None of my open browsers

Whenever I try to connect to the internet, the screen pops up a window that gives me options to select the program with which I want to open my browser. The list is weird, and when I try to choose a program, nothing opens.

My laptop was fine until yesterday, when I renewed my antivirus software and installed google chrome. I don't know what happened. Even though I am connected to the internet, I can't open any file... not even control panel. Help, please.

Try to perform a system restore to a time before you had this problem.  In your present state of the non-fonctionnalite, you may need to start restoring the system according to the following procedure:

"How to start the System Restore tool by using the option of safe mode with the command prompt in Windows XP"
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  • Why none of my internet browsers work on a laptop?

    original title: why none of my internet browsers work on a laptop but they work fine on another laptop?
    OK, my laptop used to run all my browsers just find (chrome, IE, Firefox, etc), but for some reason some they just decided to stop working. I have a perfect internet connection on the laptop and everything. I know that's not the router because I have another laptop (Mac) and it works my browsers just find. Im sure it is the computer because I can not even play on multiplayer Minecraft, which requires internet. All browsers say error and all this other gibberish. I've already rewritten the hosts file typing a lot many times to know that I was not missing.
    My laptop is a Hp Pavilion dv4 Windows Vista HomePremium
    I want to know how to solve this irritating problem before that I'm just trash.  Please tell me how to solve this problem.

    Hi, Mr. embarrassed,

    Were there any changes made to the computer?

    Please report error messages in their entirety

    Have you tried a reset of the browser?  Find instructions here on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Perform a clean boot to determine if background programs interfere with your game or program



    Hi sergioBFI,

    Could if it you please let me know if you get an error when opening or other applications?

    Kind regards


  • After updating the CC apps, none of them opens.

    The Windows kept CC app listen to install the 2015 version of Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Once I finally installed updates, none of these applications open to all.

    I read on the forums that by removing the preferences file could help. I deleted it from the CC folder, and now none of the applications appear in the toolbar State CC.

    Is it possible to make contact with anyone at Adobe, plus service the customer?

    Try to clear the browser cookies/cache, and then try again.

  • None of my internet browsers work.

    There is some time, unexpectedly, Firefox and Google Chrome has stopped working. It happened after an update, but I was in a hurry, and I didn't really mind using Internet Explorer. It is now a few months later, and after installing some updates recently, including IE 8, internet Explorer no longers works. I saw that there was another update, and thought that maybe if I installed it, the problem should go away.

    Well, which did not help and I was pretty tired to work on my computer, and I thought I would just do a system restore at the time where my internet worked very well, only to discover that the only restore point should directly before my last update.

    The first thing I did was to uninstall IE 8. I know my way around a computer for most, but I'm not a very savvy tech person. I looked through the list updates that have been installed and found nothing out of the ordinary. I searched and found a few forum old posts with similar problems on other sites and after trying all suggestions (ranging from restoring the Winsock to uninstall a specific update) does not.

    I restarted the computer in Mode safe mode with network and even in Safe Mode, the problem persists. I am really at my wits end with this computer. I had to go back to using my laptop. I'd appreciate any help, and as I said, I'm not too great with computers so suggestions will probably have to be written in laymens terms.

    Thanks in advance.


    Thank you for using the Microsoft Windows Vista Forums.

    Follow the instructions below that may help you resolve the issue.

    Method 1:

    Let us try to disable the Antivirus security software and check if the problem is resolved.

    Re-enable the security software after checking the issue.

    Alternatively, you can try to disable the firewall and see if the problem is resolved.

    Re-enable the firewall after checking the issue.

    Method 2:

    Follow the instructions in the link below to perform the clean boot procedure, which could help solve the problem of the Windows movie maker.

    Step 1: Perform a clean boot

    Step 2: Enable half the services

    Step 3: Determine whether the problem returns

    Step 4: Enable half of the startup items
    Step 5: Determine whether the problem returns

    Step 6: Resolve the problem

    Step 7: Reset the computer to start as usual

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista

    After checking the problem, turn the computer back to the Normal mode.

    Uninstall or update the program that is causing the problem.

    Check whether the problem is resolved.

    Method 3:

    So that the network is working properly, let's check to see if your network services are working properly.

    1. open the Start Menu

    2 type services in the start search box and press enter

    3. click on continue in the UAC prompt

    4. search for network connections, network list Service, knowledge of network and Service of Network Store Interface locations

    5. check that the status is set to started and Startup Type is set to automatic

    6. If this is not the case then right-click the service and select start to start the service

    7. make a right-click the service and select Properties, change the startup type to automatic

    8. repeat if necessary for the services listed in step 4

    Check whether the problem is resolved.

    The problems of Internet connection:

    Please post back and let us know if it helped to solve your problem.

    Kind regards

    KarthiK TP

  • Interactive reporting error: "Server [0] error: database connection information is not Accessible." Processing is disabled "when Non-Admin users open a BQY [ID 1389849.1].

    Why this document is not really accessible?  I have a user with this issue RIGHT NOW, and I can't access the document to help.  Does anyone have the text of this document available in a place that is truly accessible?

    I was able to access only the ID research: Doc ID 1389849.1

    Good luck.

    1. connect to the workspace as an admin user.

    2. right click on the ECO, click on change permissions.

    3. Select the user/group and give at least 'see' access to the ECO. (Otherwise you can give view permission in the GLOBAL group).

    4. closing session as an administrator.

    5. connect as a nonadministrator user, open the BQY in IR web client.

    6. it opens correctly.

  • first time using flash in private browsing content opens the non-private

    I already asked this question (using firefox, 20 at the time) about 1 year. I leave a link to this thread for reference

    2 computers (a desktop and a computer laptop operating system: windows 7 and firefox 29.0.1 in both).

    Basically what is going to happen, it's that if you open a private window and then use a flash content, first time you do this, the non-private window opens. You can easily return to the overing private window right-click the firefox icon and choosing the private window. A work about already presented by jscher2000 is to have a tab with flash content before opening the private browsig.
    I raised this issue once again just to ask if there is any chance to fix this in the near future?
    Thanks a lot for any input and please accept my greetings.

    HI JoaoNT,
    Please check back with your question. It is a pleasure to help again. I understand that when you view flash content, the new window the opens the private window is no longer a private window. (forgive the verbosity)

    I'll try to replicate this >

    1. A private window open a page
    2. Right-click on one of the videos suggested to open in a new tab.

    Results: It is opened in a new private window.

    An other stepsbased in the stages of the adobe bug
    (note I have updated to 12 and will also try that in 13)

    1. Open the test page
    2. Right click on the first result
    3. Choose the option "open in a new window of private".

    Results: see private window to the top.

    It seems good, what version of Flash are you using? I don't have a Netscape or other plugins, if these are disabled if the issue persists. (Most likely it will not make a difference)

  • the Telegraph .uk (for example) Web site opens, but none of the articles will open

    I have sent the last site of Telegraph from my windows live mail account. The site comes back (open) okay but when I click on different articles, none of them opens - the circle going round and round and round.
    There is nothing wrong with the site; I opened the site with another computer (which also uses Mozilla) and the individal articles open in a Flash.

    I solved this problem by reinstalling firefox

  • Windows 8 says it is connected to the Internet, but none of the browsers can access a Web site.

    Windows 8 worked well without problems.  So I think some updates were automatically installed and now none of the 3 browsers work.  Network utilities show always the computer is connected to the internet, but the speed tests it does not at all.  Our other computer with Windows 8 ceased to be able to access the internet at the same time.

    I tried to restore to a previous restore point, but it is still not possible to access the internet.

    Thank you!

    After making back all Microsoft updates and spend 4 hours on the line with the support of Microsoft, we have reduced to eSet having a service that forbade access to the internet, even if we have disabled the firewall.  Stopping this service restored internet access.

    eSet has been marked as compatible on different Web sites, but check on eSet they revealed there are questions.

    Initially things worked but eSet must have updated something that caused problems.

  • A boring song plays whenever I open a new tab

    Hi, I have a problem where whenever I open a new tab in firefox a boring song is playing (for about 7 seconds) and I have no idea what is the cause, I looked through my plugins and I do not see those who would force the latter. Is there a way I can manually disable this? It is so annoying, I'm ready to move from browsers because of this, but I won't because I love firefox!

    Do you use the page new tab with tiles?

    I guess that if: you've certainly visited before a Web site with a song that is played automatically. This site is registered under the most visited and it is displayed as a tile on the page tab.

    Website tiles are preloaded as a classic site in a tab, so if there is music, you listen to this music.

    To correct this, several ways (the first is the more "non-destructive"):

    • Open each site on your new tab page until you find the 'guilty' tile, then click the small cross at the top right of the tile
    • Hide the tiles on your page in new tab
    • Clear recent history

    More information in this article to support: show or hide the tiles in a new tab

  • Yahoo has taken control of my browsers :(


    While Yahoo took my safari and google chrome, and I can't seem to be able to get back them. I tried to go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions, but there is no delete extensions. In addition, every time I change my browsers, yahoo returns. I got Yahoo when I received a notice saying that my Adobe Flash Player is out of date. Can someone help me? I'm desperate

    Thank you!

    You may have installed ad-injecting malicious software ("adware").

    Do not use any type of product, "anti-virus" or "anti-malware" on a Mac. It is never necessary for her, and relying on it for protection makes you more vulnerable to attacks, not less.

    Some of the most common types of adware can be removed by following the instructions from Apple.

    If you are not already running the latest version of Mac OS X ("El Capitan"), update or upgrade in the App Store you could adware to automatically remove. Save all data before taking this action. If you are already using the latest version of El Capitan, you can still download the current update of the Apple Support downloads page and run it. Still, some types of malware will be deleted. That's all you need to do in withdrawal may be, but you will still need to make changes to the way you use your computer to protect you from new attacks.

    If the steps above do not work for you, see below.

    This simple procedure to detect any type of adware that I know. Disabling is a procedure distinct and better still.

    Some legitimate software is funded by advertising and may display advertisements in its own windows or in a web browser while it is running. It's not malware and it may not appear. In addition, some Web sites display advertising intrusive popup that can be confused with adware.

    If none of your web browsers work well enough to carry out these instructions, restart the computer in safe mode. Allows to temporarily disable the malware.

    Step 1

    Please triple - click on the line below on this page to select it, and then copy the text to the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination:


    In the Finder, select

    Go ▹ go to the folder...

    from the menu bar and paste it into the box that opens by pressing command + v press return. Open a folder named "LaunchAgents", or you will get a notice stating that the file cannot be found. If the file is not found, proceed to the next step.

    If the folder opens, press the combination of keys command-2 to select the display of the list, if it is not already selected. Please don't skip this step.

    There should be a column in the update Finder window. Click this title two times to sort the content by date with the most recent at the top. If necessary, enlarge the window so that all the content show.

    Follow the instructions in this support article under the heading "take a screenshot of a window." An image file with a name starting in 'Screenshot' should be saved to the desktop. Open the capture screen and make sure it is readable. If this isn't the case, capture a small part of the screen indicating that what needs to be shown.

    Start a reply to this message. Drag the image file in the editing window downloading. Alternatively, you can include text in the response.

    Leave the case open for now.

    Step 2

    Do as in step 1 with this line:


    The record which can open up will have the same name but is not the same as in step 1. In this step, the folder does not exist.

    Step 3

    Repeat with this line:


    This time the file will be called "LaunchDaemons."

    Step 4

    Open Safari preferences window and select the tab 'Extensions'. If the extensions are listed, post a screenshot. If there are no extensions, or if you cannot launch Safari, skip this step.

    Step 5

    If you use Firefox or Chrome browser, open the list of extensions and do as in step 4.

  • three times I've asked for help, I can't open my attachments. I tried the safe mode, without change. Help!

    I saw someone ask a similar question. I tried in safe mode, no luck. I have an attachment with a PDF, PPS or LSH. None can be opened. Hitting the room attached, says it is scanning, action can save on my computer, then no further. Where does go and why I can't open it?

    You can disable Firefox integration with an attachment security feature Windows. That is not ideal from a safety point of view, but it could solve the problem in the short term so that you find out what is the cause. Check out this recent thread: downloaded files immediately to disappear at the end.

  • Dialog file open Firefox "which is a:" said 'SQL file' with all the files.

    Since I installed PostgreSQL on my Windows 7 PC, all files in Firefox by default SQL or add a ".sql". For example: if I download a javascript file, the saved file is "jquery.js.sql" in the downloads directory. None of my other browsers, only firefox. I did a reset complete and uninstalled/reinstalled and this problem persists. None of my plug-ins are enabled and I only firebug as an extension. How can I solve this problem?

    Try to delete the mimeTypes.rdf file in the Firefox profile folder to reset all the actions file.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:

    • Help > troubleshooting information > profile directory: see file
  • Unable to open Web sites after updating iOS 9.3

    Updated for iOS 9.3 and now find that I can not open all websites from the list put grew to safari. It looks okay and provides a list if Web sites, but none of them opens. All solutions?

    You must wait until a fix is available at Apple.

  • Could not open the xls for some reason any

    When I try to open a XLS file with numbers 3.6.1 I get the error message ' cannot be opened for some reason any. "

    I tried to change the type of file csv and txt but neither technique gives readable results.

    I also tried to fix HD Mac (in fact a SSD) with disk utility and reboot, but that did not help either.



    Hi Dick,

    Change the extension (.csv or .txt) is not any change in the type of file.

    Assuming that, since you posted in the numbers for the Mac community and state what version 3.6.1 a number you're on a Mac (and not using iOS 8 on your iPad), you can try opening the file using LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice. Both are free to download and use. If none of them opens the file, it is probably corrupted. If they can open the file, there may be a compatibility problem between this file and the numbers. Try registering LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice (like a MS Excel file), then try opening thaat version saved in number.

    Kind regards


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    Message box: Made it troubleshooting cannot continue because an error has occurred. We're sorry, but we encountered a problem of enexpected one or several upload components and can not run troubleshooting right now.  Please try again later.

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