PCI Express Error - Qosmio G40 - 10Z

Yesterday I turned on my laptop and I got a black screen with the message "PCI Express Error"
I immediately started searching the Web that could be this error and I discovered that it is a known problem with some Toshiba laptops.


Some of the many topics that I found about this error.

I bought my laptop model from January 2009 as a demo in a Dutch shop called Qplaza http://www.qplaza.nl/

Don't think I have any warranty next to security,) I received store (2 years), but there are a few things I don't understand.

As I understand it, it's that there is even a lawsuite on this problem and that it indeed was a problem with chips from nvidia 8600. But then why won't Toshiba or Nvidia fix laptops with these problems?

I read my laptop have to go to the special repair service to replace my motherboard and I have to pay for myself.
And that's IF they can fix my laptop.

I started searching the Internet which could be the cost of price, but the answers don't make me a very happy woman :-(

Is there another way to solve this problem?
And are there not places where you can buy a very appropriate motherboard for this laptop?

Can someone help me please? My laptop worked perfectly and without any warning... poof... can not run more.


I can understand that you are not happy with the current situation. Nobody is happy if the computer starts to malfunction, but it of not always easy to tell which is the reason. For the exact diagnosis, you need professional tools and these tools available only to an authorized service provider.

I get bored in your ad information is information about the operating system. Are you using the version preinstalled Windows and you have already collected your notebook back to factory settings? If not, you should do this to make sure that it s no software or driver that is causing the problem.

If it still doesn't work you should get in touch with an authorized service provider and talk with the guys what they can do for you. I m, they can make you an offer for spare parts if you need them and a good price too of course. Just talk to the technicians is that as possible. ;)

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  • QOSMIO G40-114 and "PCI Express error"

    My G40-114 QOSMIOI worked perfectly until yesterday.

    I now have a black screen with the message "PCI Express error" at startup. Screen is frozen, can't do anything.
    What is the origin of this problem? (I searched the Web and looks like it has something to do with the motherboard...).

    Is that what I can do by myself?

    You can start your Qosmio laptop in SafeMode (F8 at startup)?

  • Qosmio G40 - 10F won't boot up - PCI Express error

    I recently installed a windows update and the laptop came in restart mode.
    When the system boots it tries to start then I get a say black screen error PCI Express.

    I tried a system restore, but the disc does not start, also tried to access the bios and it does not work.

    Can I please ask for more help on this one because I don't have any problems at all, everything seems that a windows update has messed with my config in the bios.

    Help, please!


    I can't believe that Windows update would affect the BIOS.

    In my opinion, this must be just bad luck.

    PCI Express error means generally that a PCI device on the motherboard has started to malfunction.

    This means that it could be a motherboard problem that could be solved by replacing the mobo

    Sorry man, but I think that you don't have a lot of options here... seems that Toshiba ASP technician should take a look at this question :(

  • Error in PC Express on Qosmio G40


    I've owned my Qosmio again for 2 years. Its a Qosmio G40 and it worked very well.

    Recently, I updated to Windows 7
    Monday/Tuesday night, I had one of these standard windows updates that settle after clicking stop
    Next morning, I turned on and get splashscreen without any pixel death/graphic card problems
    Then the screen goes black and shows "PCI Express Error."
    laptop was fine before the update to windows 7

    I asked around a few co-workers and it seems to reset/update of the bios, after the last update of weekend - update caused something to go an ironic on their laptops from Acer/Asus - again suggesting flash window button of the bios in a way
    I tried to download the update of BIOS 2008 (never updated again)
    The problem is that the program is very specific, you have to get off the load on a computer toshiba laptop in order to extract the files from the cd-rom/USB
    I tried to use the restore for vista disc - but as the bios is screwed all you get is the error message
    Does anyone have the latest bios update, which can be sent to me a laptop toshiba so I can try to run it from CD/USB to see if that solves the problem

    Or is it something more sinister?

    Why don't you try to solve this problem by using the System Restore tool at first? Maybe some optional update Microsoft has screwed up something.

  • Qosmio G40 - 10Z - possible CPU upgrade?

    What processor can I put my Qosmio G40 - 10Z? I couldn't find a list and the motherboard is a "motherboard Toshiba" without a template or similar.
    I would like to change to a better processor, a quadcore would be well, is - it possible?

    My Windows 7 tells me to change the battery, but the battery is ok. Google says its due to Windows and could be solved by the BIOS updated. I have the newest
    Official home page. There is no latest BIOS available?

    Thank you



    I doubt that the CPU upgrade would be possible. You should read this article:

    This error message is it exactly that you get Windows 7? Normally you get only a low battery notification, you need to Exchange or connect the power supply.

  • Tecra M9 - PCI Express Error at startup

    Hello everyone...

    I have a Toshiba Tecra M9 (PTM91E-04R03TEN)


    Setting in motion,-wristwatch splach Toshiba and then "PCI Express error." screen on a black screen
    I can't get beyond this black screen
    and I can't get into the BIOS?

    Once that he managed to start completely, let him turn for a while I record information from the HARD drive. but then, the problem started again.

    In my view, that it is a problem with the nvidia GPU (in cycle Fatigue on the BGA) card
    I have the stripted computer laptop down... and bought ArctiClean thermal Pad, & Arctic Silver for "repair".

    Should I have someone analyze the material and find the troublemaker?... OR... should I just of reflow of the GPU.

    I'm technical interest... but not a PC / laptop technician: (..)
    any instructions on how to proceed would be received with gratitude...
    Can I just "bung it in the oven" and see how it goes? :) :) .

    Kind regards


    I found and read your other post regarding this problem and in my opinion the PCI Express error is related to a PCI device (i.e miniPCI module as WLan / Bluetooth, etc.) connected to the motherboard.

    Of course I can't say for certain that this question isn't related to a GPU malfunction.
    Usually, these details can be provided only by a technician who checked the laptop's hardware.

    Usually I put t recommend to disassemble the laptop. It s very difficult to perform this procedure and of course there is always a risk of damage part do such procedure without any instructions.

  • Qosmio G40 - 10Z: Question on the use of energy in sleepmode

    When I turn my new Qosmio G40 - 10Z in sleep mode, with a full battery (and AC power off), I can't start the next computer. I can only start it up after connecting to power alternative. I get a windows message that Vista has not been closed properly and I wonder to start in safe mode or normal mode.

    After starting the battery shows only 2% of the power. So, what is using power in sleep mode? Why is it not the way "sleep" not transferred into the State of hibernation when the battery is almost empty?
    (New workbook, only vista and installed office and TV antenna is connected)

    > Ok, energy consumption in sleep mode is a problem: it takes about 20 hours before the battery is empty: is it a normal use of power in sleep mode?

    Well, it s nothing unusual that the battery loses power while the laptop is in hibernation or standby.
    If the WOL option (wake up on LAN) is enabled in the BIOS the LAN card use battery power all the time long.

    For more information, check this:

    Regarding the sleep mode to crash: trying to upgrade Vista to the last State.
    Go to the Microsoft page and download all the patches and fixes!
    In addition, check if the BIOS update is available.
    If so, try to update the BIOS, but be careful. The bad BIOS or bad update may damage the jury!

  • PCI Express Error by Qosmio G40 - 10 p

    Yesterday, I help since the announcement... PCI express train error directly after boat Toshiba logo. Black screen and this announcement. What is the anomaly? I also do not reach in the BIOS.

    No reaction on all keys except with F12. How can I fix the error?
    If someone has already raised with him the experience.

    Thanks for your help.

    You can start your Qosmio laptop in SafeMode (F8 at startup)?
    You can also try is restoring the system or install Windows using the Toshiba recovery disc.

  • Center solutions Lenovo (app) PCI Express hardware error reports

    The diagnostic Center Solution Lenovo software reports error PCI Express WPE001001-WL7X2I material. The yoga of the Thinkpad X 1 seems to work otherwise. Everyone knows about this problem? Require a repair or replacement?

    Thanks for any advice.

    If the error happens when material test, then you should not worry happens to me on a x 1 carbon 3rd gen idk why but for some strange reason, it gives just by failure on the part of the PCI-e what so ever if you run the test time 2nd or 3rd it should give a green pass icon.

  • The attention! Error initializing PCI express slot 4 (for a PCIe used in the PXI-1033 chassis)


    I have problems with my PXI system. When I try to contact the 1033 chassis using his high card my computer does not recognize (the PC displays the message during the start-up stage: "alert!) Error Initializing PCI express Slot 4). It was working fine before, but the chassis has been disconected with the PC on. I read that it may cause failures of communication, but I have not found a good source for this problem. Could someone help me with this problem?

    Thank you very much!


    Hi Victor,

    Can you check something for me? One, can you try to disconnect the cable between the PXI and PCIe cards and try to restart your machine. When you do this, you still see the message? I know that you mentioned in your first point that the chassis is turned on when you see the error message, so I'm just trying to clarify what you mean by that.

    Also, it is quite easy to plug in a cable express MXI upside down, so even if point 2 you said that the links appear to be good I had to check to make sure that the cable is properly connected. You have additional cables, you can test?

  • ENVY of HP TouchSmart m6-k015dx: pci express root error complesx

    My product id is TouchSmart from HP ENVY m6-k015dx showing pci express root complex error please tell me how to solve and I can add dedicated graphics in this laptop if yes what is the best for this laptop?

    rajan3 wrote:

    My product id is TouchSmart from HP ENVY m6-k015dx showing pci express root complex error please tell me how to solve and I can add dedicated graphics in this laptop if yes what is the best for this laptop?

    I made a simple search for HP and found this:


    See if works...

  • Qosmio G40 - 120 Integrated TOSHIBA hybrid Analog/PCI DVB - T TV Tuner HOW to

    Hi everyone and thank you in advance for your help.
    I have a qosmio as in the subject with this hybrid tuner. This seems to work well, but the fact that the only software recognized as dual tuner is windows media center in vista ultimate oem supplied.
    Some other software which is cyberlink powercinema and mediaportal OpenSource can only dvb - t sintonize, other channels (for example virtualdub) see only the analog section of the tuner.
    Indeed, the problem is that the Media Center does not give me the ability to use the tuner at the same time to receive the analog channels and TNT. If I want to change from analog, dvb - t, or vice versa, I have to redo the hardware configurations :(
    So the only chance I have is to use two separate software.
    I'm doing something wrong? Is the ability to force another software to see the other part of the tuner (i.e. dvb - t for virtualdub) or analog-mediaportal? Is there a method to use media center in both directions without configuring again eveytime I change from analog to digital TELEVISION?

    Sorry my friend, I see no problem here and I think you have misunderstood something. As far as I know "hybrid" follow: 2 functions, but only one can be used.

    As much I know as Qosmio G40 has a TV in the port and how you want to use DTT and analog at the same time.

  • Qosmio G40-108 does not start

    Hi Gang

    I hope that there is some good buddies out there that can save a window double glazing to be mullared by that lappy.
    I had (Qosmio G40-108 with 4 GB of RAM) since August 2007. Everything was fine until two weeks about where it kept crashing during the execution of a couple normal progs that I use.
    After reading several messages from buddies with similar problems, I think it might be the PCI express graphics. Is this good? I can swap out? Or advice, blaggs, ideas or suggestions are very welcome. :)

    * Do not forget: there is always someone worse off than you... *.

    What exactly happens?
    Your Qosmio freezes simply and you must turn off or switches off without any warning messages?

  • Qosmio G40 - no webcam with live Messenger

    Hello world

    I installed Win 7 on my Qosmio G40 instead of Vista and everything work fine except the webcam that does not work with live Messenger (only) no matter what I do (I tried several drivers, re-installed Win messenger live, close some processes, etc ;) I get this error message:

    '* Cannot start your webcam. "Check if it is not used by another program and retry."

    What the hell can I do to fix this?


    I read a lot of discussions about the problems with webcam and messenger Ms.
    The problem with Vista has been resolved by the SP1 from Microsoft Update.
    Now, it seems to be that the same problem with Win 7 looks like a thing of compatibility

    However, because the message says that the webcam is used by another application, I suppose that some background processes lock the webcam

    You must remove webcam and messenger MS startup in msconfig.
    After that, restart the laptop and don t start the webcam software if you want to use it in Messenger from Ms.

  • RAID 0/1 support on Qosmio G40-129


    I got the Qosmio G40-129. It has 2 hard drive, raid 0/1 support?
    The chipset is intel PM965 Express
    The URL is:

    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/innovation/JSP/SUPPORTSECTION/discontinuedProductPage.do?service=EU&BV_UseBVCook ie = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 145962


    As far as I know the RAID options are offered on laptops with preinstalled Toshiba RAID Utility.
    With this tool, you can choose between two options:
    -RAID 0 stripping
    -mirroring RAID 1

    I'm not 100% sure but I think that Toshiba do not offer this tool for Qosmio G40 and I'm afraid that's not possible on your laptop.
    This tool is preinstalled on your computer?

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