New DVD - RW double layer burner on Satellite 2450-S203 (IDE 1 # ERROR)

Hi all

I have a toshiba 2450 S203.
For this laptop, I bought a new writer NEC ND-6650 double layer DVD.
I took out the orginal, unscrewed the chassis power off and place it on the new. Insert the new DVD burner in my computer, the led starts too burn. Insert a cd in there and nothing happened. Looked in my computer and the DVD player was not shown. Restart my computer and I got an erro: IDE 1 # ERROR. Can someone help me with this problem.

Thanks in advance,


Hello Niko

Is it possible to make it work properly? My Tecra M1 has a CD burner. I wish I had a DVD burner inside.

Thank you.

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    I have a Toshiba 2450-401 and I buy a slim NEC AD - 7543A labelflash drive.
    When a reboot my Toshiba raise an error: "IDE 1 error".
    This is a message of incompatible equipment? There is a solution for this error?
    How can I solve this?


    What to say dudea? ¦a? ... seems you have made a big mistake and purchased a bad CD/DVD drive.
    This error message is only displayed if the drive supports bad master\slave or c - salt settings!

    You should know that not all readers are compatible and can be used in the laptop!
    AFAIK the operating manual provides information on some readers supported!

    But if you na? t know this drive is compatible, try to contact the service provider allowed in your country and order the support one new!

    Good luck

  • Satellite 2450-101-ide #0 error appears


    I've been everywhere looking for an answer to my perhaps problem you guys here can help me. Im getting an ide #0 error when I start my laptop, essentially the original hard drive has become defective, I had to keep reinstalling windows on it because that recognize all a udden, it would just not my operating system.

    Anyway, I recently bought a new hard drive and it was all works very well for about a week, then all of a sudden I turn on the laptop and no hard drive is detected at all and all I get is "error ide #0", I checked in the bios and its not reading the hard drive at all.

    had no idea what that means or what he should do about it here, can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?

    Thank you

    After a few exstensive read on this forum, I think it may have something to do with the size and the hard drive, it is a 120 GB fujitsu CA0653-B042, I feel that maybe it is not compatible or even great!

    so... My question is if it's not compatible is it still possible to make it work in the first place, as this was very much a week?

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    This very mysterious case as you have already said the IDE #0 error is displayed because the BIOS can not recognize the HARD drive than claire.
    But usually the BIOS should not recognize the HARD drive the first time because of the size of the HARD drive, it's strange why the HARD drive worked for a week

    Anyway, in my opinion the 120 GB seems to be too big and so you should try another size maybe 60GB

    PS: Have you tried to change the jumper on the HARD drive to another position?

  • Is the western digital 120 GB HDD compatible with Satellite 2450 S203 WD1200VE?

    My hard drive crashed on my laptop and now blue screen whenever I turn it on, when it tries to start. Finally it will start but then I can't turn off again without going through the same process.

    I tried to replace the original 40 GB hard drive model number MK4021GAS with another model of disk toshiba MK4026GAX to see he has an IDE #0 error on startup which I think means that it is not compatible, as it works in a caddy without any problem. So I would check the compatibility of a hard drive, I'm interested.

    I've been watching 120 GB WD1200VE drive and I was wondering if it's compatible? If someone could give me any assistance on this would be welcome!

    Thank you


    The IDE #0 error because the HARD disk has been configured for the wrong master/slave/c-salt settings.
    Please check the position of the rider on your old HDD and set the same on the new one (MK4026GAX)
    Looking for a new 120 GB WD1200VE? Well, the Satellite 2450 S203 is a little bit older and I'm afraid the BIOS will not support this large size of disk HARD m.

    I would recommend so check the MK4026GAX settings before you buy a new HARD drive device.

  • DVD double layer on Toshiba Satellite L10?

    Recently, I bought a Toshiba Satellite L10. How will I know if the DVD recorder has got the new system of double layer? It is not either written in the manual user, nor on the drive of DVD/ROM. there, he said: DVD + ReWritable, whereas it is said on the DVD, I bought: DVD + R DL. So if there is no 'DL' written on my drive doesn't mean it's doesn't DVD double layer?
    I hope you can help,



    I put t know what L10 you have exactly, but AFAIK series L10 has mounted fixed DVD-Super Multi (double layer) drive.

    Good bye

  • Portege R600 - fits compatible discs DVD player double layer?

    Care of the Australian for the * R600 PPR61A * state that contains the unti: * DVD SuperMulti Double Layer (7mm) *.
    However, the R600 does not recognize blank DVD discs dual layer using either Windows tools burn as well as Toshiba Disc Creator.

    Is this an error in the card (which is completely misleading), or do I have driver/configuration problem?

    Australian sheet is available here: Toshiba_PortegeR600_PPR61A - 00300R_Specification_Brochure_Mar09.PDF


    As far as I know that the same notebook can be equipped with different sides.
    So it is possible that the R600 was equipped with the STRANGE that doesn't support DL media.

    However, I would recommend checking if the STRANGE can handle DL disks.
    For example, you can use a burning software like Nero to find out which discs are supported.
    I use Nero and this software contains various options. One of the options provides details about the STRANGE House.

  • Unable to add data to the Virgin DVD + RW double layer after having ejected backup problem.

    Did a backup using DVD + R double layer, and after having ejected the last media due to clerical error, I can no longer continue the backup due to the error: insert a disc - it seems that my hardware is no longer detect dual layer blank media. Works great on regular blank media 4.7 GB.

    Hi sal69,

    This problem is caused by physical limitations in DL (Double Layer) media. These limitations prevent any real use multisession. When the media is ejected, the disc session may be closed for DVD-ROM compatibility. On these discs, DVD-ROM compatibility is achieved only when the disc is complete. When the disc is finished, it is closed forever. The physical characteristics of the media require two layers will be burned so that the disc can be played in a DVD player. The two layers can be burned only by closing the disc. As soon as the disc is closed, no additional data can be added to him.

    You can follow the steps mentioned in the link below

    You may be unable to save more data on a DVD-R DL disc or a DVD + R DL disc after it is ejected into Windows Vista

    You can download and install the latest service pack on the computer

    How to obtain the latest Windows Vista service pack

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • M60-182: can it read/write DVD-R double layer?

    I couldn't find any list of the supported media types in the specs, the model of dvd player is mast * a dvd - ram uj-840 years

    To drive specifications, it should be possible to write on DVD + R double layer 2.4 x max
    Usually, you should find a tested and compatible media information in the user manual which must be preinstalled on your laptop.

  • Satellite 2450 S203: SMART HDD can fail - HARD drive change?


    My Satellite 2450 S203 seems to run slow extremeley (20 minutes to start windows!). I get a warning in the Manager of Toshiba hard disk may fail soon.

    I guess I should do a new hard drive? Is it possible to fix it? If not, what type of replacement hard drive should get?

    Thank you

    Hello Andreas

    If the HARD drive has a mechanical problem it aren't there has not much to do and you should buy a new HARD drive. But before this I recommend you to do the clean install of OS and see how the laptop runs. After the long period of use and many facilities that the OS will be slower and slower, but 20 minutes is definitely too long for the start-up procedure.

    According to specifications specification must be 40 GB of HARD drive. I'm sure that for the upgrade, you can use 60 GB HARD drive. On this HARD drive replacement is quite simple and you can do it alone. If you n t do this please write again.

  • Upgrading RAM on the Satellite 2450 S203

    Recently upgraded from 2 x 256 to 2 x 512 MB memory RAM. Put new memory in the laptop could not start. Replaced by the original memory still fails to start.

    All solutions?


    Try switching the modules in the memory locations. Sometimes, this might help.
    If possible, try to access the BIOS and to set default settings.

    But if the laptop will not start in the original and compatible memory modules, then you damage something during the memory upgrade procedure.

    Just for info:
    Is that you must use the PC2700 200 pin SODIMM (333 Mhz) DDR modules. These modules are compatible

    [Memory for Toshiba Satellite 2450 S203 |]

    Good bye

  • Satellite 2450-S203 - installed XP SP1 of recovery CD - cannot update

    The hard drive on my Satellite 2450 S203 has not then I replaced and installed XP from the recovery CD. Everything's fine. I now have a PC running XP SP1.

    I tried the update of XP start > all progtrams > Windows update but it failed, the updated software I used was not compatible with the update site or something similar.

    I found a site of Microsoft, who said I had to install SP1a and then put to SP1a update to SP3. I downloaded the SP1a installation tool and it seemed to do things, and I'm guessing that SP1a installed OK.

    When I go to start > all programs > Windows update, the update starts OK but after a few moments, I get an error message on the Microsoft Update Server does not.

    * Question 1: *-anyone have any ideas what I should try next?

    * Question 2: * fact Toshiba have nowhere where I can download a more current version of XP - SP2 or SP3 say - so that I can eventuially happen to SP3 without SP1?

    Any thoughts are welcome!

    > Question 1: someone has any good ideas what I should try next?

    Win XP SP1 is part of SP2. So, you can download the SP2 package from Microsoft or any other Windows pages page just google
    So after installing SP2, you can follow with SP3.

    Before you install SP3, you will need to install SP2 first

    > Question 2: Toshiba has nowhere where I can download a more current version of XP - SP2 or SP3 say - so that I can eventuially happen to SP3 without SP1?

    On the pages of Toshiba, you can download only the drivers and Toshiba tools
    Windows Service Packs are Microsoft products, and you should check the Microsoft pages for this.

  • Satellite 2450 S203: registration issue

    I am the owner of a Satellite 2450 S203 and I can't find it on the recording of "my computer"? any idea?


    You can try other toshiba sites around the world. Start with, I don't know where you are, but for example, I am from Turkey and my satellite SA30-303 does not appear in the U.S. site. This can be the same kind of problem. Some models of satellite are not sold in some countries I think.

    In addition, yet once I'm not sure of your model of satellite, but you can see the discontinued models.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite 2450 s203, "Key Blind" vs Alt right

    I have a problem with my Satellite 2450 s203 keyboard. The sequence of keys on my keyboard is (right): bar space, "blind button", Ins, Del, RightAlt.
    "Blind touch" is the key with any letter/sign on them. When you type, you will get "------" ("' | ' with pressed Shift"). A special touch for "-" ("" | "") exist on the keyboard as well (with the signs- and | clearly marked on it)!

    To get specific special characters for the Polish language I frequently do RightAlt Key, which is too far to the right, to hit him. Usually the faucets of my finger on the delete key instead of Alt right, and the effect of this makes me nervous ;-)

    The question is: is there any software provided for the mapping of this key"blind"? What it is?
    And finally: it is possible to map the Alt key on the right the key "blind"?

    I found a resolution to, but I do not know what scan code generate this key "blind."

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Hi, check the keyboard settings in the control panel of your laptop?

    Good bye

  • Toshiba satellite 2450 s203 does not recognize the atheros wireless network adapter


    I have a toshiba satellite 2450 s203 and a network card wireless atheros integrated - somewhere in the laptop - there.

    However, I am running win xp pro and the Device Manager IS NOT to FIND THE MAP!

    He finds the ethernet card and a 1394 network adapter!

    But not the wireless network card!

    Any ideas? I downloaded the drivers from the card wireless site but without success!

    What should I do?

    Thank you!

    The WiFi card is an option for this model for example. It is not included in all machines. You must purchase the correct module for W - lan to work.

    If the card is installed in the machine, you should see a yellow esclamation mark (!) or "unknown device" If you uninstalled hw.


  • Cannot burn DVD + R double layer in CS5.5

    Hey everybody,

    I can't burn a double layer (8.5 GB) DVD + R in CS5.5 again. I tried burning the same project on a regualr DVD (4.7) and it works fine. When I go to build the project, it begins to prepare to build and then I get the error message "access denied!" A little more information would be appreciated!

    I wonder if it's because it's a DVD + R and not DVD-R, but I don't see how it would make a difference, maybe I'm wrong...

    My drive Burns DVD, Blu - Ray etc so it should do.

    Any useful information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Right click on the shortcut of en and choose Run as administrator.  Then you should be able to burn a disc double layer.


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