Parental Controls error: "unable to make changes to parental controls settings.

I recently added a second user on my computer so that my friends and family can use it even if I'm not around. Only one problem though. I tried to put parental controls for literally giving them access to about five programs and nothing else. I know HOW to put in place, but whenever I finished the settings, an error comes up saying

"Impossible to make changes to parental controls settings. If the problem persists, see your system administrator. »

Of course, since it's my computer, I am the system administrator. It says my user profile. Everything works very well in my own profile and it is the first issue I've had with Windows Vista, I could not understand either by myself or the box of Windows Vista Help could respond. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Vanessa


Hi evilkittenofdoom

Lets try the following.  Even if your account is an administrator, can allow to built in Administrator account and see if we get the error you mentioned before.

activate the account real built-in Administrator, then log into that account and see if you can set up parental controls.

1.) open start, type cmd in the search box

2.) look to the top of the left panel you'll see cmd.exe , right click

3.) click on RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR, click on continue if prompted

(4.) a black & white screen appears, type the following:

NET user administrator / Active: Yes

5.) press the ENTER key on your keyboard. The b/w screen indicate whether the command is successful. If Yes, close the n/b command prompt. Otherwise please try again and careful with typo/spacing.

6.) log-off. The display will show 3 accounts. Acct 'true administrator', yours and your 2nd account set for friends/family

7.) to connect to the account "administrator." The system should start the implementation of the Bureau for the account. After that, try to do what you wanted to do with the 2nd account (the parental control settings).

: a) If you decide to keep this account (Administrator account), be sure to create a password for it.
(b) If you decide to get rid of it, repeat operations EXCEPT in step 4.) type net user administrator / active: No.

Please let us know if it helped to solve the problem - thank you

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  • Error message "unable to make changes to parental controls settings. If the problem persists, see your system administrator"when you set parental controls for a user account

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    After logging in to my admin account, I created two user accounts for my children, set up parental controls for both that I created, when I tried to set up the third account that he would allow me to activate parental control. It seems that he is trying to load the screen to give me the parental control options then the window disappers and another small window appears saying "cannot make changes to parental controls settings. If the problem persists, see your system administrator. I close the window, and then open the parental controls for other accounts, and they work very well, allows me the chance to change. I deleted the third account several times, making sure to create on behalf of others, just like I did the first two. Still no luck. Can I have only 3 total accounts? My administrator account and standard users 2.

    How can I get a standard user account third with parental controls?


    Create a new user account and check if the problem persists, the problem does not persist in the new user account, then fix the damaged user account.

    Create a user account (Windows Vista)

    Screw a damaged profile (Windows Vista)

    Check out the link below to check if the parental control is correctly defined

    Hope this information helps.

  • Unable to make changes to the registry.

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    I used to be able to go to regedit, theoretically/local settings, current version, and then in the notification bar and remove previous workflow icon and another thing after the cache then go to Explorer and delete, but now I can not do this way somehow.

    I already know how this hide them


    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description of the problem, you cannot make changes in the registry, that you were able to do before. The question might be if there is a file system corruption or corruption of the registry settings. Then, I suggest you to try the steps below and see if it helps.

    Method 1

    There could be a chance that there is a file system corruption. So, I suggest you run SFC scan and see if it makes a difference.

    The file system check is a utility built into the operating system that will check for the corruption of system files. The sfc/scannow command. (System File Check) analyzes the integrity of all protected operating system files and replaces incorrect versions, damaged, altered, or damaged with correct versions where possible.

    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

    • Go to Start, click all programs and open the Accessories.
    • Right-click on command prompt in the list programs, and then select run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click OK.
    • In the command prompt, type the following command and press ENTER:


    For more information, refer to this link:

    Method 2

    If the problem persists, then there might be a corruption of the registry settings so, I suggest you to check the steps in the below mentioned thread and see if it helps you to solve the problem.

    Access denied - owner and/or setting permissions on the registry key

    Registry warning : This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    You can use the following link to back up and restore the registry in Windows:

    Hope it would help. If problem persists always post back with the current state of your computer and the result of the proposed suggestion, we will be happy to help you.

    Kind regards

  • I can't turn on my firewall, error: Firewall Windows cannot change some of your settings Error code: 0 x 80070424

    My firewall is off, I went to control panel to turn it on and it comes up saying "Windows Firewall cannot change some of your settings Error code: 0 x 80070424" any ideas how to fix or what's goin'?


    What do you use for security?

    If you are using an Internet Security Suite, it will have its own firewall and disables the default Windows Firewall.

    And you should have only one firewall to avoid problems related to the operating system.


    Malware to disable your firewall and your safety programs.

    Scan of Malware in Safe Mode with network.

    Windows Vista

    Using the F8 method:

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. When the computer starts, you will see your computer hardware are listed. When you see this information begins to tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with the Boot Options Advanced Windows Vista.
    3. Select the Safe Mode with networking with the arrow keys.
    4. Then press enter on your keyboard to start mode without failure of Vista.
    5. To start Windows, you'll be a typical logon screen. Connect to your computer and Vista goes into safe mode.
    6. Do whatever tasks you need and when you are done, reboot to return to normal mode.

    Once in Safe Mode with network, download and run RKill.

    RKill does NOT remove the malware; It stops the Malware process that gives you a chance to remove it with your security programs.

    Then, download, install, update and scan your system with the free version of Malwarebytes AntiMalware in Mode safe mode with networking:

    See you soon.

  • How to fix error "firewall Windows cannot change some of your settings. 0x800745b error code.

    I have microsoft essential security installed on my laptop & I also downloaded & installed a trial version of avast antivirus.

    & I don't know what other changes on my laptop has been filed, that caused this error, when I'm clicking to turn on Windows Firewall, it invites you to use recommended settings & by clicking "Use recommended settings" it gives an error "firewall Windows cannot change your settings. Code error-0x800745b ".
    How to solve it?

    Follow the steps in the link and check if that helps.

    I suggest you follow the steps in the link below (with an emphasis on the method 3 and 4)>


    The current time and the date now in Baja California, Mexico

    Thursday, May 16, 2013
    DST - 0700 UTC
    UTC/GMT is 05:28 Friday, May 17, 2013
    Current weather conditions in San Felipe

    Sunny90 ° F / 32 ° C
  • Error: 0x8007042c when you change the Windows Firewall settings

    Original title: error code: 0x8007042c

    After the updates have been installed windows Sp1. my Windows Firewall failed to start. I have put all my default firewall setting. I tried to force it to manual startup. It fails every time. I get an error code: 0x8007042c. I am running System Mechanic Pro 10. I'm trying to get the mech system for launch and there as well.

    Hi diverken52,

    ·         What is the operating system installed on the computer?

    Check to see if the following is useful.

    Method 1: Run automated troubleshooting and check if it helps.

    Diagnose and automatically fix problems of Windows Firewall service

    Method 2: If you are using Windows 7, you can read the following article.

    Error message "firewall Windows cannot change some of your code 0x8007042c settings error" when you try to activate your Windows Firewall

    Respond with more information so we can help you best.

  • How to make changes to the ppp settings

    When I use the smallest configuration DPI I works well but I don't easily see text. And when I use average ppp parameters it's does not work but fitts on sacreen resulution. What should I do if I use 5770hawk grafic card and with HP X 20 LED 1600 * 900.

    I found that the DPI setting custom 130% a happy compromise and compensate with Zoom to 150%

    In this way, everything fits on one page without a horizontal slider,

    Of course the programs also use the dpi of 130% and usually no zooming is needed.

  • Cannot make changes to the parents control settings (Windows 7)

    I've seen several comments regarding this same problem, but so far no solution.

    I am the administrator, but I get an error when I try to access the parent on standard accounts control settings.  Now, what's even weirder, is that I am able to access ONE of the standard accounts, and there is nothing different between this account and others.

    I have tried all the solutions already posted:

    -running 'services.msc' and the implementation of parent controls (which is said by the way, says "this service is a stub for of Windows Parental control feature that existed in Vista", which is strange, it's as if there's no 'Parental control' in Windows 7?);

    -create a new administrator account via the control panel (in the case where my administrator account is corrupt), by restarting and trying to put Parental controls

    -create a new administrator account using the command prompt "net user administrator / Active: Yes";

    -in the course of running "sfc/scannow".


    (By the way, I leave here the 'answer' who said that this question should be asked on the support forum for Windows Live, if you search on this forum, you will find that the 'response' they provide is to ask the question on the Windows support forum.  ;)


    Did you you run regedit as an administrator? It is a common problem in trying just new values. This is done by right-clicking on the program and selecting "Run as Administrator". This allows you to write new values.

    If you would like more information on this subject by me, read the last post on page 3 here:
    If you have recently encountered this problem, I would recommend a system restore, and I explain the reasons in the tread above.
    I hope this helps!
  • On Vista Home Edition, Parental control management is unable to make any changes

    Management of parental controls in Vista to work well.  I have 2 installation before accounts with web filtering and time limits.  Recently, it stopped working.  I can't set a new STANDARD user account to turn on Parental controls.  It makes Flash the admin for a fraction of a second screen, then a Pop box appears "unable to make changes. If the problem persists, please contact an administrator "."  I AM an administrator.  I also activated the hidden administrator account, use it and always save the message.  I looked at the Regedit settings and everything looks ok.

    The first 2 accounts that configure before I can still change some characteristics, even if the pop box will appear with the same error message.  The changes take effect.  I only seem to change for web filtering and time restrictions only now.  Restriction of program does not work.


    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Yes, a number of new programs over time. I don't know when the issue of PC started then has no way for me to go back unless I have remove all the programs that I installed, which is a lot.

    Yes, I tried PC without my AntiVirus running. Then I tried to stop every non-essential service, 1 by 1, until only the essential services remained running.  None of these permits.

    I tried to run mode without failure. Integrated also in Safe Mode with the administrator account. The two did not work.

    I tried to create 2 new users, 1 admin, 1 standard. Add the PC later to the standard.  Did not work.

    All of these suggestions I've tried. I search the Web and found that this is a very common problem with no sound resolution. I was able to get mine to work again. It won't work that if there is already a standard account EXISTING with control Parental already setup on it (before the bug has started to happen).  These are the steps I did to solve:

    -Use Regedit, look for new & existing userid & note the KeyIDs
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList]
    -KeyID for existing user is [S-1-5-21-692013207-3584402868-2609430525-1003]
    -Now go to the registry key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Parental Controls\Users]
    -On existing KeyID, right-click > export > select the location for the file such as c:\temp\Existing.reg .reg
    -Edit c:\temp\Existing.reg & change the KeyID to that for the new user you add to Parental control.
    In my case, I did a 'replace' to:
    S-1-5-21-692013207-3584402868-2609430525-1003--< the="" existing="" uid="">
    and "replace all" with the KeyID of the new user
    S-1-5-21-692013207-3584402868-2609430525-1009--< the="" new="" uid="">
    -Run the command to import the registry file [regedit c:\temp\Existing.reg]
    -Click OK at the prompt to import the new registry key

    I could now GET IN to Parental control to fine tune the new user.  When I change, I always get the pop box saying "unable blah blah", but when I return to the user, the changes are effective.

  • Parental controls does not: Impossible to make changes to parental controls settings. If the problem persists, see your system administrator.

    Original title: Parental control does not

    Try to set up Parental controls for my son's account. I have an account manager, go to control panel / user accounts / parental control - click on windows expects to obtain two error message with the same message: "unable to make changes to parental controls settings. If the problem persists, see your system administrator. "I'm a sysadmin, so what's the problem?

    On a side note, I have two children on this computer. Had to remove my son because he downloaded a virus. So before the two children had parental control. But when we were going to change their times permit, he would give this error message but weather changes would take place. Now that I am setting up a new account for him, can't get parental controls to work.


    Step 1: turn off UAC (User Account Control) and check the result

    See how can I change the behavior of user account control by using the slider? :

    Note: You must restart your computer when you enable or disable UAC. Change levels of notification does not require that you restart your computer.

    Step 2: I suggest to create a new administrator account and log later in the new administrator account, try to set parental controls and check if it works.

    Create a user account

    Check out the link below to check if the parental control is correctly defined


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  • "Windows Firewall cannot change some of your settings. Error code 0 x 80070424 ' how to fix this?

    I get this error: "firewall Windows cannot change some of your settings. Error code 0 x 80070424"when I try to turn on the Windows Firewall (Windows 7).  I am also unable to start my computer in safe mode.  My computer has been infected by the virus 'Win 7 Security 2012', which is what caused this damage to my system.  The virus also seems to have removed all the system restore points before the infection!  I believe that I have the virus completely deleted.  I used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware, Kapersky Virus Removal Tool, antivirus Ati Avira (anti-virus program I was running when my computer has been infected by the virus) & Microsoft Security Essentials.  I ran the Scan SFC, a tool for emergency response Microsoft Support, Microsoft FixIt, ComboFix, & Windows Repair all-in-One.  Repair Windows seems to be turned Action Center back, where I now get a message that: "Windows Defender is turned off" & it does not seem to recognize MSE as my anti-virus program.  I need to know how to get Windows Firewall works again & get Action Center working properly again.  My computer has a partition with my Windows Recovery on it, but since I can't start in safe mode, I can not also start the restore partition to do a "repair" install, or even restore to factory settings!  Can anyone help?

    Also, when I use a search engine on internet, I get re-directed to a site that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the result of the research, and I click on... I am not that so that is proof that the virus is not COMPLETELY gone or not.


    Make sure that the PC is clean (free from zero rootkit to access before you try this corrected)

    This problem of firewall is commonly found on vista and windows 7 (64 BIT OS)

    Download the two files from the registry

    Windows Firewall - MpsSvc

    BFE - base filtering engine

    Run them and click YES when you receive a UAC prompt

    Restart your PC

    Press Windows key + R and type

    regedit , and then click ok



    Right click on it -permissions

    Click ADD and type

    Everyone, and then click ok

    Now click on all

    Below, you have the permission for users

    Select full control, and then click ok

    Press Windows key + R and type

    services.msc , and then click ok

    Start the service database and then filtering engine service windows firewall

    If you still get this error

    Windows could not start the Windows Firewall on the local computer. See the event log, if services not windows contact from the seller. Error code 5.

    Download and launch this key

    Shared access

    Click YES when you receive a UAC prompt



    Right-click on -permissions

    Click Add and type

    Select full control and everyone

    You should be able to start the firewall now

    You can also Miss defender of windows security center, BITS and windows update services


    Security service center - wscsvc

    Windows Defender -windefend


    Updated Windows - wuauserv

    Run them and click YES when you receive a quick restart, UAC the PC

    Good luck

    * Edit *.

    Change the settings of the REGISTRY can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the REGISTRY settings configuration can be solved. Changes to these settings are at your own risk...
  • Firewall Windows cannot change some of your settings. Error code 0 x 80070424

    I use 8 (64-bit) windows, try to turn on "Windows Firewall".

    Get this error "firewall Windows cannot change some of your settings. Error code 0 x 80070424.

    I tried to locate the "Windows Firewall" services in the service (in Services.msc) database, but this service is not listed. Help, please

    Thanks Robear,

    Today, I just made "Reset PC" to make it back to my factory setting (even if I lost all my data, but I've got to the top of it). Then, I used "Norton Removal Tool" to remove Norton who was there in orginal factory setting.

    Now, I tried to run "Windows Defender" & "Windows Firewall" both are running without any problem.

    Thank you much for the help.


  • I get an error, "unable to install parental CONTROL, admin contact."

    Original title: problem with parental controls

    I'm not able to Setup parental control, every time I try to install parental control an error msg POPs s up - "unable to setup parental control, contact admin". I tried to start serving parental control by Services.msc, but its doesn't help not. I even created a new profile for the admin user, but I get the same error msg.

    Hi Christel,.

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft community

    From your problem description, I understand that you are not able to install parental control. Please let me know if you do not experience this problem.

    1. which antivirus program is installed on the computer?
    2. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?

    Method 1
    I suggest you to disable user account control settings and check if that helps.

    Enable or disable the User Account Control
    Note: Once the troubleshooting has been completed, make sure that you enable the user account of controls back on.

    Method 2 : I suggest to disable all antivirus and check if the problem persists.

    Disable the antivirus
    Note: Microsoft does not recommend that you disable the antivirus protection in most conditions. Disable the antivirus protection that temporarily to restore a computer.

    See also the links: Parental control

    How to add additional parents controls?

    What can I control with Parental controls?

    Hope this information is helpful and let us know if you need help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help.

  • Sorry, we could not make changes to parental controls settings.


    We recently bought two laptops for our children. My wife tried to set up parental controls, but we were striking problems on one of them.

    We have removed the trial version of McAfee that came with the laptop and installed computer Total virus defense. We tried and then configure the parameters of the family.

    A laptop works fine, but the laptop on the other, identical displays an error message when the family settings are changed.
    "Sorry, we could not make changes to parental controls settings."

    The settings seem to be there properly, despite the error message, but they have no effect on navigation or access time.

    The two laptops are running Windows 8 with local accounts for the parameters.

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Leonard King

    Hi Leonard,.

    Thanks for the reply with the status.

    I suggest to upgrade your operating system to Windows 8 to 8.1 Windows and check to see if that solves this problem.

    Refer to this article for more information.

    Update to Windows 8.1 of Windows 8

    If you find difficulties to find the update by store, you can perform the steps described in here.

    Hope this information helps. Response with status so that we can help you.

  • When I try to delete some folders, an error message appears saying 'you need permission SYSTEM to make changes to this file.

    original title: require authorization of the SYSTEM

    I decided to do a clean install of the latest Windows 7 RC yesterday and today crossed and have started to remove some programs on a separate hard drive so I could reinstall their own.  However when I try to delete some folders, an error message appears saying 'you need permission SYSTEM to make changes to this file.  I am using an administrator account, but I can't just simply delete the file.  I tried going to and change the owner to my account or administrators, close it, change the security permissions to allow me to have full control, and then I can finally remove it.  The problem is, I have to do for all the files one by one in the folder, and I wonder if there is an easier way to go about this, or if I can access the user of this SYSTEM and just delete them all from there.  Thanks for the help.


    Not trying to resurrect the old discussions, but I'll answer anyway because this thread came on top of the list of search results when I searched for "you need permission to the SYSTEM; I hope this will help everyone.

    Note: here, "the record" as a subject refers to the folder that you want to remove.

    Step 1: Go to the built-in Administrator account, you can do so by following these steps:
    a. go to control panel > system and security > administrative tools
    b. on the left panel, go to local users and groups > users. You should now see a list of users on your computer
    c. right click on the administrator account that appears in the list and select Properties
    d. uncheck "account is disabled" and confirm by pressing OK

    Step 2: Connect to your newly activated administrator account

    Step 3: Now, we start to configure the security settings that will allow you to remove this folder which was (perhaps) held by the SYSTEM:
    I'm going to make the assumption that you want to remove a folder and all its subfolders along
    a. right click on the folder
    b. go to the security on the top tab
    c. click on the Advanced button which is at the bottom

    : Step 4 the first part to configure security settings to set the owner of the folder:
    a. go to the owner on the top tab
    b. click the button change located downstairs
    c. There should be a list of accounts to choose to change the property, this is located under the label "of a change in ownership:'"
    (d) the entry 'Administrator (YOURCOMPUTERNAME\Administrator)' should be there; If this isn't the case, then add it to the list:
    -Click on the button "other users or groups...". "who's down
    -Under the label "enter the object name to select (examples):', there should be a text field you can type into it;" type in "Administrator" (without the quotes of course)
    -Click on the "Check names" button which is located on the right. 'Administrator (YOURCOMPUTERNAME\Administrator)' should now be there _For itself_; Well, if not, then you must remove the line that does not represent the administrator account that you are currently
    -Confirm by pressing OK; It will now appear on the list of accounts, you can choose from
    e. now, select 'Administrator (YOURCOMPUTERNAME\Administrator)' from this list
    f. check 'Replace the owner of subcontainers and objects' to propagate our change
    g. press OK to confirm. a message should now pop-up window, which says to re - open the properties. Do by pressing all the buttons OK see you

    Step 5: now that we have the owner of the folder, we still not done. There is one crucial step left which is to remove permissions inheritable:
    a. Repeat step 3 to learn to re - open properties and get to "Advanced security settings"
    b. go to the permissions on the top tab
    c. click on the button "Change permissions" which is down
    d. at the bottom, there should be 2 check boxes:
    -' Include the permissions that can be inherited from the parent to this object': deselect this. When you do so, you will get a warning on the parameters of parent is not not able to spread. Select 'Add '.
    -' Replace all permissions of child object with permissions inheritable this object': check this
    e. press OK to confirm. Windows will warn you this time; Click OK
    f. reconfirm by pressing OK; now, you should get to properties again

    Now, you shouldn't have all the warnings about the SYSTEM do give you permission as he attempted to perform actions on this issue.
    All the boxes to change the permissions on the accounts (properties > Security > Edit) must now be enabled, and you can tinker around with it.

Maybe you are looking for