Number of characters in the title and description standard?

This may seem like a strange question, but I want to learn how to write better titles and view descriptions. I want as little of the title and description to be as truncated as possible.

Currently, most of my episodes watch only about 17 characters in the title, but some shows were up to 40 characters showing their title until it is truncated.

No idea why there is a difference and what I can do to get as many characters / words showing as other shows?

My show is Let's Talk Tech and an example of one with longer titles is stuff you need to know.

Thank you.


In the iTunes Store there seems to be plenty of room for the main title. However, the episode titles get truncated if you reduce the width of the window. The column 'Description' (filled by the tag "itunes:subtitle") does not have a lot of space and you must keep the captions as short as possible. 'itunes:summary' tags can be quite long because the secondary window that opens to show them scrolls if necessary.

When you subscribe in iTunes, the user can adjust the widths of the title and descriptions based on himself, so there is no prediction on the size. Once again, the content of the "itunes" Summary "tag can be quite long.

It is best to keep the short titles - I have seen podcasts with a title that includes what is actually a sub-title, and it seems a bit ridiculous. people tend to write the tags "itunes:subtitle" long enough and is not a good idea because they will definitely get truncated.

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    [with [ param =[, =...]]]

    [[fixparam =[,...]]]

    create the subsystem named for

    subsystem with = [,...]

    Shelf also has an example of creation of subsystem that doesn't include no description, name and first name:

    In this case I suggest that allows you to create a ticket on My Oracle Support to confirm this srvrmgr does not support the creation of a new subsystem with the full name and description settings and request an enhancement for these settings include request in create statement for new subsystems when using srvrmgr.

    It will be useful,


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    This question in the faq can help -


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