on the laptop battery

Sir I m using windows 10, my question is that windows 10 consumes more battery than windows 8.1.



If you upgraded to W10, you will see an increase in the speed at which your battery drains.

This can help decrease the speed at which the battery drains.



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  • (Redirected) Power adapter green light turns off when the laptop battery is plugged into the laptop and does not load.

    Power adapter green light turns off when the laptop battery is plugged into the laptop and will not charge; If the laptop battery is not plugged into the laptop adapter it's still green and will charge the laptop.

    As you have a laptop, better make this laptop in the computer Forum post here:


    Tip: when you post a message, preferable to always include the computer model.


  • is it harmful to the laptop battery to turn on the AC for a long time?


    Thank you for reading my post.

    Is - harmful to the laptop battery if I put the phone on during a long period on the current?

    Thank you


    the answer is not simple.

    The Lenovo powermanager should do the job for you.

    Maybe you are able to load automatic loading in settings powermanager.

    I Don t know if the option in the new versions of powermanager is chosen as standard.

    Maybe it isn´t a switch or a checkbox, causing the Manager already does.

    But it won´t affect your battery when you leave it plugged in AC.

  • Performance of the laptop battery Satellite A-80-127

    It's a shame to say that the battery of Toshiba Satellite - 80 Notebook in the 6th month of purchase has become quite dead and does not now charge after the use of the battery with the appropriate guidelines.

    With no service center in India, it is simply impossible for me to repair my laptop. Please let me know what I can do to get the status of valid guarantee and get my handy laptop battery.

    Hi Satya

    Well, I put t know how you used the battery, but the fact is that it is very important to remove the battery from the device if the power adapter is plugged.
    But if the battery has a fault warranty covers all replacements.
    I found many partners Toshiba Service in India. You should check this link:

    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com--> supported downloads &--> find an authorized Service.
    There you can check Asia. You will find a large number of contacts.

    Good bye

  • Question about the laptop battery and satellite L510

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L510 and find the battery moves a bit - like 2mm so be it.
    It is on the edge of the laptop, I suppose, but I was wondering if there should be no movement at all?


    On my two laptops from Toshiba battery cannot be moved, but the battery is locked and cannot be moved or deleted.
    Your laptop satellite battery is too locked?

    By the way: when you use the notebook on the desk, this movement is irrelevant and cannot have a negative influence on the power supply for computer laptop battery s.

  • How to remove the laptop battery?


    My question seems a little odd, isn't it? I bought a HP Pavilion dv7-1285DX two months ago. I don't know how to remove the battery from the laptop! Sounds crazy, I use HP laptop for 5 years, but I could not understand how the hell should I take the battery from this new guy! Could someone please tell me what to do. If you know how to do it please show it with a photo or something, or set up a website or video or something.
    Thank you and all comments are appreciated.


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    Follow these steps: -.


    Before you begin any Setup or uninstall procedure:

    1 shut down the computer. If you do not know if the

    computer is turned off or in hibernation, turn on the computer.

    and then stop it through the operating system.

    2. disconnect all the external devices connected to the computer.

    3. disconnect the power cord.

    4. remove the battery by following these steps:

    a. turn the computer upside down with the front

    towards you.

    b. drag and hold the 1 battery release latch to the left.

    (Disengage the front edge of the battery of)

    the computer).

    c. lift the front edge of the battery 2 and bring her back.

    d. remove the battery.


    Reverse the above procedure to install the battery.

  • can I leave the laptop battery connected to ca all the time?

    I leave the battery plugged all time ogical?

    If you leave the power adapter plugged with the laptop turned off, it will draw a very small load of maintenance with the adapter, not enough to cause any damage. Electricity requires a complete circuit and if the laptop is not attracting a lot of power, the adapter does not work hard. This logic we would unplug a desktop computer, even when the computer is turned off, so the internal power supply would last longer. Not necessary, and no one does.

  • Mistake to replace the laptop battery HP Pavilion DV42161nr/entertainment

    When I start my PC, I get an error message that the battery is very low and must be replaced.

    Also I am not able to run my laptop without power cable.

    Please answer.

    It seems to me that you have a defective battery.

    There should be an icon in the 'System Tray', which, once selected warns talk you about the State of the battery and if he is in charge.

    When selecting this icon and you are informed that the battery it will also give you a % of the battery charge State.

    So, when you remove the laptop from the charging unit and this icon shows 'BATTERY LOW '.

    Solution would be to replace the batteries.

    Hope this helps

  • The laptop battery maintenance: conflicting advice in the Knowledge Base?

    According to article MSW700073, taking care of your laptop batteryKnowledge Base, you should:

    "Use your battery to keep it cool. Don't let your computer permanently connected. It's a good idea to discharge and then recharge your laptop battery once a month. In addition, you should let your battery run before that recharge you it. »

    On the other hand, article Specifies how is battery meter? (no number; emphasis added):

    "Most laptops use lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Like most batteries, lithium-ion batteries gradually lose their ability to store energy as they get older, whether or not charge you. Over time, this change in storage capacity significantly affects the accuracy of the battery meter. If frequently drain you a lithium-ion battery, and then recharge it, it can quickly lose its ability to hold a charge, which affects the accuracy of the battery meter. The practice of completely draining the battery and then full charge is recommended which applied to batteries nickel-cadmium (NiCd) and, to a lesser extent, the nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries. Lithium-ion batteries last longer if you charge them often, a little at a time, to maintain a minimum load of about 40 percent capacity.

    These statements seem contradictory.  Which is correct? If they are really contradictory, how do you get the incorrect an answer key?

    Thank you

    Yes, it is true that computer end up by losing their properties, but they are still ok, it's a good idea to 'exercise' the battery now and again...

  • information about the laptop battery

    My acer aspire one laptop needs a new battery, but there are so many things that I see, it becomes conbfusing.  Like um08B32, KAV10, sanyo Li-ion cell is, etc, etc, I don't want to order the wrong.  I want to do it right the 1st time.  Can someone help me?  Thank you.

    You need to ask Acer, that there is not much support for a Microsoft (in this case) can do on hardware from another company.

  • How to remove the laptop battery Acer Aspire E - 15

    There is no lock on the new laptop Acer Aspire E-15.

    How the hell is the battery?

    Is this one like yours? If this isn't the case, give me the full model number.


  • recharge the laptop battery via USB

    I'm going to take a long flight (10 hours) and want to use my 2 want my eReader than him. Is it is possible to recharge the battery using a USB cable?

    # Power USB is not sufficient and does not run power from a usb port to recharge the battery. There may be an adapter for aircraft available for your laptop or you can use a converter of airline.


    Flights of this length will be taken of airpower available seats, and this kind of adapter allows you to use your regular AC adapter.

  • Replace the internal laptop battery

    Hi all

    I have a Compaq Presario CQ56 and at startup, I see the mistake of battery internal (601).

    I tested the battery and the test failed, so I need to change the internal battery of my laptop.

    Is there a guide to disassemble the laptop?

    Thank you


    You don't need to disassemble the laptop - battery which is broken is the one that clips into the base.  For more information, post back with the complete model number and your cell phone Nr - see here for a guide to the location of such information.

    DP - K

  • Pavilion dv6 2170 clock problem after replacing the CMOS battery

    Hello world. Sorry for my bad likely English

    OK, so the problem started since I changed my laptop CMOS battery. and to be honest it wasn't whit any problem the clock when I replaced it but I if this may be the cause of another problem that later I figuered what the problem was because of the RAM.

    in any case, I changed the Rams and this problem has been resolved. I just set the clock of the BIOS and rebooted the system. After awhile I figuered that windows clock is not fair. I restarted again and saw the BIOS clock. It has been reset for 2009! even when the laptop battery and power supply are attached the BIOS and windows continues to change clock! I even changed my windows and I replaced the CMOS battery with the former, but nothing helped. It seems really strange, but I don't think it's maybe a hardware problem there a driver or something for the CMOS battery... need your help! Thank you!

    You mentioned that the BIOS has been reset for 2009? This means that there is a problem with the current or any leak and the BIOS has been "reset" back at the root of the plant. I'm afraid you have shorted something when you changed the battery not be grounded.

    Worst case is that there is physical damage to your motherboard and there is nothing you can do about it, probably broken a capacitor - who cannot hold a charge to prevent the reset of the BIOS clock.

    However, you can try this.

    Completely, unplug your computer, remove the laptop battery, etc... Then browse 'Guide' your computer for the "hard physical reset" for your CMOS. I don't know what it's like on a laptop, I only did it on desktop with riders. Be sure to follow the directions precisely.

    -Make sure you are properly grounded. touch the metal parts that is grouned before touching anything on your computer.
    -the hard reset should be done for at least 30 seconds, this ensures that the power is completely served the system. Then you can set this back.

    Try this a couple of times, first without removing the CMOS battery and 2nd time after remove CMOS battery and placing it in.

    Good luck.

    BTW, you can also try running without your new memories (if there is more than 1 stick, try them separately). In fact, I would probably try first before doing a hard reset CMOS. The reason why I didn't say earlier, it's because I have assumed that you already tried this.

  • laptop battery indicator always flashes


    Why did the laptop battery indicator is always green / orange flashing?

    is there any solution outside the battery failure?

    Thank you



    Please contact the Team Support from Dell. They should be able to help you.

    See the link.


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