My system is XP SP3. I have MSOffice 2003 SP3. I have 28 updates for Office that won't install after many attempts and a "FixIt" run or two from Microsoft.

My system is XP SP3. I have MSOffice 2003 SP3. I have 28 updates for Office that won't install after many attempts and a "FixIt" run or two from Microsoft. That this has something to do with the .net framework 4.0 or something? I used Windows update, and then update Microsoft, all this without success.


If the fixit does not resolve the problem, read the article:

How to troubleshoot incidents to update your installation of Office on the Office Update Web site

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    Hi randall Peterson,.

    Please take a look at the article here with troubleshooting.

    I hope this helps!

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    Thanks for your time and your help.


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  • I try and install the updates for software that I have not yet.

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    Toppers BBS


    Updates from time to time offer other, you do not need. You have any viewer Office or had a
    Office trial on the system?

    Try this 1st to see if it helps, and it should:

    Description of the Patch registration cleanup tool


    If necessary :

    Try this - Panel - Windows Updates - on every update that will not be installed - click on the important updates
    or the update itself - double click a view more information (or click top then discovers on the right)

    Those who will take you to a page where you can download the update.

    Or go here and the KBxxxxxx number to download it.

    Download Center - mount the KBxxxxxx.

    Microsoft Download Center

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put them - click on - RUN AS ADMIN

    Then you can right click on the update in the updates Windows and HIDE.

    If you get an error Installer install this version:

    Windows install 4.5 Redistributable


    Then run this:

    How to reset the Windows Update components? -a Mr Fixit

    Description of the system for Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, update tool and
    for Windows 7

    Because these are all Office updates you might get more information if necessary in the Agency of those groups that
    may have experienced the same problem.

    Office newsgroups discussions


    If necessary you can incident free get reports however the above should take care of it for you.

    Windows updates - free Incident report

    Go here and click on-> Windows Update fails while searching, downloading or installation of updates

    The security updates, you can get free support Incident report

    I hope this helps.
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  • I have 10 updates to windows that will not be installed if you please help me with vista

    I have 10 updates to windows that don't will install tried everything.  The fixit man says it fixed, but I can not install.  This has happened for months.  I also downloaded packs 1 and 2.  I NEED HELP BADLY. Thank you

    Hello. Stevenantinori,

    Start > all programs > Windows Update

    Click view update history

    Under Search Status Failed

    Click twice on this list

    Details of the error lists error Code #.

    You can click on the link "Get help with this error" for more information.

    When noting these error Code #, please post back each error code # and KB # it relates to.

    Restart Windows Update after each method below

    Method 1)

    In the meantime, download and run the system update readiness tool

    Restart Windows Update

    Method 2)

    Run the System File Checker tool

    Right-click on command prompt and select run as administrator

    Type the following command:


    Press enter

    Note: There is a space between SFC and / scannow

    When the scan is complete, restart Windows Update

    Method 3)

    Reset the contents of the Catroot2 folder

    Opened in administrative Mode command prompt window

    Type the following command

    net stop cryptsvc

    Press enter

    MD %systemroot%\system32\catroot2.old

    Press enter

    xcopy %systemroot%\system32\catroot2.old /s %systemroot%\system32\catroot2
    Press enter

    Delete all the contents of the Catroot2 folder


    net start cryptsvc

    Press enter

    Retry Wndows Update

    Method 4)

    Delete incorrect registry values that may exist

    1. Click Start, in the search box, type regedit

    2. in the list programs, click on regedit.exe

    3. Locate and click the following registry subkey


    4. right click on the COMPONENTS

    5. click on export

    6. in the bvox of file name, type COMPONENTS

    7. in the save box, click Desktop, and then click on save to save the file to your desktop

    8. in the Details pane, right-click PendingXmlIdentifier right-click and then click on remove. If the value does not exist, proceed to the next step

    9. in the Details pane, right-click on NextQueueEntryIndex and then click on remove. If the value does not exist, proceed to the next step

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    11. restart the computer

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    Method 5)

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    Command prompt opened with administrator privileges

    Type the following command and press ENTER after each entry


    New attempt to update windows

    I hope this helps.

  • Does anyone have a solution for the use of Bible Illustrator 3.0 MS8 and MS7

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    Does anyone have a solution for the use of Bible Illustrator 3.0 MS8 and MS7

    What are the requirements of system for this program?

    What version of Windows it says on the package, it was designed for?

    If its designed for an earlier version of Windows such as Windows 95 or Windows 98 or XP, then it is probably incompatible with Windows 8.

    If the product packaging indicates anything in the 1990s OR early 2000s, I am afraid that this is not something that is guaranteed to work with Windows 8.

    You can try the following average time.

    Point to the installation files where they are.

    Right-click on the configuration file, and then click "troubleshoot compatibility".

    Wait, it detects the problem.

    Click on the option "worked in an earlier version of Windows.

    Select Windows 7 RTM or better Windows Vista SP2

    Click next

    Click Start the program, wait, it installs

    When the installation is complete, click Finish and save the settings.

  • Windows wants to install updates for Office 2002 and Office XP and I have VISTA and Office 2007

    I have read many topics and I can't seem to find the same problem I have.  I use Windows VISTA Home Premium (32 bit) for awhile and since June 30, 2009, I had bad download and install Windows updates.  I installed updates today, but I continue to be invited to run/install updates for Office XP and Office 2002 (currently about 9).  I used VISTA and Office 2007 for some time.  I believe that I have IE 7 and SP2.  I appreciate any help I can get to fix this.  Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hello SKYisDlimit,

    After my communication to you, I continued to the Internet using the search.  I was finally able to locate the file you suggested (Msmapi\1033) he successfully Office Pro 2003 Outlook running.  Thank you!!

    I don't know if you're alone in asking the question following or not, but I'm still able to re - install Microsoft Office Professional 2007.  I uninstalled after information I received of Santosh, and it has the re - install Office Pro 2003 (which have been upgraded).  Now when I try to reinstall 2007 (bought in February 2007), I keep getting the following message: "Setup is unable to find a version of Microsoft Office on your computer.  If Office is installed on a disk or a network share, click the buttun browse to select the appropriate disk or sharing.  If you have a version of MB on a CD, insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive, and then click the Browse button to select the appropriate drive. »

    I tried several times without success.  Of course, I use Office 2003 Pro, so it's on the computer.  If you are unable to solve this problem, please either direct to the appropriate area or tell me who I need to contact.  Once again, thank you in advance for your help.  Needless to say, it's more frustrating!


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    I have a hard drive. At least two partitions. C: 74.7 GB with 63.3 freespace
    D: 74.2 GB with 70.6 freespace
    These are my original specifications of the hard drive: 160 GB (7200 RPM) SERIAL ATA HARD DRIVE WI
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    Windows is present on both drives C: & D:. In the directory windows on C:, the oldest entry is 19.12.12, 21.43 last 21.12.12, 22.50
    The first entry in the directory windows on D: is 19.12.12, 18.42 the last 21.12.12, 22.40
    I hope that makes sense to someone, any help gratefully received!

    As long as you have verified you dΘmarrez done on the c: / partition, Yes, you can reformat the drive D: / partition using Windows 'disk management '.

    J W Stuart:

  • After many attempts computer will not allow the system restore. Received message is... Unspecified error occurred restoring the system durning

    After many attempts computer will not allow the system restore. Received message is... Unspecified error occurred restoring the system durning


    If you use Norton, which could interfere with the restoration of the system.

    Disable Norton while doing your system restore.

    See you soon.

  • I have the Creative suite premium edition 6 teacher installed on a mac and I want to install the Premiere Pro and Photoshop ONLY on a separate macbook. How can I do this?

    I have the Creative suite premium edition 6 teacher installed on a mac and I want to install the Premiere Pro and Photoshop ONLY on a separate macbook. How can I do this?

    Download the CS6 Setup file and when it is executed on the separate machine choose to install only the programs that he has wished.

    CS6 -

  • Error code 2103 on silverlight, have tried to restore, installed latest version and I tried a few suggestions from microsoft but nothing.__HELP!

    Tried almost all and no response on the silverlight player! I don't have a phone I can solve this online? I have windows 7, I made a few changes on the eve of the problem, but I had watched a movie hrs before the code2103 error came, I did a system restore, just in case it was any change that I did but as said that I watched a movie the next day after these changes. What can I do?

    Hi RoRis,

    I suggest you post your question in the silverlight forum.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    I. Suuresh Kumar - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    I had this happens on 3 different files now. I have a work plan with perhaps from 20-30 symbols on it (in addition to a combination of other object types). I will finish my work and save the file (like. (AI). Then, the next time I opened the file to edit, it seems my symbols have disappeared.

    But they have not disappeared. They are now exploded everywhere in the way that the workspace area outside the artboard. Oddly enough, their registration centres don't move, just the contents of the symbol itself. So I'm going to registration centres where I left off, but the symbol content, far, far away. You can see in the screenshot attached - all the technical characteristics of the color on the workspace outside the artboard are actually symbols, nowhere near their location on my last record.

    Symbol Problem.JPG

    I've never encountered this problem in another forum, but it's super annoying to have to move by hand and re - align all the symbols back where they are supposed to be, without any guarantee that they will be where they belong to the next time I open the file. The only possible commonality I've found, is that, in my view, files that gave me this problem asked me to convert the legacy text the first time I opened the prior to any changes (that I have convert the text).

    Any ideas?

    With the help of Illustrator CC 2015.3

    Windows 10

    I think that the file is saved in an older format. probably one not to support an effect inside your obliging symbols to develop. If you open a file and it asks to update text then you should do one save slot, or even the file will save in the original version, you open, enlargement all art that uses one of the new features. It comes to blows of gradients, anything with a (as the outer glow) Gaussian blur effect and others.

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