Need a new HDD for my Satellite P20

The hard drive in my Satellite P20 was dead. It is a 60 GB drive, but I decided to replace it with a 100 GB drive. The problem is that on the P20 connectors do not seem to be the norm. Looks like the machine needs a player owner. Anyone know where I can get the replacement of hard drives for the P20?
I searched the internet but can't seem to find anything...


Hi John,.

I'm not very 'exclusive' awareof drive for the P20. I think that it is a 2.5 drive "conventional with a standard pin configuration.

I know that the use of range Portege 1.8 disc "format.

Is it possible that there is an adapter to allow the reader to be realigned with the pin sockets?

If you can post the details of the car (model no etc), that would give a clue as to the type of drive you have.

Kind regards

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    Thank you

    You can buy new HARD drive in every store of the computer. What you need is 2.5 "SATA HDD.
    In my opinion you should now reflect on the upgrade and buy SSD that will offer more performance and make your laptop run much faster than before.

    Talk with your dealer ad pick up some useful information about the HDD and SSD upgrade Exchange.

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    You need to buy a compatible player!
    Not all slim drives are compatible due to different master slave / parameters c - salt!

    Generally, your user manual must contain a list of compatible drives.
    If you have no user manual to use this device, then you can download it here:> support downloads & -> Toshiba operating manual

    Here, you have to choose Archive as first option!

    On the other hand, you could get in touch with a local ASP from Toshiba.
    Guys might provide a good information on the supported disc!

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    I'm 99.9% sure that you can use this disk, but in my opinion you should spend it with HARD drive with more capacity. I think 200 or even 250 GB should work just fine with your laptop satellite.

    I know that European Satellite A200 is supported up to 250 GB HDD.

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    Thank you


    The new HARD disk must have a SATA port and a 2.5 HARD disk. Each HARD drive with these specifications should work in your laptop.

    As Feliks, visit the Western Digital site for models. I think you would find a HARD drive you want.
    I have good experiences with Western Digital and Seagate.

    Good bye

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    Also can run from a USB key? How do in the Bios if I need to change the settings?

    Also I searched the Toshiba site and did not find the user manual

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    I presume that you have removed the old drive HARD only. Am I right about that?

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    The power adapter DC PA3714E-1AC3 19V 3. 42A would be compatible

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    You can either ask a [certified service provider |] for the Partnumber or check [THIS |] site to discover the appropriate partnumber of the keyboard. Since you swamped the keyboard you wouldn still get part of some liquids guaranteed repair, so it doesn´t matter if you swap the keyboard by yourself.

    Welcome them

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    As much as I know, that you cannot order parts for laptop direct from Toshiba.

    You can do this in some independent electronic store, perhaps by approved maintainer Toshiba or on eBay. I recommend you check out eBay. Here you can find many hardware components for various Toshiba laptops.
    With a little luck you can find mainboard for your model of laptop also.

    Check it out.

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    I need a new case for DV7-4080US


    Please check the maintaince guide computer components main chapter 3 illustrates spare parts catalogue, you will find the numbers on the list itself.

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    You talk about a printer for 7-8 years here. Hope that would help the following link:

    Good luck.

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    Hi guys,.

    My L40 needs a new keyboard. Can someone be kind enough to advise those who will be compatible with this?

    I ask, as the last one I acquired did not even if it was listed as a keyboard for Satellite Pro L40. There were two studs raised who would keep forcing the keyboard out latches. My original keyboard didn't they.

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    Thank you

    Wait a boyfriend of the moment! You have the original piece for the right keyboard number and now you need some info on compatible keyboard?
    Sorry, but you have the info you need. I don't know where you live (assume UK) but use Google and find an electronic store where you can order absolutely the same keyboard and everything will be fine.

    Perhaps this page can help -

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    Hi Kurt,.

    The best option is to check your hard disk for its model number. Then, you can Google for it to find its exact specifications and the purchase of a drive that is.


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    Thank you.


    I have goggled a bit and found a display LCD 16 inch 1366 x 768 (WXGA HD) with screen TFT Active Matrix for the Satellite A665-S6070
    I thought that it would be more expensive, but you can get it for $195.00 in an online store

    See this page:

    [Satellite A665-S6070 display |]

  • Need a new motherboard for Satellite Pro L40

    Hi, the motherboard in my laptop is toast...
    Then someone please help me, I don't know where to buy a new motherboard for this computer for...
    I'd appreciate any help, pointers in the right direction

    Thank you

    Satellite Pro L40
    model PSL43E-00R005AR

    An authorized service provider can quote and replace the motherboard for you. There is a list of ASP on the Toshiba site.

Maybe you are looking for