No driver error when you include traditional DAQ in the Kit of Distribution CVI 9.0

I have a legacy code (CVI 6.0) that I wanted to update recently.  The main reason was the ability to add the device drivers for the distribution kit.  When I installed the software on a new machine, I had a driver number error when you make a call to CounterStart.  In the past that error means that I had not included support CVI when I installed traditional DAQ.  Since that it has been installed as part of a kit of distribution that I do not see what elements have been installed.  I guess that since it was listed in the framework if a distribution of CVI kit that support the CVI is automatically.  How can I get rid of not the pilot error?

Thank you




Unfortuantely, there is no way to have included in a CVI tDaq generate setup with the support of the CVI.  R & D is aware of the issue.  For now, the solution is to modify the installation of tDaq and add support for the CVI.

For more information, please see this KB.

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    You can try to fix it with Safe Mode - repeatedly press F8 as you bootup. The ADMIN account in trunk
    Mode has no default password (unless someone has changed the password so it should be available).

    Some programs such as the updated Google (if you added the toolbar Google, Chrome or Google Earth)
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    I get the following error message when you try to duplicate an instance:

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    Recovery Manager: release - Production

    Copyright (c) 1995, 2002, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

    connected to target database: HR3 (DBID = 3470722132)
    connected to the recovery catalog database
    connected to the auxiliary database: CLONE (unassembled)

    RMAN > DATABASE of TARGET in DOUBLES at THE CLONE until TIME ' TO_DATE (February 24, 2011 0:00:06).
    (0 ',' JJ-MM-AAAA HH24:MI:SS') ".

    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00558: error occurred during parsing of order entry
    RMAN-01005: syntax error: found 'clone': expected an a: 'double-quoted-string '.
    identifier, single-quoted-string ".
    RMAN-01007: 30 line 1 column file: entry standard

    Is it because I named the cloned database "CLONE", and that is a reserved word for Oracle, or is this something else that I missed?

    Thanks for any response...
    / Ronny


    Is it because I named the cloned database "CLONE", and that is a reserved word for Oracle, or is this something else that I missed?

    Fix this error related to the keyword.
    You can run into a new problem in function if your configuration is incorrect.
    (backup items available on the clone host, file systems, settings etc..)

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    When you add words to the dictionary for the text-to-speech voices, I get an error whenever I click on word reading.  I click on read Word to test the word is pronunciated way I like.  I have a serial number valid for Captivate I bought.  I already tried to uninstall and reinstall the software.  The reason main is very frustrating because some of the words in my CBT are acronyms that could be read as a Word and words that are not common in the English language, or the text to speech is not just read the words the best way.

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    "This is a demo text tts voice.

    «You don't have a file not valid verification.»  Please contact our customer service to get a valid file.

    "Your license has expired or you have a file not valid verification."

    Thanks in advance

    See the following link:

    Another thread (which I can't find now) told me this solution a few months ago.

    As a tip, once you get this market of course add you words to the TIME Kate and Paul dictionaries, even if you're only using one of them. Otherwise, for some reason, it won't work.

    Good luck


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    Log file of this...

    * Start the journal entry for the Runtime Error FDM [2008-11-07-06: 41:05] *.
    Description... Could not authenticate the specified user. %0
    Error reference number: {06CFB6AF-0B83-40DC-8E32-EBD1275318D8}
    NUM: 0x8004021a; Type: 0. DTime: 2008-07-11 06:41:05; SVR: DEV-HFM-APPS1; File: CHsxClient.cpp; Online: 2272; Worm:;
    Online: 391
    Process... clsBlockProcessor.ActConnect
    The component... upsWBlockProcessorDM
    Version...................................... 931
    Thread....................................... 4752

    User... osadashiv
    Name of the computer... DEV-HFM-APPS1
    App name... fdmapps
    Client App................................... WebClient

    Provider..................................... SQLOLEDB
    Database server...
    Name of the database... fdmapps
    Trust connect... Fake
    Connect status... Open connection

    Location..................................... Sample
    Location ID... 748
    Location Seg... 2
    Category..................................... WLCat
    ID of the category... 12
    Period....................................... Oct - 2008
    Period ID.................................... 2008-10-31
    POV Local.................................... Fake
    Language..................................... 1033
    User Level................................... 1
    All Partitions... True
    Is Auditor................................... Fake

    I put the machine, global session logon information profile, etc... and already download 2 adapters... but still getting the same error...

    Please help me...
    Thanks in advance...


    It seems that something is wrong when FDM tries to connect to HFM.

    You need to understand:
    -To connect with FDM which user are you using
    -Do you use unified or comprehensive as your method of connection (settings of integration)
    -Have you attended a user in the profile of the machine?
    -You entered a domain anywhere?

    The user you are using must have the access rights to HFM. Test it directly in the client.

    Kind regards


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    Hard drive test:
    Test your player - create a Bootable CD:
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    V JDev
    WebCenter PS4 (

    Today when I tried to re - deploy a custom workflow (no changes have been made to the workflow, it's just a test) I noticed a new error in the Ant log when performing cleaning. I've not seen this before and I am reluctant to go ahead with the deployment without knowing where it comes from. Error details:

    BuildFile: W:\ProjectConnect_Source_20120203\MortensonWebCenterSpacesExtensions\WebCenterSpacesSharedLibExtension\build.xml
    * [taskdef] could not load definitions from resource net/sf/antcontrib/ It was impossible to found.*

    *[echo] ----------------------------*
    * [echo] - cleaning deploy directory-*.
    *[echo] ----------------------------*


    *[echo] ----------------------------*
    * [echo] - update manifest file with the *.
    version of specification and implementation version
    *[echo] ----------------------------*
    * [propertyfile] property of update file: W:\ProjectConnect_Source_20120203\MortensonWebCenterSpacesExtensions\WebCenterSpacesSharedLibExtension\*
    * [propertyfile] property of update file: W:\ProjectConnect_Source_20120203\MortensonWebCenterSpacesExtensions\WebCenterSpacesSharedLibExtension\*

    W:\ProjectConnect_Source_20120203\MortensonWebCenterSpacesExtensions\WebCenterSpacesSharedLibExtension\internal-targets.XML:127: Caveat: did not find file W:\Personal\JDEV\MortensonWebCenterSpacesExtensions\WebCenterSpacesSharedLibExtension\MANIFEST. MF. TEMPL to copy.

    Total time: 0 seconds

    internal - targets.xml table of contents:
    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "US-ASCII"? >
    <! - ant buildfile generated by Oracle JDeveloper - >
    <!-generated Sep 29, 2009 23:47:41 >
    "< name of project = default"WebCenterSpacesSharedLibExtensionInternal"="init"basedir =". »
    xmlns:WLS = "Oracle.WebCenter.Tools.WLS" > "

    < Import file = ' internal - targets.xml "/ >

    ' < file property = "... / config. Properties "/ >"
    < = "" file / property >

    "< taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/ ">
    < classpath >
    < pathelement location="${}/modules/net.sf.antcontrib_1.1.0.0_1-0b2/lib/ant-contrib.jar"/ >
    < / classpath >
    < / taskdef >
    < taskdef = "ojdeploy" name
    ClassName = "Oracle.JDeveloper.deploy.ant.OJDeployAntTask"
    URI = "oraclelib:OJDeployAntTask".
    classpath="${Oracle.JDeveloper.Ant.library}"/ >

    < target name = "init" >
    < tstamp / >
    < mkdir dir = "${output.dir}" / >
    < / target >

    < target name = "clean" description = "Cleans the project" >
    < echo - > < / echo >
    Echo <>- cleaning deploy directory - < / echo >
    < echo - > < / echo >

    < remove includeemptydirs = "true" quiet = "true" >
    "< dir="${extending.spaces.home.dir}/deploy fileset "includes =" * / * "/ >
    < dir = "${output.dir fileset} ' includes =" * / * "/ >"
    < dir = "${fileset oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.dir} ' includes =" * / * "/ >"

    < dir = "${fileset extending.spaces.out.dir} ' includes =" * / * "/ >"
    "< dir="${extending.spaces.home}/classes fileset "includes =" * / * "/ >

    < / delete >
    < / target >

    < name target = 'clean-local-manifest-file.
    Description = "this goal cleans the manifesto created locally.
    properties file">
    < queue = " remove" quiet = "true" / > "
    < / target >

    < target name = "precompile".
    Description = "Specifies the version number of the manifest file" >
    < echo - > < / echo >
    Echo <>- updated the manifest file with the
    version of specification and implementation version
    -< / echo >
    < echo - > < / echo >

    <!-check if the number of restart is set in the properties file, if not
    Then set the default setting->
    < value = "${restart.implementation.version.suffix property}" name = "restartVer" / > "
    < if >
    < length string = "${restartVer}" = trim 'superior' = 'true' length = "30" / >
    < do >
    < property name = "varValeurProp" value = "1" / >
    < / may >
    < other >
    < property name = "varValeurProp" value = "${restartVer}" / >
    < / else >
    < /if >

    < if >
    <!-check if the manifest file is available->
    < queue = " available" property = "propavailable" / > "
    < do >
    < file = "" / property >
    <!-get the biggest 2 numbers, properties
    and the local-> manifest file
    < property = "${lastNumber}" name = "lastCount" / >
    < if >
    < bool >
    < isgreaterthan arg1 arg2 = "${lastCount}" = "${varValeurProp}" / >
    < / bool >
    < do >
    < property name = "valueToConsider" value = "${lastCount}" / >
    < / may >
    < other >
    < property name = "valueToConsider" value = "${varValeurProp}" / >
    < / else >
    < /if >
    < / may >
    < other >
    <!-definition of the properties file if it does not exist->
    < propertyfile file = ""
    Comment = 'Version of the application' >
    < enter key = value="${default.implementation.version}"/ "implVersion" >
    < / propertyfile >
    < property name = "valueToConsider" value = "${varValeurProp}" / >
    < / else >
    < /if >

    <! - from value incrementing the value of one - >
    < name var = "op1" value = "${valueToConsider}" / >
    < name var = "op2" value = "1" / >
    < name var = "op" value = "+" / >

    < result math = 'result' operand1 = "${op1}.
    operation = operand2 ' ${op} "=" ${op2} "datatype ="int"/ >

    <! - definition of value in the properties file - >
    < propertyfile file = "" >
    < enter key = "lastNumber" type = "int" value = "${result}" / >
    < / propertyfile >

    < file = "" / property >
    < property name = "tempManifestImpelVersion" value = "${implVersion}." ${result} "/ >"

    < propertyfile file = "" >
    < key = "enter manifest.implementation.version"
    value = "${tempManifestImpelVersion}" / >
    < / propertyfile >

    < copy file="${}/MANIFEST. MF. TEMPL.
    ToFile="${manifest.file.Directory}/manifest. MF.
    Overwrite = "true" >
    < filterset >

    < token filter = "IMPLEMENTATION_VERSION".
    value = "${tempManifestImpelVersion}" / >
    < token filter = "LibraryName".
    value="${}"/ >
    < token filter = 'CUSTOMER_NAME '.
    value = "${Customer.Name}" / >
    < / filterset >
    < / copy >

    < path id = "custom.profile.attribute.classpath" >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-crawl-spi.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-admin.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-auth-plugin.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-auth-share.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-crawl-ses.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-crawl-ucm.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-api.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-adapter.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-model.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-service-view.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-skin.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/searchlet.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/activity-streaming-model.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/security-extension.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/peopleconnections-preference-model.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/peopleconnections-profile-model.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/serviceframework.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/modules/javax.jsp_1.2.0.0_2-1.jar"/ >
    < pathelement path="${extending.spaces.home.dir}/ProfileCrawler/classes"/ >
    < / path >
    < path id = "library. JSF.1.2 ">"
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.jsf_1.2.9/glassfish.jsf_1.0.0.0_1-2-15.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.jsf_1.2.9/glassfish.jstl_1.2.0.1.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.jsf_1.2.9/javax.jsf_1.1.0.0_1-2.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.jsf_1.2.9/wls.jsf.di.jar"/ >
    < / path >
    < path id = "library.WebCenter.Common" >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/command-api.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/command-spi.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/generalsettings-model.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/lifecycle-client.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/lifecycle-model.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/lifecycle-service.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/lock-service-model.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-api.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-adapter.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/search-model.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/scope-service-model.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/security-extension.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/serviceframework.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/wc-concurrent.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.portlet.server_11.1.1/oracle-portlet-api.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.portlet.server_11.1.1/wsrp-container.jar"/ >
    < / path >
    < path id = "library. WebCenter.Spaces.Client">
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/webcenter-core-api.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/spaces-api.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.webcenter.framework_11.1.1/spaces-webservice-client.jar"/ >
    < / path >
    < path id = "library.ADF.Common.Runtime" >
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    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.security_11.1.1/adf-share-security.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.security_11.1.1/adf-controller-security.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle/modules/javax.activation_1.1.0.0_1-1.jar"/ >
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    < path id = "library. WebCenter-app-core - model .jar">
    "< pathelement location ="... /SourceFiles/lib/WebCenter-App-Core-Model.jar"/ >
    < / path >
    < path id = "library. Spaces - model .jar">
    "< pathelement location ="... /SourceFiles/lib/Spaces-Model.jar"/ >
    < / path >
    < path id = "library. "Space-model - web.jar" >
    "< pathelement location ="... /SourceFiles/lib/Spaces-Model-Web.jar"/ >
    < / path >
    < path id = "library. SDM. Runtime">
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.mds_11.1.1/mdsrt.jar"/ >
    < / path >
    < path id = "library. SDM. Runtime.Dependencies">
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.mds_11.1.1/oramds.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.share_11.1.1/adf-share-support.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.share_11.1.1/adflogginghandler.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.share.ca_11.1.1/adf-share-ca.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.share.ca_11.1.1/adf-share-base.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/modules/javax.servlet_1.0.0.0_2-5.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/modules/javax.jsp_1.2.0.0_2-1.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/wlserver_10.3/server/ext/jdbc/oracle/11g/ojdbc6_g.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/jlib/commons-cli-1.0.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.share_11.1.1/commons-el.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.share_11.1.1/jsp-el-api.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.share_11.1.1/oracle-el.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.bali.share_11.1.1/share.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.xmlef_11.1.1/xmlef.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.dms_11.1.1/dms.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle/modules/javax.activation_1.1.0.0_1-1.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.xdk_11.1.0/xml.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.xdk_11.1.0/xmlparserv2.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.javacache_11.1.1/cache.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.ucp_11.1.0.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.odl_11.1.1/ojdl.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.javatools_11.1.1/javatools-nodeps.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.jmx_11.1.1/jmxframework.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.jmx_11.1.1/jmxspi.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/modules/javax.management_1.2.1.jar"/ >
    < pathelement location="${}/modules/"/ >
    < / path >
    < path id = "classpath" >
    < path refid = "library. JSF.1.2"/ >
    < refid="library.WebCenter.Common"/ path >
    < path refid = "library. WebCenter.Spaces.Client"/ >
    < refid="library.ADF.Common.Runtime"/ path >
    < path refid = "library. WebCenter-app-core - model .jar "/ >"
    < path refid = "library. Spaces - model .jar "/ >"
    < path refid = "library. Spaces-model - web.jar "/ >"
    < path refid = "library. SDM. Runtime "/ >"
    < path refid = "library. SDM. Runtime.Dependencies "/ >"
    < refid="custom.profile.attribute.classpath"/ path >
    < / path >

    < / target >

    < target name = 'stage' description = 'Déployer JDeveloper profiles'
    function = "init, precompile" >

    < echo - > < / echo >
    < Echo > - Compling Custom WebCenterSpaces - < / echo >
    < echo - > < / echo >

    < xmlns:ora ora: ojdeploy = "oraclelib:OJDeployAntTask".
    Executable = "${Oracle.JDeveloper.ojdeploy.Path}" "
    Ora:statuslog="${Oracle.JDeveloper.deploy.dir}/ojdeploy-statuslog. XML">
    < ora: deployment >

    < name of ora: parameter = 'space '.
    value="${Oracle.JDeveloper.workspace.path}"/ >
    < name of ora: parameter = 'project '.
    value="${}"/ >
    < name of ora: parameter = "profile".
    value = "custom_webcenter_spaces_war" / >
    < name of ora: parameter = value "nocompile" = "false" / >
    < name of ora: parameter = "outputfile".
    value="${Oracle.JDeveloper.deploy.outputfile}"/ >
    < / ora: deployment >
    < / ora: ojdeploy >
    < Echo > wrote the war as follows
    location ${oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.dir}/${} < / echo >
    < mkdir dir="${oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.dir}/exploded"/ >
    < mkdir dir="${oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.dir}/exploded/${}.war"/ >
    "{< Unzip src="${oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.dir}/${}.
    dest="${Oracle.JDeveloper.deploy.dir}/exploded/${}. War "/ >"
    < / target >

    < name target = "init-wls" >
    < path id = "wls.classpath" >
    < pathelement path="${wls.home}/server/lib/weblogic.jar"/ >
    < pathelement path="${wls.home}/server/lib/xqrl.jar"/ >
    < / path >
    < taskdef = "wldeploy" classpathref = "wls.classpath" name
    ClassName="WebLogic.ant.taskdefs.Management.WLDeploy"/ >

    < / target >
    < / project >

    Published by: SethBW on February 16, 2012 12:10

    Published by: SethBW on February 16, 2012 12:11

    Do not know if has something to do with your problem, but

    [taskdef] Could not load definitions from resource net/sf/antcontrib/ It could not be found.

    points to some missing properties that can cause the error.

    You can debug the ant ( control) script and see what is exactly the problem.


  • Error when you try to play hearts: the system is out of memory. Try closing some applications and try again.

    Critical error: hearts

    When I play the game hearts, I now get a critical error. This only happens with this game. The error is: "the system has run out of memory." Try closing some applications and try again. "I have no other applications open. "Anyone encountered this? My curren operating system is Vista.


    Step 1:

    You can change the size of virtual memory and check if the problem persists following the steps from the link

    Step 2:

    Also refer to Dave_D suggestion from this link:

    Step 3:

    I also suggest you clear the game on the computer, restart the computer, then turn on the game and check its operation. Follow the link for more information:

    Turn on or off Windows features

    Hope that information was useful

  • JVM error 104: eception native error when you use json jar in the blackberry Simulator

    I'm developing an application where I have to use JSON to fill a listfield.

    I find my JSON response string and now being converted into a JSON object.

    I imported the

    and have referenced the jar JSON as a dependency file after making it a library.

    I use the JDE 4.5... How can I solve this? Thank you.

    I solved this problem by including the file given by Peter Strange at this url:

    Then, I changed the name of the package to reflect mine. This has resolved the original error.

Maybe you are looking for