Need a list of what I can stop using the Task Manager to help play games that are hanging up or jump or stopping programs.

I know how to stop most of the programs running in the back ground by using the Task Manager and the process tab.  But, I click "Show processes from all users" list is double what it was.  I need a list of what I can finish process without going through the computer off and restart or with on dreaded blue screen.  So I ask if anyone has a list of processes that are sure to stop?  Thanks in advance, Frankster195


Hi Frankster 195,

Welcome to Vista forums.

You can try to perform a clean boot. Check the mentioned below of items.

How to perform a clean boot procedure to determine if background programs are interfering with a game or a program that you currently use

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

Hope this information is useful.

Thanks and regards.

Thahaseena M
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  • My taskbar is lost, explorer.exe is has stopped working and I can only open the Task Manager program...

    Hi, can you help me?
    After that I logged my Windows, I see that my taskbar are lost...
    Windows has said, "Windows Explorer has stopped working"...
    I click on "close the program".
    I use the Task Manager to open explorer.exe again...
    But, the same message still to come...
    So, I can just open my Taskmgr programs...
    What will happen to my laptop?


    1. What is the full/exact error message?
    2 were there any hardware or software changes made on the computer before this problem?

    Follow the steps.


    Method 1
    Start the computer in safe mode and check if the problem persists, if the question does not persist then perform the clean boot and check if the problem resolves.

    Step 1
    Safe mode starts Windows with a limited set of files and drivers. Startup programs do not work in safe mode, and only the basic drivers needed to start Windows are installed. Please click the below mentioned link.

    Step 2
    Put the computer in a clean boot state to see if there is a software conflict as the clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.
    Note: After you have performed the steps in the clean boot troubleshooting, follow step 7 the link to start the computer to a Normal startup mode.


    Method 2:
    See the help article and check if it helps.

    Error: Windows Explorer has stopped working

    Important: When performing analysis on the hard drive if bad sectors are found on the hard drive when parsing tent repair this sector if all available on which data can be lost.

    An upgrade on the spot is the final solution before you have to reinstall the operating system.
    Note that it takes as much time to do the upgrade as to reinstall the operating system. In addition, some of your custom Windows settings may be lost through this process.

    Response with more information to help you.

  • How can I reinstall the Task Manager and monitor resource for Win 7?

    I saw a lot of similar questions to mine and problems are resolved for the most part because the person is running in mode 'tiny' in the Task Manager.  And, while the problem of the poster has been resolved, I must still be able to find an answer that actually answered the question: how to reinstall a task manager and resource monitor?

    I don't want to seem rude or obnoxious, but that's all I really need to know. Is it possible to reinstall the Task Manager and resource monitor and how - what is done?

    For a more easy, please take the following response,

    I am running Windows 7

    Parts of the the Task Manager and resource monitor will not run correctly (it isn't tiny mode, everything seems as it should be, they are just not all the work)

    I did a lot of research and analysis and virus check

    I do not have a file to restore good system (whatever the reason)

    I decided that I have to reinstall the program

    So my question is simple: how to reinstall a task manager and resource monitor?  I can't find a download for it on the site file; Maybe it's there, but I'm not.

    Please don't bother spending time trying to figure what's wrong with my system, you will lose your time (this is the part where I'm really NOT trying to be rude, but I tell you the truth).  I did the analysis, controls, etc. etc.  I just need to reinstall.

    So please, could someone just tell me how to reinstall only the Task Manager and resource monitor.  I don't want to have to reinstall the whole system.  It seems to me that it is not necessary; It's only two programs.  It is possible and if so, how?

    I thank very you much for any help.  I hope that was clear, so no one loses time on it unnecessarily.

    You are welcome.

    There is no download for them because they are part of the full operating system.

    See you soon.

  • How can I farm Metro application other than by using the Task Manager?

    How can I farm Metro application other than by using the Task Manager? If there is no way, please add a close button, Microsoft.


    ·          What version of the operating system is running on your computer?

    Alternatively, press ALT + F4 to close the application.

  • How can I enable the Task Manager after recovering from an attack of Win32.GEMA


    I am running Windows XP SP3.

    I have recently had an attack of the Win32.GEMA Trojan horse. Details of it are here:

    I recovered my system using:

    AVG Rescue Disk

    Kaspersky Rescue Disk

    BitDefender Rescue Disk

    Scan of MalwareBytes

    McAffee analysis

    Hitman Pro Scan

    Spybot scan

    Eusing Registry Cleaner


    Overkill maybe? But it worked... Up to now

    Apparently, the Trojan horse disables the Task Manager and that is I'm having bad to restore.

    I followed the advice in this article from Microsoft - - but when I followed this part

    To set the DisableTaskMgr registry entry to 0 for a specific user, follow these steps:

    1. Shut down the computer.
    2. Log the computer by using a user account with administrator permissions.
    3. Click Start, click run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK.
    4. In the left pane, click the following registry subkey:
    5. In the right pane, double-click DisableTaskMgr.
    6. In the value data box, type 0, and then click OK.
    7. On the file menu, click exit.
    8. Restart the computer.

    N ° 5 says that disable TaskMgr should appear in the right pane, but there is no entry to disable TaskMgr. All it is an icon of the small 'ab' (the default) beside it, then, REG_SZ.

    Then I tried to follow this part of the article from Microsoft

    To set the DisableTaskMgr registry entry to 0 for all users, follow these steps:

    1. Shut down the computer.
    2. Log the computer by using a user account with administrator permissions.
    3. Click Start, click run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK.
    4. In the left pane, click the following registry subkey:
    5. In the right pane, double-click DisableTaskMgr.
    6. In the value data box, type 0, and then click OK.
    7. On the file menu, click exit.
    8. Restart the computer.

    This time off TaskMgr was in the right pane - this time with a little "ohho? icon followed REG_DWORD

    I tried to create a new entry for the current user by copying one for all users, but not joy.

    Any suggestions?

    CTRL + Alt + Del does not receive any reaction whatsoever, no Ctrl + Shift + Esc or click with the right button on the barv task and selecting the Task Manager

    Thank you in anticipation

    These KB articles are for a different problem when you receive these messages when you run the Task Manager...

    Some malicious software is aware of the methods you're most likely to use to find and remove it (Task Manager, System Restore, command prompt, Internet, Google, etc.)

    The malware does not allows you to use things like the Task Manager to find and remove, so it prevents them from becoming a process running on the system and the process will not start or the process will be completed as soon as it is launched.

    The malware is happier when he let you think you need to use system restore, a repair install or reinstall your XP from scratch to fix your system when none of this is necessary.

    You can fool the malware (and then fix it).

    Assuming that your Windows is installed on your drive C, using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder c:\windows\system32 and locate taskmgr.exe.

    Copy the taskmgr.exe file and rename the copy something malicious software will not recognize.  I like to call the copy:


    Double-click on jose.exe and see if the Windows Task Manager window opens now.

    The problem is the malware won't let the taskmgr.exe a running process, but he does not know jose.exe as a running process in order to thwart you all (I have a feeling that he will well a day on jose.exe).

    Will not 'fix' your task manager, but at least you will know whether or not the Task Manager mechanism works (taskmgr.exe still not start properly).  If you try to remove some malware and the need to use the Task Manager, you can simply launch jose.exe (double-click) instead, but will be still infected your system.

  • Lightroom can't use the catalog named 5 because lightroom catalog that it is not writable and cannot be opened

    Help, please!

    I've been struggling for hours to open lightroom. My computer turns off without reason, and then I went back into the light room and had the following startup message:

    Lightroom can't use the lightroom catalog 5 catalog because it is not writable and cannot be opened.

    I tried everything I can. I searched online and you have deleted the files of 'locking' of the catalogue record. I did what is obvious and just rebooted. I checked the 'permissions' and nothing has worked. Help, please. I JUST finished images edited in 1000 and I need to export. I won't cry if I need to change their brand new

    In your OS, the folder that contains your catalog must have read & write permission.

    If you think that you already have, we show a screenshot so that we can see in the Explorer Windows/Mac Finder folder that contains the catalog file; and show us an another screen shot of the permissions on this folder.

    Also, please check the catalog file in your operating system to ensure that it is not set read-only.

  • Windows 7 upgrade from vista boots without icons or bar spots and can't access the Task Manager.

    New computer was installed with Vista and came with the Windows 7 upgrade when it was released. The dealer did the upgrade. Now, when I boot, I have no icons or taskbar and doesn't get to the Task Manager to start explorer.exe.
    After killing the power I can restart which can sometimes. Once the computer is in place, it works OK.
    I don't know if I can do a repair of win7 or not?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions. CIE

    Did you take the computer back to the retailer under your warranty?

    Windows Update has nothing to do with the upgrade of Windows. Please post future questions about the upgrade in this forum: ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • running windows 7, I can't launch the Task Manager.

    I get a message saying that windows cannot locate C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe


    You have installed Process Explorer?

    It is likely that you have chosen to replace the Task Manager in the Process Explorer Options. Disable the option and you can run them both.

  • Can't open the Task Manager

    I recently started using Windows 8. But after a few days, I started facing a problem with the Task Manager. When I press Ctrl + Shift + ESC, the Task Manager opens for a second and quits immediately. I tried using other ways to open the Task Manager, as a right click on the taskbar, and then click the Ctrl + Alt + Delete option too. IM facing the same problem. Help, please.


    You can try after the ways to solve this problem:

    1. open Windows Explorer and navigate to the following location.


    Look in this folder for the file taskmgr.exe

    If you find the file, double click on this file. This starts the Task Manager?

    2. If above a breaks down, then try to run command SFC/scannow in prompt with administrative privileges.

    I hope that you are the administrator of your Windows 8. If nothing is done, go to update:

    Hope this helps, good luck :)

  • Can't access the Task Manager

    I try to implement my task manager using the old CTRL + ALT + DELETE, but I get an error message that says; "Task manager has been disabled by your system administrator" WHAT THE...? It is a private pc, there is no system administrator.

    Hi Erik,
    Your computer is probably infected by a virus. Try following the steps in this virus/malware removal guide:
    It contains instructions which will remove most malware infections. If you have any questions, just ask me. I hope this helps you.
  • How can I do the Task Manager run pressing Ctrl/alt/del? It says 'disabled by the administrator"how to activate this new?

    I am running XP. I've always been able to use pressing the Ctrl/alt/del keys simultaneously to start Manager tasks - useful to close a task does not. Recently, I had some changes due to a virus problem and now when I use Ctrl/alt/del, I get a message saying "disabled by the administrator. I have Administrator status on my normal connection.

    How can I activate the Setup again?... Thank you!


    If you are familiar with editing the registry, navigate to this key and change the value of the 'DisableTaskMgr ' 0

    Or you can download this zipfile to your desktop. This is a corrected policy there.
    Unzip, then right-click, "VArestorepolicies.inf" and select "install".

    As has already been suggested, it is also a Marti goo to scna the system to ensure that it is clean.

  • Photoshop CS6 load but is then unesponsive. Must use the Task Manager to stop.

    I just reinstalled Photoshop CS6 after you have reinstalled Windows 10 (has become corrupted).  Photoshop CS6 will be open, but that's all. It is completely insensitive and I have to use "Task manager" to close the program.  I have to do a complete reinstall. However the cannot deactivate my license as I can't get into the program.

    Thanks for your advice. Tried the cleaning of Adobe option but had no

    success. Contacted Adobe and they gave me a download link to use

    instead of my DVD. Fingers crossed!

    Tuesday, December 15, 2015 11:27:39-0000, Ned Murphy [email protected]>

  • I subscribe to the creative cloud, but I'm still on probation and now I can't use the software... help me, please

    I can't use my software, when I open one told me that I have no subscription to the creative cloud. I have tickets for 20 euros, proving that it is a lie...

    Please make sure that you are connected with the great Adobe ID, try the steps mentioned on:

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    < s:AnimateTransitionShader target = "{}" duration = "1000".
    shaderByteCode="@Embed (source =" nikos/pixelBlender/HexCells.pbj ', ")
    mimeType = ' application/octet-stream') "/ >"
    < / s:Transition >
    < s:Transition fromState = "" * "toState =" * ">"
    < s:AnimateTransitionShader target duration = "{logo}" = "3000".
    shaderByteCode="@Embed (source =" nikos/pixelBlender/Twist.pbj ', ")
    mimeType = ' application/octet-stream') "/ >"
    < / s:Transition >

    < / s:transitions >


    If you just want to use pixelbender filters you create a task of shader and use any animation you want...

    http://gumbo.flashhub.NET/menu/ this example uses a filter for the melted cross effect

    http://gumbo.flashhub.NET/reflect/ that uses a pixelbender filter in a skin to create a reflection effect


  • VulcanControl.dll is missing. I deleted the apps, reinstalled, used the removal tools, and still can not use the extension manager for Dreamweaver, etc...

    If it can't be fixed Im moving to another software it takes much too long and I've tried everything on the forums.

    Hi davidp67009702,

    Please refer to this thread vulcancontrol.dll missing, could be of great help to solve this problem.

    Kind regards


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