newb video card replacement

Hello world. I am upgrading the video card on my HP Compaq SR550F upgraded to 4 GB RAM, 640 GB HDD, Win 7 running-32 bit. I never did this before, so please bear with me. There are 3 (I guess) slots for video cards, 2 white, one black. the existing card came out a white slot (the one in the middle), but the new card I bought is a larger map (purchased on a recommendation from friends), but only has 1 notch inside instead of 2, so it does not fit in a slot of white, but it will be insert in the black slot, will that be a problem? Here's the card I bought

Another question is, the original map is not the VGA port on it, it's on the motherboard, the new card has a VGA port, can I connect my monitor to the new card and ignores that of the motherboard?

Townie2, no problem.  Thanks for the model of the computer.

The power supply unit (PSU) is 250W.  You must determine if the video card requires more power.  It is available on the manufacturer's website.

The biggest black slot is the PCI Express X 16 slot which is where the new card must be installed.  The white slots are PCI.  The little black slit is PCI Express X 1.

As I said in my original post, the new card becomes the primary video device.  You connect the monitor to it.

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  • Graphic/video card [REPLACEMENT / UPGRADE] on the desktop HP Pavilion - help

    I have the following:

    Desktop HP Pavilion Elite m9152p

    Upgrade to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (updated 11/2009)

    The video card seems to have gone out and tried the following:

    Operating system reinstallation

    Uninstalled & drivers Reinstalled & restoration

    Before attempts above, no changes had been made to software or hardware only led to the same result: the video seems to be fine, and then it crashes and hangs and doesn't eventually having a hard reboot how, the computer loads the integrated video/graphic card.

    I need to buy a replacement video/graphics card, but I'm not sure what card I need to be aware of, or that my computer can handle as a replacement and maybe a possible upgrade (not necessary) - any help in this regard would be most appreciated.

    Thank you!

    I think it's a good choice.

    The comments seem positive most of the time that the fan seems to be quiet.

    I don't know if your previous card had HDMI.

    When you install your new video card, it can disable your sound system because of the HDMI audio chip on the video card.

    If you do not lose your integrated audio system, after you install the video drivers, reboot the machine, go into BIOS, find the onboard audio setting. It can be set to Auto or disabled. Change the setting to "Enabled". Save the configuration when you have made the change and again when you exit the BIOS.

    Upon restart, you will have your on-board audio back.

    Impatience back on your part.


  • Tinton blue monitor / video card replacement

    Hi, I have a HP Pavilion a1710n Desktop PC running Windows Vista. Recently, my screen has a blue tint to it. I tried different cables and monitor and no change. Some colors are not what they should like red are black, green or brown. I read that the video may be just bad or even worse, the motherboard. My question is, can I replace the video card and install it on one of the slots? And if I could, what advice or recommendations on the replacement of the video card? Which model would work with my tour?

    Thank you, moisesrntr

    Thank you for the additional information.

    Here is a card that should work for you.  It is very difficult to find a card that requires less 400W.  The one in the link requires 300W or more.  If you don't buy it, you can use it as an example of what you need.

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  • Qosmio X 305 - Q705 video card replacement

    I need to replace my video card on a Qosmio X 305 - Q705. Wondered if he had interchangeable cards or upgraded for this. The part number is it now K000064080. I would be able to transfer the heatsink of the exsiting card to the new.

    This unit is not used for heavy gaming, so the card might even be a gradient as.

    If anyone knows if I can do this, or what would be exchange for part numbers, I'd greatly appreciate some guidance.

    Generally Exchange GPU or upgrade is not supported, and with this you are on your own. Each hardware platform as a specific design and it is designed for working properly in general so I don't think it is the good idea to do some experiments with incompatible parts.

    If there is a possibility to exchange the GPU do it with the same model.

  • video card replacement

    Hello, I have a HP Pavilion p6607c desktop computer. I bought it refurbished with a gpu Nvidia GeForce GT 220 installed. After a few months, the video card burned and began to overheat and cause the computer to freeze and blue screen. Once I got out, I realized that the integrated chipset was not working properly. I'm looking for a video card 'ok' I could do some games on, but especially older games. On 2009 and older. Video card, that he handled very well and it was a gpu with 1 GB. Any good replacements?


    I can not provide quantitative information on the way in which much better the 430 GT would be.

    I suggest that you compare on the nVidia site.

    Here is the link to the plug on the 3 cards...

    If all you need is a video card to surf the web and read email, then I'd go with the 8400 GS.

    I had two of them in HP business offices and they worked fine for my needs.


  • HP Pavilion Elite m9350f video card replacement

    Hi, I am looking to replace my stock with another direct replacement video card. I don't want to buy a new power supply or something. I want just a straight line to the top of bolt on / bolt off the coast of replacement. My stock video card is a



    * HP Pavilion Elite M9350f


    I'm not sure of other specs, but it's the card and the PC model. I see all these different specifications in the new video cards which make me confused. An advisor to a new card will be appreciated gathering.


    Thank you


    Gamboa, here is a link to the "Product information" pages for your computer: & lang = en

    This will give you all the information you need.

    Here is a link to a 9800 GT:

    XFX is a manufacturer of very high quality.  They make their cards for high range players.  Make sure you measure the space for the card and check your diet to ensure that it will support this card.

  • Pavilion Media Center m8430f Desktop video card replacement

    For about a month now my desktop computer Pavilion Media Center m8430f is at the origin of the yellow spots, blue stripes and dots to arrive on the screen then the computer hangs. Moniter is a G185h Acer which I use from 2010 when the original monitor is released.  I also get yellow wavy lines then in safe mode.

    So the thought is the video card went bad and needs replaced.  I picked up a Galaxy GeForce NVIDIA GT 610 to replace the NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT. Two questions - will be my Pavilion Media Center m8430fbe to handle this card? How could I go on install?  I checked the instructions to install a new video card, but none of them relates to my machine.

    I thank you in advance for any help or insght, you can give in this case.

    According to the specifications of your desktop PC and your new GalaxyTech video card, it should be a good fit and work without problems.

    You connected a different view to make sure that was not the view South instead of the video card prior to purchase of the video card?

    I will try to find a video for you on how to replace the map.  Fact!

    The video I found must be adapted. Your original PCI Express X 16 video card not a probably not power connector 6 pin which is described in the video, or the connector on the fan.

    The video author does not mention it, but for safety reasons, remove the power connector. Unplugging everything. Working with the PC as it does and use a table or a workbench with everything external to the offline desktop.

    How to open the case

  • Motherboard, after market video card replacement or owners of HP?

    I have a Presario SR1610NX desktop she waved, fragile, wobbly, lines (get a) on the screen.

    I tried everything, I say all reasonable to try to fix it and failed.

    Now, I try to replace some hardware to save this beast.

    If I go with replacement / without going through the integrated graphical subsystem: ATi Radeon Xpress 200

    I wonder if I can add any brand pci-e 16 x card or that HP is going to require a

    card owner (as I've seen cards with HP in the title, I hope not)?

    I could also just put in a new (mobo / motherboard / motherboard):

    I also wonder if any micro ATX mainboard may be slapped

    (of course that's all I need for system box)

    or the system (my hard drive) will not recognize anything but the original mobo?

    HP/Compaq adds or tweek the mobo, maybe something in the bios? I would like to Flash the

    BIOS from HP after installation?  I have replace mothers before but

    only on systems I've built and not on a large computer brand.

    MSI MS-7184 SOCKET 939 and Compaq calls AmethystM-GL6E.

    The same thing right?

    Anyone who has made alterations on a Compaq with material aftermaket mobo please give

    me a leg up. Thank you

    Message edited by Plattcan on 04/26/2009 12:34

    If it's right for your platform page:

    Who says that your computer was released in 2005 and was minimual material, even for the time.  If you plan to try to get this fixed with a video card, then you can go with a relatively low-end PCI-e card without any problems, but whatever it is in the nature of game would probably require a new PSU as says dmhoo29.  Light that you use onbaord graphics though, I guess you're not game.

    Change the motherboard is probably not worth it unless you can get a direct replacement for this: name of the motherboard: name card mother MS-7184 HP / Compaq: AmethystM-GL6E.    From a computer used like on EBay or a friend.  And most likely the recovery/reinstall disk for the operating system won't work and you need a retail version of XP.

    First, borrow a monitor and/or video card to a friend to see if that helps before I ask a lot of money.

  • My video card replacement


    I have a HP Pavilion m9360f desktop. My video card is listening and I need to change. What video card do you offer me? Need 2 output HDMI and video recording capabilities.

    Thank you!

    According to these specifications, it lists only as a PCIe x 16 slot.  Since it does not specify a 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 or 3.0 designation, we can assume there is a Slot 1.0 and there was no other choice at the time, it was made (manufacturing he missed as a 1.0 slot).  A 2.0 card should work in a crack of 1.0.  That is why I recommended a USB2.0 card was to avoid compatibility problems. If you want to get a card of 1.0, you can consult this list.

  • Receive the error "Windows Media Center Receiver Service stopped working and was closed" after the video card replaced

    I have a HP computer with Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) Service Pack 2.  He has a VISX PureTV tuner card and already had an NVidia GeForce 8400 graphics card.  This Setup has worked well for 2.5 years until what the graphics card died last week.  It has been replaced with an ATI Radeon HD3450 and both all Windows updates have made current.  Since that time, the TV tuner did not work.

    When you sign in to an account, it gives the error message "Windows Media Center Receiver Service stopped working and was closed".  I can use Media Center to watch the recorded video before, but if I try to watch live TV he hangs up and close Media Center.  If I try to configure the TV connection in Media Center it tells me that there is no tuner card.

    I looked at the map and see no problem and I tried it back in place.  He has the most up to date drivers (so does the new Radeon graphics btw).  I tried "Uninstall" in the Manager of devices and then put it back, but it was not good.

    "Windows Media Center Receiver Service Stopped Working and was closed" I tried all the fixes I've seen this error.

    I tried all the things I saw here and elsewhere related to this issue.  I did a "clean boot" with all non-Windows services and the disabled startup process.  He always did the same thing and gave the same mistakes.  It seems to be linked to a Windows service, and I hesitate to begin deactivation to track down.

    I ran 'sfc' in mode 'cmd' and he found no problem and none of the files to be fixed or could not fix.

    In the list of services, I changed the login for "Windows Media Center Receiver Service" to "Local System account", Local Service, Network Service and individual accounts, but no permits.

    I'm afraid I'm at the point of having to reload the Vista, but I don't know how to do this and want to avoid at all costs.  I don't have the recovery disks and software.  Is this enough?  Can I reinstall from the recovery disks without wiping everything aft of the configuratiion with which it was delivered?  I guess personal files will be OK (although I don't know this for sure), but I'm afraid I'll have to reinstall other applications, my family has developed over time and perhaps lose the media protected by DRM licenses.

    Someone has encountered anything like this or have any suggestions?

    Well, I finally stumbled into the solution.  It was caused by a conflict with another application.

    A few weeks before the card failure I had installed a program called video capture Replay Video Capture that I had bought a few months ago and never used.  However, at this time where everything including the TV tuner and Media Center worked well that's why I associate the problem with this software.  The problem comes after the system is rebooted the first time after installation.  In my case, it has not been rebooted until a few weeks later as part of the recovery of the fault of the graphics card.  Suddenly, the TV tuner did not work and I get the error messages mentioned in this title of the thread.

    I was at the end of my rope with this and was just to clean your system to do a reformat and reinstallation.  I uninstalled the Replay Videa Capture program to move it to another computer, and when you restart the computer I noticed that the error message disappeared.  Of course I went to the Media Center and could set up my TV tuner card and watch television.

    Looking for some info on this conflict, I found the following. (  It is difficult to say who is at fault in the present.  I'm sure that Microsoft accuses Applian for the encoder to mpeg ( used in Replay Video Capture, while Applian says that the problem is a Windows process (ehrec.exe) that works all the time, hogging the tuner on the system device.  According to Applian other products similar to theirs have this conflict as well due to the process of Windows.

    Fortunately, there is a solution in this case.  Applian has released a new version of Replay Video Capture (version 4.2) that uses a different mpeg encoder and eliminates the problem.  Given the surprising lack of info about it on the Microsoft Web site, I wonder how many other people with this unresolved issue dealing with the same thing as me.  If you're like me and you don't usually need to reboot your PC for a few weeks at a time, you may never know to associate the problem with the application.  What a waste countless hours trying to diagnose, and most disconcerting, that's what I was about to go through a reformat and reinstall because of this.

    Thought I'd post here my problem resolution in the hope that it might help someone else.

  • NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT video card replacement?

    I've got someone with a NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT. The fan on the card is seriously disrupted. If I had to replace the entire map (rather than just the fan), is that someone could recommend the most appropriate card? I don't want to replace it with an another 8500 since the noisy fans seem to be a common problem with them.

    The new card doesn't have to be that is much more powerful (the user will not play games), and I don't want something too powerful for the PSU, it came with.

    The PC in question is a S3400T Pavilion running Vista Home Edition (sp2 x 64).  If any other information is needed, please let me know and I'll be happy to provide. Thank you in advance.


    This looks like a popular card that works for low power slimline P/S

    Read the comments. Works with P/S is as low as 220W and reviewers state that the fan is silent.

    Comes with the profile low mounting brackets too.


  • Video card replacement :/ Screen touch 600-1370a

    Please can someone tell me (or show me where I can SEE in a diagram) if the NVidia GForce 230 graphics card is integrated in the motherboard model 1370 or separate a... There is no info on the HP site to show how to replace it in the 600-1370a which makes me think its integrated.  I reallt need help thanks


    I spoke: 600-1xxx and the touchsmart. HP and Compaq share many components except the logo, model #.

    Kind regards.

  • Desktop HP Pavilion p6-2104ed: video card - GTX 750 problems


    Recently the video card that came with my desktop pc grilled (7570 Radeon), and I bought a new GTX750.

    This because the suppliers suggested HP to the Netherlands wanted to charge me 360 euros for a video card replacement 3 years, which seems a bit silly because I can get a better one for only 100 euros.

    Unfortunately, the new video card does not work with the current BIOS. My system BIOS is from 2012 (even if the time stamp in the page of drivers before the update said his starting in 2014). It seems that, like many other HP computers this bios does not support the full uefi videocard, I bought.

    I see several options, but would like input on what way to go.

    Is there an update of compatible bios for my system other than the one on the page of the driver (who says its from 2014, but in reality is 2012)

    Otherwise, what video card would you propose that would work on my system?

    My bios version:

    BIOS version / Date FRIEND 7.16, 23/03/2012

    My now broken (except the radeon card) complete system features


    Although eachother dislikes the biosses from the video card and the desktop computer, you can still get around it by pressing alt + F10 when booting and wait about 30 seconds for 3 beeps. After that, it continues to the windows login screen.

    Thanks to


    Startup takes a little longer now, but the video card works great and has significantly improved the performance of the hour game

    Assuming that HP doesn't bother to update the bios (since they do not have 2012, about a year after the release of the desktop computer), this seems the best solution other than choosing a lesser videocard not uefi

  • Installation for the new video card will not work. Message "Hardware not detected" what's the problem?

    Windows XP Home Edition. Motherboard ASUS P4PE. (Old) NVIDIA geforce4 TI 4400 failed - video card replaced by Prowler Radeon 7000 64 MB agp (Mad Dog). The black screen with the old card and bought a new one. At out the old card and installed a new.  Start the computer and graphics were. With Nvidia drivers installed, display settings could be changed. Device, 'Monitor' Manager showed now default monitor instead of good Sony monitor. Remove all drivers video and rebooted.  Screen "new hardware found" appeared, but I couldn't get the new drivers loaded. I inserted the disc by the manufacturer, but the pilots has not can be detected. Has attempted to launch "Setup" on the disc, but received a material not found error message. Yellow mark points to "Other devices" and the hyphen "VGA Display adapters". No 'monitor' in Device Manager. Tried to turn off the windows firewall and Virus software. I tried windows update. Still have a problem. What's wrong?

    The old drivers must remove the first test pilot seeper guru3d.

    The nvidia Setup program should find the material but otherwise download the latest version of the software from their Web site.  They must be the pilot, right down to the revision number, not only the model number.

  • iPhone screen 5 - replaced battery, black. Video card fried?

    My husband iPhone 5 was not load so I replaced taxation port, which didn't work so I replaced the battery. It seems to have worked because when it is plugged in, the computer recognizes that it and he did the sound perception-, but the screen was completely black and by pressing the home screen can that Siri, so we thought that maybe the screen has been fried. I wanted to see if it was the screen that was bad, or if it was the mother board and we should just scrap it and get a new phone, so I swapped the screen with my phone. Now my screen does not work! Neither work. My screen is black but my phone still works, and I can't Siri by pressing the home screen. I guess it was because my husbands phone was always powered (but we couldn't tell) and it fried or something. I fry the video card on the motherboard? Is - something that can be fixed and if so, what parts do I need?

    The iphone has no serviceable parts by the user. You have basically destroyed two phones for something which you ought to have apple do.

Maybe you are looking for