No sound when don't receive the text for a single contact.

My iPhone6 does not play a sound for one of my contacts when a text is received.  Others make it sound when the text is received.  Any ideas why this happens?

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Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. After reviewing your post, I see that when you receive an SMS from a particular person, you don't get notification sounds. I use Messages every day to keep in touch with friends and family, so I know how important it is to make sure you get all your notifications and would be happy to help you!

It is possible that you cut your conversation with this person. The section "Mute conversations" in the following article will give you more details on where to control and how to enable and disable.

Use Messages with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

The information is:

Silent conversations

To no longer receive message notifications, you can cut off conversations. In the Messages, go to the conversation you want to turn off notifications for. Then click details and turn on do not disturb. When do not disturb is activated,will appear next to the conversation. This interruption of the notifications only for this conversation to message, not your device. Always you receive all messages and see notifications for them on your lock screen.

You can also cut all your conversations by turning on do not disturb in settings. Go to settings > do not disturb and tap manual or programmed. This will stop all notifications on your device.

Happy texting!

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