Need wireless driver for card Satellite Pro 4600 Wi - Fi built-in

Hey people I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of some drivers wireless card for the built-in wifi card in Satellite Pro 4600. I want to use them if I use ndiswrapper in damn small Linux!

Thank you!

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I do not use Linux, but before you wait here please visit pages Linux for Toshiba:

Good bye

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  • need wireless driver for 15-g247ca for win 7 64

    need wireless driver for 15-g247ca for win 7 64

    on the website all the drivers are there except for wireless?

    help will appreciate

    Thank you


    You need this card wireless driver...

    You need the bluetooth driver...

  • Satellite L450D - need wireless driver for Linux system


    I have a satellite L450D, with a Realtek RTL8191SE wireless card (windows 7). I use Linux for College and I can't get on the internet when I use linux cause the oporating system dose not find my wireless card.

    When I check from command line for wireless cards, it shows that there is not.
    I know other people who have had this problem and basically I need a driver for it.

    Can someone make me know what driver I need or where to find? I would really appriciate what I need to use Linux for the College.

    Thank you


    I googled a bit and found some tips in the internet.
    It seems that there is no driver for Realtek rtl8192se WLan Linux and card rtl8191se.
    Had someone managed WLan installation by installing ndiswrapper from synaptic in Ubuntu + GUI. He downloaded the net8192se.sys driver W2K and net8192se.inf.

    W2k driver work but the combination W2Kxp driver or the xp or vista doesn t work.
    After that, you can use WPA because the WEP encryption is not supported

  • Where can I buy a network card wireless minPCI for a Satellite Pro A30 PSA35E


    Anyone know where I can buy a card pci WLAN for a Satellite pro A30 PSA35E laptop?
    I live in England.

    See you soon

    The laptop would support this Kit wireless LAN card: PA3212U-1MPC
    It s an Intel Pro 2100 WLan card and it supports the 802. 11b standard.

  • Need the rubber of the mouse for my Satellite Pro 4600

    Hiya. I have a satellite pro 4600 and I need the rubber mouse in the middle of the keyboard like mine is really worn. No idea where I could purchase one? Thank you. Olivier.
    [email protected]


    I assume you mean the battery score. Well, as Lorelei says you can order this part at the service partner chartered Toshiba.
    Then you can be sure that this piece is compatible with your device to 100%.

    Good bye

  • Driver for Ethernet - Satellite Pro A300D controller

    As the title says I need a driver for ethernet on a laptop A300D controller.

    First of all, let me say that asked me to seek this by my uncle who has identified it as the problem, it's not my fault if I ask something that does not exist.
    I think the problem is that the laptop cannot connect to an internet connection.
    It's a wireless connection that can be plugged.
    I can connect to my computer wireless and via cable in my Xbox 360.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you



    Ethernet controller could be the LAN or WLan card.
    I know that some Pro A300D series were equipped with the Realtek WLan and LAN Realtek chip.

    Visit the Web of Realtek, and there, you could download the driver for LAN and WLan card.

    Welcome them

  • Need wireless driver for Tecra M2


    Could someone help me please!

    I need a driver for wireless card for the Tecra M2 (PTM20E).
    Any link to the pilot would be a great help

    Thanks :)


    Try with

  • Is this appropriate for a Satellite Pro 4600 memory?

    Hi all

    I wonder if this memory will be suitable for my brothers satellite pro 4600: 292ZXJ2aWV3 & product_uid = 24226

    I intend to get 2 sticks and replace the stick of 128 MB with them, so there are 512 in the machine altogether - which should make windows xp run a little faster!

    Thanks in advance!


    It seems that the module must be compatible.
    According to the description she s a 144-Pin PC133 SODIMM.

    I visited this site useful:

    You will also find the compatible module for Satellite Pro 4600
    The site recommends the use of the PC133 SODIMM 144 pin and you could improve it to max 512 MB (2x256MB)

  • Need a driver for TOSHIBA SATELLITE 1620

    Please, I need a drivers for TOSHIBA SATELLITE 1620:
    Video: ATI3D-RAGE LT PRO

    or the image of the original CD.
    My e-mail is [email protected]

    Thank you

    Hi Milan

    The original CD image can be controlled only by the authorized service partner and cannot be downloaded. Drivers, tools and utilities can be downloaded from the download from Toshiba site.

    Good bye

  • Need to keyboard for my Satellite Pro A10

    where would I be able to get a replacement for my satellite pro spa10 keyboard to the United Kingdom

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    You can order this keyboard at the Toshiba service partner in your country.

  • 2nd hard drive for the Satellite Pro A200


    I have the Satellite pro A200 (PSAE4E-03401FDU). The LT has an option for a 2nd hard drive, but it is not included a cable.
    Someone knows the reference to the 2nd hard drive cable?
    Thank you!

    Stand by.
    When you remove the HARD drive to the second HDD can see HDD SATA conector?

  • You are looking for an internal DVD drive for a Satellite Pro A40


    I'm looking for an internal DVD burner for a model Satellite Pro A40 2.88 Celeron with a currently installed CD-RW/DVD-Rom. My mother is the owner of this laptop and I want to upgrade the drive for her.

    Does anyone here know of any number of model of the DVD-RW/CD-RW/DVD-Rom that is compatible with this model.

    I want the drive to function as a DVD-Rom/CD-RW also because I do not want to lose these features. Swap the bezel above if necessary isn't a problem for me.

    Thank you

    For this particular model, I could not find another A40 Pro which has a DVD - RW, only DVD ROM. I also suggest to buy an external DVD - RW writer because an internal hard drive will cost much more. Probably triple what external there. External, you can find for about 50 but internal will cost at least about 90 more taxes. I'm sure it is internal that correspond to this machine, but at the moment I don't have the time to research each compatible model search of the car, it's why I suggest an external drive. I hope this helps.

  • Need new keyboard for my Satellite Pro L40

    Hi guys,.

    My L40 needs a new keyboard. Can someone be kind enough to advise those who will be compatible with this?

    I ask, as the last one I acquired did not even if it was listed as a keyboard for Satellite Pro L40. There were two studs raised who would keep forcing the keyboard out latches. My original keyboard didn't they.

    The reference on the original keyboard number is 04GNQA1KUK00 - 2 TB. It's a Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 - PSL4BE-00M005EN.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    Wait a boyfriend of the moment! You have the original piece for the right keyboard number and now you need some info on compatible keyboard?
    Sorry, but you have the info you need. I don't know where you live (assume UK) but use Google and find an electronic store where you can order absolutely the same keyboard and everything will be fine.

    Perhaps this page can help -

  • Need of recovery for my Satellite Pro L450D - 12 X disc


    I lost my Satellite PRO L450D-12 x recovery disk.

    Have idea how I can get it, or I can order it from anywhere?

    I have urgent need.

    This link was posted in many discussions here in the forum.
    Recommend that you read the existing posts for the common background info

  • Most recent need graphics driver for a Satellite 1000-Zx


    I have a Satellite 1000-Zx which I recently rebuilt since the original CD (for various reasons...). I'm now getting occasional graphic problems which points me Intel of the site to get the latest pilot chart of Microsoft error report.

    However, as I recall I did it before and had problems with the driver advised by Intel, but was eventually done in the right direction by someone here, however I cannot now find the post or even remember my login ID (this is probably a couple of years).

    I have a M 82830 Chipset and am running driver version dated 02/15/02, can someone tell me what is the correct version for this machine?

    Thank you

    Hello Eliot

    You will be very happy if someone can give you some good information on this good old classic. I think you don't have a lot of choices there. Either you can use driver Toshiba designed, or search on the net for the latest.

    Video card on your laptop must be Intel 830 MG. Intel download page check and maybe you will find latest driver. Google around a bit and I am sure that you will find enough pages to download the latest version of the driver for this card for Windows XP Home edition.

    Good luck!

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