need help to set up Linksys printserver with verizon wifi hotspot

need help to set up Linksys printserver with verizon wifi hotspot



Configure your wireless router to use these recommended wireless router settings, I use channel 11. I would use a new SSID to connect easier.

Then configure the Linksys print server. Find your network to give your passkey (password)

Then set up the printer, choose network and follow the instructions.


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  • need help to set up Time Capsule with hub of sky

    Hi, I bought time Capsule and followed the instructions re. Connection cable internet hub in wide band directly on port WAN on TC. And yet nothing is happening outside orange flashing and message of airport utility saying it could not connect to the internet. I bought an Ethernet cable, just in case and tried to connect it to LAN to LAN, and I was able to create a 'network' but always seeing flashed. Can anyone help? Thank you!!

    El Capo can be really rotten networking.

    The skyhub is a router... I think it's okay... If you connect a computer directly into it, you should have internet?

    The TC may work very well in this configuration.

    Ethernet connector of skyhub LAN WAN TC as you did originally... correctly.

    So I highly recommend ethernet to the computer... because it helps no end. And even to pass the airport utility to use ethernet instead of wireless.

    Here (if obvious really that you would have ethernet under other Wi - Fi... don't know why I found totally by chance?)

    The configuration... make the TC must go to bridge mode...

    It is Off (bridge mode) on the network tab.

    And you need to create a wireless network with a different name to the skyhub.

    You can probably do it manually now without too many problems.

    And even without ethernet connection... Although reliable then ethernet is streets ahead wireless.

    Click on the TC icon in airport utility.

    Click on change... at the bottom right on the summary.

    Now you can fix it up. Click on the network and make sure that it says Off (bridge mode) I posted my configuration, but you do not follow that... I just allows you to see where everything is.

    Click on wireless and fix that up.

    You can even click on the base station and correct the name and the master password... so that all the names are short, without spaces and alphanumeric pure.


    If you have an ipad/iphone the iOS version of the utility is often better to get this right than the Mac version... particularly in the later version of the Mac OS.

  • Need help to set up Time Capsule with surfboard SBG6580... wifi or extender?

    I just got my Time Capsule and trying to figure out if I should use as my wifi router, or keep my SBG6580 active and e TC allows to extend my warranty.

    Any recommendations?

    In addition, how? Online instructions do not seem to be very clear.

    Thank you!

    I will always recommend to use your Time Capsule as a router, it will be much easier to access and manipulate, unless really, you need to report more coverage.

  • I just reinstalled windows xp sevice pack 3 in my laptop. l need help to set up the wireless modem. My laptop is IBM ThinkPad.

    I just reinstalled windows xp sevice pack 3 in my laptop. l need help to set up the wireless modem. My laptop is IBM ThinkPad and the modem is a construction in one. would appriciate ay help

    Hi bardhiboris,

    You can follow the steps from the link below: set up a wireless network:

    Other links, please refer to: 10 tips to help improve your wireless network:

    To set up automatic wireless network configuration:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • I need help to set up the linksys adsl router

    Hello world!

    I have LINKSYS WIRELESS - N HOME ADSL2 + MODEM ROUTER (wag120n) and I connect to the internet via the cable that I took my friend who already SPEEDTOCH ADSL ROUTER, I bought the d-link wireless card and I install it in one of my PC
    what I need is to set up my linksys wireless router for my two PCs, on via the wireless and another an ethernet cable, how can I do?


    Follow this link to configure the router.

  • Need help to set up the VPN connection using my mobile

    Title: VPN

    I am running Windows Vista 32 with a NetGear WNR1000 router and need some giudance to set up a VPN with my phone Samsung Galaxy G3. Can someone help Sir with these steps?


    Thannk you for the reply with the status of the issue.

    I suggest you go ahead and post the same question in the Microsoft Technet forum for assistance.

  • Need help to set up voice VLAN in SG300


    I spent too much time on it now and need help. I'm trying to set up a voice switch VLAN on a SG300 - 28 p. I need to charge a phone Cisco 7965 connected to a port on SG300 - 28 p to use VLAN 100, and a workstation connected to the phone to use Cisco 7965 on VLAN 101 by SG300 - 28 p. In the common Cisco IOS switches, this task is configured as follows:

    interface gi25

    switchport mode access

    switchport access vlan 101

    switchport voice vlan 100

    Trying to achieve this scenario with a Cisco SG300 switch turns into a nightmare. You will have to deal with a Dynamic of VLAN voice Auto Voice VLAN mode. Then, you must have a configured trigger and activated Automatic Smartport . I tried to do this in CLI nothing helps. Cisco 7965 receives an IP address of the access VLAN on Gi15 interface, which is 101 VLAN. I need to receive an address IP of the VLAN 100.

    The current configuration under Gi15 interface is as follows:

    interface gigabitethernet15

    activate the storm control

    broadcast storm control level kbit/s 10

    Storm-control include multicast

    port security throw trap 60

    maximum port security by 10 points

    port security mode max-addresses

    spanning tree portfast

    LLDP-med disable

    switchport mode access

    switchport access vlan 101

    ! next order is internal

    macro auto smartport dynamic_type unknown $native_vlan 101 $voice_vlan 100

    Now, I don't know how the macro auto smartport dynamic_type unknown $native_vlan 101 $voice_vlan 100 command in the config, and I do not know how to remove it.

    When I try to enter the command macro auto smartport type ip_phone_desktop under Gi15 interface, I get the following error message:

    The $voice_vlan macro setting is not configurable by the user

    It seems that the auto attendant smartport macro ip_phone_desktop can not apply the setting $voice_vlan with a value of 100. In fact, I explicitly does not use this parameter to everything in the order of macro auto smartport type ip_phone_desktop ; However, the SG300 switch knows that the voice VLAN VLAN 100, and he's trying to use this VLAN ID as the value of the $voice_vlan parameter, the macro fails.

    I tried statically configure the voice VLAN on the switch SG300 using the command id of the vlan 100 voice , but I couldn't get the ip_phone_desktop macro to configure interface Gi15 correctly. Then, I removed the command id of the vlan 100 voice and obtained SG300 to learn his voice VLAN ID of UC560 connected to the SG300 through a trunk port based on the port configuration (connected to SG300) for the trunk of the next UC560:

    switchport trunk vlan 101 native

    switchport mode trunk

    switchport voice vlan 100

    Cisco-switch macro description

    This is the command switchport voice vlan 100 who announces to SG300 via CDP VLAN 100 is a voice VLAN. When I run the command show vlan local VoIP on the SG300, I get the following result:

    VLAN ID - VPT DSCP Source MAC address Interface

    1                    5          46       default           ----                    ---

    * 100 CDP e0:5f:b9:xx:yy:zz gi28

    Thus, it is clear that the SG300 receives information from UC560 via CDP in port Gi28 VLAN 100 is the voice VLAN. However, I can not always apply the ip_phone_desktop macro to SG300 Gi15 interface.

    Also, I tried to set up vState ofoithis vlan auto-déclenché as well as the commands in global configuration State vlan automatic voice activated mode. Or setting changes anything view voice VLAN announced at Cisco 7965 where Cisco 7965 continues to use VLAN101 (access the VLAN assigned to the interface Gi15).

    Hello telecastle,

    The Macro just get in the way most of the time. A default state on the switch a user will set the id of the vlan voice with orders

    (config) #voice vlan id 100

    * This will create the vlan 100

    VLAN, VoIP? * You can use to change your defaults for dscp and cos a long with all the other settings.

    State of vlan (config) enabled automatic #voice

    (config) #interface rank fa1-24

    (config-if-range) #switchport trunk vlan 101 native

    trunk (config-if-range) #switchport allowed vlan add 100

    * This function will define the vlan native on the trunk to 101 for the data port and vlan tagged will be 101 for the voice.

    CDP is enabled automatically and should learn the features of the phone and get on the phone to the vlan 101 on this port.

    CDP of the UC should automatically fill in the switch of the SG. You may need to upgrade the switch to the latest firmware however. Also make sure that the DHCP server for the voice if the CPU must be configured accordingly.

    Let me know if this helps.

    Cisco Small Business Support Center

    Randy Manthey

    CCNA, CCNA - security

  • Need help, cannot set references to Photoshop.Application in VBA


    I've used CS5 in the past and have had a VBA program works well (running in Access 2010) which went very well, open Photoshop 32-bit and controlled photoshop CS5 normally, allowing me to manipulate photos, read metadata, etc.  (It was my understanding that at least for CS5, programs including VBA script necessary to run the 32-bit version of Photoshop, not the 64-bit version).

    About 6 months ago, I installed CS6 and VBA program continued to work perfectly, as it always opens the 32-bit version. (I had to be sure that I was not running 64-bit Photoshop when I started the VBA program).  CS5 was still installed but not used.

    I just uninstall CS5, leaving CS6 installed.  For some reason, he left the program VBA disturbed in that the references (that you set in the window of the VBA code with tools > References) no longer seem to be valid.  I can't set a new reference to Photoshop.Application, and the program became unusable.  In other words, the "references" list is more typotheque Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Adobe Photoshop CS6 Object Library.  I've traveled to the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit) \TypeLibrary.tlb file to add this reference manually.  The programs does not yet compile (for example, appRef As New Photoshop.Application Dim causes an error "User Defined Type not defined").  I get the same failure to compile if I search for and install a reference to the 32-bit version, C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\TypeLibrary.tlb.  In the past, I also had a reference to the 'Adobe Photoshop CS6 Object Library".  I tried manually to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Photoshop.exe or the 64-bit version of Photoshop.exe, but these files are not accepted and I do not otherwise know the location of the file from the object library.

    I so need help from someone who knows how to solve this problem in the transition of CS5 at CS6 to use VBA.

    Thank you


    There are global keys which crushed with every version of Photoshop. Photoshop.Application gets for example set for each installation of Photoshop. When you have uninstalled CS5 these keys got deleted.

    You can install CS6 again? You don't need to uninstall. Just install again if it will let you.

    I have a script that wil set them, but I don't really like to use it on other machines of people as it messes with the registry and I don't want to make it worse for you.

  • Need help to set a DELETE statement.

    I have a table that contains the records of files. Files come in a bouquet each week. So, we need to delete records from a table to the corresponding fields and load the table with up-to-date data.

    In doing so, the DELETE statement takes a long time. Need help with this setting.

    Here are the details.

    (1) total number of records in the table: 23 million records.
    (2) approximate records deleted each time: 500 K to 1.5 million.
    (3) table is partitioned on a PERIOD key. That is, each partition will have the data for a given period.
    (4) table is not indexed
    (5) removal occurs on a combination of 2 fields (PERIOD + BATCH).

    Here is the query and the plan:



    He explained.


    Hash value of plan: 2400300449

    | ID | Operation | Name | Lines | Bytes | Cost (% CPU). Time | Pstart. Pstop |
    | 0 | DELETE STATEMENT. 596K | 12 M | 838 (9) | 00:00:12 |
    | 2. SIMPLE HASH PARTITION | 596K | 12 M | 838 (9) | 00:00:12 | 6. 6.
    |* 3 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | DETAIL_UNKNOWN | 596K | 12 M | 838 (9) | 00:00:12 |

    Name of the query block / Alias object (identified by the operation identity card):

    1 LED$ 1
    3 LED$ 1 / [email protected]$1

    Information of predicates (identified by the operation identity card):

    3 - filter("U".") FLBATCHID '= 'PCAFRINTERMAR1105' AND 'U'." N_PER6 "= 201214)

    Projection of the column information (identified by the operation identity card):

    2 - (cmp = 2, 3) "U". ROWID [ROWID, 10], "U". "N_PER6" [NO.22], 'U' "." " FLBATCHID ' [VARCHAR2, 20].
    3 - « U ». ROWID [ROWID, 10], "U". "N_PER6" [NO.22], 'U' "." " FLBATCHID ' [VARCHAR2, 20].

    27 selected lines.


    Need your suggestions on how the query / table can be tuned.

    Hi Anand,

    I wanted to check why your tkprof Watch report two executions of the statement:

    call     count       cpu    elapsed       disk      query    current        rows
    ------- ------  -------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------  ----------
    Execute      2   2315.71    2480.17          0       3351     624489      611765

    In fact, it there was only a single execution of the DELETE statement. The trace file begins with a call EXEC of any statement without call analysis

    EXEC #1:c=20000,e=13996,p=0,cr=0,cu=0,mis=0,r=0,dep=0,og=0,tim=32472879711702
    PARSING IN CURSOR #2 len=68 dep=0 uid=72 oct=42 lid=72 tim=32472883567994 hv=740818757 ad='0'

    TKProf aggregates this EXEC call with call EXEC of the DELETE statement because they have the same location of cursor (#1), he thinks it was the same cursor.

    PARSING IN CURSOR #1 len=93 dep=0 uid=72 oct=7 lid=72 tim=32472889974030 hv=1242910589 ad='e5979d80'
    DELETE from detail_unknown where n_per6 = 201214 and FLBATCHID = 'PCAFRINTERMAR1105'
    PARSE #1:c=0,e=11462,p=0,cr=0,cu=0,mis=1,r=0,dep=0,og=1,tim=32472889974024
    EXEC #1:c=2315710000,e=2480213492,p=0,cr=3691,cu=624489,mis=0,r=611765,dep=0,og=1,tim=32475370187626

    So, the question about two executions is closed - there was only a single run.

    The performance - 2315,71 seconds of time processor is absolutely huge for such amount of work. It looks like a bug.

    First, I propose to check the time without compression. If your environment allows this kind of testing try to decompress the partition and re - run on unpacking data DELETION.
    10.2 find the name of the partition

    select partition_name
      from dba_tab_partitions
     where table_name = 'DETAIL_UNKNOWN'
       and partition_position = 6

    After that

    alter table DETAIL_UNKNOWN modify partition  nocompress;
    alter table DETAIL_UNKNOWN move partition ;

    and run again the button DELETE.

    What is the operating system on the server?

  • Need help to set up parental controls


    I want to set up parental controls on my son's laptop computer.

    Thus, users are

    His name

    Director of comp.

    Password protected

    not monitored by family safety

    I thought that I could not / would not set up on the administrator, so I created a second user

    His name1

    standard user - control parental on

    no password

    monitored by family safety

    I have implemented controls, but they are not in force, I guess, because they should be on his main user? If this means that it can change the settings since this is admin?  I'm confused :(

    Hi Dee2537,

    We are happy to help you set up parental controls in your son's laptop computer. Given the information you have provided, we see that you addressed some of the scenarios where parental control will not work correctly. One of it is implemented in your child as an administrator's account. Family safety not restrict and recognize the account as a child, if the application detects that it is using an administrator account. The other implements access to his account without password because Family Safety requires that the user has a password to secure the account. Because you have pain to configure the account correctly, we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions step by step on how to set up on behalf of the child in the family security and laptop to your son.

    Here is the link where you can find the complete steps: setting up parental controls

    Please let us know if you need more help and we will help you the best we can.

    Thank you.

  • Need help to set up AP 1142 standalone

    Hi all

    Need help. I am trying to configure Cisco Aironet 1142 standalone, this access point has been previously connected to WLC and the previous post, I found that we need to delete and reload the AP

    private-multiple-fs, c1140-k9w8 - mx.124 - 21A .JHA

    Now when I try to configure the IP address for the AP, he is in error:

    Ip address of AP1142 #lwapp ap
    ERROR! Command is disabled.
    AP1142 #.

    Current flash content:

    AP1142 #dir
    Directory of flash: /.

    2 - rwx 10264 March 1, 2002 01:25:57 + 00:00 private-multiple-fs
    3 - rwx 90396 March 1, 2002 01:18:04 + 00:00 event.log
    drwx-5 128 1 March 2002 00:12:24 + 00:00 c1140-rcvk9w8-mx
    8 - rwx 0 March 1, 2002 01:26:06 + 00:00 config.txt
    9 - rwx 337 March 1, 2002 01:18:04 + 00:00 env_vars

    total 32385024 bytes (30019584 bytes free)
    AP1142 #.

    Please let me know whatelse is required for the configured in stand-alone mode access point.

    Thanks in advance

    The image that is on the device's LWAPP, not the autonomous... If you want to use the AP autonoous mode then the image must be W7... It's...

    C1140-k9w7 - mx.124 - 21A .JHA not c1140-k9w8 - mx.124 - 21A .JHA.

    Please feel free to download any image from the below link and perform the conversion of image LWAPP to stand alone...

    the methos to convert is...

    Download TFTPd32 of google and install it on your PC... point of the image that you downloaded on the TFTP server.

    Connect a cable ethernet between your notebook and AP... both should be on the same subnet... Connect a cable from the console and access the hyperterminal console with the command...

    AP > en

    AP #debug lwapp console cli or debugging console cli capwap

    T AP #config

    AP (confg) int FA 0

    AP(confg-IF) ip addr (same subnet as the laptop)

    End AP(confg-IF)

    Force - reload DOWNLOAD - AP #archieve sw / overwrite tftp: / /.

    This will solve the problem...



  • Need help Reparing via USB/burned disc with ISO

    I need help, repair corrupted on my computer files.  I'll explain what are the errors I get and what I have done to try to fix.  Because I feel I have tried everything, I'm thinking to update or repair via a USB port or the drive with an ISO will solve the problem.

    Apparently, everything was going well on my computer until I updated to Windows 8.1.  After I updated, integrated into my laptop keyboard no longer works as well as many other problems of pilot.  I wrote chalk this up to compatibility problems and decided to contact Microsoft Live Help.  Unfortunately, the Microsoft representative could not solve the problem after checking my computer remotely.  They recommended that contact Acer (the manufacturer of my computer).
    After another Office remote access with Acer, they were also able to help me and led me to believe that my computer had been hijacked.  Because the way my computer working fine before the update, I refused the very persistent representative, encouraging me to spend $ 500 to the UN-hijack and install security software, which I already ran.
    1. If my first attempt to solve the problem has been completely re - install Windows 8.  I have reset the factory settings and deleted all the files associated with my computer.  This problem resolved most of the issues I had, including the broken keyboard.  Then I noticed that I was getting errors with Windows Smart Screen Filter and a quick search on this question led me to a few other suggestions.
    2 administrator: command prompt
                                 Full check of 53%. Windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to solve some of them. Details are provided in convertible bonds. Journal windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. Note that logging is not currently supported in offline maintenance scenarios.
    When I tried to open log, "access denied."
    3. I tried using auto repair in the Advanced Boot Options.  Yet once, automatic repair couldn't fix my PC.  I was able to open the log file for this and noted that all of the tests completed successfully, however.
    4. I searched in the Panel > troubleshooting but did not find anything of note.

    5 I also looked a little system information by typing msinfo32 in the command prompt.  Under software environment and looking at the system drivers revealed that about half of them have stopped as the State.

    Objective: At the end of the day, I want to correct all the corrupt system files update to Windows 8.1.  In light of my last experience, I hesitate to do so since he almost broke my computer the last time I did.

    Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.

    Other info: I bought this laptop earlier this year with 8 pre-installed Windows.


    ·         You have the Acer recovery disk?

    ·         You have the product key Windows 8?

    ·         What is the brand and model of the Acer?

    Note: I highly recommend back up all your important files and folders on an external storage device before performing any type of repair operating system or upgrade.

    Given that Windows 8 has been pre-installed on your Acer computer. I suggest you to use Acer recovery disk to restore PC to factory settings. For more information, consult the phone manual or contact Acer technical support.

    If you must reinstall Windows 8 or you want to install it on one partition and you do not have installation media, you can create it using the installer of Windows 8. To create a support, that you must use a PC running Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7, and it must have the same architecture (32 or 64-bit) that you want to install Windows 8 on PC. You will also need your product key of Windows 8.

    Note: If you do not have a product key for Windows 8, you cannot create the installation media. You cannot use a product key of Windows 8 for this.


    Create an installation media for Windows 8

    I hope this helps. If you need help with Windows, let us know and will be happy to help you.

  • need help to set the access rights of a vmware server 2.0.1 on vmware image


    I have a vmware (running ubuntu server 9.04) image that was created with a vmware server installation varsion 1.0.9. now I decided to upgrade to the host, which means that the host totally changed: new equipment, new OS, new vmware-server-version: 2.0.1

    My problem atm is, I may not know, what would be the appropriate access rights (chown/chmod) for this vmware image. during the installation of vmware server 2.0.1 I was asked to specify some 'administrative user' where I took the an im working with Linux itself (lets call it "user").

    so, when I copied the old vmware image in the data store (/ var/lib/vmware/VirtualMachines for me), chown-ed the folder including all files init by A, setting chmod to something like 600, the console vmware (web surface) told me that there were several problems with the image and couln can't be started etc. etc. etc...

    I played with several rights to the image and the only thing that seemed to help was setting the folder and all files included in 'root' with the command chmod chown '777'... not what I would call 'secured '.

    so: how to set the access rights for the virtual machines? I want that they have only minimal rights as possible and especially nothing like root: 777...

    My static VM files, as in those who are not dynamically created when the virtual machine starts, are the property of root, root of group with permissions of 711. Root is the user that I have chosen as the admin user when you run vmware - My users do not have direct access to this server, so I'm not too worried about the permissions. You can give different rights for different users to different virtual machines, creating roles and their allocation to users/groups. On that, the details are in Chapter 10 of the user guide -

    Guy Leech

    VMware vExpert 2009


    If you have found this device or any other answer useful please consider the use of buttons useful or Correct to award points.

  • Need help to set up VMware Fusion 2

    I am trying to configure VMware Fusion 2 and need help with the proper way, access this topic.  I have a Mac Pro with XP Pro installed via Boot Camp.

    One of my hard drives is 1 TB that I dedicated 300 GB to Windows and installed XP Pro with Office 2007, MS Flight Simulator and a few other programs. The rest of the disc is for Mac stuff. I intend to run MS Flight Simulator natively via Boot Camp, but want to run Office and a few other programs via VMware Fusion 2.

    VMware Fusion 2 is installed on the computer, but I'm confused by how to configure. Should what steps I take to do this?

    Normally, if there is a Boot Camp partition with Windows installed VMware Fusion detects it automatically and complete an entry on the library of Virtual Machine named Boot Camp partition and you simply double-click and he should be executed even if the first time it is run it through a preparatory process that takes a few minutes.

    That being said there are several reasons why the Boot Camp partition might not automatically appear on the Virtual Machine library and to the solution the simplest it's Fusion of closing and reopening it however if it doesn't then it becomes more difficult to diagnose and fix if possible.

    Also, there are a problem experienced during the Boot Camp partition is located on a drive more than 950 GB and a 1 TB HARD drive should show about 931 GB I don't know exactly what Fusion studies in this area to determine her size but I think that the issues that I have seen posted the deal with more than 1 TB HARD disk as in the post in this search result link: the search results for 1.5 GB Seagate.

    You can also try to manually create a virtual hard disk that is then more metadata pointing to the raw disk and manually create a partition Boot Camp Virtual Machine around that but I do not have the necessary parameters to stop this Boot Camp partition manually created the Virtual Machine to take snapshots or being suspended unless someone VMware will show what these settings are for Fusion 2.x I am reluctant to give directions as it would be dangerous to run with these capabilities on a manually created partition from Boot Camp Virtual Machine.

    Other reported problems treated with NTFS - 3G installing stopping the Boot Camp partition to be recognized automatically and have to temporarily uninstall NTFS - 3 G.

    He had to see what he says in System Profiler for the hard disk on which you have Boot Camp.  Select the target Serial - ATA drive and copy and paste the information for this drive in a response.

  • Please, need help printer. Nothing to do with Security Update 2009-001.

    I need help, and looking for the forums just makes me worse headache. I need to use passthrough printing, but the Mac printer does not in the comments.

    Details: OS X 10.5.6 Fusion 2.0.2. Guest is Windows 2000 SP4. Security Update 2009 - 001 has not been applied.

    The printer is a HP PhotoSmart C4480 printer attached to the Mac via USB.

    In order to avoid the obvious questions:

    Passthrough fusion printer is active. Become disabled as some users report. The Serial Port is present and connected. In OS X printer sharing is enabled in the world and for this printer (but my impression is that it should not be).

    I confirmed that the printer works from OS X. And he is listed in the merger USB menu.

    The process of Thinprint TPAutoConn * are underway on the guest. COM1 and COM2 are both present.

    The user can not use the old printer sharing solution because there is no Windows 2000 for this printer drivers. The VM is totally dependent on the system of Thinprint, and I never put in place before. Have never seen a working configuration. Don't know about its configuration beyond what is in the VMX file and upgrade manual.

    There are merger Console messages that say "no printer configured or unavailable." I think it's the key to the problem... but I don't know what to do about this.


    Fuzzy-wan says:

    Pat Lee says:

    We have designed this feature to Windows XP and later versions. So it will not work on Windows 2000.

    Hmmm. Woody didn't say exactly if the printer actually prints

    Well I wouldn't went all the trouble to clean the building a Machine virtual Windows 2000 Pro SP4 with VMware Tools installed and printers enabled for the Virtual Machine settings and took all the dialog boxes and to make a film of the if I did had not bother to actually check and see if she would print!

    Find attached an image of a Windows 2000 printer print Test and note the relevant information.

    Computer name: W2KVM

    Name of the printer: HP LaserJet 4050 on MacBook Pro

    Printer model: TP output gateway PS

    Support: Yes

    Port name (s): THIRD:

    Note: because the printer is a B & W LaserJet I guess that the "support: Yes", it's that the "printer model: TP output gateway PS ' supports color and will therefore work with color printers as well.

Maybe you are looking for