Pattern recognition problem string

I have a small problem here. I'm trying to deal with the chains, but there are a few inconsistencies with the string format. The channels to follow this format:

In most of the six steps for each product: a-FIRST, SECOND B, C-THIRD,..., F-SIXTH. Some products may have less than 6 steps like:

I want to sort the channels based on PRODUCT. Please note that the word "Product1" is not written as "Product1" result Most of them using the product code as if the PRODUCT1 code number is XX-T-00125 then the first stage of this product is written XX-T-00125-one-FIRST XXXX where XXXX is an extra for descriptive purposes chain (XXXX have no specific rules). But there are a few cases of human error during entry. XX-T-00125-a-FIRST-> extra white space between A - and FIRST or the case where A is not written as a FIRST but has - SECOND. So here's what I have in mind: I want to determine the STAGE (A, B, C). Then, I will assume all of the characters before the A, B, C,... as the product code. What I want is to choose separate (product code). How do I get there? Thank you


Use regular expressions.

What version of Oracle are you using?
The following works in Oracle 10.1 (and), but from 11 REGEXP_SUBSTR might be better for you.

                 , '-\s*[A-F]\s*-.+$'
                 )     AS product
FROM     table_x

I hope that answers your question.
If not, post a small example data (CREATE TABLE and only relevant columns, INSERT statements), and the results you want from this data.
Examples of special cases, you may need to manage (as one free space, other delimiters as '-', simple letters A - F appearing several times,...)

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    Hi johnd9913,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers site!

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    I tried to use speech recognition on windows 7 but it does not recognize the new device (headset) and tells me that the language of the English of the United States, recognition does not match the language of the user interface.  Could be a missing driver and how do I get it installed.  I never had problems with windows to recognize a new device until I tried to use speech recognition.  I don't understand why I'm having a problem with the language; It will allow speech recognition to open so that I can use it.  Both are these problems related to a missing driver or could there be another reason?

    I tried to use speech recognition on windows 7 but it does not recognize the new device (headset) and tells me that the language of the English of the United States, recognition does not match the language of the user interface.

    To see what recognizer is to be used, speech recognition, open in the Panel. Click Advanced in the upper left corner of the word. Make sure that the language drop-down list Microsoft speech recognition for English system.

    To set up your microphone:

    • Right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar to bottom left. It looks like this:
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    • Make sure that the microphone you use (USB, with analog connectors or built into the computer) is set as the default value.
    • Speak into the microphone. The counter to the right of your microphone volume must move up and down like you're talking about. If it is not the case, click on properties, then on levels and level to about 75% of the value.

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  • automatic and Hebrew-Arabic - recognition problem

    I use Acrobat XI to create forms.

    Users fill out forms in Hebrew / Arabic.

    If I create the fields of text MANUALLY - everything works fine.

    If I use the automatic recognition text fields - so I have a problem: when I typed in Hebrew in the field, I know not what I just typed.

    But when I switch to another field, therefore the Hebrew text in all fields "to hide."

    the text won't disapper, because if I went back to the previous field, the text appears again.

    The problem occurred only to "Highlight fields" more information on and only in Hebrew / Arabic (with English - all good)

    Can someone help me?

    If someone is looking

    the solution is to make the 'fill color' fields white or colorless.

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  • problem string buffer too small

    Hey, guys:

    I have a question may be stupid, I received the error "ORA-06502: PL/SQL: digital or value error: character string buffer too small" when I run a query. If I Uncomment ' and rox.status ='Active "" ' State, I do not have the error. I guess it's related to specific lines. I checked online, it looks like the length of a certain variable varchar2 is not enough, but I can't find cause. I also note that there could be an error on v_level in the function, I use number instead of type varchar2. but after I changed the type of v_level, the error is still there. I would be cautious, because this is a legacy system. Could someone help me on this problem?

    I have a query like this:
    select *
    from registration_offender_xref rox
    where SOR_OFFENDER_DETAILS.get_offender_level(rox.offender_ID)=3
    --and rox.status='Active'
    and rox.end_registration_date is not null;
    I get the error message like:

    ORA-06502: PL/SQL: digital or value error: character string buffer too small
    ORA-06512: at "get OUT. SOR_OFFENDER_DETAILS', line 124
    06502 00000 - "PL/SQL: digital error or the value of %s.

    SOR_OFFENDER_DETAILS.get_offender_level returns a numeric value from 1 to 3, or a null value. Here is the code
      function get_offender_level(p_offender_id IN NUMBER) return NUMBER as
          sex_offender_flag number;
          tier_level number;
          override_num number;
          v_status  varchar2(10);
          v_aggravated  varchar2(10); 
          v_habitual  varchar2(10); 
          v_level  varchar2(10); 
          cursor tierNum is  -- as May 22, 2008 per HKT of DOC (past portal code), Level/Tier is displayed for all offenders
                   select max(c.tier) 
          from sor_offense o, sor_offense_code c
                   where o.offender_id = p_offender_id
                   and o.OFFENSE_CODE = c.CODE_ID
          and upper(o.status) = 'ACTIVE';
          select count(*)
          into sex_offender_flag
          from registration_offender_xref rox
          where rox.offender_ID=p_offender_id
          and reg_type_ID=1;
          if sex_offender_flag>0 then 
              OPEN tierNum;
              FETCH tierNum INTO v_level;
                if tierNum%NOTFOUND then
                tier_level := null;
                end if;
              CLOSE tierNum;
              select tier_overRide into overRide_Num 
              from registration_offender_xref
              where offender_id = p_offender_id
              and reg_type_id = 1; 
              if overRide_Num is not null then
              end if;
              --dbms_output.put_line('after override:'||p_level);
     /*error line*/         
                select status,  decode(aggravated,'Y','Yes','No') aggravated, 
               decode(habitual,'Y','Yes','No') habitual
              into v_status,  v_aggravated, v_habitual
              from registration_offender_xref 
              where offender_id = p_offender_id
              and reg_type_id = 1;
                if upper(v_status) in ('COMPLETED', 'DECEASED', 'DELETED') then
                   v_level := null;
                end if;
               --dbms_output.put_line('before final:'||p_level);
                if v_aggravated = 'Yes' or v_habitual = 'Yes' or v_level = 3 then
                   v_level := 3;
                end if;
                if override_num is not null then
                   v_level := overRide_Num;
                end if;    
          end if;
          return v_level;
      end get_offender_level;
    Thank you very much!


    Published by: lxiscas on May 23, 2013 08:38

    Published by: lxiscas on May 23, 2013 08:41

    Published by: lxiscas on May 23, 2013 09:01

    I do not pretend that it is your problem, but

    select status
    into v_status,
    from registration_offender_xref 

    But you said

          v_status  varchar2(10);

    Much better to say things like that

          v_status  registration_offender_xref.status%type;

    In this way, you know that your variable is declared with a good length, if the length of the column never changes, your code won't kaboom.

    See you soon,.

  • Satellite Pro 4600 battery recognition problem

    Hi all

    I have a strange problem with my Satellite pro 4600 (SP460E-03371-G3) laptop. I have the battery with the AC adapter unplugged, but the battery indicator turns on (no green, not orange). And the laptop does not start when I push the power button. It's like when the battery is discharged. When I plug in the power adapter, AC power light turns green, Notepad starts OK. And cams CIHI surprise: when I plug the AC everything works perfectly on battery power, but still no sign of the green or orange battery indicator. If I check the power state in Windows XP, the system indicates that the laptop works on current alternative, but the AC is disconnected. Why is this?

    Thank you
    Akos Monostori

    Hello Ákos

    I'm sure that there are defects of electronic power to your laptop. As you can see electronic is confused and the battery is not recognized correctly.

    In my opinion, you should contact the Service of your country partner and ask them what is the best way to solve this problem.

  • Qosmio G55-q802 - facial recognition problem

    Since I got my laptop facial recognition program will not work. He comes up with an error and says device camera initialization failed. The camera is used by another application or it is not recognized by the system. Camera Toshiba utility works. I've even tried to install the latest drivers on the web. I saw a post on a yahoo site that said disable cec_main in the Task Manager, but this program does not work yet.

    I tried to call tech support, which was totally unnecessary. They have me call back and ask for level II. Does anyone else know this same feeling of frustration? Other than this issue, this laptop is impeccable!

    G55-q802 with Vista 64-bit installed

    I can´t answer this question but just wanted to say that this is a beast of the laptop. Bravo

  • Time to Conversion Timestamp problem string


    I tried to convert the time string timestamp, but I failed. What is wrong with it? I need a timestamp to create waveforms.

    Hi beginner,

    use ScanFromString:

  • Looking for a pattern in the string

    Hi all

    I have a string input that consists of a number. 5 numbers separated by semmicolon represents a set. The numbers may be of the numbers 2, 3, or 4 digits.

    And there could be 1, 2, 3 or 4 sets. How can I check if one of all of the entry contains a 0; 0; 0; 0; 0.000;?

    I tried to use first Match string and string /False true Match. But string true or false game looks at only the beginning of the string.

    Can anyone suggest some ideas hw to go forward?

    Hi Nightcrwlr,

    Why don't you use SpreadsheetStringToArray and just check the number of items in the table to separate your 'sets '?

    After splitting sets (ArraySubset), you can just compare each set to zero...

  • drive recognition problems

    XP will noy recognize drive hard wd 6400 outside the mngr, fat32 formatter device is attempted it ends sying ts gradually or unformatted drive


    Do you see a red or yellow fringe for this hard drive on Device Manager?

    Check if you can access the hard drive via disk management.

    To start disk management:

    1. connect you as an administrator or as a member of the Administrators group.

    2. click onStart, click run, type compmgmt.msc, and then clickOK.

    3. in the console tree, clickdisk management. The disk management window appears. Your disks and volumes appear in a view chart and the list view. Pour personnaliser customize your perception of your disks and volumes in the upper and lower panes of the window, point totop or bottom on the menu display , and then click the view you want to use.

    If you are able to access the drive via Disk Manager, then try changing the drive letter and check if that helps.

    For more information visit:

    Please take a look at the article.

    Advanced troubleshooting tips for General USB for Windows XP problems

    Thanks and greetings
    Umesh P - Microsoft technical support.

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  • WSB600N problems (string disconects)


    After becoming irritated beyond comprehension, I hope someone here can help me lol.

    After installing the drivers for this device on WinVista64 little from the CD, it connects to my older D-link Wireless Rangebooster G network but continualy disconects then reconects, disconects then reconects etc. A wired connection works, but as I want to move this computer more far the router a wired connection is not feasible.  I installed this device on 2 different offices a WinVista64 and the other WinXP32, but face the same problems. Both computers were about 3pi away from the router and had the complete wireless signal strength. My local computer store told me that the Linksys should have no problem connecting to my older network because it is backward compatible a lot like laptops in our House, but was bad?

    I thought that I could just have a defective unit so I went back 1 that I bought for a second, but am experincing the same problem. Any help you can provide will be greatly appretiated.

    If you have the same problem with the second wireless adapter, then I would say that this is not a problem with your wireless adapter...

    There are many causes of bad connections wireless and many solutions:

    First of all, give your network a unique SSID. Do not use "linksys". If you use "linksys", you can try to connect the router to your neighbor. Also set 'SSID Broadcast' to 'active '. This will help your computer to find and lock on the signal from your router.

    Bad wireless connections are often caused by interference from other 2.4 GHz devices. This includes cordless phones, baby monitor wireless, microwave ovens, wireless mice and keyboards, wireless speakers and wireless network from your neighbor. In rare cases, Bluetooth devices can interfere. Even some 5 + GHz phones also use the 2.4 Ghz band. disconnect these devices and see if that solves your problem.

    In your router, try another channel. There are 11 channels in the band of 2.4 GHz channel 1, 6 or 11 generally works better. Discover your neighbors and see what channel they use. Because the channels overlap, try to stay at least + 5 or - 5 channels of your more powerful neighbors. For example, if you have a powerful neighbour on channel 9, try any channel 1 to 4.

    Also, try putting the router about 4 to 6 feet above the ground in an open area. Do not place behind your screen or other computer equipment or speakers. The antenna (if external) must be vertical.

    In addition, in the computer, go to your wireless software and go to 'Favorite networks' (sometimes called 'Profiles'). There are probably a few listed networks. Remove any network called "linksys". Also remove any network that you don't recognize or that you no longer use. If your current network is not listed, enter its information (SSID, encryption (if any) and key (if any)). Select your current network and make your network by default, then set it to auto login. You may need to go to 'settings' to do this, or you may need to right click on your network and select 'Properties' or 'settings '.

    If the above does not solve your problem, download and install the latest driver for your wireless card.

    Wireless performance can be improved by opting for WPA encryption.

    If you continue to have problems, follow these steps: for wireless g routers, try setting the "baud rate" at 54 Mbps.

    If you still have problems, download and install the latest firmware for your router. After an update of the firmware, you must reset the default router, and then configure the router again from scratch. If you have saved a router configuration file, DO NOT use it.

  • USB external hard drive recognition problem

    I recently copied a large number of music files FLAC from a NAS drive to an external hard drive. When I plug the hard drive into the USB port on my computer, it is not recognized or appear in the screen 'computer '. Instead, I have an icon in taskbar icon (bottom right of the screen) and when I fly over it says "safely remove hardware and eject the media.

    Please, what this mean and is there a problem with my external hard drive

    Thank you very much


    Start the disk with the connected player manager.

    In the lower panel, check disks and look at the left panel. It must indicate the status of the disc attached. If shown as a foreigner do a right click and "import foreign disks".

    This does not affect the data on the disk and not the alternative option of having to write a signature to the disk. You may also define a drive letter in the right side, until a drive has a letter, you can't see its contents.

  • Out with the old WinXP box in with Win 7 - recognition problems 2008 Server box

    Our box office WinXP was finally cut off (the last, all the others are Win 7).  I built a new area of Win 7/64 with Windows 7 Professional.  I was able to transfer all the old stuff from WinXP on the server by using the parameters of conduct transfer agent.

    I plugged the new Win 7 box and everything works fine.  However, I can't get our Win 2008 Server to recognize the new box.  User dave is there but the server does not see the new box.

    Q: should I remove user "dave", and then reinstall a new "dave" at the server level?  Seems that I would lose settings, etc. like this.

    I've been going through Hester and Henley on Admin book, but nothing comes out with me.

    If you have configured Active Directory, then you should be able to join your domain from the Windows 7 machine as you would for Windows XP. Please note that you may experience problems if your Local network connection is firewall, as well as temporarily disable and try again.

Maybe you are looking for