Pavilion 14-b172tx: Air bubble in my HP pavilion 14-b172tx

I bought a HP Pavilion 14-b172tx a year ago. Now, a few months back I noticed a small bubble at the bottom of the screen. And now its getting bigger and bigger. And my laptop touch screen does not work. Help, please...


Hi there @DeepakWarke 

Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, so many other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff.

I understand that you have a bubble in the screen of your laptop. I'm happy to help you with this.

As it is a physical defect, please contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.

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  • Air bubbles under the screen - MacBook Air

    I have a MacBook Air 13 "and I tried to put a protective screen. When I did a lot of air bubbles appeared under my screen. I think there may be a crack in my screen, but I have not noticed an and can not see how it could be done.

    They were likely under the protection of screen because it has not been properly put on.

  • Air bubbles or a bit under the glass screen?

    Recently bought a new iphone more than 6 s, not even a week old and noticed a little air bubbles or a little under the glass display on the white area of the phone, don't know how product, help someone

    Try to reset the phone - hold the power off button and home buttons together until you see Apple logo and then allow normal startup - without loss of data

    If this does not solve the problem with the screen then it is probably a hardware issue and you can bring your phone to an Apple or an authorized store


  • Air bubble in the screen X 61 LCD Tablet

    My X 61 Tablet is currently guaranteed but I have repeatedly rejected by links of 'technical' Lenovo declaring that it is hours billable damage caused by the user. Apparently, I've been asked too much pressure on the LCD screen bringing packed - several times.

    Here is the chronology of events that shows the incompetence of their so-called engineering team.

    -Online all about end of August 2009, I see a bubble of surfacing of behind the bezel 2 "the edge at the bottom left of the screen

    -Online I follow the routine to open a ticket, got a box, copy and backup data, box / send the machine and prepare weeks of lost productivity without a laptop

    => After nearly two weeks, I have received communication about the bubble and am told immediately that the fix would be chargeable (about $700) to replace the LCD screen if I chose to move forward

    => I have request an escalation and a more accurate report of what they thought the problem was. That whiles away several days and I get a picture of their repair center

    =>, They put a sticker next to the bubble and asserted that he was a crack due to pressure on the LCD screen. "Even the slightest pressure can sometimes cause a crack to appear. Never mind the fact that a Tablet is intended to be used with a pen that [U] must somehow make contact with the LCD screen! [/U]. I also explained that the laptop has not been used with a pen for a long time, so even question of the application of pressure.

    -Online three weeks after the debacle, I get another say there is has nothing that Lenovo will do since it is a damage caused by the user. I really wanted to know how this was determined so I started to probe further. Now the explanations get really outrageous.

    "Lenovo: a crack on an LCD screen, it's like a windshield of a car." It can grow over time. »

    Note that a crack in a window without deriving a few inches over time. It can grow but it does not move

    "Lenovo: Mr President, our technical department is the last word on this issue and they have determined that it is a chargeable repair.

    At this point, I'm getting argumentative and challenge the jurisdiction of the people doing this diagnostic.

    "Lenovo: If you think that we made a mistake, you are free to go to a small claims court." Is there anything else we can help you? »

    Way to go from Lenovo. Home customer service is the best

    Fast forward to two months and November 5, 2009, yet another bubble starts appearing behind the bezel from exactly the right lower corner. Once more, in this case off no provocation whatsoever. First of all, I see a tiny line on the edge as I work that develops slowly in a semicircle.


    This time I wanted to make sure that the movement of the bubble is saved so I took another photo a day later

    =>, I opened a ticket and get the first support call normal. Ask them to refer to the post previous DNHDGY8 before that I take on the hassle of being without a machine an indefinite period of time.

    => It goes without saying that I got the same answer that once more, I put too much pressure somewhere.

    [QOUTE] We are unable to determine what caused the damage, but once it's here, and our team determines it is damageed we can do a chargeable repair. We cannot determine which determined what caused the damage, because we weren't there when it happened [/QOUTE]

    No matter how many bubbles appear from nowhere or no reason, is somehow my fault. I suggest that it clearly resembles a problem in the manufacturing sector. However, incompetent repair team has the last word, so I don't know how it can never be described as a matter of generation. It almost seems that these game acclaimed experts are required to report issues that they do not understand as a customer mishandling.

    Now, I'm not saying this is a matter of MFG. without reason. If you notice, the lower right corner of the screen on a X 61 becomes very hot. The LCD itself is composed of several layers and bound with the edges open to the air. Continuous heating and cooling mastic can deteriorate over time. If even a specification of air is trapped in this phase, for example between the glass and the polarizing film, what happens during the next heating cycle? The bubble grow first and because of the pressure variation, try to move away from the heat source, raising.

    That's what I could deduce so far. One thing any technician silent willl confirm is that it is surely not a crack!

    I was struck once more, but I kept the open ticket so we will see how this past time. It is not a question for $700, but more info on write off a problem with misdiagnosis and inadequate technical reasoning. It is almost about to be fraudulent.

    I guess that many have faced this problem had not said anything. Hope this helps someone. I'll update here as this case unfolds.

  • Cyan is not printing on HP Officejet Pro 8500 has more - Air bubbles in the ink tubes

    Hi all

    I know why cyan is not printing.  It is because of the following:

    Ago, I ran out of ink cyan printing ("please replace cyan before continuing").  I live in a remote area and was not able to buy a replacement cyan cartridge, so I read on a hack on the Internet, that was to fool the printer into thinking that the cyan cartridge remained inside ink (just basically restricting the measure gauge so that it read the Full cartridge).  I did it because I had a print document that requires only the black ink, so I knew that this wouldn't be a problem.  Then life happened and I completely forgot my little shortcut, and my wife printed a number of color photos.  I finally had time to cartridges, and I now understood that cyan is not print at all.  I have now opened up the printer and realize that the cyan ink tube is full of bubbles...

    I tried to fix this by printing A4 pages that are for the most part, cyan, but without success.  I even tried to put pressure on the ink cartridge cyan in order to flood the cyan ink tubes - also, it does not work.  I read somewhere that there is a way to actually get some printers to pump tubes with ink, is - it possible on the Officejet Pro 8500 has more?

    Of course, I did all the tools that are pre-set to the arsenal of 8500, but still no luck.

    I know I'm in the situation I am purely because I don't use the device as intended, and people that no one is to blame but me, but I'd appreciate any help you could provide.

    Thank you


    John, looks like you have a problem with the ink system. Unfortunately, what it looks like happened here, is that your ink nozzle, tubing and probably-print head have put dry for cyan. Work around is pretty neat, but it really is only recommended for a very temporary solution. If the ink has dried in the piping, but elsewhere in the printer then can be a decent chance that this printer will be not likely reprint the cyan. You can try to run the automatic cleaning process (up to three times I would say) via the Tools menu in the Setup (the wrench).

    In addition, I'm not sure that this will be a question that has a simple resolution. Apologies, John.


    PS Hope you have a wonderful day and that your time is as beautiful as she is here!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones bubble screen

    I have an air bubble in the middle of the screen of my curve 9300.

    What should I do to make this bubble disappear?

    Hi phmartinet

    Well I don't know what effect it can cause, but I'm sure that's not good for the screen if it is an air bubble, so I prefer if the unit is still under warranty replace it.


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  • Bubble like spots on the screen LCD T410

    Just noticed this a few minutes ago on my T410 (2516-CTO), there are three major tasks and three small spots on the centre-left of my screen. I tried to wipe the screen with a clean Microfiber cloth and a gentle jet of glasses cleaner on the cloth. All the dust was released, but the tasks remain. They appear only when I inspect the screen with a flashlight on dead. These tasks similar to white reflecting film-y areas, like the surface of the screen LCD is peeled off with very thin air bubbles. They seem to resemble defects under the surface - is my LCD delamination or anything else bad past?

    Doesn't look like it, they think that his 'damage' I have to pay for. I've only had this T410 for a week.

    Good news! After a long out of stock, the technician on-site, finally, came and succeeded him. Less than 15 minutes so I was looking at.

  • Is it normal to remove the protective screen of the Mac laptop

    Is it safe to remove the protector from the computer screen mac laptop?  The screen is cracked, and there is a lot of air bubbles; It's on laptop for over a year.

    If the screen is cracked, I imagine that the screen protector is now the fragments broken in place. I suspect that you will have a worse screen if you remove the cover - it can make other parts of the screen is not locked firmly to the screen. You will not be able to apply a new cover, if the screen is damaged - it spreads upwards again once the surface is not flat and will be difficult to clean.

    If you decide to remove the right cover, back up everything first on an external drive. The display may stop working if you are unlucky or heavy right-handed.

    I think that it would be preferable to replace the broken screen.

  • 9.3.1 drop-down menus does not

    I downloaded iOS 9.3.1 and it fixed the freezing email and send links from Safari.

    However, the links on a Web page, including the communities of Apple support are not fully clickable. I tried to uncheck the box 'follow' and all that happens is an air bubble appears saying JavaScript and underneath that open.  But nothing happens.

    I also found this on websites where you try and fill in a form with dates or places and they do not work.

    So iOS 9.3.1 is an improvement, but it is not fully fixed yet!

    I think that the problem is actually related to an anti-virus application that I run on my iPad called Silenium.  I removed the app and things seem to be fine.

  • Satellite Pro L450D black screen and will not respond to any keys


    My niece has used his Toshiba L450D for almost a year now and he really liked it, who was until last month. She turned on her laptop and when she presses the button of the mouse, the button cracked and he fell into the laptop.

    Now my brother contacted Toshiba and I was told because it is under warranty it might return for repair because it was a common fault. Then he he packed in loads of air bubbles and a box to make sure it was safe.

    A few weeks later he came back repaired but we were all shocked that the laptop was put in a very loose box and you could hear this rattling noise. When we turned on the battery was flat and we had a new boot menu.

    As she installed it Windows 7 laptop would boot directly into Windows 7, but now after the repair of the laptop shows a menu black screen with as follows:

    + Windows 7 +.
    + Recover Windows to Factory Settings [active EMS] +.

    So we started in Windows and everything went well, but now after 5 or 10 or even 20 minutes, laptop displays a black screen and will not respond to keys or mouse movement. There is nothing on the screen its just black.

    I started in SafeMode (which was more difficult with the new menu) and it does the same thing. I even managed to do a virus scan quick who took 3-4 minutes and was clean.

    I would like some advice on what my niece is very angry, and it's difficult to explain what is happening to a child in the primary school.

    Any help would be grateful.


    Have you tried the option of HARD drive recovery?

    If this is not the case, try to set the notebook back to factory settings using HARD drive recovery.
    Turn on the device, press F12, choose repair my computer, then select Toshiba HDD recovery.

    I hope it will work!

  • No iphone replaced 6s more come in box sealed and pre-activated

    Hi, I got the iphone more 6s online a few days back, he had yellowish display problem, so I sent and asked for replacement, they sent me a replacement today, there new series and display is preferable in this case, but what I leave me puzzled, is that when I went for my iphone replaced from their office they handed me the iphone in the box which had been opened, plastic packaging has been removed and the box has been opened, the charger is new, tbe data cable was one that I had sent back with the previous iphone, the protector on the iphone itself was obviously loose and then applied again as it was very dirty, smeared and had a lot of air bubbles , I was told by the type of reception they had opened the box and iphone to check if she had no problem display so that I do not return once again, when I checked the serial number it was original but had been activated, and when I opened the drawer of sim card, he had someone to another sim card what I want to know is if thats how apple deals with the replaced iphones, unbox them, check them, enable themselves before giving to the person, or if they give sealed nine packaged box iphones?  I do not have store nearby, so I can't ask any guy apple apple

    Looks like a weird phone store Gamestop-eqse. (Yah know, where they open all the products just because?)

    Apple has features of replacement, but nobody has used before, and they should be sealed when you get one. It seems you have a given phone, which as far as I know, Apple does not unless you specifically buy a device renovated on their part.

  • Laptop damaged when sent for repair

    Thought I better warn people about the terrible service I received from Toshiba! I returned my phone to them for warranty repair. They arranged for UPS collect my phone Monday and I was sent an email Wednesday from Toshiba to inform me that they had received my laptop. Friday, I had a phone call to tell me that my laptop was damaged. Apparently, the hinge is broken and metal casing is badly bent and broken in a corner. The laptop let me in perfect condition, except for the touchpad works not that is why he has been sent for repair.

    Toshiba told me that I am responsible for the repair costs and argues that it was not packed correctly, even if I followed their recommendations to packaging. They also said that it was not packed in any film bubble, a complete lie like air bubbles was recorded around the laptop.

    I phoned UPS who say that Toshiba reported no damage and would have had to file a report. I also discovered that Toshiba do not take insurance when laptops are delivered with them! If I know that I would have never allowed my laptop to be sent to Germany. I asked for photos of my laptop to be sent to me and well that knows no ones what happened to it I think it has been unpacked and later dropped from someone at Toshiba. It may explain why it took 2 days after arrival to report damage to me and why Toshiba refuse to report the problem to the inverter!

    I have contacted Trading Standards and legal advice, I'm just wondering if it happened to someone else? I wanted to let people know that when they send their laptops that they are not insured for damage while shipping.

    Sorry to hear that.
    I really hope that you will be able to clarify this with the representatives of Toshiba.

    Where do you live aster?

  • Remanufactured ink Cartiridges

    I use a new printer HP ENVY 7645. I do a lot of printing, and the black cartridge that is more important that I use for a few months. I have used remanufactured cartridges and my own ink for all my printers until then. Now, all of a sudden, HP tells me that an original cartridge must be used as evidenced by the fact that the remanufactured cartridges will not work. I clean the cartridges. HP has to realize that the cost of a cartridge is $ 35.00 at Walmart and the purchase of 3 cartridges is equivalent to buyiing a new printer. I've also seen printers for less than $50.00. HP must unlock codes to the printer so that the remanufactured cartridges can be used. In my case, if it doesn't happen soon, I'm going to buy another printer and it will not be a HP.

    If the printer is going through the motions of printing and has no error message then the printer is doing his job and trying to print.  If there is no ink on the page it is probably a problem with the cartrdige - maybe a printhead clogged because of incompatible ink or air bubbles in the drain pipe or some other problem.  Try the following:

    • Print a print quality diagnostics page.

      1. Load size A4 or US Letter, unused, plain, white paper into the input tray.
  • Fill out and return to zero problems with Deskjet 3052 has printer and cartridge 61xl black

    Yesterday, my new 61xl OEM black cartridge ran out of ink. I had it only for a few weeks, but this cartridge made of course go fast (faster than the startup cartridges, I swear!). This is a printer at home that is used only by me for personal use.  I wonder how much ink was in it when I bought it. Of course, they don't disclose the ml on the packaging more... how convenient for them, huh?

    In any case, I decided to fill up again. It was my first attempt for this printer and a total failure. I did some research. I used 2 other cartridges to fool the technology of memory without result. Online instructions for which parts of contact on the Strip are either nonexistent for this cartridge or are as clear as mud so I couldn't try it again... This is where it would have been a picture is worth a thousand words.

    It would be a very good alignment page printing. So I think it was successful. But when I tried to print or copy something, it would print the upper part and act like it ran out of ink down. The same thing with trying to clean the print heads. He will start the black stripe and stop about two thirds of the way through. There was less black to have with each successive cleaning, I've tried. If I started on the first cleaning would have the same generous amount of black ink, but decrease as before. I was losing the ink in my brand new color cartridge so I stop messing with it.

    I received errors to gogo (not OEM! False! The sky is falling!). The ink is obviously coming out of the cartridge, so it's not the problem. All I know is that I have a good full of the same black refill ink oem cartridge that I use in HP cartridges for years.

    I don't really like what is happening to this piece of crap cheapo printer so I am not interested to hear how HP has my best interests at heart. What about someone gullible. If I mess up with cheapo ink, then what? And counterfeiting BS is a bogus excuse too.

    Yesterday I had to go out and buy a new cartridge. So today, I found a printer as I used to have (1315) for $20 on Craig's list. Heck, I have tons of cartridges 56, 57 and 58 for this baby and you can charge for this printer throughout the day. I not picking that up next week but then if someone knows how to bypass attempts to be GREEN with this printer and cartridges, of course I understand the help. Maybe who contacts on tape cartridge? Or the head of which HP exec throw this printer to? I'm open to suggestions. Otherwise, the next cartridge runs out in this waste of time and money, it just goes straight to a landfill where it belongs so it won't be wasting someone else's time or money. Thank you!

    It seems that you have introduced an air bubble in the cartridge drain pipe, resulting in starvation of ink you print.

    Pageyield of HP's site lists the 61xl 8.5 ml cartridge.

  • Acer repair must taken in charge for better machines!

    I wanted to post nothing but good, because the Internet site support and the phone is outstanding.  But the machine was 3 weeks OLD when I sent... IT has been impeccable. I checked before a bubble wrapped it.

    But I got a new machine that I treated like GOLD for repairs and I got a new back with scratches and live stripped head!

    I have sent down with 2 layers of large air bubbles.  I came back without filling stuck cardboard so that he feels any shock that gets the box during shipping!  Given that the only remedy they did was reconnect a cable... (where people have found is usually not the problem) Ship without filling is a bad choice.

    Then I open it:

    (1) one of the screewheads on the docking station is BADLY Stripped.  USE THE RIGHT SIZE TOOL! GEEZE

    (2) I machine which was keept in a padded case returned with new scratches on the bottom of the keyboard docking station and a space of 2 inches of abrasion on the bottom

    (3) and little paint wear away on top. This comes to the Dock to work on it without good padding on the Workbench.

    The machine WAS 3 weeks old and I treated with care!  ITs rack for me you probably use without filling and work benches are not completed, or clean elements that could scratch the machines.

    It would take me two years to develop this level of damage on a new machine.  Its small, but I take care of my business.  I'm waiting for you also.

    Use the size of the right tool... to small Phillips screwdriver screws of RUIN.

    Cushion transport you bins move since all about machines that you use less expensive materials

    Check that screws and tools out of the workspace if you scratch machines.

    Ironically, they noted scractches surface. As if I write it... I don't get blamed. I know that there are none when I sent it.

    Site support Web has

    Phone support has

    Process of repair and speed (assuming that this correction lasts)

    Care of the machines during the REPAIR C

    Case # so you can frame tech on the use of appropriate screwdriver... [private under the leadership of life]

    Lesson... Photograph every inch of your machine before you send it for repair.

    Sorry for the problems, you have had to repair your unit. This is certainly not the experience we want customers to have with our service centers. I'll take our hand to you tender technical support team to better understand what happened during the repair and to help get your product returned to the State, it is in when you send it for service.

Maybe you are looking for