointment of bar genius until next week. I have a laptop dead at this time.

    I do my homework,

    Certainly, you made and excluded from all the obvious concerns besides a few non-obvious. The only remaining uncertainty, I can suggest is your domestic food, since your Mac seems to load very well everywhere else. Power of the Mac adapter intelligently will close if it detects bad quality. Other than to call it 'noise' Apple is characteristically silent when it comes to debate just what are the parameters it uses to accomplish this.

    Most inverters do much through food. An alternative is to use a 'real online' or 'double conversion online' UPS, which are more expensive because they are still deriving their battery power, thus isolating their input and output power. Another esoteric alternative that I don't necessarily recommend is to use a ferroresonnant transformer. They are inherently inefficient, but concretely achieve isolation even.

  • Excel files created on a MacBook Pro does not open on PC


    I created a large number of worksheets with the help of Office 365 for MAC on my MacBook Pro (OS X - El Capitan 10.11.6) and then transfer them to a computer that uses Office 2007.  Since week last I was able to open spreadsheets on my PC but I get a warning on the PC that said to check the file comes from a reliable source because that might have viruses that are dangerous for your PC.  I click Open anyway, and the file will open IF you do not see the data.  You do not see the cells.  However, you can see the number of cells and worksheet data in the Ribbon at the top of the screen.

    I tried:

    various parts and get the same problem.

    Reinstall Office 365 on my Mac and Office 2007 on the PC.  No change.

    Change the version of xlsx to an earlier version.  No change.

    I looked the preferences on my Mac to see if something has changed.  Nothing has changed.

    I have installed a new software

    I did not put up-to-date Office 365 or my Mac software

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should look on my MAC?  I posted questions about the Microsoft PC to see if there a problem with 365 I really dislike?  Help.  I have a spreadsheet that is massive, I don't want to have to recreate on a PC, simply because I can't open it.

    Thank you

    The problem is Office 2007 on PC. You must either 2010 or higher without converter. 2010 and more have an automatic converter for the most recent files, but 2007 will not work. Go to the Microsoft website and you should be able to find the converter here. When the college so I have to work changed in 2010, had to add a tag to our emails with a link to the converter for people using older versions of Office.

    After reading your post again, you should be able to save the spreadsheet as a version of Office 97-2003 and be able to open it in Office 2007, but if you still have difficulties, this add-on for Office 2007 must repair.

    You can go there. I knew what to look for.

  • MacBook Pro does not start, the screen is pixelated.

    MacBook Pro (2011) running iOS later.

    Screen went blue, at which time mac was turned off.  Try to be able to save and mac does not start.

    Tried to boot using utilities, but can not access this screen.  (the screen is also all the "pixelated".)

    Looking for ideas before making a trip to the Apple store.

    1 disconnect all devices (Ethernet, USB, external hard drives, mouse)

    2. start in safe mode

    3. go Finder - press Option-Go - ~/Library/ /DiagnosticReports ofnewspapers

    4. find the missing table inception report and post it please

    If your Mac will not turn on - Apple Support

  • MacBook Pro does not start safe mode or recovery mode without start up

    I use my MacBook Pro almost daily for several months now, and all of a sudden I stopped and start it up to a kernel panic (so it seems) who never lets me start normally, safe mode is a nothing helps. Recovery mode does not start, and when I try to use an external drive usb in the selection of drive it will appear. I don't know what to do more and I'm stuck. I'm not able to get in all the menus, so all I have is these pictures of panic before it restarts. Post picture soon submit iPhone photo.

  • Unable to connect on my macbook pro - does not accept my password

    Failed to open a session on my macbook pro (model 2015). n ' accept my password - screen appears to be frozen

    Does this mean that you can not enter the password, or you're not, and it is rejected?

    What safeguards do you have?

  • MacBook Pro does not start. Tried a lot of things, but no luck. Ideas?

    MacBook Pro mid 2012 does not start. Getting the various screens of gray. When trying to make right boot, get flashing folder.

    Other things does not: recovery of OS X, without failure, verbose mode, Boot Manager, single-user mode. IRA to the re-establishment of the Internet, enter the password, stall (error - 2002F-).

    Tried to reset the memory NVRAM and SMC, but nothing.

    Tried with the new hard drive, but accurate results same with the old hard drive (I thought that the old hard drive can be damaged, so got a new one, but get the same results).

    Any ideas? Could go to the Apple service center, but closer to here where I am is 3 hours away.

    Should note that there are many attempts Mac starts up fine (by divine intervention I think), so saved all all on, but after computer use as usual for an hour (especially Internet browsing using Safari and Chrome), computer slowed to snail pace, so tried to restart but still got results above.

    Any help or ideas greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Hi Sevensmallwoods:

    Replace the drive SATA cable. - Cable/IF163-041-1

    Here is a guide on how to replace it. the + replacement/10379

    Here is a video to show you how it fails.

  • My MacBook Pro does not start all of a sudden upward


    I turned my MacBook Pro yesterday and when I went to start it up again today, I pushed the powerbutton comes the startup sound and clear grey screen with an Apple comes up with a progressbar under. about a cm from the bar gets full and then a code appears on the screen for a few seconds, then the computer tries again to restart and it circulates in a loop. I took a photo of the code that is displayed for a few seconds and attached to it.

    What should do?

    I have timemachine copies the MacBook on my TimeCapsule, but I have no idea how to use when the computer refuses to start.


    Try these in order to test your system after each see if it is back to normal:

    1. a. reset the PRAM and NVRAM on your Mac.

    b. Macs with Intel processors: reset of the controller (SMC) system management

    2. restart the computer in Safe Mode, and then restart again, normally. If this does not help, then:

    HD recovery start: restart the computer after the ring, press on and hold the

    COMMAND and R keys until it appears the Utilities menu screen. You can also restart the

    computer and after the ringing, press and hold down the OPTION key until the Boot Manager

    the screen appears. Select the Recovery HD and click on the arrow pointing down.

    3 fix the hard disk and permissions: at startup, select drive in the Utilities menu utility. Repair hard disk and permissions as follows.

    When the recovery menu appears, select disk utility. After that the charges of THE select your entry from hard drive (mfgr. ID and car size) in the list on the left.  In the status area, you will see an entry for the S.M.A.R.T. status of the hard drive.  If it does not say "Verified" then the hard drive is faulty or has failed. (State SMART is not reported on external drives Firewire or USB). If the drive is "verified", then select your OS X volume in the list on the left (subentries under the entry for the road), click the first aid tab, then click the repair disk button. If THE reports any errors that have been corrected, and then run repair disk again until no errors are reported. If no errors are reported, click repair permissions. Wait until the operation is complete, then exit FROM and return to the main menu. Select restart from the Apple menu.

    4 reinstall the 10.10.5 update: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 Combo Update.

    5 reinstall OS X: Reboot of HD recovery Select reinstall OS X in the Utilities menu, then click on the continue button.

         Reinstall the 10.10.5 Update: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 Combo update, if necessary.

    Note : You will need an active Internet connection. I suggest to use Ethernet if possible because it's three times faster than wireless.

  • MacBook Pro does not gel (Apple logo and turn the wheel)

    Hey guys I have a Mid 2009 Macbook pro 17 "and it will not turn it freezes on the spinning wheel and I sometimes get a black or gray screen. and sometimes the changes to blue for a quick 2 seconds then back to gray

    I tried many things

    SMC - Reset

    -Check and restore disk

    -Repair disk permissions - at one point he said there is a mistake and I had to repair disc I fixed it and the problem continues to persist

    -Tried to start in SafeMode but does not (same problem apple logo and freezing wheel spinner)

    -Reinstall OS x into recovery mode - no luck

    -Test LANDAU - no luck

    -Mac restore to previous state - including all saved backups stays so just looking for previous screen of backups

    Any help is much appreciated, thank you!

    What exactly happens when you reinstall OSX via recovery?

    It does not appear to complete successfully?

    Try to repair the disk again. Report any error. Also in disk utility SMART status is listed as verified?

  • Printer HP C310 hung wireless for MacBook Pro does not allow me to choose printing options.

    Just replaced my MacBook with a MacBook Pro (NICE!) I have an iMac that has my C310 printer Photo HP Smart connected on it.

    Pulled up the new laptop and it was immediately find and access the right printer YAY?

    I run an online business and am constantly printing on purchases (portable) coming in. My PROBLEM is that I am not given ALL the printing preferences options, all prints off the coast in color I don't need (price wise - considered ink as)

    The options are given to me on the iMac I think that since it is literally connected to it. However, on my old MacBook that I had a few days ago the options all came when I went to print (wireless connection as is the new MBP).

    Any thoughts? I tried to click on anything whatever possible in screen printing that is displayed when sending to the printer and he basically tells me what I'm doing not giving options for change to the basic black that I need.

    Thanks in advance

    iMac osx 10.7.5
    MacBookPro with Retina

    For starters, you can remove the software and reinstall it from the link provided below? Let me know how the printer responds and if these options are put at your disposal once more.


  • Mid-2012 retina Macbook Pro does not stop

    My mid-2012 retina Macbook Pro running El Capitan (v 10.11.5) won't shut down or restart. Taken to the Apple store where they ran diagnostics on it and can't find anything wrong. Suggested I have reinstall the OS. I reinstalled, then backed up with Time Machine. The problem persists.

    I think I can get a report of incidents which may be helpful, although I've never shared before. To include or omit any information would be helpful.

    Especially the crash report reads "identifier" and "responsible" as: "". Type 'Exception' is ' EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) "and the" subject crashed ' reads ' queue 5 sending: DispEventQueue "."

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I see now mid-2012 retina Macbook Pro El Capitan (v 10.11.5) running.

    It does nothing?  I think I would resume.

    They run the VST (video-Test systems)?  If this isn't the case, I'll ask for it.

  • MacBook Pro does not detect monitor Dell through CDM

    Guys, a few weeks ago I asked a question if bolt of lightning 2 CDM-compatible monitors. You guys lied. I got the Dell P2715Q today and I have connected to the computer with the USB cable I had Plug and cable thunderbolt. I did everything, but my Mac has not detected even if I pressed the "Detect" button in the system preferably several times. I restarted my computer and still nothing happens. The monitor speaks to me of * like 'Enter in Safe Mode' then what I do now? What the * Apple? You create all by yourself? Your useless thunderbolt screen is worse than the air show 2011 MB! Help guys!

    What USB connection?  There is no "monitor" for this Dell Monitor USB connection.  The USB connection is a USB hub built into the monitor for other devices.  You must select one of the following values: DP, HDMI or mini-DP.

    I'm sitting on my right now uses a new MacBook Pro computer w/Retina.  It is connected via the Thunderbolt port to a Dell U2715H using the connection of the RFP at the back.  No problem at all.  I used this type of connection for the most recent years (previously an old MacBook Pro, 2011 model).


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