Photos. District of

on the display of the photos, the location of the borough appears instead of the city? Street sites is correct. I don't like this neighborhood photos were taken but just city streets and date

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  • Descriptions of photo on Flickr deleting LR. Inevitable?


    I was not able to find a function to add descriptions to my Flickr pictures directly in LR.

    So far I've done directly in Flickr.

    There is however a problem when I do things this way. If I update and post a photo of LR - the description in Flickr disappears.

    Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

    There were a few bugs in this district, which have been corrected.

    I'm on LR 3.5 and I put my description against the pictures at the end of LR of things in the field of the caption in the default metadata and it publishes the description in Flickr...

    If the caption is changed at the end of things LR LR then indicates that the photo must publish again and the descripition Flickr updated accordingly.

    I hope this helps.


    PS - Unfortunately there are actually still an irritating bug related to that.   There is no way to put a description against a series of photos in LR, but there in Flickr.
    I believe that if I put a description in the game at the end of the things Flickr using the Flickr web interface, then when LR publishes or re - publishes a picture in this set then the definite description is lost.
    To be clear, once again, placed within the field of caption for each picture in LR descriptions do not seem to work properly for me and are published on Flickr correctly.

  • Photos, iCloud and OneDrive sync

    Hi all

    I have a question on how to better organize my photo library.

    For the moment, on my space OneDrive (mapped to a partition on my MacBook SSD), I have a folder called 'Images' containing just about all of my photos and organized by folders.

    Since my tech ecosystem is roughly marked Apple (iPhone, iPad and MacBook), I would use the power and versatility of the Photos and iCloud, so that everything remains in all of my devices and free space memory iPhone sync.

    Here's the question: I want to keep my pictures saved on OneDrive, then put the Photos on my Mac to view photos from this folder and use iCloud to share through my devices.

    -I see the same folder structure on iPhone and iPad a synchronization is complete?

    -More important, if I take a picture with my iPad, it will be placed not only on iCloud but also automatically added pictures on Mac which, in turn, puts it in the folder of photos on my OneDrive?

    -Finally, take pictures of my iDevices will store them in the film. If I move them into folders, photos will be mapped (copied to iCloud) on my other devices constantly (in the folder)?

    I would like to notice I'm not trying to avoid using iCloud premium space - I already have a subscription plan of 50 GB that I don't mind mounted. I just keep having just all my photos on OneDrive.

    Thank you in advance for any comments you may have!


    The answer is simply not

    The photo library can not be stored on a basic system to pictures not work will have a referenced library, so you may not have a local library references photos on a disc - the photo library can be on a local drive connected directly to the Mac OS Extended format

    You can synchronize between the Mac and IOS devices using iCloud library that synchronizes the photos and the structure of the album/folder between devices

    When you import pictures you can export them to your OneDrive record and have a copy (not associate Photos somehow) on a disk

    You can not have the same physical pictures in Photos and on one disc - each must have its own copy of the Photo


  • Video and photos of backup


    Anyone know the best way to back up photos and videos I took Iphone 6 my mom.

    I just got a new Iphone 6 more and have an icloud account, she has one more.  I don't know how to proceed.

    Thank you

    This article can help you:

    The backup of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    You get free 5 GB of storage iCloud. If you want to save more than 5 GB, you buy more storage iCloud.

  • Photo of sorting in the Sierra

    I recently returned from a trip and imported my photos in Photos. They are a mixture of photos from iPhone and my camera, but I have synced the time on both, they would then be in the correct order once mixed between them.  Because I was in the mountains, some photos have a geographical location, embedded, and others do not.

    However, in the Photos, it does not seem to be a way to sort everything by time. It is all the photos with the news of geographic location as a moment of consolidation, then showing those without much later in the order. This applies even to try to sort "Oldest first" album. The result is very disjointed and confusing, as photos taken seconds apart on the same subject appear nowhere near each other in the album sorted.

    Other than the manual update of hundreds of photos with an approximate location, or stripping all its location data, is there a way to get around this?

    Make a user photo album - either a standard album or smart album (smart album for pictures between certain dates is probably logical) and you can then sort by date/time, ascending or descending or title album (menu display == > sorting)


  • 2 iphones on one iTunes, problem of photo icloud account

    OK, my brother-in-law just updated its OS on his Iphone. He shared an Apple ID with his wife, who has his own iPhone. They all have two backup only in iCloud. His problem is that his wife photos are now on his phone. How can he fix it?

    Get its own identifier Apple- create and start using a Apple - Apple Support ID

  • How to store Photos Live?


    My iPhone storage had filled with live photos. I love all the photos that I have, and I want to have access to them later if I want to see them. How can I store them in the cloud, without taking up space on my phone.

    I tried to save in Dropbox, but it flattens the Live Photo.

    I tried to backup in the Photos of Google, but I can't save the pictures in my Camera Roll

    I tried saving iCloud photo library, but when I delete the pictures from my Camera Roll I can't get back them.

    Thank you

    Andi Stancu


    When you use iCloud photo library, if you enable the option optimises iPhone storage (settings > iCloud > Photos), then iCloud photo library manages automatically the size of your library on your iPhone.

    The optimization option works to free up storage space on your iPhone by keeping little bulky versions on your iPhone - so that you can always view - and full-size original in iCloud. Photos and videos are optimized on your iPhone automatically, if necessary.

    When you use iCloud photo library, deleting a photo or video to any device that uses the service he deletes also of all other devices that use the service, including to iCloud.

    The following resources may help explain how the photos and videos are managed by iCloud photo library:

    Other resources:

  • Why are the 'minor' photos in the new iMac with K5 of the retina (using photoshop)?

    In English


    I met a 'problem' with the new iMac (retina 5K, 27 ", at the end of 2015).

    When I edit pictures in Photoshop, I can't get the images blown up big enough and the fillings of slide show they do not rule out even at a size of 72 dpi and with dimensions of 3000 x 2000.

    What don't I understand?

    Help would be so nice, thank you in advance.

    By Bjarne.

    PA Dansk


    JEG er pa stodt and 'problem' med den nyeste iMac (retina 5K, 27 ', ultimo 2015).

    NAR jeg redigerer billeder I Photoshop kan jeg ikke fa billederne blaest stort nok op og ved diasshow fylder ikke skaermen ud ved en str pa 72 dpi library pa med og selv 3000 x 2000.

    Hvad er det jeg ikke forstar?

    Tants city limit his BRA, pa forhand tak.

    By Bjarne.

    What version of the operating system and Photos do you use? Exactly how do you get pictures of Photos in Photoshop?


  • Photos shared on iOS devices use data?

    I have created a number of shared albums in the Photos on my Mac and iOS devices.

    When other people visit then shared albums, what data are used to access?

    I invited a person to see a shared album which had mobile data off on their iOS device and no wifi. However, they were able to access a shared album which surprised me because I assume they would have need of mobile data or wifi.

    Shared albums are stored locally on the iOS devices. Photos downloads smaller and optimized versions pictures of an iPhone. iCloud, sharing photos - Apple Support

    Once shared, pictures taken with your standard devices, iOS devices or cameras have up to 2048 pixels on the long edge. Panoramic photos can be up to 5400 pixels wide.

  • blackened photo app

    have a brand new 6 s

    after update to ios10, when I opened the

    app photo is blurry picture in black and

    don't take pictures,

    only slide around and video again

    It corrects.

    What's new?


    Follow the instructions here, including contacting Apple Support or your Genius Bar reservation if necessary:

  • Export of pictures not of the same size as file Photos

    Try to export files to then import into Photoshop elements 15. I exported "original not modified", but the file size is about 50 GB when my photo file is about 80 GB. What did I miss? Thank you

    Your photo library is larger than the handset sizes original in your library pictures because pictures take the edited versions previews and thumbnails as well. There are also masks for brushed settings or thumbnails of scanned faces.

    To see if you got all the original ctrl - click on your photo library, use "Show Package Contents", look at the size of the folder "masters".  It is roughly the size of the folder with the exported originals?

  • My Camera Roll and times got all the order as soon as I turned on iCloud photo library. My pictures are both old and new, please help

    All my photos are out now since I turned on IiCloud library. How can I fix?

    This - see album iCloud photo library

  • How to add photos from iphoto to imovie

    I want to create a slideshow of paintings with a musical background. My 'paintings' is as JPEGs into iPhoto, and my music track is in Garage Band or iTunes. When I go to iMovie to start a project, it shows not possible to import photos from iphoto, but only these photos taken using "photo booth".

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

    If you click windows, and then click OK for Media you should find the iPhoto library under library.  You can then open an event and select a photo.

  • Anyone know how to solve my problem? I can't import my photos from Iphone to computer. Sign says: Photos in the camera cannot be imported because the IPhone is locked with a password or read. My phone is unlocked. I've tried everything

    Anyone know how to solve my problem? I can't import my photos from Iphone to computer. Sign says: Photos in the camera cannot be imported because the IPhone is locked with a password or read. My phone is unlocked. I tried everything, every single idea. Without success! Any other idea?

    For example, you specify that the device does not display the lock screen, correct? Do you use Touch IDS? If so, try to put your finger on the device to see if it's what he wants.

    See you soon,.


  • Failed to create photo memories

    I use the mac on the Sierra photos app, update that became my mac perfect condition a paralyzed slug.

    According to the help of photos I can create a memory of an album as follows:

    1. Click on an album under Albums in the sidebar.
    2. Click Show as memory.
    3. Scroll down and click on add to memories

    My problem is that I do not see 'display in memory '.

    This means that I have no way to create a slideshow. No idea why I don't see "display memory"?


    My problem is that I do not see 'display in memory '.

    When you select an album in the sidebar, 'Show as memory' is under the search field in the toolbar.

    It is only available for standard albums, not for the smart albums.

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