page layout. use the space better?


Is it possible to make use of the space indicated in the attachment below.
The space is on the right side of the browser.
Is it possible to have another website, instead of the blank tab?

Thank you.

Hi cor - el,.

I did what you say, ""it help if the window is not maximized and drag instead to fill the succession fullscreen?". and which fixed the problem (see screenshot).

I'm using Tab Mix Plus.

Thank you very much!

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    Michael, you can only manage layouts of search results for 'Targeted' and not 'Keyword' search

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    It doesn't have to be in the link on the Page, but in the Page Type.

    See the documentation for for more details.

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    I have studied several newspaper, articles and whitepapers and traversed several official Microsoft page. Data was collected and the results of my research will be used to finish my final year project. So I might be able to use the space map window as part of my final year project. This study will be used for academic purposes and will be the cornerstone of my final year project.  This final year project is expected to publish a valid contribution academically and the Nepalese General.

    Do not hesitate to contact me

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    Hi Nathalie,.

    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you want to use Windows Card Space for your final year project.

    I suggest you post the query on the MSDN forum, because we have experts working on these issues.

    You can check the link to post the same query on MSDN

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    Hope this helps, I wish you all the best for your final year project.

    Get back to us if you need further assistance for Windows.

  • How to store files in iCloud drive ONLY (do not use the space on my MACBOOK hard drive?

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    I want to save the file in my iCloud account, but free space in the hard drive of my MACBOOK

    I want to save the file in my iCloud account, but free space in the hard drive of my MACBOOK

    There is no practical way to do it.

    If you do not enable iCloud Drive on your Mac, you can upload files to iCloud by car via the web interface at

    But you can access the files from the web interface and won't icloud drive as drive in the Finder.  You cannot use the Finder to access the files. You need to download it to use.

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    Hello! I have a problem with my layout of dasylab. I'm collecting data of 8 channels with my USB 6009, sampling frequency is 50 Hz. I am see this data in a page layout and the problem is that the plot is freezing. The plot is given every 20 seconds about actualising. any ideas what's happening? (On the whole interval is 1 minute)

    It was no problem until I implemented some new features like a light signal of my digital input.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    OK sry for the double post, but after think during the drafting of the last message I found the solution. In the configurator to MAX that I have found a 'Value to read' setting and cela me 1000 k with sampling frequency of 50 Hz I got data every 20 seconds.

    Good bye

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    This is a normal behavior. You need not use the space bar to move a selection.  Just have the chosen selection tools and have the cursor within the selected area.  Then just left-click and drag.

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    First Pro CC is not my images using the space bar or the button "play" on the work area, I can rub but can't play.

    Ok. Downloaded the update of Blackmagic and got Audio and reading! great, now the only thing missing is the fact that display power videos don't go to the SONY's Trimaster of 5 thousand dollars which is connected to the Blackmagic and where I should introduce all the movies to my boss. had this problem on CS6 - returned to FC7 because of that and if it cannot be solved will have to do it again. the preferences panels are no help.

    In fact, im only using the first because my boss wants that the entire Adobe workflow, but the boy is mute first. (always love AF)

  • How to edit a page that uses the layout of the master page?

    Hi I made a layout in the master page and its now on all pages, but I want on some pages of the stuff away but I can't edit this more or its not let me remove/resize or else its not let me I have just to see the layers I can turn their market but I there is no arrow I can click Open all that is inside.

    This is how works the master page. You cannot change the things that you put there on normal pages.
    On master pages, you should leave that parts of your layout which sholud look the same on each page. Other parts of the layout must be placed directly on the pages.

  • Refresh the view current firefox page by using the keyboard shortcut without concentrating on the firefox window.

    I want to refresh the current page tab that the firefox browser open without focusing on that. For example, I focus on a text editor (creating a server-side code) and I save some changes and trigger my custom shortcut (IE [ctrl + alt + space + a]) key to refresh the firefox browser without concentrating on it.

    You can do that with a keyboard shortcut without opening/development the Firefox window.

    Maybe use this extension:

  • 5610 all-in-one - black thick top of line down on the pages scanned using the scan feeder tray ONLY

    Using HP Officejet 5610 all-in-one I've had for years and maybe 6 months ago, I noticed that anything that is analyzed by the load plate (if you need to scan a bunch of pages without having to analyze each page individually between analyses what is tedious that need constant attention) has this thick black line goes up and down on the middle left of THE pages scanned. Honestly, it looks really bad like if there is something hidden in this terrible line through the process of moving the paper through the feeder, BUT the original is just fine without damage.

    If I scan just a page by placing the document on the scanner glass, and then NO matter whatsoever.

    100% reproducible every time.

    So I know that it has nothing to do with the glass (which is clean), but only when the scanned document must pass through.

    Checked the forums for similar problem and found no exact match.

    I imagine that an expert out there knows the answer to that high hand. IF you could speak up, I would appreciate it.


    I read another post:

    who is mentioned on opening the ADF cover. Well I opened the whole Assembly, having absolutely NO idea how it all works, and I found a 1 "x 8.5" thick mirror (for lack of a better term) who had what looked like white paint on it to the place where the pages were probably getting the black line. I scratched, retested and the question was gonzo - that's all!

    Then my wife just told me that she thinks that she knew what the problem was all along. She had put on a page and it had not dried, and she tried to put it in the charger to make a copy. She just thought that we were going to replace the printer even when and if ever, let me know. During this time it was me mad for months. What are you laughing at me? This all-in-one works very well for years - replace without good reason, must learn a new product, get new cartridges, out the same old, same old, NO way. If it is not broke, do not replace it!

    Detective Conan.

  • Modify the error pages customized in the spaces of the Webcenter Portal

    Hi all

    I use webcenter spaces I need help on the following points.

    How can I create an error page customized for generic error pages that we have in the system pages as encountered error; None of the accessible Pages; Page not found; Portal not found; Not allowed. The goal is that we replace these pages with the page of the custom portal which has the appearance of portal and personalized message.

    For example. If we want to replace the profile page custom in webcenter we can create a customized our own page and create a writing of this page in the WC_PPL_COMMON_SETTING table. This will replace the profile existing and call our newly created custom page.

    Similarly, I want to know what can I do to change (like the encountered error error pages; None of the accessible Pages; Page not found; Portal not found; Not allowed).

    One way is to customize and press start to customizaing the default page. But I want to keep the default page as it is and to create my own new page, as I said to the profile.

    Thank you


    Hi all;

    I am able to redirect to any page of mine.

    in the file httpd.conf (under WebTier_ORACLE_HOME/instances/instance_name/config/OHS/ohs1) in the context of the virtual server configuration:

    I've added the rewrite rule and it worked.

    # VirtualHost example:

    # Almost any Apache directive may go into a VirtualHost container.

    # The first VirtualHost section is used for all applications that are not

    # Match a ServerName or ServerAlias in any block of .



    # ServerAdmin [email protected]

    # DocumentRoot "/ usr/local/apache2/docs/".

    # ServerName dummy -

    # ServerAlias

    # ErrorLog "logs/".

    # Common CustomLog "logs/"


    NameVirtualHost *: 7795



    RewriteEngine on

    RewriteOptions inherit

    # RewriteRule ^ / mylife$ / index.html [R, L]

    # RewriteRule ^ / owc_discussions$ / index.html [R, L]

    RewriteRule ^/webcenter/system/WCPageNotFound.jsp/webcenter/portal/mylife/Home/PageNotFound [L, R = 301]

    RewriteLog /tmp/rewrite.log

    RewriteLogLevel 9

    Thank you;


  • 3 pages by using the same basic shape, but 2 are not mobile friendly? -Muse

    Hi have,.

    I have a problem with a site that I made recently a lady who made cakes custom in Ibiza.

    The homepage has its own master page, the other 3 pages (about, Gallery and Contact) use a different master page.

    The site is not receptive or fluid, it's too complicated for me to want to create different versions at different points of rupture and when I discover on my Samsung phone everything is good, but seen on my phone from customers, she said, that she has problems.

    I am looking to test Google Mobile-Friendly and the home page and the Gallery out like mobile friendly:

    Homepage ~ cakeday%2Findex.html

    Gallery (although shows here with a split in the middle that I have no idea why it seems) ~ cakeday%2Fgallery.html

    But the words and Contact page says not friendly, and there are wider than the screen elements?

    On ~ cakeday%2Fabout-mitch.html

    Contact ~ cakeday%2Fcontact-mitch.html

    I am fairly new to website building and other problems I will work on, such as reduction in image size, but if anyone has any ideas on what could be causing this problem it would be magical to discover!

    In the page properties, all have the same size - 960 wide etc.

    Errors are only warnings, but it may affect the results of the site search. Google is really hot to have a mobile, mobile version is part of the views of the site. From a user experience perspective, small text can be difficult to read, especially for this site, where your customers customers can come from the older generation. Having links so close together can cause visitors going to the wrong page.

    If you do not want to engage in the sensitive track, you should look into making the Adaptive site (different versions for Tablet and mobile). I think you will be OK with the current site on a shelf, but you should go mobile. In the Site map, click on Page > add an Alternative layout > phone. Because it is only 3 pages, it shouldn't take much to build the new version.

    I hope this helps.


    Creative muse

  • How are mobile and tablets layouts using the new sensitive update?

    I'm trying to decide if I want to apply the new update of reagent Muse and risk dealing with software problems and a learning curve, or if I should just continue with the older version. I can't find enough information tutorial to tell me exactly how this will work.  I hope that this question will make sense and thanks for any help:

    I'm working on a site that I had designed to "hack" a significant effect using lever of QooQee of page layout, so I've already compressed and versions mobile site that appear as versions of the homepage - Minies, but adapted to a more narrow screen.   As a reactive office site, it works 'just ok', but could certainly be improved.   Mobile and tablet of sites, because they are static, fine work and are made up of the way I want them to be.   But I don't know how the new program will result in these versions. I always 'shall' separate layouts for Tablet and mobile, or will/can they now be included in a site of unique, primary, sensitive desktop using different views breakpoint?

    If, then, a much more important question is how various devices with screen/resolutions sizes hen will use these alternate provisions: to decide WHAT specific breakpoint display is used for mobile and tablet devices, respectively and in general?  Or the CAMERA decides what breakpoint view is used, based on the screen resolution or size of the screen or something else?

    With the old Muse, I am currently able to dictate exactly how an overall composition to appear on ANY tablet or mobile - even if the page layout design width does not match the device width or to the browser - because WHAT THE DESIRE COMPOSITION SCALES TO FILL the SCREEN, no MATTER HOW WIDE MY setting PAGE IS.  Can I still expect this behavior, or I will now compose layouts even more in order to ensure that the composition looks good on any possible device? 

    Even with a good design "fluid", it is inevitable that there will be intermediate points during which a page layout is less ideally composed from an artistic point of view.   I don't care if a user "cross" these points while scaling a browser, but, ultimately, I WANT to BE CAPABLE OF DICTER EXACTLY HOW YEAR COMPOSITION WILL APPEAR ON ANY SCREEN TOTAL.

    Again, hope this is logic, and thank you for any idea.

    You can create a 'hybrid' site of fluid layouts fixed device and stop points. Muse paid tribute to previous how to design the page layout. Technically, you just set your breakpoints to the more narrow view that you expect to have a desktop computer, the default 960, for example.


    Creative muse

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