Pavilion G6 Caps lock flashes constantly but the laptop work.


I've owned my HP Pavilion g6-2292sa Notebook PC (running Windows 8) for about 4 months now and tonight, so I was watching just the net that I noticed that my Caps Lock led flashing continuously, a flash every second. My laptop works fine, and I rebooted to try to stop the flashing, but with no luck. I checked Flash and positions that average hot flashes but mine does not fit in all of this. It is starting, it is not beep just the caps lock flashes constantly. I checked my other lights and see no other spazzing out like that. I'm rather worried because I had to have a new motherboard and HARD drive in a month of purchase. I googled not materialized. Can someone help me please?

Definitley weird!

Can you check the UEFI environment in F2? Let's see if it happens there inside and outside to win 8.

If it happens again, we can try a hard reset - remove the battery and AC and hold the market for 30 seconds, then plug back in. We can also try a BIOS flash - checks whether there is a newer version or re flash.

If the problem does not occur in BIOS - then you can try a Virus scan / update or restore possible system

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