Original hardrive replacement for one ssd

I have a laptop of HP Envy J153CL 17. What upgrade of the disk ssd should I use to replace the rather pedestrian original? 1 TB is installed. The operating system is Windows 8.1. Thanks, Harvey


Your laptop can actually take two full-sized 2.5 inch wide hard. You can move the original spinner disc 1 to the second slot and move an SSD in the first slot. WLL you need a second drive hard caddy and cables like this:


For an SSD, I recommend the Samsung 840 Evo:


There are links on the page from newegg for all sizes of 128gig at 1 to. What you buy depends on your budget, but I suggest that you get at least a record of 256 gigabytes. If you need assistance with the migration/cloning software let us know.

Installation video:


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  • Pavilion 15-ab057nr: How can I change for one SSD HARD drive and update my RAM?

    Hi, I would like to change the hard drive of my computer (Pavilion 15-ab057nr) for one ssd and also add another module of RAM. The problem is that I've never opened a laptop before, and I don't know where to start, or what should I do after I opened the computer. I don't know if anyone could help me by giving me a guide on how to perform these upgrades, every little detail would be useful. Thank you.

    Hi @IYMF,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community!

    I stumbled upon your post on the HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab057nr and tried to help you! I looked in your question about upgrading the internal hardware. I understand that you are looking to upgrade your hard drive to a Solid State Drive, as well as adding another module of RAM.

    Here is a link to your Service Manual. You can find the specifications for compatible discs on page 49. Please note that this laptop model doesn't support that type hybrid Solid State Drives.

    Maintenance manual, page 55, there will be a list of the size of RAM supported, but also a guide on the replacement of the RAM. Up to 16 GB of RAM may be supported in a 8GB x 2 configuration.

    On pages 46 to 50 of your maintenance manual, you will find instructions on how to remove the rear panel of the laptop, as well as, instructions on the removal of the original hard drive.

    I also found this Vidéo Guide giving visual aid on the replacement of the hard disk. The model of laptop in the video is not exactly the same as the model that you have, but it can provide assistance, however.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking on the Thumbs Up below! .

    Thank you.

  • How can I open an HP Pavilion 11 360 to change the HD for one SSD!


    I want to replace my hard drive on my HP Pavilion 11 360 to a HD for one SSD!

    I have removed all screws at the back and could lose the ofalluminum keyboard (away from the screenside) underside of the red plastic by pushing through the screw holes. But the side with the display of all stucks because there are still some screws in place. Are there screws hidden somewhere or is there a Nicolas how to open on the side of the screen?

    Thanks for the help!


    There is no accessible parts of client to be removed and replaced.

    Here is the link to the service manual if you not him have not read...


    Hard Drive R & R procedures are in Chapter 5 beginning on page 36.

    You have cancelled the guarantee of your actions.

  • For one SSD HARD drive swapping

    Permutation of my HARD for one SSD drive

    Dear people;

    I recently bought a Dell SSD to swap with my HDD on my Studio 1558, Windows 7, 64-bit failure.

    What I needed to know, is the image of the system will be enough to transfer all files and program, so the OS on the SSD. As much free disk space is concerned, I have more than enough to copy on.

    I am concerned about Microsoft not to validate the transfer of Windows 7? I also have an OS drive that Dell sent me. Wouldn't be better to use it instead of the image of the system?

    I thought that I would make sure I do that when the hour comes-any day now.

    Thanks for your time.


    You must install windows from the installation media, and then reinstall all your programs and files. System images are only to reinstall on the same disk or a disk of size even. There is no problem with the license. This isn't for the computer hard drive. Reactivation should not be a problem, but you might have to talk to a person to explain the replacement of disc.

  • Laptop: how to make my laptop for one SSD

    Hey everybody,

    I would spend my hard drive of the laptop to an SSD, what are some of the things that I should look for to upgrade successfully, and this may affect my 10 Windows license?

    Thank you


    For some people, upgrade a laptop to an SSD can be like diving into the deep end of a pool.

    An SSD upgrade may involve extensive disassembly of your laptop, depending on the model.

    Some models have hard disks that are easier to access than others.

    There are the small, but important detail involving accepting the risk of damaging your computer laptop and breach of warranty.

    You will need to decide if you want to migrate your operating system to the new SSD or perform a new installation of Windows.

    If you have already upgraded the operating system of the Windows 10 laptop, your laptop will have a digital entitlement on license of Windows servers.

    It's the new Microsoft license model that makes a continuous activation of the operating system.

    As part of the installation where you see a box to put the 25 character license activation key, there is a link below that says, I don't have a key.

    That's what you need to click to continue installation.

    The type of SSD that will be compatible with your laptop depends on some things.

    The first is how your laptop comes to market.

    The second is that your laptop is an entry level or a top model with advanced features.

    The third is based on these interfaces on the card system of your laptop.

    Your laptop may have only SATA ports or it may also have an m2 or a mini PCIe connector.

    Older notebooks (before 2009) will have only 2.5 possible SATA SSD products as an SSD upgrade option.

    It is also dependent on the interface this SSD on your laptop system board and the type of memory and the controller from that your laptop is compatible.

    Which can be determined in several ways.

    The easiest way I know is to take the guesswork out of the purchase of upgrade.

    Which can be done using the information for one SSD manufacturer whose reputation is based on the provision of accurate information to potential customers.

    Check online on the Web from Crucial.com website to see what they offer as guaranteed products compatible SSD for your notebook.

    With the newer models which are eventually provided with SSD, the Maintenance and Service of Guide disks for each laptop will usually specify what memory and type of SSD drive is compatible.

    The Service Guide which has this information and maintenance lies in the support for your laptop computer portal in the section user guide.

    Use the product number of your laptop + support as keywords in a Google or other search engine search for the portal.

    Memory Crucial site is a great place to find compatible SSD products for your laptop.


    Should what brand of SSD I consider? Take a look at the following article.


    Types of memory SSD

    Some portable model year 2015 and current high-end and ultrabooks are compatible with SSD NVMe m2.

    They are currently the fastest type of the available SSD.

    This is the, M.2 compatible computers laptops HP lists to third party sites.



    The following URL is a list of laptops compatible with mSATA SSDs.http://www.mydigitaldiscount.com/msata-ssd-compatability-list.html#HP-laptop

    Cloning utilities, such as the magician of Samsung, From Paragon Software migration OS 4.0 SSD and EZ GIG IV of apricot you will reduce the volume on the disk inherited to fit on your new SSD.

    USB cable to SATA 2.5 "SATA SSD

    You may be one of the lucky ones who installed the SSD and boots for the installer and everything is going as planned.

    Otherwise, it may not be recognized by the installer of Windows or the BIOS.

    Often, an SSD should be prepared before use.

    Many members frustrated author here threads in the forums after having this experience.

    Hold down the Windows key and press the X key.

    Who calls on a menu.

    Choose command-line (Admin).

    Type DiskPart and press to enter.

    Who calls the DiskPart utility.

    After the SSD has been prepared and installation began, the Windows Installer will change the drive letter to C: on its own.

    In the image below, the disks 2 and 3 are Samsung m2 NVMe SSD.

    Some laptops 17 inches come with more than one disk.

    Select the disk and using the command list is very important. If not, you could erase the content and the partitions of the disk with the clean command wrong.

    If the SSD has a GPT partition and a drive letter is assigned, it will be recognized by Windows install.

    Once the SSD has been established, you can start at your choice of media for a clean install, cloning of the OS migration or a resumption of the plant initiated by the use of the recovery media, that you created.

    Since 2012, computers laptops were shipped with BIOS, UEFI and GPT partitioned the disk rather than the old BIOS and MBR partition style.

    This means that you are using Windows install must also be to format GPT UEFI.

    There are free utilities available, such as RUFUS, which can be used with ISO created by Media 10 Microsoft Windows creation tool to create an installer of 10 Windows USB UEFI.

    For other versions of Windows RUFUS can also be used to create the type of installer of your choice.

    Cloning of your SSD for a Samsung 950 m2 Pro NVMe SSD using the software of Samsung Migration

  • I want to Exchange my hard drive of my iMac for one SSD. Existing hard drive will be cloned on the SSD. I have CS 3 Design Standard installed. What I have to deactivate/reactivate CS3 or will keep the data license/activation?

    Oh, I of course put the whole issue in the reference line.

    I'll repeat it here.

    I want to Exchange my hard drive of my iMac for one SSD. The existing hard drive will be cloned on the SSD. I have CS 3 Design Standard installed. What I have to deactivate/reactivate CS3 or will keep the data license/activation?

    Thanks, Thomas

    Transfer facilities of Adobe does not normally operate.  You must reinstall using installation files.  At a minimum you must disable, but you may find that you need to uninstall and reinstall.

  • Cloning of a Satellite L50 - A - 19 p for one SSD


    I am new to Windows 8 and the following problem:

    I have a C50-A-19. In want to replace the hard drive with an SSD. I tried some tools, I found the installation key and treid to install a new Windows 8 for the SSD (with a window s8 DVD, but there is no as the key).

    Then I created the recovery media (3 DVDs), replaced the HARD drive and now I can not start on the first DVD. Windows 8 is completely stop, I tried to change the boot order, holding "0" while the start-up and the start menu - it just says, that there is no media inserted.

    How can I get Windows 8 on the SSD? Why my DVD of Windows 8 does not accept the license key?

    Thanks for any help.
    Kind regards

    > Why my DVD of Windows 8 does not accept the license key?
    Microsoft changes the own activation procedure and you will get the key of Windows 8 Microsoft if you buy Windows 8 System. The 8 Windows preinstalled on Toshiba OS would be activated automatically all in the first place the system configuration and the internet connection. Then insert the serial key is not necessary.

    Regarding the startup problem:
    The readers of CD/DVD laser lens is maybe dirty. Try to clean the laser lens with cotton wool trick and liquid alcohol. In the case where it wouldn't help you, you can copy (burn) the recovery disk created using another computer. I had good experience using DVD R TDK discs.

    Check it out.

  • How to level a T61 HDD for one SSD without reinstall?

    Hi all. I bought this ThinkPad, I write with back in 2008 (a T61 6465-CTO with Vista and Intel integrated graphics) and he has been working a lot to me since then. I had no problems with it and his equipment is still able to manage what I have to do. However, I wanted to move her to an SSD HARD drive is faster and snappier. I know that I have would be limited at SATA1 speeds with this camera if I don't want to change the BIOS (which I did not), but I think that even this would be a great improvement on the existing HARD drive.

    To that end, I recently bought an SSD that their prices have dropped slightly (bought a new 120 GB SSD Samsung 840 for less than $100). I said SSD sitting next to me now but I did nothing yet because I want to make sure that I have the right to clone the old disk and swap in the new process. From what I understand instructions, I should:

    1 turn on the computer, install the Samsung Data Migration Software
    2. connect the SSD to a USB port via a USB-SATA Adapter
    3 clone the main for the SSD connected HARD drive using the software of data Migration
    4. turn the computer off, physically remove the old HDD and SSD in its place
    5 turn on the computer and everything should be fact/same as before (with the exception that the computer has a new storage drive)

    Is this correct?

    The HARD drive is encrypted so I removed the password for user/master I have to enter when it starts up, but what I have to do the same for the BIOS password that I am invited to when you turn on the computer? What the hidden; restore partition would clone too much or it would be lost. The HARD drive is in my opinion a 160 GB model, while the SSD is 120 GB but I have read that this difference in capacity should not be a problem since I'm using less of the new disc capacity (I have about 100 GB of free space on the HARD disk)?

    Sorry for all the questions. I have very little experience when it comes to changes in the software/hardware and I really would like to avoid wasting it so I would appreciate any help from people who have knowledge fact how to do this successfully. Thank you.

    The installation that you want to be cloning is optimized for spinning a player - not SSD - and you would have to align in a first time, disable the services later and again, you would not get the performance of a "clean" installation

    You can use any disk Vista installation as long as it matches the version (Home, Pro, full) on your COA - the worst that can happen is that you would have to call MS and activate by phone.

    I had the question why you want to the outdated drivers and other bloat Lenovo recovery partition on expensive SSD space as well, but it's your call. If you provision the reader - and I think you should - you won't initially that much space...

    TRIM running manually is certainly a possibility, but not one that I'm particularly sharp, especially on a small disc of TLC as the Samsung you have. You will need to be on it for not to have slow down for analysis.

    Good luck.

  • Hiding HP ENVY 15 t-j000 Quad Edition w/SSD and hybrid propulsion system. Swap disk for one SSD Question.

    Hi all!

    I bought the HP ENVY 15 t-j000 Quad Edition and opted for the WSSD 24Go cache as well as the hybrid drive 1 TB. Do I have a problem just buy a kit of cloning and spend the hybrid propulsion system to a full on SSD in the future if I choose to?

    I did some research but I can't isolate an answer if yes or no I might encounter problems on account of the Intel RST be "associated" with the traditional HARD drive caching.

    So I wonder if I can't just simply disable acceleration of RST, clone HARD drive for an SSD via a cloning kit, remove the HARD and the SSD drive and call it a day?

    Any help with this is appreciated!

    Purgingomen wrote:

    Thanks for the info but I was even more so, I was wondering if I would have a problem Exchange with a new SSD hybrid drive later by cloning.

    I thought that I would stick with the 8 GB of RAM and WSSD combo of cache/HDD for now and sometimes down the line (as in a year or two) to get rid of the HARD drive for a full on SSD, disable caching and at the same time move to 16 GB of RAM.

    But I don't know if yes or no the WSSD cache/HDD combo makes it difficult to clone and swap the HARD drive and then just leave the disc of "cache" of 24 gigas (which is more a cache drive) there to be upgraded later.


    Well, I think a pure 2.5 "SSD should work on the system but make sure the cache is removed. For the purposes of cloning, I suggest using the DD command:

    http://en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/DD _ (Unix)

  • iMac mid-2010 for one SSD HARD drive replacement


    After reflection, (mainly in the meantime my principalement en attendant mon iMac iMac starts!), I decided to replace the HDD with a SSD. After having done some research and I watch YouTube videos, I'm not sure if I have bought the right tools for the job. Could someone please help me and let me know if I'm not on the right track here.

    The iMac in question is a model 27 "2010.

    Here's what I have on order:

    I also ordered suction cups and relevant screwdrivers.

    I intend to completely remove the current HD and its replacement by the new SSD. Am I right assuming that I will just remove current thermal sensor cable and replace it with the one OWC? I'm not 100% on this one.

    Cheers in advance


    Yes, you just remove the thermal sensor and place the OWC in line sensor (the sticker pad can be placed on the support of 2, 5-2, 5 (as the SSD will not have a lot of heat).  The longer a cable must be re-attached the logic board.

    The only suggestion I have would be - it probably need not SATA cables for this-> upgrade SSD HARD drive, thermal line sensor is long enough - in fact, too long that I had to press them to be shaped in the iMac.  Unless you plan to add other SSD in the system, since the iMac 2010 with SATA 2 (3 GB/s speed).

    Good luck


  • Can I change the HARD drive in my Elitebook 8540w for one SSD?


    I have a HARD drive which started making funny noises and I expect to do fast enough. And while that is depressing in its own right, in my view, I better the situation and and put it in a fast SSD instead of the old thing. But before I go and buy the equipment I need to know that it can actually be done. I read another thread on this forum about to put an SSD in the expansion slot (CD/DVD), but I want to replace the main HARD drive. So my best guess is that it is possible, but if there are people here with experience, please guide me in how to proceed.

    I made a backup of all my important files so really the only thing I want to do is remove my old HDD and put a new and then install Windows 7 from disks that followed with the computer.

    I thank very you much for your time and your help.


    Nothing don't you to replace an old HDD with a fastest SSD 'modern '. In theory, you can use ANY SDS but on the safe side, please use SSD suppliers which guarantees its product will work as the following seller:


    The process is very simple (I actually put a Crucial 960 GB to one of my machines today). My suggestion: prior to material things, backup all files/data and prepare a 'big bang' (in my case, I cloned my old HDD so very fast). Please read the following articles for more information:



    Kind regards.

  • Can I use my original product key for one. ISO downloaded from torrent?

    I own a HP Pavilion dv6 came pre-installed with Win 7 - SP1. It of almost 3 years and have become very slow & does not. He deserves better HARD drive format integer & clean installation. So, a few days before I tried to create a restore of the media. But the message was the recovery cannot be created once & was even created prior to my computer. I absolutely do not remember having the Media Recovery created before. Went to the HP forum as the preinstalled Windows not supported Microsoft. They have provided links in multiple threads to download. ISO file. But all servers are down & I couldn't find one. ISO file to download. So, I thought that to restore the system until the servers are on the rise again. Yesterday I tried the system restore. While the system restore worked, suddenly the program have been broken between the two & restarted the laptop. As soon as the screen came, the message was "Boot Manager is missing:(".). Really, I can't wait until the servers are up because I need it for my daily work activities. What is the solution?

    Because of the urgency, I asked one of my friends to get one. ISO downloaded torrent. Now, I'll have the. ISO downloaded torrent. Can I install this torrent OS and replace the product key of mine?

    Thank you


    Whether or not you can find your backup 'Restore media', you can restore to factory state using the integrated HP utility on the computer.  The procedure is on the manual of your computer & also on the HP website.

    'Restore media' is a utility from HP if you need to go to the computer's documentation to find out exactly what it is.  It is quite likely to do a backup of a HP built-in utility to restore your computer to its State "factory".  You may find that the computer has prompted to do this backup 'Restore Media' when you first received the computer.  If you lost it then you still have the integrated method of origin for the restoration of the "factory" that HP put on your computer.  The idea of backup 'Restore media' is to give you a second method to do this restoration 'factory' and to be able to do if you need to replace the hard drive.

  • Replacment for X61s ssd drive


    I am looking for replacement ssd drive for my Lenovo X61s. Initially, I decided it's going to be Intel X - 25 V 40 GB or 80 GB X 25 - M.

    I found the following Intel with apparently the same settings on the SSD market. I have visited many sites, I searched and there is no explanation of the codes and how they differ. Maybe some of you has such a comparison.

    Intel X 25 - M 80 GB SSD 2.5 "SATA MLC (SSDSA2MJ080G2C1).

    Intel X 25 - M 80 GB SSD 2.5 "SATA MLC (SSDSA2MH080G2R5) BOX.

    Intel X 25-M 80 GB SSD SATA (SSDSA2MH080G2C1)

    Intel X 25 - M 80 GB SSD SATA2 2.5 "SSDSA2MH080G2K5 (909118).

    Intel SSD X 25-M 80 GB MLC SATA 2.5 inch (SSDSA2MH080G1C1)

    Intel SSD X 25-M 80 GB SATA2 ML C (SSDSA2MH080G1C5)

    Intel X 25 - M 80 GB SSD SATA2 2.5 "MLC (906102).

    Prices are fundamentally different and it sort of the same X 25 - M 80 GB. I can't understand which is 7mm and 9.5 mm in height. I'll try to change a HARD drive in the laptop Lenovo X61s and don't know which suit you best.


    MH is the original G2, MJ implements NAND for OEM cusomers level, no increase in performance. The R5 is the retail, includes desktop Board supports, the C1 are OEM (drive only). You should at the very most, 9.5 "high road (height of the standard Player 2.5").

  • HP Pavilion 17-e019dx have a second hd for one SSD slot?

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there are in any case to keep the 750 GB HD-5400 RPM notebook is came up with, while adding / upgrading to an SSD of 256. It is not profitable to buy one of the WD Black HD (1 TB + 128 GB SSD) when I could just use the extra I spend on the WED to get a bigger "badder,' SSD drive and get an eclosure for the current 750 GB HD)

    I already have a corresponding 4 GB Chip to bring the total RAM 8 GB, and it's only another development that will make a significant improvement on performance... unless he has other suggestions?

    (I know, I know, I should have looked when I installed memory, but this Panel back don't NOT only 'pop' off easy, and I don't want to take the risk of braking it when there are these well informed and helpful people here!)

    Thank you in advance!

    Your laptop is a type of single player. There is no current empty HDD Bay.

  • SATA 3 Support for one SSD on a HP Mini 210-4120ea

    What SATA is the HP Mini 210-4120ea is supported? the manual talks about generic SATA without any specification?

    Will be a mid-range SSD go has the size or it will use well?

    Finally, it's a record of 2.5 inches that will be replaced or a 1.8?

    Thank you very much!


    You are the very welcome.

    SATA II is a 'bonus' on SATA - in particular with regard to an SSD.

    Yes, your drive SSD SATA III will work very well with the SATA II controller, but you may have been able to save a little money if you can get a SATA II SSD - and I only say that because there is no advantage in having a SATA III SSD in your laptop on a SATA II one.

    However, one day you can transfer your drive controller supports SATA III SSD SATA III on a PC.


Maybe you are looking for

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  • Satellite M40-145: CD/DVD player will not play some DVD

    Hello! I am the owner of a Satellite M40-145 bought a little over a year; DVD driver worked perfectly until three days ago, but today I discovered something... strange. Still, it reads the DVD business and burned the DVD + r, but apparently it does n

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