OfficeJet Pro 8610: Scan photos Officejet Pro 8610

How better to analyze photos w OfficeJet Pro 8610

I saw on YouTube there is a possibility to configure settings on app scan to detect the sizes photo placed on the glass and also scan several photos.  I can't find these settings when I open my scanning application

Note: downloaded the web driver and have not installed the disk due to the lack of hard drive on my MacBook Pro.


found the answer to my own question - Apple - printers scanner system preferences control settings - NOT of HP scanning App

Took 2 hours but bat pay $ 99 for the one-time support of HP

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  • Can't scan photo

    I have Photosmart 60610 with Mac Book Pro with OSX 10.7.5.  Can scan the document to the printer computer using the control panel (.pdf porduces, but cannot scan photos?)

    I recommend scanning your Mac using Capture of Image (it is in your Applications folder).

    Open the application, choose your scanner on the left side, click Show details on the background.

  • C4780 all-in - one HP printer - Hung in scanning, Photo, copy state - can't print

    Somewhere, I am in a State where "Scan, Photo, copy" lit.  Recycling power does not consider out of the State. Button cancel-X and the 'Back' button are not lit.  I feel in queue to the top, jon, but cannot print until I get out of this mode.  Recycling power does not help.  I don't want to scan, Photo or copy.  How can I get out of this mode?  Help, please.

    OS: windows 7 Pro
    Printer: C4780

    Disconnect the power supply to the back of the printer and the wall.  Wait 2 minutes, plug it all back in and turn on.

  • How to scan photos from printer to PC?

    Computer home just brought a new HP and want to scan photos on my HP 6600 printer on computer.  I connected them by cable instead of using wireless.  What is the sequence to scan a picture on the screen of the printer to the computer image file?

    Manual of the printer, not the computer. The entire process is managed by the printer via the software installed on the PC.

    Here is a link to the manual, if your HP6600 is a series of OfficeJet all-in-one:>

    Chapter 3 covers the functions of scanning.

    SC Tom

  • PES 11, divide scanned Photos is not active

    I scanned a number of photos and when I went in editor > images and divide scanned photos was not an active choice.  It's on the menu, but I couldn't select it.  I scanned a few times to register defining images at an angle just to be sure, it could be detected.  He used to work in PSE 9

    I use a HP office jet Pro 8600 premium.

    OS is windows 7

    You are in expert mode? Many of these detailed features is only available in Expert Mode. Please click on "Expert" tab and see if the menu option is enabled. "

    Thank you


  • scanning photos on my mac to my hp photosmart C6380

    Why can't scan photos on my Mac after I installed upgrading Lion?

    Hello dzn4u

    Unfortunately the Lion uses different drivers than the previous version of Mac OS x. The following article should help you to re - install your printer and get it in working order.

    OS X 10.7 Lion: install and use the printer with Lion

  • My Windows Photo Gallery has incorrect time for good that my computer is correct. I know how to change the time, but wanted the exact time is displayed automatically when you scan photos etc as before.

    Time is incorrect in Windows Photo Gallery and I would like to do this automatically scanned early for photos instead of my change time.

    Hi Sardai,

    Unfortunately, this information is not always accurate. If you took some of your pictures in a different time zone, for example, the time recorded for these pictures could be incorrect by several hours. The camera can also be set to the wrong date and time. Or, if you're scanning photos, ta date will reflect the date that they have been digitized, not the date on which they were taken. All these anomalies can be adjusted manually.

    To change the date or time

    1. open Windows Photo Gallery by clicking on the Start button, all programs, and then clicking Windows Photo Gallery.

    2. If you do not see the details on the side of the window pane, click information on the toolbar to display it.

    3. click on the image you want to change.

    1. to select more than one picture, hold down the CTRL and click each picture you want to change.

    4. click on the date at the top of the details pane.

    5. click on the arrow next to the date and then click the correct date on the calendar.

    6. click on the time at the top of the details pane.

    7. Select the correct time.


    To adjust the time for pictures taken in a different time zone

    1. open Windows Photo Gallery by clicking on the Start button, all programs, and then clicking Windows Photo Gallery.

    2. right click on the image you want to change and then click on change time taken.

    To select more than one picture, hold down the CTRL and click each picture you want to change, and then click a picture when you are done.

    3. in the change to box, type the number of hours to change, or click the up or down arrow to select the number of hours. To make the new start time, type a minus sign (-) before the number.

    For more information, see the link below:

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How to scan photos & slides of canon 4350d to windows vista edition Home premium

    How to scan photos & slides of canon 4350d to windows vista edition Home premium


    Go to the link below canon and are looking for a manual to download for your model on how to use it

  • How Scan photos using the printer and save it in the Gallery of photos from the computer?

    Original title: scan photos

    How can I Scan photos to my printer and place then in my Gallery of photos in my computer?

    Hi Joseph,.

    Please let us know the make and model of the printer you have.

    The method of image digitization and its related settings differs from one printer to another. So, I suggest you consult articles guide you may have received with your printer when you bought. If you are unable to find all the details in the article of guide, it would be best to contact your Technical Support of the printer for assistance on this.

    You can publish all your queries related to Windows on Microsoft Community Forums and we will be happy to help you.

  • How can you stopPhotoshop CC2015 access denied when you try to scan photos?

    How to stop Photoshop CC2015 of access denied when you try to scan photos? I had to resort to the application of the C6. Was able to use the CC2015 until tonight.

    Have you tried restarting your scanner and restarting your PC?

  • How to re - assemble two halves of a large scanned photo to create the original image in CS3

    How to re - assemble two halves of a large scanned photo to create the original image in CS3

    Here's a nice video that might help you assemble your photos!

  • Location of the scanned Photos


    I was analyzing a number of photos in PSE7. In the initial dialog (ctrl + U) I go to the location that I want the files sauvΘs. However when I scan a photo PES says it cannot import the photo because there exisists in the catalog... and it already gives the location: (c:\users...\temp\PSAlbumimport), which is not the location I specified.

    I can let the program ofc save files where it wants and then move them to where I want to that they but clearly something is on the location I was riding. Can someone tell me what to do about this please?

    Thank you


    By default, PSE has save scanned photos to the location specified in the preferences, i.e.

    Preferences-> scan-> files.

    Navigate to this location. You can find the files analyzed in this place.

    ~ Sourabh

  • OfficeJet Pro L7590 AIO - using ADF for scanning Photos stack

    I've seen other posts along this line, but they have not answered my question.  I want to put a stack of photos in the ADF Document (CAD) and have them automatically scanned in separate JPG files.  I have not been able to get this working. Actually, I can't get the scan function to accept any document in the ADF.  I loaded an image in the ADF and click the scan button on the L7590 only whether scan the empty dish without pulling the photo.  I got the same result when I used the HP Solution Center software.   Seems like the L7590 should be able to do this... I just can't figure how to make it work.  I really don't want to load the dish with one or several photos at once.  One of the main reasons I bought the L7590 was to replace an old scanner with flat SCSI HP autonomous because she didn't have a document feeder.

    PS - I know that the ADF works because I made copies of a document multi-page placed in the ADF.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

    Hey DexterM,

    I solved my problem!  I think it was a pork/configuration installation/CPU issue.   I thought that my call to the HP support line a few days he's solved a unrecoverable Setup error (Error 1335 if you are interested), but given the other problems I saw, I decided to remove all the programs and re-install.  After copying the installer on my drive hard vs installation from the CD, I was able to go beyond the fatal mistake and seemed to all software installs successfully.

    Then, after you fix pork CPU issue the HP solution Center Software ran quickly and I was able to set the parameters of configuration of scanner for the first time.

    This allowed me to enter the help of scanner manual (the manual supplied with the scanner is very rudimentary) and I was able to get the correct configurations.  I then tested with 3 photos in the ADF and it worked - put each photo in its own file.  Woo Hoo!

    Thanks for your help and I hope that this thread will help others - IT IS POSSIBLE to SCAN MULTIPLE PHOTOS INTO SEPARATE FILES VIA THE ADF!


  • OfficeJet 6210 can scan photo but does not in the area of the image.

    I ran the HP test and he fails to analysis, followed the instructions, but still did not work. Software uninstalled/reinstalled same question.

    Windows XP, the scan doctor. I loaded the software on another computer, and everything works OK. I have a feeling that something in windows got screwed up, so I need to find that my copy to restore the window. They I'll reinstall the HP printer with the latest software, Thx

  • 6520 HP scan the docs of color like B & W a MacBook - PDF & color scanned photo docs are fragmented

    I have a HP Photosmart 6520 all-in-one printer/scanner/copier... I use a MacBook Pro, which has Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.2. I've linked the 6520 wireless via a "n" wireless TP Link ADSL2 modem/router.

    I scan a document of color for the MBP, using 6520 display panel, if I choose (in the settings) "Scan Type > Document (PDF)", the result is a PDF black & - not white. I would have thought that he would transmit the color scanner. It never occurred to ask me about it when I bought the camera.

    If, on the contrary, for the same color paper, I select "Scan Type > Photo (JPEG)" the result is more "fragmented".jpeg files, each showing only a small element of the scanned rather than see the page as a feature complete in a single file (but they come out in color!).

    I'm something wrong or missing something? Is B & W PDF standard? How can I force a color document can be completely copied into a .jpeg file? Once more, any advice will be accepted with gratitude.

    The workflow default scanning set up to scan documents in black and white. Be sure to change the settings for scanning to scan color documents:

    1 open the HP utility and select your device.
    2. based on Scan Settings open the "Scan to Computer".
    3. click on the tab scan tasks.
    4. Select the affected PDF shortcut and click on change... (or double-click on the shortcut).
    5. in the section of scanning from an HP device, click the blue triangle or button view details to expand the menu.
    6. in the expanded menu now, open the drop-down next to the Mode
    7. now select the color option, and then click OK to save the changes. The next scanned using this workflow is displayed in color.

    In addition the default workflow analysis configured to identify the bigoted elements. Be sure to change the scanning settings to not crop the area swept as follows:

    1 open the HP utility and select your device.
    2. based on Scan Settings open the "Scan to Computer".
    3. click on the tab "scan tasks.
    4. Select the shortcut to Scan JPG allows to analyze, and then click on edit.
    5. in the section of scanning from an HP device, click the blue triangle or button view details to expand the menu.
    6. in the expanded menu now, open the drop down next to cultures in and set as none.
    7. click OK and try to scan the image.

    Kind regards

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