PERC H700 driver during Windows Server 2012 r2 - disk Raid not recognized not


I try to install a r2 Windows Server 2012 to a Poweredge R710 with a Raid Perc H700. 2 HDD in Raid 1, but the HARD drive is not rcognized Italian Installation even if I try to use the 2008 r2 for the Perc Raid driver. They are listed, but if I select one disk HARD are not visible. What should do?

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Leave in the Raid Controller, what is the status of the table? In addition, was the raid 1 initialized after being created? If this isn't the case, then, who will have to be done before you try to install.

If you download this and start on the lifecycle controller (F10) and then select deploy BONES, load these files there and proceed with the installation of the OS.

I would like to know how will install it.

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    Thank you


    See if the driver directly from Realtek works... DL and install the 3rd pilot (4th point) on the list.

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    I am to evaluate Windows Server 2012 Essentials for customers to small businesses.

    I use the trial version for testing purposes.

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    The RAID volume is 2.7 TB as 1 virtual disk.

    2012 Windows refuses to create a partition greater than 2 TB.  I have converted the GPT volume during installation via 'diskpart '.

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    Hello again,

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    I disabled via GPO, local disk and printer redirection when a user connect through rdp.

    But I activated the policy to users, so while you can do the redirection of the Clipboard between there pc and rdp Server (copy / paste)

    Problem is that it works in only for the admin.

    The fact that local drive redirection is disable that copy / paste does not work?

    Force the update of the Group Policy object and I sign the user out and reconnect and copy and paste does not work

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    Thank you once again.


    As I mentioned in your other Thread that we do not respond to server problems in this community.

    Post your question in the TechNet Server Forums, as your question kindly is beyond the scope of these Forums.

    See you soon.

  • Update for Windows Server 2012 R2 (KB2885698) is not available for download this download link does not provide a file for Windows Server, but only for Windows 8 RT MSU. I want to thank the ability to have more than one KMS key on the host, and without this update, it is not possible. Y at - it someone who can replace it for the MSU file?

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    This issue is beyond the scope of this site (for consumers) and to be sure, you get the best (and fastest) reply, we have to ask either on Technet (for IT Pro) or MSDN (for developers)
  • Videos and Windows Server 2012

    I have Windows Server 2012 but it will not play any videos online or data streaming.   I activated Windows Desktop Experience but also installed the Microsoft Update (KB 2770041), which is for Flash Player.  I can't understand it.

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    You can check that the given product key is correct?

  • Graphic driver Intel HD in Windows Server 2012

    Hey guys, I downloaded Windows Server 2012 through Dreamspark yesterday and installed on my desktop. But the system cannot identify the Intel HD graphics 2000.When I try to install the official driver for Windows 8 to Intel. An error window came out and said that "the system does not reach the installation requirements.

    Could someone help on this problem, please? I expect Windows Server 2012 for a long time and this problem has made things stuck. I can't use my HD display at a very low resolution.

    Thank you.

    Uninsured, I don't know exactly what a thing make you laugh. No matter you believe it or not, it's here:

    As I already said, what I find funny is the fact that some people like to say things like: "they have been waiting for Windows Server 2012 for a long time..." As it was the most important thing in the world, and as they wait for so long - it is a situation of fire for volunteers drill, they ask to.  It is the exaggeration of the issue that I find humorous.  Always, always will exist.  People think if they fall a few names, to mention a few things that make this situation 'important' for them - others will be more willing to help.  Often, this is the case - the human nature.

    Back to the part that mattered...

    "This software package will install the driver for the Intel® WHQL Intel HD Graphics 3000/2000 and® HD Graphics 4000/2500 for Windows 8 * Release Preview."

    Intel has drivers on Windows Server 2012 for other devices, but obviously not for the one you look at.  Just because they have one for Windows 8 does not mean it will work in 2012 Windows.

    Your problem is with Intel and what drivers they offer, not Microsoft (as I said already.)

    The drivers that you linked are for the Preview Release (foot) of Windows 8.

    If I were you, I would try all the drivers Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 for the product in question.  Although my quick research shows that none occurred for this chipset (probably because Windows Server is not a market that intel pushes for this chipset)-Yes, then I suggest to try the driver for Windows 7.  Using a Windows driver 8 beta is obviously NOT to give you the desired results.

    Try the Forums from Intel.

  • How can I get Windows Server 2012 Essentials recognize my HARD drive when you turn an external HARD drive in a drive HARD internal storage?

    I recently had a pool of storage space using 3 external drives USB 3.0 in Windows Server 2012 Essentials.  I decided to take the readers out of the enclosure and connected directly to the internal SATA connectors on my motherboard.  When the server was launched upward, these 3 discs now display as disconnected in storage.

    When I do the command 'get-disc' physical in PowerShell, the drives appear as "drives physical 1,2 & 5" and are 2.72 to each. "."  But it also lists disks Seagate Expansion as well, with a status of "communication lost".  These are the same three disks that are now internal.

    Nothing has been deleted or erased, so all the data is still on each individual unit and assume that if I managed to put back them in the external enclosure, would immediately online.  I thought that everything simply moving them to a new HARD disk controller (internal SATA USB) would not cause the pool to drop the readers, they are always connected to the same server.

    Is there a way to get storage space to see and read the 3 internal drives to bring my pool/area back online without losing any data?

    Server experts are found in the forums below.  The forum you are now is for questions to the consumer of Windows, not Windows Server issues:

  • PowerEdge 1850 - installation of Windows Server 2012

    Hi guys, I have a Poweredge 1850 which I brought cheap on ebay, I use it as a NAS abit to free up space on my iMac and stream movies/music to my computer or via DLNA to my TV and PS3.  I am currently running Ubuntu that I kind of like/dislike, I also like to use my server as abit of a toy game project, and I like to try things, like using a webcam as a security camera which I can access when im etc.  I also use it to connect via ftp to and run Web etc pages.

    Now you know how I like to play with my server please can you help me :(  I want to try a new OS, I don't fear wipeing and start again as I can save on an external HARD drive.  I have a copy of Windows Server 2012 with I think that 30 days free and if I like it will activate.  When I boot from the CD, I get to the bit where it asks an installation location, but I can not find disks for select, I know I probably install the drivers I've tried (whether they are good or not, I don't know) my problem is they are .exe I can't load it as im on my mac:(-je n'avais pas ce problème de localisation deles de lecteurs quand j'ai installé Ubuntu) who find them without problem.

    Is it also possible to do this via VNC, I use remote on my server as I placed it in my garage.  Its abit of an effort to bring it inside more, she is rather noisy.

    A quick, someone could go through how to configure my drives in the bios, because I don't want to use RAID, I rather just have them as two discs rather than with her backup to another.

    Would be very grateful if you could help me with my "little" project (maybe we could both remote in and talk via Skype and do it together: D)

    Kind regards


    Yes, 2012 needs pilots, and the only way to get out them of the EXE is to run the EXE to extract the content (or use another tool for extraction).

    If you don't have a Windows machine (or you are not able to do it in a box of Linux/Mac), is not a virtual Windows machine that you can extract it, AND you have access to Server 2008 (not R2), then you can install it with this long enough to get the extracted driver, as pilots PERC 4 are from 2008 (but not later).

    Because Dell can't 2012 on 8G servers, you will need to use the drivers for Server 2008 R2: (you need the 'hard drive' version)

    The RAID controller integrated to 1850 (PERC 4e/Si) does NOT support so no RAID, in order to use the disks individually, you must configure each disk in a single drive RAID 0.  An alternative would be to disable RAID entirely, that uses only the onboard SCSI controller.  The RAID cache will be more usable with RAID disabled well.

    You configure RAID in the CTRL-M (during POST) utility.  You disable RAID in BIOS (F2), in respect of the integrated devices (CTRL-M will not be accessible when disabled - you use CTRL-A to display the disks).

  • Windows Server 2012 on PowerEdge 2800

    I have a PowerEdge 2800 with a PERC 4e/Di controller that I use as a computer lab.  It had Windows Server 2008 R2 installed (that is, x 64), and today I wiped and attempted to install Windows Server 2012 GTR.  Guess what?  There is no support drivers for this system with 2012 GTR.  I remember well, driver support has been included with 2008 R2.  After some digging around, I could download the driver for Windows Server 2003 x 64 on the Dell site, and now I have an installation of 2012.  Seriously, how lame is that?

    It did take a lot of effort for the Member States to include support for PE 2800 drivers and similar systems of older, but very capable, especially since the drivers already exist in most cases.  FWIW, it doesn't look like 2012 supports the 2900 PE, that is almost a dinosaur.  Or how about Dell in extending the life of these systems with a few driver updates?

    Get up to speed on important new BONE is a very big company on several levels.  Should we go buy all new material too, just to a lab eval?  There are thousands of COMPUTER stores with older, but very capable, systems that we spent a lot of $$$ on.  Provision of these systems a new OS allows people like me make me learn and test the new operating system with virtually no disbursements.  It's a win-win.  Unfortunately, the vendors are very short in this area.

    Anyway, if you are looking to get 2012 running on the PE 2800, try the W2K3 driver.

    2008 (not R2) had native drivers for the PERC 4e/Di, but 2008 R2 doesn't have (Microsoft has removed the native support for devices SCSIport - go ahead, these devices will not be taken out-of-the-box support of Microsoft).

    Dell does not yet sell Server 2012 and they have yet to publish all the necessary drivers for that, but R2 2008 drivers should better work:

    More information - it is currently valid internally on 9G systems and newer, but drivers have not yet been released; not clear if they will press 8G (which does not necessarily mean that it will not work):

  • PowerEdge 2850 Windows Server 2012 do not start

    Well, I have a PE 2850 that was loaded to the top with Windows Server 2012 at the beginning of the year last as part of our upgrade to Windows 7. Even though I know that Windows Server 2008 is the latest version of Microsoft to officially support the SCSI interfaces as RAID PERC 4E/DI included in the 2850 card, I was able to work around in first install 64-bit Server 2008 with the SCSI drivers and then doing an upgrade online to the 2012 server.

    Everything went fine for the last year and half, but when I got to work yesterday, the server had crashed and he was sitting on the screen of the BIOS with the following error message:

    Memory/battery problems were detected. The adapter has recovered, but cached data have been lost. Press a key to continue.

    I pressed on enter and the server started to move to a preparation repair screen Windows where the progress bar is not long about 80% of the way and then froze for more than an hour. Subsequent attempts to restart in safe mode led to the server of freezing for several minutes before restarting once more to this same error message at the Windows logo screen. I can pull up to the management of the RAID and see my partitions still there, and I even loaded my readers in an old PE 2600 to check consistency on the logical drives (no problem found). However, the old 2600 is 32-bit architecture and it won't try to boot into the operating system.

    At this point, I'm really just trying to get a full backup of my system. I don't mind getting a new server, but I don't want to keep throwing money at this old piece of 12 year of equipment without knowing if it works or not. The problem is that 2012 uses ReFS, and none of the recovery programs I found can access my logical volumes. Boot from the OS Installation disk in the recovery console doesn't work, because the OS disk does not include SCSI drivers native to be able to see the score of the OS or the data partition.

    I think I'll call a few services data recovery tomorrow, but I would check here for ideas first. Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Microsoft has removed native SCSI support with 2008 R2, but R2 2008 provided Dell drivers for the PERC. These drivers work for the installation of Server 2012 as well.

    Memory/battery message: all stop and order the memory of replacement for the controller RAID, 4D554 part number. Nothing related to the operating system won't work (installation, repair, etc.) until you do. This question is very specific to the PERC 4e/Di on the 28 x 0.

    The 2850 is not 12 years. First of all, he started 10 years ago to shipping.

  • ProBook 6560 b: wireless network drivers - R2 Windows Server 2012

    Would like to know if one got successfully installed Windows server 2012 R2 drivers. I try to install the drivers wireless for two days now and could not get their work. Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thank you


    I don't work for or represent HP.

    All I can advise is that HP offers no support or drivers for all windows server operating systems for any mobile business or consumer they ever made.

    With this track record, I doubt very much they will be.

    In addition, it would be Intel to release Windows Server drivers for their wireless cards, not HP.

    I've never seen a card driver wireless for windows server on the Intel Web site.

    Normally the equivalent standard windows drivers work on Windows server most of the time.

    For example: If you had installed Windows Server 2008 R2 on your laptop, wireless Intel W7 driver probably would work.

    But since there is no equivalent W10 driver for the wireless card model that your laptop is, I have a feeling that is the reason why the wireless card does not work.

    You may laugh with some of the advanced settings for the card under the Advanced tab in Device Manager to see if you can get the card to work.

    Enable WMM for example.

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