Pavilion Slimline lock up in sleep mode-fan works high not lights up unless I pull the power cord 1

New HP Pavilion Slimline desktop 400-314 - mode 'sleep' sometimes cause to lock the computer, the power light is on, the fan runs at the top.  Only way to unlock the computer is to hold the power button for 5 seconds.  I wait 15-20 seconds, then press the power button to wake it up.  Immediately the computer restarts to the top with solid power light and the fan turns at the top.  The only way to break this vicious circle must first pull the power cord to the rear, wait 30 seconds and plug it in again.  This time, when I turn on the computer it goes off just fine.

Is this a BIOS problem?  Please help as I don't have that much hair left.

* Solved * Finally!  After 8 grueling days of pain staking agony and incessant attempts to fix this thing, I finally solved my problem.  I spent countless hours on the phone with HP support and nothing resolved.  That is: the problem with this computer locking up and sending the fan at high spin was due only with external speakers. When you reset the power system disconnected to boot the system, he would normally go for at least half a day before locking up.  I discovered that the speakers are older than 15 years. It's funny, these speakers worked fine on a desktop HP 2004 previous Pavilion running on Windows XP.  Now, it's static build-up that caused my death or something else?  As far as I know, it's that I'm a happy camper using headphones with a new system of HP that finally works.  Thank you to everyone who made suggestions.

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  • Pavilion g6t-2000 black screen & Sleep Mode problem

    Features of the laptop:
    Name: HP Pavilion g6t-2000 CTO Notebook

    CPU: Intel I3 - 2370 m 2.4 GHz, Intel HD 3000

    GPU: AMD Radeon HD m 7670

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit

    So over the past two weeks, I have been having a problem with my laptop after installation of an update to the beta with my GPU driver. Whenever I put my computer to sleep mode and turn on I get a black screen. The computer is turned on and set to lock the screen, so if I typed my password, it'll make the connection noise. Also, if I look at the right angle, I see a very dimmed screen which is there before I moved it in mode 'sleep'. Strangely when I put the laptop in hibernate mode and turn back on the screen is fine.

    Things I've tired:

    • Removed the beta driver and the GPU of HP drivers installed via the HP website
    • Update BIOS f.25 (latest driver)
    • Changed the power of options such as checking to see if hybrid sleep is turned off
    • Check the BIOS, it is very little options and none has to do with my problems. Only thing I can see on BIOS is to change the boot priority and enable and disable the little features like "fan always on / off", etc.
    • Running sfc/scannow

    On a side note, my laptop has been dropped about a week BEFORE the update to the beta GPU on a foot of my bed. "Sleep" mode was not affected by what I know. I was also reading autour on a power inverter and there may be possible that it has been damaged and if you think it is maybe it how can I test it? Thank you.

    I finally got the time to do a restore on my HP Pavilion laptop factory g6t-2000 settings and after doing a test with the AMD drivers, I discovered that drivers AMD were the problem holding my laptop to wake up full-screen mode 'sleep'. Thank you very much for your help AxshunJaxun.

    I recommend to not install the AMD drivers and once you do and that you do not have a restore point the only solution is a factory restore settings.

  • Pavilion m6 - stop suddenly and mystery of the power cord

    Hi people,

    I got a very strange problem with my laptop from m6-1035dx Pavilion the past two days. This is a reconditioned unit and have had some problems with it in the past (both hardware and software-related) that I managed to fix me, but this one left me speechless.

    It started yesterday when the computer was placed on a bed (with a CoolerMaster pad below, which I almost never separate the portable device) and immediately turn off the power. In the past, I had problems with heat stops, that I solved with a bit of air in canned and CoolerMaster pad said, so I don't think much. But the same thing happened today, and I noticed that when it has restarted, it does not recognize the fact that the computer is plugged in. Unplugged the cord/AC converter to three points (computer, converter, wall) and tried again, still nothing. Tried another outlet, blew the vents, power off and removed/re-inserted battery, still no recognition of the power. I reinstalled HP CoolSense (which I had removed several months before) and hope that would take care of things. Meanwhile, I shut the computer off again, and the LED power indicator lit on its own.

    Several hours later, the computer was reactivated and placed on a flat surface. Someone tripping over the cord, and the computer turns off again. The LED power indicator is out once more, so I unplugged the power cord and left for a few minutes. Blocked again, and the power was back.

    I am reasonably confident that I should replace the power cord at this point, but I want expert advice before I commit the money that him. It may also be interesting to note that while the power cord did not work, the battery (92%) had about two hours and six minutes of use remaining, which is well below the advertised battery capacity (to be noted that only Chrome was running at the time) and what I saw of the battery in the past. I think that the cable or converter can be shorted, then is it safe to use the computer at all? Wouldn't be a good idea to replace the battery as well? I will provide any other details if necessary and thank you in advance for any help or advice.

    Hi maestro35,

    Welcome to the HP Support Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the Forums of HP, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the Forums HP first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

    I understand that you are having feeding problems with your Pavilion m6. I'll be happy to help you with this. If it is running with the battery, I wouldn't worry about the replacement of the battery quite yet. As for the fact that it gives you less time announced that it could be the mere fact that the battery life decreases over time. You don't mention your operating system, this is why I have included two links below which will allow you to test and calibrate the battery. This will confirm that the battery is working properly.

    Test and calibrate the battery (Windows 7)

    Test and calibrate the battery (Windows 8)

    I agree that it appears as if the power cord is the question. If you have a similar cord, you might give it a try to see, but there's a chance it might be the prospects of power supply for laptop. If something is shorted, then you shouldn't really use the laptop but without testing actually physically we will not be able to determine if something is put in short circuit.

    Thank you

  • HP Z820 workstation: Z820 HP does start, fans at high speed, no BIOS, no signal in the monitor.

    Hello world

    My listing of workstation: HP Z820, Dual Xeon E5-2687W @ 3.1 - 3, 8 GHz, graphic card Nvidia quadro K5000, 64 GB RAM, 2 x 500 GB HARD drive.
    The workstation is still under warranty.

    They arrived after upgrade to Windows 10 (from 8.1 to Windows) and put such BIOS updated as recommended by HP support Assistant.

    I was on the process to refresh the 10 Windows , then the system automatically tried rebooting to complete the update, but he never did it again! and then the fans running at full speed. After waiting for 2-3 minutes, I had to hold the power button to turn off the computer.

    After waiting for about 10 minutes, I tried to start the computer, but the same thing happened: you press the button power and then after about a minute , fans rotating at high speed, no signal, no BIOS, no noise, no power in the keyboard or mouse, the blue LED light to the rear.

    So I let the computer without power for 7 hours... (The power cable is disconnected).

    At 11:00: reconnected the power cable (HDD and DVD ROM are DISCONNECTED) and tried to start but the same thing happened.

    Now, I'm on google to find a solution:

    1. power? (Have not yet been tested food.)
    2 motherboard? No damage to the capacitors or anything else.
    3 reset the BIOS/CMOS? (Power disconnected cable) Removed the battery and put it back it, held the CMOS button for 5 seconds.
    4 graphics card? Replaced the K5000 Quadro with a Quadro 4000.
    5. exercise of the power of the system? held the power button with the power cord unplugged for 30 seconds.

    None of the above solves the problem but now when you press the power button / the fans start to run at high speed immediately! This got worse?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    The problem is a faulty motherboard and it was replaced under warranty.

  • HP Pavilion G6 computer 1093SA laptop does not charge when I plug in the power adapter

    HP Pavilion G6 computer 1093SA laptop does not charge when I plug in the power adapter

    The battery is dead. When I try to turn on the laptop by plugging the AC adapter does not charge or led power LED does not turn on. But when I press the power button, the power, the indicator flashes and turns off (when power adapter connected).

    (1) I tried the press and holding the power button for 30 seconds after removing the battery & AC adapter / CC.

    (2) I tried to change the power adapter too.

    The problem is that it is.

    Your advice is very much appreciated.

    Thank you best regards &,.


    Dear customer,

    Welcome and thanks for posting your question on the Forum of Support HP

    It seems that you are not able to turn on the laptop and tried to solve the problem

    Please perform steps listed to find out if it is a hardware or software problem below:

    1. remove all cables and devices, disconnect them and try to turn on the device

    2. check the LED light situation and ensure the action of the spring button / stop is normal

    3 Exchange with a well known power cord and the AC adapter

    4 Pack no adapters are available, check if the power adaptor is slightly warm

    Note: This will give us an indication that the power adapter could be good

    5. do you know if the laptop was in battery or power adapter when you used the last time

    Note: Make sure that there is no spill of liquid or cutting

    6. check if the Port of the AC adaptor is loose/broken

    Note: If the laptop is not on even with a power adapter well known, this confirms the hardware failure with the system board or power DC Circuit

    Hope this helps for other queries to answer the post and feel free to join us again

    * Click on the star of CONGRATULATIONS on the left to say thank you *.

    Make it easier for others to find solutions by checking a response "Accept as Solution" if it solves your problem.

    Thank you

    K N R K

    I work on behalf of HP

  • iPhone 6s more going in as a sleep mode when sitting is not.

    iPhone 6s more going in as a sleep mode when sitting not used. I won't get it any delay message notifications until something wakes the phone as a call or unlock the screen. Sometimes, he sends even calls to your voicemail and imessages simply sit not showing not delivered to the other side of people. Seems to happen only when connected to wifi. Anyone facing this problem or have any suggestions? I checked all the settings that I even tried to leave it plugged to load and forever changed the automatic locking.  When that happens all notifications go out at the same time as overload and the sound does not come through them just the notification screen on... Help!

    Is do not disturb on? Icon of Crescent Moon at the top right

    If yes it off using the control center

  • "Sleep" mode only works for a minute


    I've recently set up a HP Pavilion a6530f PC and it seems to work very well.  When you press the symbol of the 'Moon' on the keyboard to put the computer in standby mode, it goes into the mode 'sleep' as it should.  The only problem is that after about 2 minutes, the computer returns, so not really enter the mode "sleep" and leaving the computer on when I don't want to.  Does anyone know how to get the "sleep mode" actually stay in mode 'sleep'?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Message edited by plm6w7 on 11/29/2008 15:38
    Message edited by plm6w7 on 11/29/2008 15:42

    Well, it is supposed to wake up if the mouse moves, etc. so if you walk by, or a heavy truck driven by could wake up. You can lower the sensitivity of your mouse or shut down then upward on the moving mouse feature.

    Moreover, I say this because I think that a6530f is that a desktop PC has so probably a connected mouse. You are in the Notebook forum however.

  • Windows Vista's sleep mode after 20 minutes while playing PC games even though my power settings are set to NEVER.

    Windows sleeps only during the performance of PC games (not all PC games, sometimes with Call of Duty 2 but not with FIFA 07).

    According to my settings sleep mode & disable the display are set to never for both blocked in battery mode. Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you


    1. what happens when you restart the computer from sleep? It back to windows, such as the release of sleep or does go through the normal boot process?

    2 have you done any recent software or the hardware changes on your computer?

    3. don't you face the problem only by playing games?

    Method 1:

    I suggest you to run a full scan of your computer and check.

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    Note: If infections are detected during the scan, it is possible that infected files would be deleted.

    Method 2:

    I also suggest you to start your computer in a clean boot state, and check if all third-party software could be the cause. Clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Note: Don't forget to return the computer to normal after completing the troubleshooting by following the steps described in step 7.

    Method 3:

    I also suggest that you perform a clean boot material to check if the problem is caused by any device.

    Follow these steps to perform a clean boot material:

    a. disconnect all external devices.

    b. start the computer in safe mode.

    Start your computer in safe mode

    c. click 'Start', type 'DEVMGMT.» SMC"in the search text box and press ENTER."

    d. expand "graphics cards".

    e. right click on your graphics card, select "Properties"

    f. click the "driver" tab, click on disable (disable the selected device). Click OK

    g. use the same method to disable other devices such as: map of the sound card, Modem, network, CD - R drive. Note Some devices not available must be disabled.

    h. restart the computer.

    After you turn off the devices, start in normal mode and try to activate the devices one by one and check which device is causing the problem.

  • my screen goes black when my laptop is in sleep mode and I have to move my mouse to get the sandbox screen

    My screen goes black and I have to move my mouse to return to the screen. It becomes a big problem when I watch a movie and the screen turns black during the good parts. How can I stop these interruptions?


    It seems that the computer will sleep when it is inactive. I suggest you to change the settings on the computer's power options and check. Refer to the below links to change the settings of the sleep and other power options.


    I hope this helps.

  • XPS 13 - Wake from sleep using USB works, but not when lid closed?

    I mainly use my XPS 13 as a desktop replacement - I have the lid closed; monitor and a keyboard, a mouse connected (both wireless).

    I finally managed to get to wake up from its sleep by moving the mouse by activating 'allow this device to wake the computer from sleep mode' in the device (Win 7 64 bit) Manager, but it does nothing when the lid is closed, which is 99% of the time because I am using a monitor. I have to open the lid and use the power button.

    Does anyone have an idea on how to get this working, or not at all?

    It works fine on my other laptop Dell I bought at the same time (Inspiron 15). One is connected to a TV as a "Media Server", if the lid is also closed all the time, but he wakes up from his sleep when I move the mouse USB wireless.

    OK, it's now solved!

    The A08 BIOS update allows this, BUT the strange thing is that sometimes the option ' USB wake sleep ' is not available after a BIOS flash.

    This time, it was and now I can wake up the laptop from sleep, even with the mouse Wireless USB via a hub!


  • Under Vista, my fan starts and stops, makes a loud sound and the power light flashes

    My fan starts and stops, resembles a car reving his engine. The power led also flashes. Gateway gt

    * original title - my fan starts and stops, resembles a car reving his engine. The power light flashes too *.


    If you have nothing on the screen, including a splash with logo screeen, etc, contact gateway if under warranty

    If it is under warranty, contact a local reputable computer repair workshop

  • Dell PowerConnect 2724 managed Mode reference works do not?

    I recently acquired a dell powerconnect 2724 from a friend, and I can't find the web interface. I tried the default IP addresses and I looked on an application to register all IP addresses on the network, and the thing only dell was my PowerEdge R710. I made sure it was in managed mode and I tried to reset it. Suggestions?

    From the factory, the PowerConnect 2708/2716/2724 units have a default IP assigned. This IP address is assigned to the management VLAN 1. Be sure not to delete the VLAN 1 management or you will not be able to manage the switch. If the switch is unmanageable, and then change the transition to unmanaged and return to managed mode to reset the default settings.

    Remember that the client attempts to access the switch is also in the subnet. If the customer is not in the same subnet, it will be able to access the IP address. Check and make sure that nothing else on the network also has assigned.

    Keep us informed.

  • HP Pavilion DV6: Windows update search in infinite loop - works is not in Windows 7


    I reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows 7 Premium Edition on a HP Pavilion DV6 laptop after changing the hard drive failed. My first attempt at the time. After installing all the drivers I could find on the site of HP, I was up and running, but done Windows Update always looking. I tried all the advice, suggestions and driver downloads, I read it, but nothing works. Windows Update Standalone Installer cycles constantly as well. Almost everything I download to fix this problems requires stand-alone Windows Installer for installation. Coincidentally, Windows Defender does not update either.  Can someone help this newbie? I appreciate your help.

    Thank you



    Recently, people get an error message trying to install KB3172605 to get
    their Windows Update works again.

    Suggestions today to deal with this is to manually install KB3020369 (using a)
    the links below) then try again to install 3172605:
    32-bit link:
    64-bit link:

    Good luck

  • Pavilion DV7-6175us: wire frayed at the power cord

    I just discovered this thread in my power cord cut tonight. Spare part number is 609940-001. As you can see, the white wire is broken, but the only issues I have experienced with my laptop is my AMD display driver to crash. But after you have reinstalled it and Direct X, as well as some versions of Microsoft Visual C++, the stability of video cards has improved considerably. But tonight, he crashed twice in 5 minutes, and then a few seconds later, just let Windows down and showed me a message of BSE on my display driver. I then looked at my power cord, and I find the severed cord. The severity of a problem is the next, and how long should I try and get a replacement cord? Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your answers.

    Stop using it. It is a fire hazard and a danger to your laptop. Get a new one immediately.

  • Pavilion 20 all in one pc: my UEFI Bios does not appear when I click on the parameters of the UEFI firmware

    I have to change some settings in my bios so that I can start my CD of restoration but whenever I click on the parameters of the UEFI firmware and select restart it never brings the Bios screen.

    When the computer begins to boot, start to type the F10 key continuously.  This should access the BIOS.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

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    I have Verizon FIOS if it even matters, just bought the airport extreme. How can I configure the extreme up to a bridge.

  • Can not understand how to network my laptop windows 8 with my PC running XP Tower.

    I have worked on it for hours and just can not understand. I have two computers connected wirelessly to the internet via a telephone line modem.  have changed both computers to have as the workgroup name. I ran assistants set up and got to the point

  • HP Color LaserJet CP1215

    A year ago, the right side of the printed page was fuzzy when printing in color. (the black and colors were neither Kaleidoscope)  I called HP and was told that I needed a new printer, but I came to buy more cartridges so I changed the controls in or

  • HP Pavilion HPE h8-1205eo: should I buy a new wlan card?

    I think that my Hp Pavilion HPE h8 - 1205eo:s wireless network card is broken. I can connect cable trought and everything, but he can't find any network without cable. I think I need a new card. I have a question before I go to things, might like wir