transfer files from the old computer XP to new Vista computer

I want to transfer files from my old computer with XP to Vista new computer

using a USB cable. tried the transfer Assistant, without success.


You need a transfer cable as in this Google search, not a regular USB cable.
You have flash drives? You can use them. DVD as well, but it takes more time.

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  • Can I transfer files from the old computer running XP to new computer before or after you move the new Vista computer to Windows 7?

    I have a computer running windows vista that I'm planning on upgrading to Windows 7. I will be transferring files and settings from my old computer running windows XP SP3.  Can I make the transfer to the new computer before upgrade Vista to Windows 7 or should I first, up grade for Win 7, and then do the transfer?  I also asked a previous question about the email, I use Outlook Express on the XP machine.  What happens to the emails, settings, and contacts once I use Windows Vista and Win 7 easy transfer to the have Outlook Express? The new computer has Outlook 2003 is installed, all the settings will automatically go to this program?

    Make the transfer later.  Everything you do is do more work for the upgrade.  It takes hours as it is.  Please use the forums of office for questions by email.  Click Office link in the banner at the top of the forum page.

  • How to transfer files from the old hard drive to a disc new hard, old hard disk has been removed?

    I had a hard disk going bad. Installed a new hard drive and the need to transfer files from the old hard drive. I have an external enclosure for the old hard drive and can connect by usb port.

    The process is fairly simple once you put the old drive in the external box. You can use the usual methods of copy and paste in Windows Explorer. If you copy files, complete folders, you can take a look at RichCopy.

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  • I try to back up files from the old computer so I can transfer to the new. How long it takes and how to know when it's over?

    I'm back up files from my old computer so I can transfer them to my new computer.

    How long it takes and how know when it's done?

    also how can I know if the DVDs Im saving is full and must be inserted a new?

    I should add that I've had this computer for 3 years and a half and this is the first time that I saved


    We cannot give you an exact time for this

    It depends on your hardware and the amount of data you have

    read the help on how to do

    How to make a backup of your data

    How to restore your files

  • transfer files from your old computer with video card damaged to new computer

    my old computers video card is damaged can not read anything on the monitor. I want to transfer files to my laptop. Old computer has windows xp new computer has windows vista. I can do this with just an easy transfer cable?


    Put the hard drive from the old computer in the new computer as a 2nd drive. Or turn the player
    in an external USB enclosure. Or the other must allow you to access the files.

    I hope this helps.

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  • I need to plug my monitor up to my new computer before transferring files from the old computer

    yet to try to find out if I need to have my monitor connected to my new computer before I use the easy transfer cable to transfer my files from my old computer to the new

    Yes, you will need a monitor connected to your computer to use an easy transfer cable. I suggest to use two monitors, one on the old computer and the other on the new.


  • I have an old profile put in place which is bad I want to transfer files from the old user profile to a new user profile can I do it.

    The old profile has been altered not allowing the installation of msn.  We have created a new profile and msn installed and working properly.  I can move my files from the old profile to the new. shows how to do this. You need an administrator account to run the copy of the third.

  • Transfer of files from the old HARD DRIVE to new computer without an old computer. (He's dead - can not use) I have the hard drive, but need help to transfer my old files and settings.

    ·        My old Win XP computer died - it is completely unusable. I bought a new PC with Win 7 Pro and 1 TB. I still have the old HARD DRIVE (250 GB) which I have attached on the new computer using an external enclosure supports SATA drives. The external hard drive is connected to the computer in USB 3.0. I checked that the new computer can see the external hard drive. (I also used for backups by changing the hard drive with a 2 TB drive 'mass storage' - that works.)

    I searched the internet for possible solutions and found no help. If the transfer of files from Microsoft would change the disc to analyze, it would be simple. But if I select the OLD computer it scans the disk I'm on (new) - automatically.

    Is there anyone who has had the same problem? He must be because computers die all the time and people buy new computers - who then, somehow, they get the former transferred files. I could do it manually, but that wouldn't change the settings. Last resort would be to buy an old computer XP (SATA), replace the drive. Transfer the files, and then sell this computer.

    You may be able to recover your data files, but I hope that you will set up your new system to automatically backup a second internal hard drive or an external USB hard drive.

    This suggestion may not work, but it's worth a try. Buy an external USB drive enclosure. They come in two sizes 2.5 "for the portable computer drives and 3.5" for desktop disks. You can purchase adapters for 3.5 "envelopes so that they can also be used with a portable player. Place the hard drive in the enclosure and connect to a USB port of another computer. Several hard disks are more able to start, but the contents of the disc can still be accessed, read and copied from the disk because you do not use the operating system on a failed disk.

    Here is an example of the type of device, I suggest:

    You need only to the speaker, that you see are not necessarily more expensive. Thereafter, you can put an old hard drive usable, an abandoned because you need a larger drive internal, in the enclosure and use it as additional external storage.

  • transfer files from your old computer, use old hard drive?

    I just buy new desktop HP Pavilion p6-2120.  I need to transfer files, programs, etc from my 6 year old Dell desktop computer.  I know that I can use the program of transfer of Windows 7 with USB key, easy transfer cable, or external hard drive to move the files.

    As can another method of transfer, I take the old hard drive from the Dell desktop computer & install in the new HP Pavilion?  Is the old hard drive (ATX 80 GB, 7200 RPM, DIM2, XPS2) compatible with the new HP where it will work again?

    Since I am not transfer that much is the best for any purchase a Windows 7 transfer cable?


    Your theory is correct. If you want that all settings, email, documents, photos, music, and other data files, use either the program Windows Easy Transfer. It will accept an external device or use the easy transfer cable.

    If you want only the documents, photos, music, and other data files , then you could add the XP disk to the system (temporarily use the p6-2120 DVD player wiring). You can copy files to the new folders.

  • Transfer files from an old laptop to a new laptop.

    Bought a new laptop and want to transfer files directly from the old HARD drive to the new. How can I do this?

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  • transfer files from the old drive hard windows 7 to new computer windows 8

    My old laptop windows 7 crashed for an unknown reason, so I bought a new laptop with windows 8. I removed the hard drive from the windows 7 machine and using an external enclosure card connected to the new laptop.

    I can see and open any public folders in the folder of the user data, but can not access a user folder. Also when I right click on the folder of the user, it seems that they are empty.

    I have tried making the appropriation and unchecking hidden files but still no luck.

    Pretty frustrated right now.

    I think I solved the problem.

    I had to do a right-click on the folder user and copy and paste in a new folder. While he was doing that he clean up some data. Don't know exactly what was going since I wasn't there when it happened.

    Once he went through this process, I could see my user files to the new folder and the old hard drive.

    Sorry I can't explain it better.

  • transferring files from the old computer again.

    Hello, I just bought a new computer and need to transfer my files to the new computer. Having all sorts of problems. I am running windows 98 it is just windows 98 and you try to transfer files to windows 8.1 (Quicken data files). Impossible to find a cable that holds the fittings on the new and old, cannot email files to myself. (big I think) Tried a flash drive. Windows 98 cannot find software to use a flash drive.  Tried to use the storage cloud or off line and access to these data to the new computer. Windows 98 does support that either. Or I do not know how or do something wrong. Old computer has/uses 3.5 diskettes. and a new use of the CD any suggestion or help to do the work would be greatly appreciated.

    get USB to IDE / SATA Adapter,.
    connect win 98 HDD to the adapter,
    Plug in power and victory of APE machine,
    Access the drive HARD 98 exploder and transfer files

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  • Files from the old computer to the new LR3 LR2

    I have a new imac and have installed LR3. My older G5 has LR2. I copied all the files in the folder of the image of the old machine that accompanies the .dng files in LR2 records. They have been imported into a new folder "G5 imports", one still keep their names of LR, 2008, 2009, 2010. A subfolder of this folder is called "Lightroom" and contains .lrdata and .lrcat files. Should I reimport the image on LR3 files or can I just move them to the new folder of images of iMacs? Also, how can I move the other files in LR2, .lrdata and .lrcat files to LR3? These files contains the metadata for the images, I've worked on in LR2?

    Thanks for any help you can provide. I am a new user of Lightroom, but experienced in Photoshop.


    Lightroom Catalog contains information about the location of the files, so if you run the catalog and you don't see the pictures in the folders Panel, simply right click and select search. Since then, the Lightroom Catalog will remember the location of the files.

    When I was upgrading to Lr 2 to 3, I created a new folder called Lr 3 inside my external default Lr on a hard drive folder:

    and that's where I pointed to Lightroom to create a new catalog (MyPhotos_Lr3 file). The images are all outside of this folder, folder of Photos. Lightroom is smart, it will find all your dng files (maybe with the help... ;-)).

  • Cannot copy files from the old hard drive to new

    Original title: crash and recovery of hard drive problem

    My hard drive crashed it wouldn't boot saying config.sys is damaged or corrupted, I tried to fix it but the sector is damaged. I was using XP, I had a password on my settings. I installed a new hard drive and reinstalled windows XP, but even if I can 'see' the old hard drive (always installed) I can't access my documents, how can I get to them? I know the password but since its an account on another drive it won't give me the chance to log on to the account.

    Assuming that you use the Encrypting File System (EFS) then this article should solve your problem:

    "How appropriate a file or a folder in Windows XP"
      <> >


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    Contact Norton Customer service. Use the online chat.

Maybe you are looking for


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